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A conversation

This is a conversation that took place about an hour ago between me and a friend. (used with permission)

(Me) so what are you doing with your time?

 (friend) not a lot

if you had a choice what would you do?

 make a web site

if you could take a little blue pill that would allow you achieve anything at all, what would your choice be? what website would you make?

 I don’t know.  I’d have to find someone that wants one made up

what website do YOU want to build? what i am really asking is, “what is your BEingness?”

 i don’t know

then ask the universe to reveal it to you in good and Godly circumstances under the laws of providence! Everyone should know what their BEingness is. This is the very KEY to LIFE!

i think its just my circumstances getting me down

Our BEingness is our very reason for existing – to fulfill our Beingness is to LIVE! Forget about your circumstances; if you don’t know what your BEingness is, your current circumstances will eventually disappear only to be replaced by other problems, equally as large and just as distracting!

 that’s why i went out into the garden yesterday, to get rid of some of the s**t that I am under

nothing changes until something changes and the biggest change we can make in our lives is to find our BEingness. That is the rudder of our ship of self! Once we have a rudder we can sail out of the sh**ty creek we are in out into the wide, clean ocean!

 sounds good

you have many talents, but they are not being used to help create a divine civilisation at the moment. Find your BEingness and you will find a way to help make the world a better place – to create a divine civilisation is good!

 i know, i’m hoping that once circumstances change i might be able to get a life of my own

You can’t wait for circumstances to change, because they won’t without outside help. Even if you say, “Higher spirit, i’m bored with the hassles of the world, show me what to do to make this world a better place, using my own unique abilities and talents!” that will change your life forever!

 I’m going to start saying NO to my circumstances

It’s not a matter of waiting for your circumstances to change. The universe is waiting for youto change!

 yes, well i can’t change until they (circumstances) do

your circumstances are just lumps of poo floating in the creek. Get out of the polluted creek into the ocean of love! You can move your ship anytime you want too! You are not dependent on on your circumstances – you are dependent on the universe! Your circumstances are just cobwebs that pretend to be iron ropes. If you believe they are iron ropes, then they are iron ropes and they stop you moving! If, however, you can see that they are just cobwebs, then you can simply brush them aside and move on! Pull up the anchor and move out the creek!

We are spiritual beings with free will. Are you are saying to me that you don’t have free will because of your circumstances? I am stating that you have, and always will have free will – the ability to turn towards Love or to turn away from Love ( that is what free will is!) We always have free will, every second of every hour, of every day, of every year – 360/60/24/365! And all you have to do to tap into the higher power of the universe, to lift yourself out of the physical crap you are now in, is to make a choice RIGHT NOW! You have to decide (make a decision) to commit 100% to yourself and to move yourself into spiritual energy, so you will become empowered! Empowerment means moving  up from an energy base of 1 (the physical plane) to an energy base of 100 (the spiritual plane.)

You are living in an ocean of spiritual energy, like a fish that swims in water but can’t see it, so why not start breathing it, living it, BEing it, right now? How? By simply asking for it to be shown to you! Ask, speak your question aloud and it will be heard and answered!

Friends who are reading this; please say a prayer to open my friends eyes to the supreme power of divine intelligence so they may be freed from the burdens of this physical world and enter the freedom of the Spiritual World!

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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!#@*ing Beer

Whilst working on a painting job in Palmerston North motels we met an electrician who seemed quite attracted to the crew: At every opportunity he would come across and talk to us. Trouble was he had the habit of swearing and none of us painters did, so it tended to grate a bit.  
One lunchtime we were sitting in a unit when this chap came in and started a conversation, or should I say a monologue, about beer. “I think the !#@*ing price of !#@*ing beer is too !#@*ing dear! I went down to the !#@*ing pub the other !#@*ing night and they !#@*ing charged me .  .  . etc.”
We were all sitting there cringing at the assault on our senses so I silently asked, “How can I get rid of this man?” The answer that came back was, “He wants to feel important, but doesn’t know how to communicate so he is using the only words he knows to fill in the gaps. Inject something good into the conversation.”
So I said to him, “If beer is so dear, why don’t you drink water. It’s clean, it’s cheap and it doesn’t give you a hangover!”
A Miracle! The whole conversation turned around to something positive and we talked as a group for the whole lunch time. He became the centre of attention and didn’t utter another swear-word the whole time!