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$1,025 the magic turning point for spiritual abundance

What is the half way point to $1 million? Obviously $5000,000, you’ll be saying. But I say it depends on which level you are working on. If your reply was $500,000 then you are working on the physical level!

So what other answers can there be? Well on the spiritual level the half way point to $1 million is $1,024 and the magic turning point for abundance is $1,025! Let me explain…

On the physical level all things are done in a linear fashion. That is to say counting goes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. So the half way point to any number is always A x .5 (half). This can also be expressed as divided, so $1 million divided by two is $500,000, which is exactly the same as $1 million multiplied by one half. So that is the calculations on the physical scale.

Now once we reach the half way point of any journey the second half is always easier than the first (for example here in New Zealand a trip from Wellington to Auckland is always harder in the first half because the journey to the centre of the island is all uphill! The journey from the centre of the island is all downhill! So the same applies to both journeys from Wellington to Auckland and from Auckland to Wellington, both first halves of the journey are uphill and both second halves of the journey are down hill! This rule generally applies to any goals we set in our lives.

Now the energy level on the physical plane is 1. But the energy level on the spiritual plane is 100 or 1,000 depending whether you are using “water” or “Fire” respectively. Also on the spiritual level the counting is binary or exponential. So instead of going 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, … it goes 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, etc. So to reach $1,000,000(1,048,576) it takes only 20 steps starting from 1. In the Bible this is referred to as “Folding” to explain it to non-mathematicians (personally, I prefer the folding method.)

Spiritual counting always starts with a single piece of paper. 1 sheet of flat paper is 0 (zero) folds and 1 thickness.    
                                                      X               X
If we fold it in half once we have 1 fold and 2 thicknesses of paper.
If we fold it in half again we have  2 folds and 4 thicknesses of paper.
If we fold it in half again we have  3 folds and 8 thicknesses of paper.
If we fold it in half again we have  4 folds and 16 thicknesses of paper.
If we fold it in half again we have  5 folds and 32thicknesses of paper.
If we fold it in half again we have  6 folds and 64 thicknesses of paper.
If we fold it in half again we have  7 folds and 128 thicknesses of paper.

(I will leave it there as the paper is getting very thick and hard to fold at this point)
If you read the two columns of numbers down you have a perfect example of exponential counting (also called exponential growth.)

As I said before 1 sheet of paper folded 20 times is 1,048,576.  So what of half of $1 million at twenty folds? Why 10 folds of course! So 10 fold is 1,024 which is half of 20 fold which is equal to 1,048,576.

So the half way point to $ 1,048,576 in spiritual terms is only $1,024!

Below is a chart of the exponential steps (folds ) to one million.

folds    layers of paper
0    1
1    2
2    4
3    8
4    16
5    32
6    64
7    128
8    256
9    512
10    1,024                    10  =  1
11    2,048                    20  =  2
12    4,096                    
13    8,192
14    16,384
15    32,768
16    65,536
17    131,072
18    262,144
19    524,288
20    1,048,576

Whilst ten over twenty is 1/2,  1,014 is the square root of 1,048,576,
 that is to say 1,014 x 1,014 =  1,048,576.

What this means in simplistic terms is that the journey becomes easier (downhill) after 1,024. So the second thousand is easier to get than the first.
And the second $2,000 is easier again.
And the second $4,000 is even easier! And so forth!

This is called the Abundant path. Spiritually there are two states – the state of providence which promises everything you NEED will be provided either free or very cheap (at a price you can afford). There is absolutely no obligation s with the laws of providence except one – to work towards DETACHMENT from all things except Love.This is called our general BEingness.

The other state is that of abundance which promises that everything you WANT you can have but there is a price – fulfilling your specific BEingness!

Very few people understand this concept because it is a part of the new age and not taught by churches (which are a part of the old age [prior to 1844]). There are many, many quotes about filling our beingness, but very few telling us HOW TO DO IT!  So there are plenty of road signs telling us where to go, but only very rough and rugged goat paths to travel along!

That is until now, because God has built a new road and no one (or very very few) is travelling along it! This new road is called the Virtuous Cycle Path.

Unfortunately, I am one of the few men in the world that know this – everything has to start somewhere and God has started with me.  Why me, I have no idea! I don’t want to be the only holder of this knowledge, so i am looking for students to pass it on to.

If you are ready to advance spiritually, metaphy7sically and physically (in that order) then contact me.

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

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