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Producing wealth in your own life

Are you working hard in your boss’s life, producing wealth for him, but not working at all in your own life to produce wealth for yourself?

Life is a “do-it-to-yourself project” and if you put one tenth as much energy into your own life as you do into your bosses you would be content (detached) in five years and physically wealthy in 15 years! So 4 hours per week is the difference between poverty and wealth over 15 years!

The path out of poverty is always open to everyone and if you have a regular income your path is so much easier! But it requires self-discipline (discipline means a “follower of the method”) and most people in poverty don’t want to impose self-discipline on themselves – that is why they are in poverty!!!

So they struggle on – broke and in poverty – for the rest of their lives, until the pain of staying the same becomes less than the pain of changing!

Once we want to change we have to ask the universe for guidance! We have to ask that question out aloud! Much like wanting to get into a gentleman’s club, walking up to the door and never knocking! How is the butler inside going to hear you if you never knock? How are you going to get the universal knowledge to wealth if you never ask? You are not ever going to get it if you don’t ask for it (knock at the door!) “Ask thou shall receive, knock the door will open!”

Be grateful if you are feeling the pain, because all you have to do is ask the universe to show you the path to Wealth (not riches) and you will be shown. And then you have to make the choice – do it, become Poor and then Wealthy, or do I remain in poverty and aim to be rich (also a state of poverty!) The pain you are feeling is like a dog howling because it is sitting on a thorn! The solution? “Get up and move to another spot where there is no thorn, you lazy dog!”

The hound dog is howling, so forlorn,

Laziest dog that was ever born,

He’s howling because he’s sitting on a thorn,

Just too darn lazy to move over!” (from the song, “Life gets tedious don’t it?”)

Karma is the law of sowing and reaping. What we do produces the same results back to us in larger quantities! In banking this is called investing! If we invest positively we sow seeds of wheat, barley or corn. If we don’t invest at all we let seeds of thistles, weeds and thorns take a hold on our land (life).

Come the reaping time we reap what we have sown (or not sown) and the wheat, barley or corn produces a fine crop! But the thistles, weeds and thorns produce a horrible crop that sting, burn and hurt us!

Notice how it takes no effort to sow the negative crops! They simply sow themselves. That is because we are a part of nature and our lives are a patch of land we live in for all our lives. We cannot stop the coming of the autumn, the winter, the spring and the summer in our lives anymore that we can stop the autumn, winter, spring and summer of the world!

In the autumn we reap what we have sown in the spring! If it is a good crop it will keep us well fed for the following winter. If it is a negative crop it is going to hurt us (the thistles and thorns don’t “hate” us – they don’t even know we exist!) and cause a very, very lean winter! (I suppose you could eat thistle soup [poverty]!)

Notice how the cartoon man is in debt. Debt can be either negative (the vast majority of debt (97%) is negative) or positive (3%). The worst form of debt is debt used to finance another debt – e.g. hire purchase on a car. Wait a minute, I hear some people say, a car is an asset! BUZZ! WRONG! A car is definitely useful to the individual but definitely a negative investment (a cost). How do I know that? Because when you are in business you can claim the car and its costs against tax! There is now way you can claim profits against tax, so it must be a liability! But it is a necessary part of business so we are allowed to claim the costs of business against a car!

I knew some people who were in deep financial trouble who came to me for help. One look at their lives told me the source of their problems – their cars. They had three cars (liabilities) on hire purchase (liabilities – thus liabilities on liabilities!) on two small incomes! The only asset they had was their house. I told them to sell two of the cars to get rid of the negative debts (they were parents and a grown child) and offered to set up an investment plan for them (a virtuous cycle).

Instead of listening to me, they sold their house to (temporarily) support their cars! They still lost their cars because the house money was only a temporary fix. And when the house money was gone they were back in the same dire financial situation – not enough income to cover their outgoings! I’m afraid I gave up on them as they came to me for advice, but never listened to it and never acted on it at all! In fact they went down the opposite road!

These same people also asked for advice on a cheque for $1,000 they received as a tax refund. They asked me what to do with it. I advised them to go into a different bank and open up a new account with it. “Why?” they asked. “Because if you put it into your current account your bank manager will cease it (they owed the bank $5,000).

“Oh we trust our bank manager – he would never do that!” they said. “Thump, thump, thump” (that’s me banging my head against the wall!) Two days later they phoned me up, crying, saying “The bank manager seized our money!! What can we do?!!!”

“Well, nothing actually!” was my reply. “I told you what would happen if you banked it with him.”

Why are people so stupid? Because they work on emotions, not logic. Logic gives us systems to follow. The system is the discipline and the follower of the system is the disciple!

People who don’t follow a system were, and are, called sinners (sinner means “one who doesn’t follow the system”) People who don’t follow systems are ALWAYS following emotions! Always!!!

Learn this; “The path to Peace and Prosperity always follows a system. The path to ruin always follows the emotions.”

The path to wealth is always hidden in plain sight. We can’t see it because it is right in front of our noses – literally, “Hidden in plain sight!” The only way we can see it is to ask to be shown it. Only by asking do our eyes re-focus on the answer we have overlooked for so long!

Why do people work so diligently on their neighbours (bosses) farm and leave their own to ruin? Because they don’t know any better. They are born in their own piece of land but not taught how to cultivate it! They are taught to cultivate the neighbour’s farm but never think to do the same to their own land! Why? Because they are still working on emotions!

It is only when we wake up and realise that the true source of wealth for ourselves is right knowledge (“you will know the truth and the truth will set you free!”) accompanied by right actions and persistence of those actions!

 So what we need for wealth is…


Right knowledge

Right actions

Persistence of those actions!


Those are the fundamentals of all success – of ALL Success!

That will be $100,000 please! That is what this knowledge is worth. I’ll bet if you paid that much for it, you would carry the actions out. But because I’m gifting it too you free the vast majority will treat it with contempt (an emotional feeling!)

So Please, listen, ask and seek, and when the answer comes – do it, Do It , DO IT!

Of course the answer lays right in front of you. I have spent 36 years studying and test the Universal wealth creation systems and am now Wealthy in Spirit and soon to be wealthy on the physical plane. You could always ask me for advice – I won’t turn you away as a local millionaire turned me away in 1979! (Fortunately for me! I then asked the universe and was given my personal secret of wealth – to help create 100 millionaires (initially) using spiritual wealth creation methods (called the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network – WPPN.) This is my mission in life to establish a new spiritual wealth creation system on earth.

So if you want a mentor to show you the way please contact me today,

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam

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Happy 300th Post J’iam! A look inside the creative process.

Today marks my 300th post! It seems as if I have reached the crest of the hill and from now onwards my path will be easier because I’ll be going downhill!


Yesterday I did a drawing with a woman with her mouth absolutely jam packed full of cigarettes! I am going to use that in a future article called, “The Perversity of Mankind.”


“Bing!!” I have just had the thought to put an inscription with it – “Doctor, never tell a smoker they are only allowed to smoke once a day!” In fact I’ll do that right now! There you are, you just saw an act of creation!


You see creation is a process. First I drew the picture on a piece of paper and then took a photograph of it. Then I cleaned it up in the computer to make it into a black and white picture only. Then I transferred to a colour format and proceeded to join up the lines so they contained the colour without spilling it out onto the whole canvas.


Next I coloured in the flesh tones, the hair, the lips and then coloured the cigarettes to make them look alight. Then I put highlights and dark tones into it and decided to decided to make the eyes look down instead of straight ahead. Lastly I added the smoke. Each step is saved as a separate picture so I can go back if I want to change something.


You see blogging is also a creative process for me. I have only once sat down without an idea for a blog and I wrote in the title box, “HMMMMM!” and went to the first line and the thoughts started flowing! Ten years ago I just couldn’t write, but God wants me to write now and so I am directed by Him – “His will, not my will!”


God will never ask you to do a job beyond your capacity. Just keep on improving yourself a little every day with a desire to succeed and you will!


Yesterday I purchased a 7B pencil as I have finally started to draw in pencil – black and white. It has taken me 60 years to reach this stage as I think and dream in colour pictures! Only by studying the masters have I started on this new path. So life continues till the moment we die. Do things to make your life better – a little each day.


That adds up to a lot of improvement over a years – 365 of them. And a huge improvement over 10 years 3,650 of them! And a massive amount over fifty years – 18,250! Do you think a person with 365, 3,650 or 18,250 improvements is still going to be on the same level as a man who does nothing to improve his life? Methinks not!


Life is either a do-it-to-yourself-project or a have-it-done-to-you-project! And guess who carries out the have-it-done-to-you part? Karma of course! Lol!


kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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Don’t be sad little puppy, listen to what the “Man” says!

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Bad News and Good News!

Today I have some bad news and some good news. First the bad news. On the way home from the supermarket a few minutes ago I was struck by an inspiration; the reason so few folks make it into the state of Wealthy (as opposed to riches) is because it is just SO HARD to setup by yourself! I’ll repeat that statement because whilst it may seem obvious, it is profoundly true –  it is just SO HARD to setup the wealth state by yourself! The few that do become wealthy are the exceptions, rather than the rule.

But then I realised that out of that negative inspiration came a shining NEW light – the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (synergy)! This is an organisation setup to help it’s members achieve wealth by teaching us what to do, how to do it and most importantly, to actually doing it for us in the beginning, so as to train us how to do it ourselves! Those three ingredients are what is lacking in most training. Motivators tell us what to do, but not how to do it, that is left up to us to do. For many that is too big a barrier to succeed , even if we do have all the knowledge under our belt. A few Masters will tell you How to do it. Masters are far rarer on the ground than motivators. But up to date there has never been an organisation that is set it up for to actually do it for you! The Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network was revealed to me in 1992, 21 years ago, in an epiphany. It took me 19 years to finish testing it and get it set up properly. I officially opened it two years ago and now we have three members, the basic synergy from which everything will grow. Now I have been requested to increase the membership to 1,000 people – because the world is ready for it

The ultimate purpose of the network is to create a new breed of wealthy people who really care for themselves, their families, their societies and the world. And everything starts at the grass-roots level with the individual, US! (Think globally, act locally! and you can’t get any more local than with us, the individual cells of the body, the world.)

So that is the good news. It will take 20 years for you to become truly wealth. What stops most people is the first five years of working in isolation, against the ways of mankind (wealth is a spiritual attribute, not a physical one. First we build the spiritual attributes and then these attributes manifest themselves on the physical plane in the form of material wealth!)  

Now WPPN does it ALL for us (that is why it is called wholistic)! And it is only $25 per month! For this price you instantly have a new virtuous cycle up and running in your life. It may be a small cycle, but all seeds are small. And from the tiny acorn the mighty oak tree grows! 

In my last article one of the four factors I quoted was (3) Lack of actionsI’d like to modify/expand that to CORRECT ACTIONS. Because that is what is contained in WPPN – correct actions!

All four of the factors are covered in the network. Plus we build a Synergy of energy (also called, on the lower metaphysical level, a mastermind allegiance). All these things synergise together to create wealth in abundance. There has never been an organisation like WPPN before because the is no capitalistic reward in it for the creator. God gave it to me to set up along with a life time mission. Mty benefit is that I have become wealthy already (in spiritual terms) so I am ahead of the bunch in it’s material manifestation. If you do this, this and that then THIS will be the result! To be wealthy first you have to BE wealthy, then you will become wealthy!  It’s as simple as that!

So there is the good news – WPPN, the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network lets you BE wealthy, so you can become wealthy! So be it!

Amen, Amen, Amen,


P.S. The illustrating is going on well and this week will see it finished. But it is going to be rather long article, very detailed, so I’ll reveal it in 2 or3 pieces. I want to educate, not jamb the complete tree of knowledge down your throat in one go! Lol!



It’s a little bigger than normal (master of understatement!!!)

The Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network is a bit bigger than normal concepts. In fact it’s a lot larger. Huge. Enormous. Gigantic in size! It has taken me 20 years to understand it fully, yet the network is basically very simple – it’s the inter-connections that seem complicated.


As i am the first person to ever have this concept it was a lot harder for me, as i had no one to talk to about it, no one to discuss the problems I faced when stonewalled by a new idea within it. No one except God of course! And though I am a slow learner, i have reached a stage of understanding and mastery on WPPN. Now I have to teach others! 

The Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network starts at grass roots level (us) and expands out from there. It starts with each of us as individuals and expands our BE-ingness! The system is set up to start working in our lives from day one by creating and expanding a virtuous cycle in our lives by implementing the higher laws. We don’t actually have to understand what we are doing at first except in the broadest terms (it is necessary to test it out to see if it is true, but you don’t have to have much understanding of the system itself to establish this). The whole system works on higher laws and Gifting in three forms to establish a virtuous cycle. We actually Do first and learn our BE-ingness from the doing! You have three months to try it out with a money back guarantee. If it is not for you, you can simply get your money back and walk away. 

I was talking to a fellow last year and he recons that it would take 30,000 volumes to write out the DNA code of a microbe. The WPPN System is far more complex than that. But we are not microbes, we are Souls having a human experience. The soul has abilities far above reading and writing. The souls can get close to understanding infinity!  So the Network is understandable and will become easier and easier as more people work and understand it – because of the principle of the 100th monkey. Once 3% of the world is doing what the networks does, then it will expand out so 80% of the population understands it! 

I ask each and every one reading this to have a look the principles of the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network, as it is a replacement for communism (which fell 20 years ago) and Capitalism (which is in the process of turning over now!) 

The time has passed for partial answers offered by companies and governments. The time now is for Wholistic answers. Only by treating the whole problem can we ever have a whole solution(obviously!)

This system came from God to me in an epiphany in 1992 (21 years ago). I had no idea what God had given me at that stage, but I knew it was big and good! 21 years later we have three members (including myself) and we are ready to expand and let the world in.

One of the benefits of being a member is a book called “Commitments“, a goal setting book that contains all the goals you’ll ever need to achieve detachment and wealth. It contains physical, metaphysical and spiritual goals that will help you achieve these two states over time – guaranteed! You get this book in four parts over the first six months (so people who drop out don’t get the really important [spiritual] goals). It took me five years to complete this book and it is not available to anyone but network members.

WPPN is not a business as such. It’s business is to make you your own business! You start using the higher laws by learning to love yourself first by paying yourself first every time you get some money, goods or services in. This is a vital part of spiritual practice. It starts your own virtuous cycle where “they that have (the virtuous cycle), shall be given more!” Your money is gradually built up into a family bank that passes down your family, through the generations for at least 500 years! As time passes it grows and grows because it is on a continuous compound curve. 

The network takes care of the problems of individual life – Work, Home and Income. It also takes care of these three  factors on the spiritual level of Continuity, Stability and Growth to give you certainty

So I say to you, take a look, what have you got to lose except fear, doubt and uncertainty!

take a look at my webpage; This is just a teaser for the sytem, to expand your minds a bit and start linking things together. Very soon I am going to make a series of videos that explain the basic concepts of the network, perhaps enough for you to see the bigger truth of the network and enable you to join and start doing!

The Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network website is at 

Also you can contact me directly at<> with any questions you have about WPPN.


kindest regards,