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It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog!

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog!” This is an saying from the old dog fighting days and it is almost like a parable because everyone knows it’s not referring to dogs but to men. So in modern terms it would read, “It’s not the size of the Man in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the Man!”

And this is entirely true. If we look at this in the terms of problems and solutions then we can replace it to read,”It’s not the size of the man in the problem, it’s the size of the solution in the Man!”

And there is always one man who comes forward with a solution to a problem that no-one else has recognised yet. Usally this man is totally ignored at first – because no one can see the problem. But over time more and more people start to see the same problem that the original man sees and  a groundswell of people start to seek a solution. Then they find the man with the solution! And gradually they start to adopt the solution offered and over time the numbers increase until they reach the “explosive Level” of the 100th monkey when they move up from 4% of the people to 60% of the people in a big bang! The reason for this is because the solution becomes a part of the “Monkey” consciousness (and the Human consciousness acts the same way!)

And then, with hindsight, the man is called a genius! Lol! But genius is the ability to SEE THE OBVIOUS! And there always has to be a first one to see the obvious! The little boy who said “The emperor has no clothes on” was one such genius!

When Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile barrier, he was a trained doctor who couldn’t see any logical reason for not being able to run that time. He trained by breaking the mile down into parts and times and practiced running thos time himself.Then he broke the barrier (of dis-belief) that was stopping everyone and within 6 weeks 6 people had broken the same barrier!

You see, it is often our belief systems that stop us achieving things. Man takes advantage of these negative belief systems in animals to tether elephants to tiny pegs in the ground. The elephant can easily pull that peg out of the ground, but the elephant “knows’ that it can’t because it struggled to pull it out of the ground as a baby elephant and just couldn’t, because as a baby elephant it was just too small. So it gave up trying to pull the peg out of the ground. And then it grew up with the same thought in it’s head and never loses that thought, so can it always be held by the same tiny peg! Luckily elephant geniuses don’t exist or we’d be in trouble!

What are man’s “elephant pegs” in life? Well, belief in capitalism is one of the greatest pegs that hinders mankind’s progress today. Because we believe that there is no alternative to capitalism, we keep on treading the same old treadmill, doing the same things over and over in the hope of different results! And what does capitalism produce? BOOM and BUST, BOOM and BUST, BOOM And BUST!

Capitalism does not produce a stable economy.

This is shown through the Kondratieff long wave cycle discovered in the 1920s . This cycle can be traced back as far as Babylon. To date no one has come up with a replacement system – hold on, I lie! WPPN, the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network is a replacement system for capitalism.

You see capitalism main fault is that it works on emotions. And the emotions are then backed by false emotions to empower it. Working on emotions is false logic. Emotions have a power energy base of ONE – virtually next to zero energy.

In the metaphysical we must work on  logic backed by emotions and then the emotions fuel the logic. The metaphysical cycle works on an energy base of TEN.

In the spiritual we must work on Higher Laws back by commitment and logic that is called “Enthusiasm” (enthusiasm literally means the God within). It is on this level that WPPN works by creating a virtuous cycle for its individual members to make them individually peaceful and prosperous (run a sub 4 minute mile!)

WPPN works on an individual level because each person is a cell in the body of the world. If the cells are not healthy how can the body ever be healthy? It can’t. There is a saying, “Think global, but act local!” That means think of the end result (world peace and prosperity) but work on yourself to heal yourself by becoming peaceful and prosperous in yourself – you can’t get anymore local than by beginning with yourself. If you become peaceful and prosperou,s you make you family the same way! So your spouse and children will grow with you and make at least three cells healthy(if you have only one child)!

And once we have a healthy family, we attract  others to us who want what we’ve got and so we begin influencing others to act the same way we have to get the same results (WPPN is infinitely duplicatable – capitalism is not, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer).

And so the solution is there and all we need to do now  is to DO IT! This will end the  Kondratieff cycle forever! And usher in a new age of economic stability because we, the cells of the body, will own all the assets instead of the other way around (like the dog’s tail wagging the dog!)

I look forward to that day (in the not too distant future). So if you are a leader amonst Men then come and join the quiet solution of WPPN.

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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The VIRTUOUS CYCLE part ONE (of 3)

This is a revealing of how to set up the Virtuous cycle for yourself. It is a detailed explanation, so it is going to take some time, hence the three parts (or maybe 4).

In Life there are always two choices. With the Virtuous cycle we have an opposite cycle too,  which is called the vicious cycle. We will look at this first because we have to know both sides of the story to actually Know the truth (“You will Know the truth and the truth will set you free!”  By knowing the negative side of things we can recognise those traits in ourselves (past or present) and (especially useful) in others. Why is this useful? Because we don’t have to experience the pain of the negative cycle to learn from it ourselves. We can simply see it manifest in other’s lives and avoid the actions (source) that caused the reactions! This is a far less painful way of learning.

As I said there are always (at least) two ways of doing things. One is to experience negative things ourselves – very painful! The second is to experience negative things through other people (far more detached.) The third way is to follow a master’s example and avoid the pain altogether! Much easier!

The vicious cycle starts with no, or bad. goals. Most people have with no goals. And spiritual law dictated that “man, left to his own devices, is inclined towards evil”  If you have no goals, then your life is more likely to drift into negative circumstances than positive circumstances. That is just the way of life. Like a boat upon the lake is more likely to drift into rocks than to the dock!

As you can see from the below diagram, no goals tends to create negative actions in life, which in turn plant bad seeds (bad goals definitely plant bad seeds!) Either way, bad seeds reap bad results! Bad results – Is that what we want in our lives? Methinks not! Lol!


So we don’t want the vicious/negative cycle in our lives, but many people suffer from this cycle, not because they are actually bad, but because they have no goals! Man left to his own (no) devices is inclined towards evil (negative results) So how do we avoid negative results in our own lives? The only positive (spiritual) way is to set up a system called the virtuous cycle.

In the virtuous cycle we become farmers of our own lives! In this cycle “Man, in the virtuous cycle, is destined towards peace and prosperity!” Notice the two elements – peace and prosperity(wealth). The two are inseparable in the spiritual realm, for we cannot ever be wholly peaceful without wealth (prosperity equals a continuous flow of energy) or peace (a detached state of bliss). The two must be balanced in all our lives. Spirituality is not about denial of the positives. Spirituality is about denial of the negatives and acceptance of the positives! There is a good definition of spirituality …


And the negative cycle is called the vicious cycle, whilst the positive cycle is called the Virtuous Cycle.  I don’t think I have to explain the vicious cycle any more with examples etc. It is important that we get onto the virtuous cycle because implementing the virtuous cycle deleted the vicious cycle entirely!

The Virtuous Cycle

The Virtuous cycle is the exact opposite of the vicious cycle, in that we deliberately plant good seeds by taking good actions, derived from setting good goals! Setting good goals by themselves is not the complete answer, but it is the beginning of the answer. Would you set out to sea with a captain who has no destination in mind? I certainly wouldn’t, but that is the way i worked when i was younger and inexperienced! After a few very hairy journeys and shipwrecks I decided to only get aboard with captains who offered me a definite destination! Lol! That is when i learned about the virtuous cycle.

As I said, you have to have the right goals*. But goals without actions are like standing on the dock without ever getting aboard a ship!

If we have good goals and then action those goals, then we are going to have good results come back to us! Simple as that! Good Goals and Good Actions plant good seeds in the spiritual world, which will return to you as a good crop (results/returns). Nothing complicated here, is there? The basic layout is simple. It’s the application that is difficult to know, as they go against the ways of man. It is the application of the virtuous I am introducing here today.


So I have shown you the two cycles thus far. It is important to know that there are two cycles, so we can deliberately choose one or the other (only an idiot would deliberately choose the vicious cycle, but there are idiots in the world and i have met a couple of them over the past 40 years of adulthood!

Know that in the spiritual cycle, all energy works on the principle of Gifting. If it is not based on gifting, it belongs to either the metaphysical or physical cycles. In the two lower realms gifting is replaced by trading/exchange.

For a gift to be made it has to Be offered and accepted. If an offer isn’t made and accepted then the object is simply given away. Why is this difference important? Because giving away is a win/lose situation, whilst Gifting is a Win/Win situation! How does this work. If I say “Here. have this!” and give it to you you have gained the object and I have lost it – win/lose. If I offer you the object and you accept it then you have won and I have won too. How does that work. By me offering it and you accepting, we set in motion the law of “Sowing and reaping” – “as you sow, so shall you reap MULTIPLIED, 30, 50, 100 fold“. So you have received the benefit of the gift, but i will receive that gift back multiplied! And that is guaranteed by the higher laws! So, how can I ever lose by gifting? I can’t! And that is why it is called the virtuous cycle. Virtue in the spiritual sense means morally pure (good).

Gifting, looked at in another way, is a form of spiritual investment! Are we not told, “if you want to be wealthy, then invest!” by bankers and capital managers? The same goes on the spiritual level too, except the investment is different (offer and acceptance)  and the returns are much higher! Lol!

So Giftings, in the form of an offer and an acceptance, equals returns to you from the higher laws of sowing and reaping (also called the law of Karma – sowing and reaping is western terminology, Karma is eastern).


Gifting is the foundation of the laws of sowing and reaping. We can gift Cash, Goods, Services and LOVE. And we can get all of these gifts back in the same manner or transformed! So we can gift cash and get it back as goods multiplied. or we can gift goods and get it back as service multiplied. Or we can gift Love and get is back as any and all of the returns multiplied (Love is the strongest form of energy!)!

I think that is enough for today. Tomorrow we will look at HOW to implement the virtuous cycle – who to pay and how etc.

At the end of this mini course I will offer the whole thing as a booklet in the PDF format (free, as a gift from me to you! Lol!)

kindest regards,