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Day 2 of the fast

I slipped into fasting mode yesterday afternoon which, was only twenty hours after the last food, so it does get quicker over time.

Yesterday I made a mistake in the diagrams. The excretion part of the graph was accidently marked absorption, so there were two absorption segments. Here is the corrected diagram


I had a realization yesterday, that when we fast we physically cut out the portions of eating and absorption, leaving us in a full time excretion cycle! This is what cleanses our bodies so efficiently when fasting. The fasting excretion cycle looks like this…


There is no eating or absorption on this chart at all, and what is wrong with that? Nothing at all! Lol!

In the old days fasting was a first port of call cure for many doctors, as it eliminates toxins of all kinds. I wonder how many people today are going to doctors for toxin poisoning that they are creating themselves? And getting toxic medicine to treat it?

Of course we should consult competent physicians when we have something wrong with us. But for internal health we must administer to ourselves. And of course if we have a spiritual disease that manifests on a physical level there is no treatment available except from the spiritual plane. 

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