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The SADDEST thing I’ve ever seen

The saddest thing I have seen in my entire life is a child’s Love for his mother die right in front of my eyes. When my son was around 9 years old his mother (my ex-wife) beat his half-brother up really viciously. She threw him against a wall, breaking his arm and then kicked him in the groin causing him to need 5 stitches in the groin. I was with him the day when we went to the letter box and there was an envelope addressed to him. I gave him the envelope and watched him open it and read the letter. And then right in front of my eyes I saw the love for his mother die! It was like the air around him turned a dark shade of grey (it was a beautiful summers day). I took the letter off him a read him and saw what it contained and understood what had happened. 

A couple years later I  received a letter from his father in prison, asking me to take custody of his son. I got so close to getting him, but she specified he had to go to a catholic home , knowing full well that I wasn’t a catholic (not was she or any of her relatives – she just wanted to “win” by denying me access) Her son then went through a series of homes, onto borstal and eventually into prison. Not that she cared – she had “won the battle” against me! Proud Mum! Poor son!! He eventually to get straight, has married and has children of his own now. He lives in another country to keep away from his mother who is just as insane today as she was then. Perhaps not mentally insane but definitely spiritually insane!