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If I die tonight will i be happy? YES!!!

If I die tonight will i be happy? YES!!! Why? Because I made my peace with God a long time ago and He has become my closest, most trusted friend! And I will be happy to leave this world of veils and tears. But He has given me a 30 year mission and so i cannot leave for another 23 years when i am 85 years old!  Not many people are certain of their time of death (rebirth!!) but I am. But if i did die, I wouldn’t regret it because it is not my choice if i live or die – it is God’s and he does as he wills! 

Amen, amen, amen!

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The parable of the ship Part TWO

In part one we looked at the internal synergy we need to make to complete the crew. The internal synergy basically gets the owner (you) the captain (the ego) and the ship and crew (the body) working together as a single unit. A ship without this working internal synergy can never go anywhere! The crew will be on strike, the captain will want to go only where he wants to go and the owners will be left frustrated sitting in port!

So let’s assume that you have the internal synergy going and you tell the captain that you want to go to Tahiti. He will immediately start planning the trip, ordering his crew men to get the supplies for the trip, working out a route and so forth. Within a short while you are on your way to Tahiti and eventually you will reach it! 

But today let’s look at the overall lifetime of the ship. Every man made thing has a time usage factor. As soon as the sea was launched into the sea it started being attcked by the salt water. The average cruiser ship has a life span of, say, 80 years. After that it is too old and rusty to be safe at sea. But let’s say out ship is at sea and hits a big storm and starts sinking! What happens to the components? The ship and crew will sink! The captain always goes down with his ship! But the owner simply goes to the back of the ship to the helipad and gets into his helicopter and fkies away And that is a perfect description of every one’s death. The captain and the ship are destroyed but you – the owner – are not!

The ship and the captain are temporary elements meant for use on this earth. You, – the owner, the soul – are a permanent (eternal) thing meant to live forever. 


During your cruising you are meant to work from your executive cabin to establish contact with other owners and to establish a connection to the source of Love – the owner of the whole fleet! Because whilst you own your own ship the source of love is in command of all the ships on earth! And it is to these headquarters that you’ll fly when your ship goes down! 

And that is how death occurs. You’ll be travelling along on a beautiful day and the sea opens up and swallows your ship! You are automatically transported to your helicopter and are in the air looking down at your sinking ship,before you are even consciously aware that your ship is sinking! 

Looking down at your ship you will be grateful to it for carrying you around the world be not in the least sad to to leave it! For you have a higher destination!

What was your purpose on being on the ship? To get as close to the source of love as possible. In this case we will name that source of love Tahiti. How close did you get to Tahiti! Did you actually arrive there? or are you still in port in England arguing with the captain and the crew to get going? Where ever the ship sinks that will be your “closeness” or “farness” from the source of Love (God). 

In 80 years you could have easily reached Tahiti. Or you could have reached Suez. Or you could still be in Port in England. Wherever your ship goes down that represent how far away you are from God in the next world! And you will be asked why you are where you are and have to answer that simple question. 

And if you are in port you will be able to see that you wasted your life!HOW? By not moving towards the source of Love. Know that we have free will for a reason. In this world we are hear form 70 -90 years on average. In those few short years (a twinkling of the eyelid) we can move to Tahiti or stay in port – the choice is ours! 

But that choice ends at the point of death! In this world we have free will but none of the other worlds (mineral, vegetable, animal and the next world) don’t! So what we could have achieved in 80 years here on earth  may take up to a million years to achieve in the next world – because we are dependent on the mercy of God to advance in the next world! And the time difference between what we could have achieved here on earth and what time it will take us to achieve it in the next world is the “Hell” that the messengers talk about! 

This “hell” is not imposed on us by anyone except ourselves. It is the outpouring of regret at our own stupidity for not listening to the many calls that happen everyday to bring us closer to the source! We regret not listening to these calls (and they are plain as the noses on our faces with hindsight!) and that feeling is the hell we must suffer. Hell is the realisation that we had a purpose here on earth and our lack of recognition and action on that purpose! 

So what is our purpose here on earth. When the ship is in the ship yard and being built it’s purpose is to float. Once it is floating (born) it’s purpose is to combine with the captain, come under his orders. This usually takes place at the age of 8. 

Once the captain and crew are settled in the owner is piped aboard and the captain comes under the orders of the owners. This happens at the age of 15 and older, depending on if the captain will let us aboard or if we even know we are the owner and not just one of the crew under the captain!

Our job as owners is not to work the lines or paint the ship, not to plot the course but to work out plans for arrival at Tahiti. What are we going to do when we get there? 

So looking overall our(the owners) first “task” in life is to connect with the source of love. Once we have done this our task is two fold – 

(1) to help create a general divine civilisation and 

(2) to help create a specific divine civilisation. 

We can achieve number one by using our generalised abilities. For example we (mostly) all have the ability to reproduce here on earth. If we do this and raise good children who are spiritually balanced (not religious) then we have achieved a generalised divine civilisation because the will go on to raise good children of their own!

But to achieve our specific divene civilisation task we have to connect to LOVE and seek out our own talents and abilities and develop these (this is called our BE-ingness!) Once we have recognised and developed these we will be given a specific thing to achieve here on earth that only we can do! If we do this then we achieve the state of heaven here on earth!

From the ship parable point of view we could be in the pacific when we hear a distress call from another ship. According to sea tradition it is the duty of all ships to come to the aid of any ships in distress. But the captain or the owner could over-ride that code and just continue on. This distress code could be our specific divine task on earth!

So the journey is important too, not just the destination!

The crewman oversees his part of the ship – perhaps he is a cook who feeds the crew. The captain oversees the ship, but the owner has to oversee a much larger area of concern – perhaps a whole ocean! The source of Love – the owner of the fleet – overseas the world world! Once we get this order in our minds (sould) we can do what we were made to do – to help create a divine civilisation, to leave this world a better [lace when we leave it than it was when we joined it!! 

Why a divine civilisation. Isn’t it enough to create a human civilisation? No, because human civilisations can only last 60 year of average whilst divine civilisations can last for up to 1,000 years! So is our part in life going to be human (that ends when we die) or divine (that continues on after we die?) I know which one I want to achieve and it is not the former one! 

In part three we will look at what the difference is between spiritual and religious, and the difference between human and divine civilisations – and how to recognise the qualities that create divine civilisation.

kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

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Chance and Destiny

Today we will look at two factors in life – Chance and destiny. Chance exists only on the physical and metaphysical planes whilst destiny exists only on the spiritual plane! 

Chance, as everyone knows lays in the dice where they are thrown and what comes up is what is. Destiny has no chance in it at all, it is destined to happen! So if you were to win the lotto your chances of doing that in the physical plane is 1 in three million plus. If you were destined to win the lotto then your chances were one in one! That is the difference between chance and destiny!

We all have a destiny we have to meet and that destiny is death. Whether death is a joy or a misery to you depends on what level you are working on. If you are working on the physical level, death is an unknown quantity, fuelled by fear and rumours. If you are working on the higher spiritual level, then death is a “messenger of Joy to thee!” bolstered by Knowledge and Faith.

In life we have three destinies we are implored to reach. The first is the connection to Spiritual Love, the second is to build a general divine civilisation, the third is to build a specific divine civilisation! If you are working in number three, then you are truly blessed amongst mankind!

I say to you – look towards the spiritual plane and ask to be united with it, whilst you can! None of us know the time of their own passing and it may be 50 years, 50 weeks or 50 minutes into our future! At the point of death there is no avoiding it. One minute you are alive and the next you are totally separated from the rest of mankind! You still think and can observe, even though you have no brain and no eyes! And your vision is no longer limited to the front because you are not using eyes! You can see to the front, to the back, left, right above and below – all at once! And it doesn’t seem strange at all! 

The first BIG thing you notice is LOVE in it’s infinite form. You are surrounded by it in a womb of warmth! You have never felt anything like it in your life before! (although the moment you see your first born child will give you a tiny idea of what it feels like! Just multiply that experience by a billion!))

Listen to the voice of experience! I am opening a glimpse of the next world for you to look at! Once you connect to this energy you will EXPAND TREMENDOUSLY and really “SEE” and “KNOW” your true reality – that we are not finite little beings but infinite and ever living entities! Like the death of the caterpillar is the birth of the butterfly, then our deaths are the beginnings of our infinity! 

But we don’t need to wait until the point of death to experience this rebirth! We can ask for it at any stage of our adult lives and receive it as a gift! In this process we literally “Die” to the physical world and are “Reborn” into the spiritual world! The moment we are reborn all our past karma is wiped and we are reborn as an innocent, able to control our own karma! 

We cannot fake rebirth – it is a transforming thing. Those who are reborn can instantly recognise a newly reborn person by their eyes! (the eyes are the window of the soul!)

I hope I have given you enough clues to let you peek into the next world. I have opened the door only in the tiniest sliver. To open the door completely you have to ask to be admitted! “Ask, thou shall receive, knock and the door will open!”

As always my door is open for questions,

kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam

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On a road trip? Know where you’re going?

On a road trip? Know where you’re going? Probably yes with a 99.99% certainty. Very few people set out in their cars with no idea in mind where they’re going. Even people who are just out for the day to “see things” have a destination – home!

But how many of us have a destination in life? Perhaps 10% of us? And i think that is an optimistic number. 

So why are so many of us aimless? I don’t think that schools and universities help, except on the physical level. But I’m not talking about the physical level here, i’m talking about the spiritual level. I can tell everyone what our final destination is right now – it is death. And death is not annihilation, but a return to “home”. 

I have made death a messenger of joy to you, why then do you grieve(fear it)?”

Death is a messenger of joy. Death is when the real you, the plant within the seed, is released into the sunshine. Yes, death is a loss of two thirds of our earthly reality – the brain and the body. But these are only the seed of the plant. The seed mourns it’s own loss but it lives on in the plant! The Plant celebrates it’s release from the seed! This is why death is a messenger of joy!

I am lucky in that I am living my second life on earth, because i died (by drowning) when I was 21, went over to the other side and returned. This is called a near death experience(NDE) and it entirely removes the fear of death! Try reading a book called “Life after life” by Paymond Moody and Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. I notice that this field of books has expanded considerably since I read this title many years ago. Anyway these are the stories of peoples experiences with death(NDE). The common theme is that the fear of death is cast out and the Joy of life is implanted in nearly all survivors.

You see, it isn’t death that scares us. It is the opening of the door to death and going through it that scares us. Because the ego knows that this is it, the curtain call, the final breath for the captain and the ship. When the ship sinks the captain always goes down with the ship, spiritually speaking. So it does what it is made to do – flight or fight. At deaths door both are applied in the form of panic. But this only lasts less than a minute! And once you are through the panic, you the owner of the ship are in your helicopter and flying free! The chicken has left the egg! Elvis has left the building! Houston we have blast-off! The plant is free of the seed! YIPPEEEEEEE!!! That is the Joy of death.

They say there are only two things in life that are inevitable (they are wrong, there are four) Death and Taxes. Yes, death is always our final destination! But we are taught that death is the end of all life. BUZZ – WRONG!!! Death is the true beginning of life Eternal

Now if you were told you were going on a long journey (70 years total) to Disneyland, wouldn’t you at least try to find out what Disneyland was? You can read books, pamphlets etc, but the best thing of all is spiritual GPS! You can tap straight into the GPS of heaven – it is called LOVE! And once you experience Love here on earth, you have an idea of what death is like! In fact the universal love allows you to experience “heaven of earth”! (we already know that hell exists on earth, so why not Heaven?)

The universal GPS system is there and waiting for you to tap into it, all you have to do is ask it to reveal itself to you and you will be shown! Then you will know the power of Love! And that power will open your eyes to the Joy of death. Not only the Joy, but the Ecstasy and Bliss of death! That is what near death experiencers know – the Ecstasy and Bliss of death, which is why all fear is cast out.

So go on, do the thing you fear(and your fear will disappear!) and ask to be shown the universal source of Love. For Love is God, and God is Love! There are six degrees of separation on earth, but in the next world there is only Unity

kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam

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only TWO things in life are INEVITABLE? – WRONG!!!!

It is a very old saying that only two things in life are inevitable – Death and Taxes. It is because it is an old saying that, over time, it has become wrong. It was written at a time when people lived only in the physical world and in the physical world those were the only two things that inevitably affected people. But the world changed about 200 years ago with the beginning of the industrial revolution and things moved into the Metaphysical realm. In the metaphysical world only three things are inevitable – death taxes and CHANGE! See how the world changed in the industrial revolution! Huge steps were made forward in thinking and human actions. At the same time huge backwards steps were made too. War became more and more killing instead of tactical. One many could kill 100 men in an afternoon at the end of the industrial revolution, whereas he would have been hard pushed to kill 5 at the beginning of it!

The industrial revolution was really a metaphysical revolution, in that thinking moved from the body to the brain. The body is physical and the brain is metaphysical because the brain uses other ways of knowing about life. One of the first ways is deductive reasoning instead of just the five physical senses of sight, sound, touch taste and smell.

so in the metapjysical world only three things in life are inevitable 




The industrial revolution lasted until the beginning of 1900 (the twentieth century) before thinking took yet another change again. In the the twentieth century thinking turned to spiritual (LOVE) even though it took sixty years to manifest in the “hippie” revolution (all you need is Love!) In the love revolution a new element is introduced – LOVE. So in today’s world only FOUR things are inevitable – death, taxes, change and Love! And quite by “coincidence that is also the order of things in life; to overcome death and taxes we have to Change our attitude to one of Love! This must be done at an individual level before it can be achieved at a universal level. We have to think globally, but act locally (on ourselves, not others) The way to internal Love that manifests Peace is repentance an old fashioned word which is defined today as ” involving a commitment to personal change and resolving to live a more responsible and humane life” This can also be expressed in another word – change

Only by changing ourselves within, can we manifest the qualities of Love – things like detachment, compassion, humour, charity (Love in action) etc. within ourselves. Only by manifesting these things in our own lives can we change the lives of others. Only when others can SEE a person who is Whole and Happy can they compare their own lives to our lives! And that is the source of change in the spiritual world. Sooner or later most of us (but not all) get disillusioned with the physical and metaphysical ways of life and start seeking some other way of life. It is only then that we can see what some people are manifesting in the Path of Love! And in seeing that we want to be like them (in our souls and that is a mighty pushing force for change! Lol!) Of course this change comes about through repentance, the regrets of a life not fulfilled and a commitment to a new way of life when we are “reborn” into the spiritual world!

So the list now includes four inevitabilities…





By Moving to Love, death becomes an inevitability that is looked forward too! Because that is our release from earthly life into the next world of spiritual eternity! Love also welcomes change – change in the self, change in the family, change in local society, change in the nation and change in the world!(and that is the order of happening too!)

Because of our Knowledge of release from this earthly life into the next world of spiritual eternity, we get so see the fifth inevitability – transcendence! The rising above earthly things in this life and in the next life. This state is called “Heaven on earth”! So when we do eventually die we are not suddenly awakened to the reality of heaven, but instead it moves from a light to a blazing light. The spiritually sleeping (no one is spiritually dead any longer) move from blackness to blazing light as promised in all the scriptures of God.(“the last to come, is the first to get paid“!) The payment is transcendence into the next world. Obviously those who are living in heaven of earth are more prepared for death than the blind who live in the physical world only. So now we have 5 inevitabilities…






In transcendence death becomes as a memory of yesterday – it was lived, but no longer has any reality in fact.

And those are the five, not the two, inevitabilities of life!


Some thoughts on death


I have made death a messenger of joy to you. Why then do you grieve? I made the light to shed on you its splendour. Why do you veil yourself from it?

In the spiritual aspect death is a welcome friend rather than the enemy of man as known on the physical level ( a skeleton bearing a scythe! I ask you!) God’s Love for us is whole, complete and unconditional. How could death be a punishment. It is actually a reward for the soul because at death the soul is freed from the bopdy and the brain (ego) into the next world. However the ego sees death as a punishment because it actually annihilates the ship (body) and the captain of the ship (brain). It is only when we, the soul (the owner of the ship) approach the captain and make peace with him that things settle down into a peace, instead of the warring that is so dominant is so many peoples lives!

Seen from the spiritual point of view means the ship sinks at sea and, as tradition dictated, the captain goes down with the ship! The owner just hops into the helicopter on the helipad and flies away to safety! (I bet you didn’t know there was a helipad and chopper aboard, did you?). That is why the soul is in charge – he actually owns the ship and understands that all earthly things have a limited life span. But the soul is not earthly at all, it is made in the image of God and God is eternal – as are we! So the death of the ship means the release of the soul from the ship! That is why death is a messenger of joy to the soul. We are butterflies, designed to fly in the sky and this world is the caterpillar and chrysalis stages before the birth of the butterfly. 

Everything looks different from the souls point of view. The death :penalty” is not actually a penalty but a form of forgiveness that frees us up from three major types of crime – murder, arson and drug-pushing. Why these three? Because they all interfere with God’s creative process. If we just decided to eject a baby from the womb at any time we felt like it many babies would die from premature birth. God decides when a baby is born, whether it dies or not is up to God. The baby that dies at birth misses the pains and sorrows of this world but also misses out on the free will tests and trials that most os have to suffer through to learn out lesson! (that we must submit our free will to Love. God!) But for that child nothing is missing in the next world because one of the first gifts we receive is infinite knowledge (I know because i have died and passed onto the next world to receive this gift. And i really cried when i was put back here on earth and felt that knowledge slipping away!)

In this new age the death penalty is prescribed for these three crimes because God doesn’t engage in “double jeopardy” If we kill someone we can get forgiveness for that crime by forfeiting our own life. In doing this we receive forgiveness for that action and don’t have to account for it in the next world. If we kill someone and spend the rest of our life in prison we still have to account for that crime – which is being punished for the same crime twice, “double jeopardy!”

I believe that the most humane way of dying is to drown, as it is quick, painless and, once the ego stops fighting for life, very pleasant indeed! I know, because that is how I died at the age of twenty one at a beach (read my blog on a near death experience).

So murder is the deliberate taking of a human life (manslaughter is the accidental raking of a life) Arson is setting fire to things as well as causing explosions (bombs etc) whilst the death penalty for drug makers and pushers is because drugs separate the soul from the body and brain. So basically the owner is denied access to the ship! And that is a silent form of murder. We have all known addicts and know that they are soulless. And that is reason why the death penalty for drug pushing. And one day alcohol will be declared a drug too (it has been banned since the seventh century!). 

I know that having written this it won’t make me popular, but I am not here to win a popularity contest but to point out the truth of situations. The philosopher Socrates, who drank hemlock after his trial for allegedly corrupting the youth of Athens is an example of the soul over-riding the body and ego because the corrupt system was going to kill him anyway and it is better in those circumstances to do the job yourself. 

My son is named Anis and he was names after a martyr who offered to kill the Prophet,  “The Bab” (who actually asked for a volunteer to kill him) Because of his devotion Anis was allowed to be martyred with the Bab and their bodies were forever mingled after being shot by an execution squad of 750 shooters! What I an trying to point out is that the actions of the soul are different from the actions of the body and brain because it works under the same laws, but on a different, higher level!

Take the law of attraction. It, like all laws manifests differently on each of the three levels. On the physical level the law of attraction states, “Opposites attract”. And this is true; yin and yang, day and night, black and white, goof and bad etc. But on the metaphysical level the same law is the total opposite and states, “Like attracts like” or put differently, “birds of a feather flock together!”. And on the spiritual level the law of attract states, “Love attracts all, except the human heart that chooses to turn away (remember, we have free will). If you have a problem with the law of attraction you have to trace the source of the problem – is it physical, metaphysical or spiritual? Find the source of the problem and the solution becomes obvious and easy (to see, not necessarily easy to do!)

Well I hope that I haven’t offended too many of you, but if i have ask yourself. “is what I’ve said the truth on the spiritual level?”  If it is, you are having problems with the physical or metaphysical over-riding the spiritual and making you life un-happy. If I haven’t offended you, congratulations you are detached from death and should seek out the Benefits of death to you (not just the impact on you)

I love you all,


Die in Peace, not pieces!

When we are born, what is our primary purpose? To grow up so we can recognise our spiritual function.

Once we have recognised this, what then is our primary purpose? To help create a divine civilisation! Not in just one aspect but in two aspects.

(1) a general divine civilisation using the qualities we all have and

(2) a specific divine civilisation using our own unique set of talents and abilities.

Only then can we be whole – Holy (as it is stated in the Bible).

Only then can we die in peace, rather than in pieces!


3 Levels of the universe # 2 – Death on 3 levels

DEATH!!! It strikes fear into the hearts of those who haven’t experienced it , those who FEAR it (FEAR is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real), or those ignorant of it until a close or final meeting with it. The unfortunate thing about death is that we (most of us) are taught to fear it as children. The fearful always remains until it is consciously or spiritually changed. Change only comes from study or experience.

I was lucky in that I drowned at the age of 21, passed over to the other side and was returned to earth to (unknown to me then) complete a mission. I had what is called a Near Death Experience, a soul experience with death in which one actually enters through the door of death and experiences it directly. Many people have a scrape with death where they approach the door of death and are terrified because this is a metaphysical experience in which the brain and body both react to the situation by trying run away in terror. This experience doesn’t teach the JOY of Death at all, rather it leaves an impression of terror.

As the chart below shows the spirit lives on whilst the brain and body are annihilated, killed, die. There is no escaping the fact that two thirds of our human entity is destroyed at the point of death. And people tend to focus on the two thirds that is lost rather than focusing on what happens to the soul. For the soul is released like a baby from a tight womb or a chicken from a restrictive egg shell! Death is not a punishment but a reward for life!

“O SON OF THE SUPREME! I have made death a messenger of joy to thee. Wherefore dost thou grieve? I made the light to shed on thee its splendor. Why dost thou veil thyself therefrom?”

Both the brain and the body fear their own annihilation whilst the souls looks forward to it! This is the clash within Man.

As you can see in the chart below the spiritual (our soul) lives whilst the captain and the ship are lost because the ship sinks and the captain always goes down with the ship! The owner simply goes to the helipad on board the ship, and flies away! So the ship and the captain are annihilated whilst the owner gains his freedom from the ship.

Plane                  Death 1            Death 2
Spiritual             lives               Owner flies away in helicopter

Metaphysical   dies              Captain goes down with ship
Physical               dies                Ship sinks

Plane                          Death 3
Spiritual                  FREEDOM
Metaphysical       annihilation
Physical                   annihilation

I hope this makes it clear to you. If I have left anything out please let me know by emailing me on

This is part two of a multiple series that will be published in a book in the near future. all work presented here is COPYRIGHT to rev Mas J’iam 2013

Death is like water

Death is like water in that it flows everywhere in life and we can’t prevent it’s flow and that, like water, it is incompressable. If you get water in two syringes joined by a tubing and press down on one of the syringes the other one will life an equal amount. If the pressing syringe is half and inch wide and the uplifting one is 0ne inch then the amount of up lift will be equal to twice the load and half the distance. If you push the smaller one down one inch with a pressure of one pound then the uplift in the bigger one will be 2 pounds but only half an inch in height. This is a simple law. Death is similar. If you push the death toll down in one area then it raises in another.

For instance the New Zealand police are mad keen to achieve a zero death toll on the roads and keep having campaign after campaign to reduce the death toll. But every time they reduce the death toll on the road it rises in another area, especially in flight and drownings. So the overall death toll remains the same every year despite all human attempts to reduce it.

The films about young people who avoid death in one area and then die in bizzare deaths later on is based on this principle. Trying to reduce the death toll each year is like trying to prevent pregnant women giving birth (this is an especially relevant parable as death of the body and brain is simply the rebirth of the soul into the next world!)

So instead of trying to prevent death why don’t the police do something they could achieve? Like reducing the number of accidental injuries on the road. For every death at present there are 14 injuries. This figure can legitimantely be lowered by man because every soul is divinely protected against “casual” injuries – IF we ask for protection.Thus the number of injuries could easily be cut back to 9 – easily! That would mean a huge saving in hospital, rehabilitation and time of work costs, not to mention mental scarring costs to the victims. We can do this simply because we are allowed to reduce injuries but we are not allowed to reduce deaths.

Does anyone out there think the same way?