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That small still voice!

In all the hustle and bustle of life – the noise and the dim of living – we are lucky to be able to hear small noises at all. Yet this is where the voice of the universe lays, in the tiny whispers of the breeze, rather than in the howling of the gale!

This is why is says in the scriptures “Be still and know “I Am”, God.” We have to calm ourselves down and be still, relaxed, calm and quiet to be able to hear the sounds of the universe. In the olden days this was much easier as they didn’t have cars, radios, television, ringing phones, etc., etc. Today we have to learn to Be calm inwardly in a noisy outside world. This is not the easiest of things to do, but it is possible and, like any new habit, becomes easier and easier as time passes. 

One of the main aids to quieteness is to be able to turn off your brain’s incessant internal chatter! This must be done deliberately. One of the stages involves meditating and being able to see every thought as a bubble (like a water bubble on a flower). Once you can see a thought as a bubble, it is no problem to see two thoughts as bubbles. And then three thoughts and then four thoughts.

After this make a deliberate attenmpt to see hundreds of thoughts as bubbles. When you do this you will notice that betwwen each buble/thought is a dark space. That dark space is stillness. Zoom out  and see millions of bubbles of thoughts and then have a look around you at the huge area of blackness. This blackness/stillness surrounds all thoughts! You can experiment by dipping your head into a thought and hearing the noise of it and then pulling your head out (Oi You, pull your head out! Lol!) and comparing the noise to the stillness of the blackness. Decide to make this blackness, this stillness your permanent home!

You will find in the stillnesss there is a soft whispering of a gentle voice – one that always whispers, that never shouts like thoughts do. This small, still voice is the one that the quote is referring too! This small still voice comes from “I Am” which is the knowable essence of God! You can test I Am and you find that it always speaks the truth. After a while you will come to love the voice of I Am and will listen to it daily. You will find yourself detaching from the thoughts of your brain and attaching yourself to I Am. I know it sounds like a contradiction but spiritual detach is simply detaching ourselves from the material world and attaching to I Am. We can still use all the benefits of the material world, just not be attached to them!

To know the voice of I Am is to know the voice of righteousness and so we become righteous in ourselves. Not the righteousness of thoughts – loud brazen and aggressive, but small, quite and retiring righteousness. There is another saying, “Only the righteous know the rewards of righteousness!” and that is certainly true.

In the material world you can be shown the rewards of things before you start, but in the spiritual world we have to rely on Hope (that the promise will Be fulfilled) and do the actions to actually Know the truth (“You will Know the truth and the truth will set you free“!) Hope of the rewards leads to actioning the actions and that leads to us learning the results of our actions and having the truth confirmed to us. Then we KNOW the truth of the promises and Faith  grows! (all faith is based on knowledge -if it isn’t based on knowledge then it is simply superstition) Hope is an unfulfilled expectation of things to come, Faith is a knowledge of things that have happenedand this can be projected forward as Hope with a capital H! 

All hope and faith come from the initial stilling of the thoughts in the brain. Notice i don’t call it the mind. This is because the Mind is actually based in our soul. This is why we called destructive acts< “mindless acts of vandalism” All destructive actions come from the brain, bereft of the soul’s mindful over-sight. 

To “see” a thought doesn’t mean becoming involved with the thought, but seeing it as a third party would – from the outside and at a small distance away. Once you have made this initial step, you are one the journey to detachment. Detachment simply means not Being involved with the things of this world and attaching yourself to the things of the spiritual world – the quiet and the small, still voice. 

There is nothing complicated about spirituality. But it is not easy because to become detached you have to turn against the ways of most of mankind, sometimes including you mother and father, brothers and sisters, friends and relatives, business associates and so forth. That is the hard part. You’ll find almost everything in life that is worth having is simple , but not necessarily easy! Never confuse the two words simple is not easy and easy is not simple!


But the doing makes it easier because Doing creates new habits. We are all simply creatures of habits. The habits we have may be helpful to us, but many are destructive. Untkl we sit down and begin analysing ourselves we live lives shaped by others. Up until the age of 8 everything a child hears and sees is absorbed unhindered by questioning thought (from the mind/soul) that is why Jesus said, “When I was a child I thought like a child, but now i am a man I must put away (discard) the things of childhood ( the wrong things we learned) and become a Man(note the capital M)”

I hope i haven’t rambled too much for you, but spiritual thoughts are seldom linear – “all things are involved with all things“!

I hope too that you will be able to use what I’ve said today to launch yourself to a higher spiritual reality,

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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The meaning of the days of the week – and some new suggestions.

As we plod through life, one day at a time, we do so in a cycle of 7 days called a week.Technically the first day of the week is Sunday, but capitalism has diverted that to Monday. Sunday obviously means the day of the “Sun”. Monday means day of the “Moon”. so those two days are pretty easy to guess. It’s the remaining 5 days that are not obvious, because they are all named after various pagan gods. 

Tuesday means Twia’s day. 

Wesdesday means Woden’s day.   

Thursday is Thor’s day.

Friday is Freya’s day

Saturday is Saturns  day.

Every week day is tied to a planet and the actual five days are also tied to various old pagan god and goddesses (Norse and Latin). I am not going to explain further, as that will take time and will distract the plot of this blog. Which is to make a suggestion of alternative days. (you can look up the info on Google by typing in “Meanings of the days of the week”.

As i am a metaphysician and a metaphysicist may i suggest that the days of the week be based on various virtues. I can suggest the main two as being the weekend days, and the other five as being the work days. Day number one would be based on “Gifting to self”. Day number two would be based on “Gifting to others”. This will then fits in with the eleventh commandment – “Love yourself and others wholly and unconditionally“. (“A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you.”[ john 13:34]

Notice the order of the days – self first and others second. This is the correct Spiritual order of gifting as we are commanded to love One first. One is the old fashioned name for the self (“how is one today?”).

The second day is for gifting to others, as the old word “another” literally means “and others”

Then we could overlay the seven virtues on the days of the week. The seven virtues are antidotes to the seven deadly sins (faults). The seven deadly sins are harmful to spiritual purity and actions (the wages of sin(faults/ not following the spiritual methods) is (spiritual) death”.

Fault (sin)                                                                                                            Virtue (Spiritual Methods)

Lust (excessive sexual/material appetites and addictions)                                  Chastity (purity)
Gluttony (over-indulgence)                                                                                 Temperance (self-restraint)
Greed (avarice)                                                                                                    Charity (gifting/Love in action)
Sloth (laziness/idleness/inaction)                                                                          Diligence (zeal/integrity/Labor)
Wrath (anger)                                                                                                        Forgiveness (composure)
Envy (jealousy)                                                                                                      Kindness (admiration)
Pride (vanity)                                                                                                         Humility (detachment)

Perhaps we could put numbers on these virtues as well to (roughly) signify their importance and day of the week.

1) Humility (primary detachment/gifting/Love in action)

2) Charity (secondaty detachment/gifting/Love in action)

3) Chastity (purity)

4) Temperance (self-restraint)

5) Forgiveness (composure/return to Love for ourselves)

6) Diligence (zeal/integrity/Labour)

7) Kindness (admiration)

That would be a rough order of things, although I think numbers one and two are pretty much set in place as they are the order of obeying the 11th commandment – which we should always do first and in that order.

Now I’m not suggesting that we should necessarily implement these days, but what I am suggesting is, that as spiritual people, we should type them out and put them up on the wall as a reminder to ourselves of the basics of spiritual life.

And that is why I wrote this blog – to bring our attentions to the Basics of spiritual life. Those who have been following me know I am keen on the BOB system (Be Brilliant On the Basics). Know I prefer the word basics to fundamental, because most fundamentalists are no fun to be with and are predominantly mental! Lol! Most fundamentalists don’t laugh freely which is a reflection of their lack of spirituality within. Spiritual people are urged to laugh a minimum of three hours per day Laughter is a spiritual tithing of your time to yourself! And an external reflection of your internal detachment from all except Love and Happiness. How can one Love and not BE happy! Never believe an unsmiling, non-laughing spiritual adviser – they are trying to take you down the road to hell with them!(hell is only spiritual separation from Love and laughter!)

I hope that this blog has given you some food for thought today.

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Love Peace and Prosperity! Lol!

reverend master j’iam










What is the best choice?

We have three choices in life  – to learn everything by ourselves or to learn everything by the experience of others, or a mixture (balance) of the two. Many people on the physical plane are into learning everything by themselves through there own experience. Unfortunately this is a painful experience, especially things like losing fingers, bankruptcy, marriage break-ups etc. These are things that are best studied in other people with the aim of avoiding them ourselves!

Then there are Good things to experience. Most people on the physical plane don’t seem to really want to experience the good things in life – things like being wealthy, happy, successful, peaceful and healthy (not in that order.) In these fields people tend to ignore the experiencing and go for second hand study of the experiences. Why is this? Because these five factors take work to achieve, but more than that they require us to move out of the physical into the metaphysical and Spiritual worlds. And for most people that is asking too much! Personally i believe that we should Practice the positive things in life and try to achieve them and study the negative things in life and try to avoid them! Practice the Positive and avoid the Negative! As the song says. “you’ve got to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative!” So that is the balance we should aim for!

I’ll tell you a secret: to achieve big things in life we need to move off the physical plane up into the metaphysical and spiritual planes. Why is this? Because of the laws. On the physical plane the laws consist of man’s rules and regulations. On the metaphysical plane (the brain’s plane) the laws consist of principles. On the Spiritual plane the laws consist of the higher laws of the universe – Providence, Grace and Justice. The difference between the levels is in the energy and numbers of laws.

On the physical level the numbers of laws is extremely large. And the energy on the physical level is extremely low – just 1. On the metaphysical level the numbers of laws (principles) in probably less than 500. And the energy level is 10. On the spiritual level the number of laws (higher laws)  is less than 20 with the three “biggies,” all having energy levels of 100+! So the higher you go, the less the number of laws and the higher the energy levels. Which means each following level gets easier and easier to work! The main thing that stops people progressing is their “glass ceilings”. Glass ceilings are not actually ceiling at all, but barriers (perfect mirrors) that reflect their own experiences back at them. Until we can break through these barriers we cannot even see the the different levels. We actually have to experience the different levels for them to take a hold in our lives.

The physical levels beliefs systems consist of agnostic, atheist, religion and science. The metaphysical plane consists of science, principles and philosophy. The spiritual level consists of Spirituality, science, detachment and actions.

physical          = agnostic, atheist, religion and science.

metaphysical =  science, principles and philosophy.

spiritual         = Spirituality, science, detachment and actions

If you imagine the above layout to be an ocean then the physical plane represents the sea surface – lots of waves, storms and very little life. Man lives his life in a small boat on the ocean surface – a very rough life indeed!  

The metaphysical represents the sea under the surface, perhaps down to 1,000 metres when the ocean becomes pitch black. Here the sea teams with life and currents. Life and death are a daily part of events. But below the 1,000 metres mark the sea changes again with the pressure increasing (although in spiritual terms it is the opposite – the pressure actually decreases in the spiritual plane) the currents are a lot slower and life is far more rare at this depth.

In spiritual terms the depths of the ocean are the Beingness of spirituality. The pressure of the ocean can be compared to the energy level of 100+. The deeper into the ocean we dive the greater the pressure (energy level) becomes! It’s a pretty crude analogy, but a true one that can be expanded on with meditation, where you can change the rules of the ocean to reflect the rules of spirituality.

Personally I’d say the best choice by far is the spiritual choice. From this level you can look down and see the other levels exposed for what they are – levels of life we have to live but not get stuck in (Be detached from). Just as deep see fish rise to the surface at night time, so too can we descend to the physical and metaphysical planes when we really have too – but we don’t spend the majority of our lives there! We just do what we have to do without becoming attached to the level! I hope this is clear to you. 

Kindest regards,


With Power comes Responsibilities and Benefits

True power in life comes from empowerment. Empowerment means Power from without. Empowerment from without comes when we internally synergise ourselves, or become empowered within.

With power comes responsibility. With responsibility comes benefits. When we are initially empowered we receive a  benefit straight away, that of the wiping of all past karmic debts. All debts under the law of sowing and reaping are wiped and we start with a clean slate. This is a huge benefit! Then we must start looking at our responsibilities and growing these in harmony with our benefits. At rebirth we are made brand new. All our past faults are forgiven and we start accruing new debts as soon as we start breaking laws (which we still have to learn). So we have to learn to forgive ourselves each and every day and accept God’s forgiveness along with that. God can never forgive us alone, we have to be with Him by forgiving ourselves too!

And we also have to learn how to find out the good things we did that day, recognise them and bring them into tomorrow. Far too few people do this. But if they don’t they are trying to eliminate negatives only, and to eliminate a negative it has to be replaced by a positive. Otherwise we eliminate a negative and it is immediately replaced by two or more other negatives! 

One of the first responsibilities we inherit is our responsibility for the Poor. And, just having been reborn, we are the poor. So we have a responsibility for ourselves. This is covered in the 11th commandment which tells us to “Love ourselves and others, wholly and unconditionally” 

Unfortunately this goes against most peoples inner convictions to external motivation. To be empowered we have to change from external motivation to internal motivation! (“as within, so without“) Saul was externally motivated. He thought he could solve his problems by massacring others. God struck him down, changed his name to Paul and changed his mission to first changing himself and then to changing others. SOME CHANGE!!! Lol!

Protection of others always starts at home – first learn to protect yourself and then learn how to protect others. If the lifeguard cannot swim extremely strongly how is he going to rescue someone who can’t swim well? He can’t and will simply end up being  dragged under the water to be drowned along with the one he is trying to save!

So always start at home and then expand outwards! I remember going to a Salvation Army service in Woodville many years ago and listening to a sermon from a visiting preacher … “if you see your brother standing by the road, with a heavy load, from the seeds he sowed… ) At the end of the meeting everyone rushed by me standing on the steps, got into their cars and went off looking for someone to give a lift too on that wet and stormy day! Leaving me to walk 2 miles home into the country, laughing at the inspiration the sermon had given them and the uselessness of the sermon to the man standing by the road, wanting a lift home! You see they all thought they had to go somewhere different to find someone to pick up. That is always the way with externally motivated people! Internally motivated people turn to the person standing next to them to see if their neighbour needs their  help.

Unless we are internally motivated we will travel the world looking for people to help and always just missing them by a minute, 59 seconds, 58 seconds and so forth until we get down to tenths of a second and then hundreds of a second etc. etc.

If we don’s carry out our responsibilities to ourselves, how can we carry them out for other people. If we don’t accept the benefits for ourselves, how can we demonstrate them to others who want them and are seeking those benefits, never being able to see them because the so called spiritual are a “miserable pack of b*ggers”  Lol!

What are things most wanted by the world at large? Love and Laughter! What are the benefits of spirituality? LOVE and LAUGHTER! Only by accepting these two benefits and sharing them with the world will we attract people to a better way of life! 

We can’t attract spiritual souls to Love with do and don’t rules and regulations, disempowerment and misery. So STOP IT! Be happy, be Empowered, be Detached, Be internally Motivated, Be different from the ways of the world, Be immersed in the ways of God. When I wake up in the morning the first thing I see is God’s smile in the Rising Sun! I hear God’s laughter in the morning chorus of the birds! I hear “Glory to God” in the birds prayers to Him!

Sure you’ll have detractors who say, “He’s weird, eccentric, strange, loony etc” But what business is it of yours to worry about what others think of you? It is your responsibility to be happy, to be joyful, to carefree and love yourself and others wholly and unconditionally! That is what draws to hearts of men towards you! And then you give them the pure words of God, for only these words can change the dross of the world into the gold of faith!

Life is simple, not complicated – let go, let go, let go! let go of your problems and let God take care of them . Let go of your fears and attach yourself to the certainties of Love! Let go of your inhibitions and grab a hold of the courage of Faith! Then my friend you will have changed yourself into God’s gold and be able to attract the seekers after Him.

love and Peace 



Is the love of money the root of all evil? I think not!

If the love of money is the root of ALL evil, then where is pedophilia based in money? And Arson? And, and, and. So the saying is wrong for this age. It should read “the love of money is the root of many evils“, But is it “love of” or it is it “lusting after”. I don’t believe it is love of because “God is Love“, Love is detached, not attached. To be attached to something is to “Lust after it”. So the quote should read “The lusting after money is the source of many evils“.

Even “lusting after” is too wordy,  better and clearer to read “attachment” So we end up with the quote…


And that, I believe, is the true quote for today, for this age .

Now if attachment to money is the source of many evils, then the opposite must be true too. The opposite of attachment is DETACHMENT. So Detachment from money must be the source of many good (works).

And this too is true, because the spiritual life is set up on two columns – connection to Love and good works (creating a divine civilisation). How can we create a divine civilisation without access to money, as money is the universal  (Godly) form of exchange between Goods, Services and and Money! What I am saying here that the secret of using money spiritually is to use it in a detached way. But how do we learn how to do this? By gifting! Gifting is the training tool of detachment! To Be Spiritual, we must gift properly. To gift properly we must practice, practice, practice! 

Know that Gifting is of two forms – gifting to yourself and gifting to others. Which is the most important? Gifting to yourself is. I know that this will sound contradictory to many, but the source is spiritual. Who does God Love and Honour first? God of course! The love of God for God is the highest and purest form of Love. We (you and I) are made in the image of God. So spiritually we must love our Godly part first and our physical part second. This is supported by the eleventh commandment (how many of you didn’t know there are 11 commandments?) Christ gave just one commandment, “Love thou One another as I love thee” [John 13:34] One is, and always has been, the word for yourself. Another is the old English word for other people, So it reads “Love yourself and others, as I Love you”. And how are we loved? Wholly and unconditionally! So it reads in full. “Love yourself and others wholly (Holy) and unconditionally” And that is the eleventh commandment for today, for this age. And gifting is the training ground for implementing this commandment. 

People find it hard to gift to themselves wholly and unconditionally because they have been taught that to think of yourself first is “evil” or “egotistical”. But spiritually this is not so. God loves Himself above all others! And we should too! Because the spiritual principle is “As within, so without“. What we have ourselves is what we can practice. Got the ability to heal? Then “Physician heal thyself!” You wouldn’t go to a sick doctor to get healed yourself would you? Of course not. How is a sick doctor going to heal you when he can’t even heal himself?!

So when we gift to ourselves, how do we handle it in a spiritual way? We create a legacy for many to use. In my case that is a family bank that will pass down through the generations. Always gift to yourself first, then to others. At the moment I am gifting to myself first,  then to others in the form of myself, two of my sons and three of my grand children. All gifts go into the family bank. At the moment the gifts are very small, as I am still in the Poor stage but I am rapidly approaching the Wealthy stage, when my training will amplify my giftings in proportion to my income –  to full 10% and 10% (the Spiritual Perito Principle) of gross income. If you haven’t been gifting consistently, on a regular basis then it is very hard to implement when wealth (prosperity) comes upon you and you easily fall out of prosperity.(wealth is not earned like riches [doing and having] but earned by the returns from seed gifting [all seeds produce an abundant crop in return])

All big things come from small things. The oak tree comes from an acorn, we come from two tiny elements (ovum and sperm) and wealth comes from “seed gifting”. Seed gifting is also called “Invoking the token“, where we do something on a small scale (seed) and grow it from there to a full crop. In gifting, the amount of money you gift is not important, What is important in the eyes of the laws is the consistency of the gifting. Giftings must be made every time you receive a windfall or salary, without exception. This is the hard part of giftings – without exception! Which is why we start small and grow it with our returns (windfalls/karmic returns) at the full two 10%’s. We can afford to reach the full 10 percents of gross with the returns because they initially have no tax attached to them and over time our surpluses grow to easily accommodate tax and the full 10%s which means we end up gifting 2 x 16.5%s = 33% of our gross income. No one can afford that on a non-spiritual (physical) level. And even if they can, they probably won’t because they are too attached to money to do it! .

So we start with a seed and when we reap a grown plant we pay the full ten percents of gross to ourselves and others!  Spiritually, what this is achieving is this; the seed gifting is done by the poor and the full 10 percents are done by the wealthy. So gifting in seed is the beginning of our transformation to wealth (prosperity). Perfect, Perfect, Perfect!!!

The Wholistic (holy) Peace and Prosperity Network is an organisation to help us transform ourselves to the station of Poor and then to the station of Wealthy. In this age most of us cannot be just Poor (except those deemed to this station by God) but use Poor as a stepping stone to wealth (Wealth is a spiritual manifestation of this new age), WPPN was gifted to me by God in an vision in 1992, and I have been working on it ever since. It is a huge concept, absolutely enormous! But still very simple in it’s elements and easy to do, because everything starts with a seed! Plant the seed, tend the plant, reap the crop! Only in this way can we actually learn to Love money in a spiritual way that produces a divine civilisation! Which is our secondary purpose in life.



The Seven Deadly Sins and Their Antidotes

 The “seven deadly sins” are as follows

Pride, Coveting, Lust, Envy, Greed, Anger and Sloth.

 These are easily remembered if you use the acronym of the French policeman – PC le Gas!Whilst many know the list few know the antidotes, which are mainly spiritual, with some metaphysical and physical in nature.

The seven antidotes are…

 Pride = Humility and Detachment

Coveting = Contentment and Detachment

Lust = Liking, Love and Detachment

Envy = being true to yourself and Detachment 

Greed = Internal happiness, Contentment and Detachment

Anger = Inner Calm, Peace, Contentment and Detachment

Sloth = Inner Commitment, Mission and Joy

 Notice none of the remedies are singular in nature – they all involve two or more remedies combined. The remedy to sin is always a synergy of positive laws and energies. You could say all sin is rectified by Syn(ergies) Notice that the most prescribed remedy is Detachment as this is a spiritual state of achievement that basically covers all the sins in the universe. That is to say that all sins are caused by attachment to non-spiritual things. The remedy to attachments is detachment!

Know too that the seven deadly sins used to be a complete list in the “olden days” (pre- 1844) but it is not a complete list today, because the world has dramatically changed! We live in an age of miracles today. Therefore the attachments apply to more things! (Drugs immediately spring to mind)

Detachment; why is this the most prescribed remedy? Because detachment is the primary essence of the state of Poor, the first spiritual empowered state. To Be Poor we have to become detached from all things except Love (Spiritual, metaphysical and physical). We then achieved the Blessed state of Poor, “Blessed are the Poor in Spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Notice that they are Poor in Spirit, not necessarily in possessions. Why do they achieve the kingdom of heaven? Because the Poor work under the higher laws of the Providence which state that everything we Need will be provided, either free or very cheap. Working under the laws of providence is the first stage of wholistic empowerment. Empowerment means we are no longer just internally powered by our own efforts, but Wholistically powered by the laws of the Universe! Wholistic means we use all the laws of the universe, not just one! The purpose of the Poor is to help establish a general Divine civilization here on earth. By doing that they cover their general divine beingness.

 What is the second form of empowerment? Why Wealth of course (not riches, which are dis-empowered). The empowerment of the laws of Wealth state that anything we Want we can have, but at a cost to us. And the cost is that we must fulfill our specific Divine Beingness. Our Beingness at this level is to help create a specific Divine civilization, one that uses our inner talents and abilities – that no one else in the world has, in the exact proportions that we do. The higher laws of empowerment have only been distributed world wide since 1844 so the world in general hasn’t awoken to them yet. The churches of the world are still working under the old regime of “it’s good to be poor and bad to be rich” so they guide people into a one way (incomplete) path. Today we need to become Poor first and then Wealthy second. The old fashioned poor has be renamed poverty and rich remains the same so there are now 4 states on beingness in the world, two empowered and two disempowered. The empowered states are….

Poor  and Wealthy

 The dis- empowered states are….

poverty and riches

These can be shown in a single diagram with a horizontal line between them to denote the line of Empowerment. Everything above the line is empowered, everything below the line is dis-empowered.



 In the Bible a young, rich man approached His Holiness Jesus and asked Him “what can I do to attain the kingdom of heaven?”

His answer was in two parts, 1) to gift his money to the Poor (who are already in the kingdom of heaven) and 2) to follow Christ (I Am)

Sadly the man turned away because he was too attached to it to carry through with the cure. But what say he had carried through and gifted what he had to the Poor. He would have actually become detached from possessions and, because he had gifted it to the Poor he would have received it back multiplied (under the higher law of sowing and reaping – also called Karma) and been able to move over to the Wealth state!

Which is exactly what he had asked for! But because the answer wasn’t material in nature, but spiritual, the materialist wasn’t able to see it as an answer at all. Our attachments are what keep us where we are, even if those attachments are making our lives a misery!

Notice what a huge part detachment has to play in all the cures above. This is because detachment is one of the primary keys to the spiritual world.

Wealth is simple but hard!

Wealth is basically simple in it’s formulation, but very hard to achieve in practice. Why is this? Because to be wealthy you have to go against the habits of your parents (unless they are already wealthy) your friends, your associates and maybe even your spouse and adult children! This is not an easy thing to do, not easy at all. Which is why so few become truly wealthy.

Another of the biggest obstacles to wealth is the ideologies in the world that teach riches ARE wealth. Nothing could be further from the truth. When I was younger i married into a rich family and they were not nice people at all. So I walked away from riches and went into poverty. Poverty is far worse than riches on the comfort level because it amounts to starving in a world of plenty by our own choices!

Only after i was reborn did I discover that there are two spiritual states – the Poor and the Wealthy. The poor are detached from all things except Love (God) and as are the wealthy. The poor work under the laws of providence and the wealthy work under the laws of Providence AND the laws of Abundance.

The law of providence states that God will provide everything we NEED basically free or very cheap, whilst the law of abundance states that we can have anything we want as long as we pay a price. And what is the price we pay? To fulfill our own Beingness and help create a divine civilisation!

The first inheritance of the wealthy is always the Poor. You’ll find wealthy people always relate very well  to Poor people because the are brothers under the skin – the wealthy man is also a Poor man! If a wealthy man is tested and loses everything he simply goes back to the state of being Poor because he is not attached to his possessions! And he Knows that he will always be provided for under God Promise to Mannkind.

I hope this helps clarify some things in your mindsImage