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A call to those who can hear!

There are many motivators in the world talking Bull****. I don’t mean this to be derogetory towards them, because they talk with sincerity from where they are at. But as far as the spiritual plane goes they are talking bull and other untruths because they know very little or nothing about the spiritual plane of “fire” (the actions of God on this plane).It says in the Bible (book to be read) “Only the righteous know the rewards of righteousness” Which means the spiritual knowledge needed to achieve spiritual wealth is only known to the spiritually awake. So how can we learn what is needed to achieve spiritual wealth? (It is said, spiritually,  that a Wealthy man is a great blessing upon this Eart!) By studying Manifestations and Masters. There are no living manifestations of God in the world at the moment, nor will there be for at least 850 years. But there are living masters and it behoveth thee to study under these masters. I am one living master and am open to reaching who ever is ready to receive the knowledge. The purpose of a master is to duplicate thenselves to a greater or lesser degree and create new masters from disciples (the word disciple means,( “a follower of the method” – just as the word sinner means, “not a follower of the method”, which is why we are all born sinners – because we know nothing at birth!)

It also says that the “Path is straight and narrow” to wealth, not crokked and broad as many teach these days. Go off the path by the least degree and you are out of light and back in darkness (luckily it is easy to re-enter the path by simply asking!)

We don’t have free will in the spiritual plane if we have given it to God but we are allowed to make mistakes and be forgiven daily. We are not allowed to be stupid by knowingly making the same basic mistake over and over again. As long as we sincerely try to stay on the path we will always attract Divine Protection.

And we will be tested on things until we learn the lesson of our incorrect behaviour that is causing the test and change our ways to a more suitable “success habit”.

But the spiritual path is far, far easier than the physical and metaphysical paths – far easier! Because we can obtain heaven on earth, something denied to the two lower stations.

So those of you who want to become spiritually (as well as metaphysically and physically) wealthy come and join out WPPN Family and learn as you craete your own wealth for yourself, your children and descendants down through the generations!