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A Hole in the Head!

A growth appeared on my forehead and try as I might, I just couldn’t get rid of it so I went to the doctor who said he would cut it out for me. A little bit of anaesthetic, out comes the scalpel and he carves a conical hole around the growth and removes it. He put a plaster on it and informed me that it was fine but that I would have a hole in my head about a quarter of an inch deep. I replied, “No, I won’t!” to which he retorted, “Oh yes, you will!” so I responded quite emphatically, “I will not!” He then stopped arguing and smugly said, “Well, we’ll see when the plaster comes off.”

When I went back and he removed the plaster, I was watching his face because he was smugly expecting a hole to be where smooth skin now was. His jaw dropped and he stammered, “I’ve never seen that before!” and I thought, but didn’t say, “No, and you won’t again, because every time you do this operation you tell the patients to heal with a hole in their head.”
I had gone home and told my body to fill the hole. It did so because the body is self-healing and obeys the commands of the mind – be they positive or negative. Because people trust doctors they will allow the doctor’s commands to override their body’s natural healing processes commands. Hence, the multitude of holes in the head!