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The three spiritual states

Think about number three first – just what is em-powered? It literally means powered from without.

Our own spiritual experiences are powered from within. Empowered spirituality is powered from without.

Powered by who? God of course!

In the bible your own spiritual experiences are called “water” The empowered experiences are called either “spiritual” or more accurately “Fire”! it says, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit (Fire), he cannot enter into the kingdom of God”

It is far too easy to mistake the phenomena of personal spiritual experience with the reality of empowered spirituality!

The empowered state is like becoming a perfect mirror that reflects God in most ways. Imaging that the mirror is aimed at the sun. You would see the sun shining and brilliant in the mirror.

But the real sun is always inaccessible. Spiritually this is called the unknowable essence.

The light we see from the sun is only a trillionth of the suns real power. But if that sun reflected in a perfect mirror we would be unable to tell them apart visually. It is only by putting our hand on the perfect reflection we could tell it isn’t the real sun! For the real sun burns at millions of degrees! But the perfect reflection is touchable.

So it is with God. God’s real fire is the power of creating Life and the power of Justice. But in every other aspect we are the same as God!  We can create everything except life and we cannot handle true justice. Which is why, for Man,  forgiveness is the ultimate form of revenge! Because it puts us back into Love and hands the perpetrator back to God for justice! And I’ve seen quite a few laid low from this justice! Where can they go to hide from it? Nowhere at all!

I know of a few people who believe they are in the empowered state who are actually blinded by their own spirituality. Remember there are two glass ceilings in life – The first glass ceiling is, of course, the barrier that keeps us from our own spirituality. This barrier is commonly called materialism.

Then our introduction into our own spiritual experiences presents us with the second glass ceiling, mostly because we believe that the second step IS the whole answer, Sorry it’s the first step in a two part spiritual experience! The only way to come to the second state is to ask for it – ask out aloud. You can also empower the asking a hundredfold by making it a written goal. The asking is the power of the spoken word (sound) and the goal is the power of the written word (Light)!

If you want guidance to the second state of spirituality i can help you achieve it fairly easily.

kindest regards,


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It helps to know where you are going!

Most people never set long term goals. If you are even considering setting these types of goals, congratulations as you are in the top 10% of the world! However only one in three will actually set them in concrete by writing them down on paper.

The reason why most never even reach the point of considering there futures is mostly ignorance. It is hard to actually find out what your own options are in man’s world as it is set up for you to fulfil other peoples’ wealth goals!

Know that there are six destinations we can aim for.

1) Poverty; this is a state of lack of material success and spiritual success. People in poverty are actually addicted to liking not having and not being! To not Be is to be miserable. To Be is to Be Happy. So people in poverty are actually happy being unhappy! Weird, I know, but that is the way some people are!

2) Middle Class: these people are happy with a bit of success and a bit of happiness. They are the agnostics of the fulfilment world. They “work hard” to achieve their gilded cages of mediocrity and then rejoice in that state. Because they have no idea of the true source of wealth they are usually very conservative and much loved by politicians! To be loved by a politician is like being loved by a bear that you allow to eat you one limb at a time!

3) The rich; This is a state of material success without any spiritual happiness. They have all the assets they can ever want but that havingness is a great burden on them and points out the emptiness of their lives! Biblically the state of riches is called, “To gain the world but lose your soul.”

These are the three states of dis-empowerment. Know there are only two states of Empowerment. Empowerment means that your power comes from outside of you from the spiritual plane.

4) The first state of empowerment is the spiritual state of “Poor.” To Be Poor is nothing like poverty because one is Happy in the state of Poor (note how I use a capital letter for Poor, to indicate that this is a spiritual state. To be Poor is a state of Detachment from all things except love. This where people get confused, things that Detachment from things must equate from not having things! FALSE!!! Detachment means that you can have what you Need just as long as Love comes first. Detachment also means that we work under the Laws of Providence, which state that anything we need (and ask for) will be given to us either free or very cheap! It is the laws of providence that gives us security in the state of Poor and it is expressed in the saying, “God always Provides!”

5) The state of abundance; which states everything we want we can have – for a price!” And what is the price? We have to fulfil our Beingness! Our Beingness is the set of talents and attributes we have been given at birth which need expressing so we can help create a divine civilisation! That is to say we have to leave the world a better place when we leave it than it it was when we entered it! That doesn’t sound too hard to achieve, does it? Well in some ways it is easy and in other ways it is harder. We can simply have children and bring them up well so they make the world a better place to live in. This is called creating a generalised divine civilisation. But to fulfil your own specific divine civilisation we have to use our Abundance PLUS our state of Poor to become Wealthy!

6) Wealthy is the state that you should be setting as a goal because this goal will take you to Abundance through the state of Poor! Remember….

Poor + Abundance = Wealthy!

If you aim for abundance alone, you are aiming for the negative state of riches! We don’t want to be rich, with it’s attendant miseries!

If we turn the list upside down we get a diagram of each state starting from the lowest and going to the highest….

Wealthy                                Total Empowerment

Abundance                            2nd Empowerment

Poor                                        1st Empowerment


rich                                         dis-empowered

middle class                          dis-empowered

poverty                                   dis-empowered

This re-arranging makes it easily knowable what to aim for – Poor, Abundance and Wealth! The illusion of middle class and riches are that you are actually empowered when you are not! Poverty is so lost that it doesn’t bother the participants that they are totally losing at the Game of Life.

It is important – very, very important – to set your initial goals correctly as they will either add power or detract from all subsequent goals! I learned this a few years ago when I set the goal of fasting for 40 days and nights (5 weeks and 5 days). I wrote this down as a goal and when I reached 20 days my body became physically sick and I had to break the fast. Before that I was actually cooking my son’s dinner each night! So I asked myself why did I get sick? And the answer came back that I had reached my old weight goal and that was older than the fast goal and therefore over-rode it. I should have actually reset my weight goal to go with my fasting goal and the there would have been no conflict of goals. Remember the older goal will always dominant over the newer goal – because the Goal id Dominant – especially in the time sequence!

By setting the goal of becoming Wealthy you automatically include the goals of Poor and Abundance and start learning both aspects simultaneously – a much better way than going linear and becoming Poor first and then Abundant after that. The Goal of Wealth Empowers both the states of Poor and Abundance!

I’ll repeat that loudly, as it is very important!

The Goal of Wealth

Empowers both the states of

Poor and Abundance!

With this goal as you whole of life goal you will never have trouble with lesser goal interfering with you “Biggie” goal. You will never have to reset this goal, ever!

How long should you set this goal for?

If you are twenty set it for 80 years.

If you are thirty set it for 70 years.

If you are fourty set it for 60 years

No matter what age you are set it for the age of 100 years old. Be optimistic in your life span age! You may not get that much but it is far better to overshoot the target than to undershoot it!

Consider your life goal as a trip. You live in Nowsville and want to get to Life Town by passing through Partsville and Nearly Town.

If you set your goal to Partsville what are the chances that you will settle down there? Quite big!!

If you set your goal to Nearly Town what are the chances that you will settle down there? Quite big too!!

This is because of human nature’s desire to settle for our goals, Be they complete or partial! By setting the end goal first we can enjoy the journey knowing that they are possibilities for settlement at a later date, but not the end of our journey yet! You see by improving our lives by 305 or 60% we think that this is alright and want to accept that gain. But we are aiming for 100% and unless we experience it we will never know where we want to settle down! Personally, I don’t believe anyone wants to go back down to 30 or 50 percent after having tasted the 100 percent!

I hope this article has been enlightening to you

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam

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New Insights from j’iam

Dear friends,

I have new insights coming through and am writing them down in my journal

1) if you want to be God aware (living in the image of God) then you must be open to new learning because even the knowable knowledge of God is infinite!

2) the only way we are going to get the “political servants” to serve us, the people, is to voluntarily transfer the bulk of power and assets from the temporary usurers to ourselves. Away from greed and arrogance into stewardship and permanence.

The word assets covers money, services, goods, food and water, housing, land and businesses! As well as Peace and Happiness, Contentment, Joy, Ecstasy and Bliss!

We can do this in less than thirty years by steadily applied effort in our own lives to create what is called virtuous cycles! All we need is a method of implementing this end! Thankfully, there is already a method in existence than can achieve these ends and it is called WPPN – the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (Synergy)!

3) What am I doing to foster world peace and prosperity? I belong to WPPN which costs me $25 per month. Peace and prosperity is already started in my life! Eventually the peace and prosperity of the individual grows big enough to become the peace and prosperity of society. The Peace and prosperity of a society eventually becomes world peace and prosperity! This is a fact! Do your part for world peace and prosperity by becoming individually peaceful and Prosperous through the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (Synergy) – for $25 per month! Do it for yourself, for your spouse, your children, your family, your friends and neighbours! But do it first for yourself – “think global and act local!” (and you can’t get any more local than yourself!)

4) The reason the rivers flow to the sea is two fold – the sea sets itself lower than the rivers and the sea is also the source of the rivers! We are each our our rivers, we are each the sea. This is called a virtuous cycle. Simply learn how to set up a Godly virtuous cycle and you first become peaceful and only then do you become prosperous. It always works this way with peace and abundance (both Empowered states) unless you want to be in the states of riches and poverty (both dis-empowered states.)

these are four mini-revelations that have come through today.

kindest regards,


reverend master j'iam

reverend master j’iam


I am a reverend, I am different – NOT!!!

The first part of the title sums up what a lot of people think. The last word sums up the reality! I may have a different job from you, but on the physical level I am exactly the same. My body is prone to the occasional sickness, I have to go to the toilet, I have to have showers to stop me smelling (much easier than cutting my nose off! Lol!), I wake up with bad breath because I too excrete toxins in the morning, I eat daily, I sleep daily, I even let rip the occasional fart! (Lol!)  So physically i am the same as everyone else.


So when did i find out that i was to be a reverend? Way back in in 1980’s! I was an atheist then (but God never lets that stop Him, Lol!) and a photographer. I had done a wedding and was invited to the reception. Someone said i was a reverend and it spread amongst the crowd of 200 like wildfire and for some reason they became absolutely convinced I was a reverend! And nothing I could do or say would convince them otherwise! So I spent the evening being called “reverend” It was a strange experience especially as i had been an atheist for 12 years! 


Little did I know that in another 2 years my whole life was to change completely and i would become a believer! And that in another 30 years i actually would become a reverend! But not a church one! A scholarly reverend, instead! The wedding reception was a message to me from God before I could hear Him! Lol!


I must be one of the few reverends who never goes to church. I would like to, but each church or faith lets it be known that i am not welcome because i don’t believe exactly as they do. So I have become a spiritual person – a much better way to be! 

I believe in God because He is real and i speak to him and He inspires and speaks to me! I know that this is not a common thing among church goers, so i tend to keep that a secret. But one day soon that cloak will be torn off by God and i will be revealed to the world for who i am – a servant of Love! (j’iam, my spiritual name, literally means servant of Love!)


I am different in that i am a scholar. This has lead to me becoming a writer on metaphysics and spirituality with a strong leaning towards IMPLEMENTING metaphysical and spiritual practices into a self improvement system that develops virtuous cycles for members. I do this through WPPN – the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network – a Peace and Prosperity training system for members that creates multi-generational virtuous cycles! I have always had a very strong leaning towards implementation! God has given me a method to achieve a (spiritual) divine civilization here on earth!


I was given this system in 1992 and have been developing it since. It has been actually running for 3 years now and we have 3 members! But that is the foundation of a mighty system that will change the world completely once we start to grow and the the usurers start to fall!

I am looking for the next 97 members right now! They will have to be…

(1) Internally motivated! (they make up there own minds)

(2) self-determining (They do what they think is the best for them!)

(3) Courageous (it takes courage to BE different!)

(4) Committed (to themselves first and foremost!)

(5) persistent (willing tocontinuously action their commitments)

(6) self investigating(they investigate and can tell the difference between truth and falsehood for themselves (this is called native intelligence) and then make their decision and stick to it.)

In other words, i am looking for people like myself, to get up to the next stage of 100 members!

If you have these 6 qualities i hereby ask you to investigate the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network  for yourself to see if it is actually true!(it is!)  Whilst WPPN is a huge thing, it’s founding principles are very simple and I have evidence to back up each simple step. 

You can take as long as you want, but the longer you wait to investigate the longer it will take you to start building your perpetual personal Peace and Prosperity (that’s a nice piece of alliteration! Lol!)

WPPN is not a business that runs for profit, it is a system of virtuous cycle creation that runs on 3 types of gifting to empower it’s members! I’ll write that again 

WPPN is a system of virtuous cycle creation that runs on 3 types of gifting to empower it’s members! 

I believe that is one of very few systems that actually do this. The only ones to profit from the system are the members, as it empowers them in such a way that they can hand it down through the generations (to your children, your grandchildren and so forth)

It contains such things as work creating cooperatives that are owned by the members and zero percent mortgages that allow members to own a freehold home and a freehold retirement income! These are just two of the benefits. 

But the main benefit is your change of inner reality from dis-empowered to BEing spiritually, metaphysically and physically empowered!

Men have searched for this for generations and some(not many) have found it. But now, in this new age, it has been put into a system that works for anyone  only $25 per month (and there is even a sweat equity system if you can’t afford that – no one is kept out of God’s Systems!) 

Read some more of my earlier blogs to get an inkling of what I’m doing. Or go to….

the WPPN Website;

for another glimpse of it. 

If you like what you see then come to me and ask me to explain it to you – i can be reached on skype

kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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There’s a fine line between genius and insanity – NOT!!!


There is a much quoted line that states “There’s a fine line between genius and insanity.” But it’s absolutely not true, although with the briefest glimpse it appears to say something meaningful. But it is not true, so where is the fallacy in this saying? 

Insane people work from no reasoning whilst geniuses work from very set reasoning. As reasoning is invisible unless you study it, it appears as if both states are following non-reasoning. But only the insane follow non-reasoning. There is ALWAYS a reason for every action a genius makes and he knows both the why and the wherefore.

I remember years ago pulling two books out of the library on Charlie Chaplin. One was a biography and the other was an autobiography. I read the biography first and all the way through the book the author kept on  saying, “Charlie Chaplin did this, this and this and there isn’t a reason why he did it!” 

However in the autobiography Charlie Chaplin bought up the same incidents saying, “I did this, this and this because… ” and went on to explain his reasoning. Then the penny dropped and it made perfect sense. The biographer was not an empowered person and came from a position of ignorance, whilst Charlie Chaplin was an empowered person and knew exactly what he was doing and the reason why! 

And so the difference between genius and insanity is a HUGE DIFFERENCE – one of tightly controlled steering in Genius and no steering at all in insanity!

To understand the invisible laws that geniuses use you have to study metaphysics and spirituality. Both of these areas concern invisible Laws. The metaphysical laws are less tight than the spiritual laws (“he path is straight and narrow”) The purely physical laws of the universe are very loose and not really laws at all but rules and regulations. Learn to distinguish between the three levels and life gets much easier! Because all physical facts stick to metaphysical “laws” (principles) and all metaphysical principles stick to higher spiritual laws! This makes handling the billions of facts in the physical level very easy as their are billions of facts but less that a thousand principles and less that 20 higher laws! 

If you want to be adrift on the sea of ignorance then simply do nothing to learn of the higher principles and laws of the universe. You will struggle all your life against the flow of the universe,whilst those who learn the higher laws and implement them in their lives flow with the currents and winds to the warm tropical waters!

So how do you learn the laws of the universe? At a school? No! At a polytech? No, At a university? No again. It is impossible to learn these laws of the physical levels – you have to actually ask to be shown them and then you will be guided to dead and living masters who will show them!

Phooey!, how can a dead master teach you??? Know it is the duty of all masters to write their knowledge down onto paper. That paper is usually transcribed into a book that can then be read for thousands of years after the masters passing! A master offers you knowledge, not to pass a memory test, but for you to test and see if it is true. If you believe it to be true it becomes a part of you internal beingness! When I became a master I wasn’t given a certificate, but a new spiritual name – J’iam. So my name is now J’iam and it is also my graduation “certificate” – things work differently on the spiritual plane!

I am available to anyone who wants to learn the higher way. And believe me, whilst the physical path leads to riches, the higher path leads to wealth, which is far superior to riches because being wealthy is a manifestation of BEing happy! Whilst being rich is only a manifestation of doing and having!

 Contemplate over what I have said here today. There is a master standing in front of you who is available right now. But in a few years I won’t be that easily available except through books, and that will be a loss to who ever is reading this right now. For the master knows the ways and can teach them far easier to students than he can by writing it down, for their is no variation in writing.

The living master can best judge what is needed by the individual!

kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


phone/text: 0221 625 941 (New Zealand)

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