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A guide to the path of ultimate happiness in this new age

047-find happiness in poor and abundant

Kindest regards,

reverend master j’iam

Send your roots deep!

We are all seeds and we can all grow. Unfortunately the focus of men is to gain riches, which means growing lots of foliage and ignoring the roots. This leads to the negative state riches, where the body grows fat whilst the soul starves. “What profits the man if he gains the world and loses his soul?”

The secret of lifetime happiness is to get your roots to grow deep, into the moist under earth down to a stream of water (Love)! This takes some effort, but is well worth it. It doesn’t take physical effort, but spiritual effort. This state is called the state of Poor (note the capital P.) In the state of Poor we are tapped into the flowing water of love and are provided for by the laws of providence – which state, “everything we NEED will be provided, either free or very cheap!”

This is a blessed state is the first step to abundance. We cannot get to Abundance (wealth) without passing through the state of Poor, because one is dependent upon the other. That is to say the state of Abundance is a natural progression from the state of Poor. Because abundant people always remain Poor as well as Abundant. It is the combination of Poor and Abundance that gives us true wealth.

Any state of “wealth” that doesn’t include Love and the state of Poor are simply riches, which are a state of poverty pretending to be Wealthy/Abundant. You will know these rich folks by their deeds. The most obvious one being their egos and the fact that they don’t gift! Yet, because of the material possessions they have, much of the world actually wants to Be rich! This is like aiming for starvation through eating only white rice! Yes you will get fat and then you will die of mineral and vitamin deficiencies! It’s just an illusion of health whilst actually a form of self-destruction!

Once you have tapped into the underground water why would you want to leave it? So the abundant never do; although people are so busy looking at their possessions that they fail to notice the Love! And so the confusion amongst the outer people continues. But an abundant Man knows another Abundant Man and also knows a Poor man! And the Poor Man knows the Abundant Man because he recognises the state of Poor still in the Abundant Man. Does that make sense to you?

The only either or in the whole system is between the poverty states of riches and poverty and the empowered sates of Poor and Abundant. So you can either Be Empowered or dis-Empowered. Those are our choices. One is real the other is a state of illusion! Need I say it, but only the states of Poor and Abundant are real, empowered.

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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I bring a higher level of consciousness to solve “unsolvable” business problems!

Einstein said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”



Lao Tzu said, “The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.”



I have always had access to a higher consciousness – it is simply the way I was born. It is a God-given gift (not that anyone can’t create it themselves). I will give you an example.



Many years ago I was invited by a man, Bruce, who was in deep financial stress to help him with his business. He asked me if I could help him and I said yes, after hearing how he had been to 6 accountants, who had all told him to go bankrupt and instantly charged him from $400 to $600 “cash up front” for that advice (they wanted the money immediately because, as far as they could see, he would be going bankrupt and they would have to stand in line to get very little, if anything!)



I had heard his story and it was very interesting and not really a business problem at all. It was a spiritual problem. He had wandered into a group of older sign writers who wanted to retire. They had a strong synergy going and wanted another synergy partner who would “buy them out”. Fair enough. The trouble was they selected the wrong man for a synergy! Bruce was a nice enough guy, but had destroyed his self-confidence by attaching himself to a negative self-image that had been imposed on him as a child.



There were four original members in the synergy and they brought in Bruce with no capital, no sweat equity – nothing, and made him a member. It all seemed to work well for a while. Bruce bought out number one, two and three with no trouble at all. When he had half paid off number four the whole thing collapsed because Bruce was not INTERNALLY SYNERGIZED! And that manifested in their business as a problem.



His turnover had dropped from $23,000 per month to only $13,000 per month ($13,000 = $30,420 in today’s money)! And that was causing the crisis – but he couldn’t find the reason. The reason was because of his lack of internal synergy.



In the Bible a synergy is called a “House United”. Lack of a synergy is called a house divided. “A house divided will always lose!” Mark 3:25. So if we have a synergy of five people, four whole and one divided, the synergy will carry the divided one. The same goes when one of those members leaves the synergy and it becomes a synergy of four. The same is repeated with three. But when it becomes a synergy of two it is no longer a synergy at all. because we have one whole person and one divided person.



In a synergy of whole people the numbers are always added – so 1 + 1 = 3. Where does the extra energy come from? From the universe of course.  A synergy is a spiritual unity and the universe adds extra energy to it! Why do you think it ALWAYS WINS?



But in a broken synergy (one consisting of a whole person and a divided person) the results don’t add, they multiply. Thus 1 (whole person) X .5 (divided person) = .5! The results of multiplication can never be any higher than the highest level of the divided person! And that was the situation Bruce was in!



The first thing I said to him was, “You have to write a goal for your business and I will carry that out for you.” Unfortunately he was so lame all he ever wrote was, “My name is Bruce…” Twice!



Well, that’s not going to work I thought. So I went to his staff and had a talk to them. I asked them if they wanted to keep their jobs. Of course the answer was Yes! Then I asked them if they would support the goals I wrote? Again, a big Yes!!



So I wrote the goal, got each staff member to sign it, read it aloud and we all shook hands on it. After that the synergy consisted of 7 people, me, the five staff members and the original synergy member. So we had a synergy of 7! I studied the sales of the business pre-crisis and made that our current financial goal. Within a month we were up to the pre-crisis sales of $23,000 per month – a gain of $10,000 per month.



After that I increased one of two factors every month and wrote it on three business card sized notes – one on the till, one in the smoko room door and one on the toilet door – the three rooms everyone uses! And over six months the turnover went to $31,000 per month. I went to Bruce and told him to sell the business as a going concern, to keep the profit and walk away!



But being such a “wet noodle” (you can’t push wet noodles!) he instead turned around and destroyed all we had done and voluntarily went bankrupt! But he wasn’t finished yet! No, he went home and destroyed his marriage too! And then he tried to destroy himself as well but the universe wouldn’t allow it (although he did lose a lung!)



You see a house divided can never win because the house is so destructive towards itself – literally snatching defeat form the jaws of victory!



And that is one example of a higher conscious solving a problem in business. Unfortunately the person was unable to unite themselves internally and so the business was doomed – because at the end of the day he was the boss and made the decision to go bankrupt (one man can lead a horse to water… )



But if you have a business problem or just want to increase your business today there is no problem – just hire me! I will bring a synergised unity to your business that will solve your current “unsolvable” problems. They are unsolvable only at your current level of consciousness is unable to solve the problem!



I bring in a higher consciousness and create a synergy and your problems will be solved! Not because I am smart but because I know how to Empower your business!(Literally, I empower you as a demonstration!) Remember that this is a talent God gave me at birth and I have spent all of my life developing it (talent without development is pretty useless.)



If you hire me you will have to become empowered yourself – otherwise when I leave the business will just decline back to what it was! I will teach you the ways of empowerment – it is not hard! So when I leave you will be able to continue growing and developing as a person and your business will follow suit (your business is a reflection of yourself!)



You can contact me at any of the addresses below.


kindest regards,


May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,


reverend master j’iam



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As man thinketh in his HEART, so it shall BE!

The longest distance in the world for each of us to traverse is the 14 inches(36 centimetres) from the head to the heart.

In the head thoughts are known as knowledge. In the HEART our thoughts are also known as Knowledge. There is only one capital K separating the two states, but that capital represents a huge difference in thinking. The energy of knowledge(on the physical level)  is just 1. The energy level of Knowledge (on theSpiritual level) is 100! This is why Jesus said “You will Know the Truth and the Truth will set you Free!” Notice the capitals in Truth and Free as well! All these capitals represent the difference between physical states of freedom, truth and knowledge and Spiritual Freedom, Truth and Knowledge! The difference is the difference between 3 and 300 in energy levels! It is the difference between entrapment and Empowerment!

A baby elephant is tied to a peg that it cannot pull out and it becomes so used to being trapped by the peg that the circus owner never enlarges that peg as the elephant grows in size and strength! The grown elephant can easily pull out that peg and go where it wants. The only reason it doesn’t is because the elephant believes in it’s heart that it’s strength is still that of a baby! It Believes that it’s strength is 1 not 100, so it stays trapped to the tiny peg – never ever even trying to pull it out!

Mankind is the same. A we grow from children into adults we stay in our thoughts believing that they are our true strength. But as adults we are 5 – 6 times larger than children; it is the same in our minds! What we call our mind as children becomes our brain as adults. What is our mind as adults is actually our soul! Our soul has a strength of 100. Our brain has the strength of 1 or 10 depending what level we use of it at. It is only when we move our control from the brain to the soul that we are set Free!

Whilst it may appear to be a simple task to change our centre of thinking from the brain to the soul, simple is not easy! SIMPLE IS NOT THE SAME AS EASY!  That is why it is called the long fourteen inches!

So let’s get down to the heart of the problem – how do we move from the brain to the Heart? We have to ask out aloud for it – as a gift! All we have to do is speak it out aloud and ask to be shown the path to the spiritual world. Not just think it, but ask it out aloud! Why is this so? Because it all comes down to energy levels. If we think it in our heads then the energy level is 1. This is the closest we can get to zero without actually existing. To think something in our heads is, spiritually speaking, like a flea thinking something and expecting and answer. To ask out aloud is like the flea roaring like a lion becaue the first spiritual energy is SOUND.  Thoughts have no spiritual energy. THOUGHTS HAVE NO SPIRITUAL ENERGY!!! This is supported in the Bible by the words, “In the beginning was the Word , and the Word was with (from) God, and the Word was God (spiritual).”

I was an atheist for 14 years. After 7 years i drowned, went over to the other side and returned to this world so I Knew in my heart that we didn’t cease to exist for seven years until I was “Reborn” in to the spiritual world. Why did it take seven years for me to be reborn (move from the brain to the soul)? Because it took me seven years to actually ask the question out aloud! I had thought it a million times, but nothing happened. It was only when i lay in bed one night and said out aloud to God, “If your exist, please show me” that anything happened! Within 6 months I was reborn into the spiritual world as my centre of thinking! Know that it is a long 14 inches because we cannot make that leap in our brains. We have to go (as AA says) to an outside source to make the leap. How do we get help from that outside source (God/divine spirit etc.)? By asking out aloud! It is as simple as that! But the asking is not easy! It is the asking aloud that is the incredibly hard part (for our brain – it has to let go of “power”)!

Once we have uttered the words out aloud, a series of changes start taking place. It is a process much like the caterpillars transformation into a butterfly. The butterfly becomes a chrysalis, the chrysalis actually dissolves the caterpillars body and reshapes it into a butterfly and then the finished butterfly emerges! The caterpillar represents the energy level of 1, the butterfly represents the energy level of 100! The chrysalis process in humans is started the moment we ask it to start – aloud!

The moment we ask for it the transformation process starts. We cannot see it ourselves. Nor can other people see it happening, except that we become “hidden’ inside a chrysalis. We all know “something” is happening, but only the spiritual can see it happening with hindsight and know that the changes are taking place and that we are in the process of being “reborn” (TRANSFORMED, from the physical to the spiritual.) And off course God sends a series of spiritual people to help the process along – sort of like spiritual mothers (male and female). They can be religious or not – spirituality has very little to do with religion! 

Nor do we have to be “worthy” (deserving) of asking – all we have to do is ask! That is incredibly hard for some people to understand and stops them from asking at all!

So I hope i have helped someone, somewhere to let go of their thoughts and just utter the words our aloud, so that they may start the longest journey (with foresight) of there lives – because it really is the shortest journey of our lives (with hindsight! LOL!) Ask and you WILL Know the truth and that truth will set you free (of the limitations of the physical world!)

You can always contact me if you want help. Amen.

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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I have completely mastered the right way of doing everything wrong!

This is a de-motivational poster I got on Facebook this morning and whilst it is initially funny, it is tragically true of so many people! They haven’t mastered anything, only turned out to be failures by doing nothing and thereby losing! To be proud of losing and claiming mastery of it, is vain imaginings indeed. 

Yet so much of the world lives in vain imaginings. We grow up with untruths and accept them as truths and are proud of those (un)truths and refuse to listen to words of wisdom form those who know. It is only when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of changing that we actually move!

I know this to be true because my life has been lived that way in the past!

Even though my life has been spiritually blessed, on the physical level i made all the classic mistakes! I married into riches, left that state and went straight into poverty. Only when poverty reached the stage of self destruction did I ask for spiritual help. And then I was reborn into the spirit (and instantly cured? NO!!!). I was weaned away from poverty over many years and then entered the state of POOR. Once you enter the state of POOR you never want to leave it. You want to EXPAND the state of Poor into the state of ABUNDANCE! And that too takes time. Of course once you’ve trod the path you can see shortcuts you could have used with hindsight that were completely invisible with foresight!

Once such shortcut is the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (WPPN -that is it’s physical name; it’s spiritual name is the Holy Poor and Abundant Synergy – HPAS!) Unfortunately for me I couldn’t use the WPPN method as it stands today because I was the first person in the world to receive this knowledge(in a vision) and I spent 19 years getting to understand it. At first I thought is was a business, but it isn’t. It’s a Spiritual Enabling (Empowering) tool. It’s purpose is to free ordinary people from the usuerers of the world so that all can build spiritual, metaphysical and physical assets that permanently belong to them! And by permanent it means multi-generastional. 

You see the world is headed towards unification (“the earth is but one country, mankind it’s citizens“) but governments can’t be trusted with your assets. The New Zealand Governments have gradually sold off all the peoples assets to usurers instead of looking after them. We can only have a world government when all the assets are owned by the people and cannot be sold by our governemt! Only then will the elected governments will become servants of the people, not the people the servants of the governments and usurers.

My God, that sounds revolutionary! Yes it is. I am God’s Revolutionary. God gave me WPPN (HPAS) and has led me to the point of being a Peacemaker. Most peacemakers are considered “revolutionaries” by the “ruling classes” because they threaten their ill-gotten gains.  

And if that is what God asks of me then that is what I’ll do. So be it!

Back to the head line, ” I have completely mastered the right way of doing everything wrong!” To BE successful it has to read,

I have completely mastered the correct way of doing things righteously!

Only WPPN (HPAS) offers a path to achieving this goal! I challenge you to find me a better way than WPPN with it’s instant Virtuous Cycle creation! WPPN is not a business, but a life changing empowerment tool. Yes. it will make many millionaires over the next 20 years, but these people will be complete permanent (multi-generational) owners of every cent they accumulate! And it will be passed on completely to their heirs (chosen by themselves) to compound down through the generations. 

Once a certain number of people are using this new spiritual method it will expand throughout the world (read “the 100th Monkey”!) and stability will be restored to the earth. Stability means that the people will own the land, the buildings and the assets of every community. Only then – when WE rare EMPOWERED can we use the governments as the servants of the people.

Think of this. Can you trust a body of people who get paid far more than the people they are governing, who pay themselves ridiculous amounts of pay rises every year (often back dated) and who legislate on emotions? Of course you can’t! Yet that is the situation we find ourselves in today – pretty much world wide! 

So have a look at WPPN (HPAS) and see if you are ready for it – because it is ready for you!

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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Don’t believe him! He’s only telling you the truth to trick you into a better lifestyle!

I must confess that the above statement is true – I am trying to get you into a better lifestyle! A spiritual lifestyle where Love, Empowerment, Happiness,  Health, Peace, Success and Prosperity come to us – in that order! (that is called the seven step spiritual  success system!)

Having spent my life on earth isolated from others by God, I feel a strong desire to serve my brothers and sisters of the world. I have always had this strong desire but haven’t always had the tools! Know that we are all born equal in the eyes of God but we are not all born equal in talents and abilities. We are like an ant colony with soldier ants, worker ants and queen ants. Each of us have our position in life and a duty to perform! I am a visual – a visionary. I can look at a single brick and see a wall, a chimney, a bridge, an multi-storey building, a barbecue pit and so forth. I can look at a dollar and see a million, a billion or a trillion dollars at work! That is a gift I have been given from God and now I am so grateful for this gift. For much of my life i viewed this gift as a curse, an albatross around my neck. Only in the past ten years have I come to realise what a blessing it is! It is the very reason i was born, put here on earth, to be able to serve mankind!

I am a late starter, like Colonel Sanders! My twenties, thirties, forties and fifties were a time of training for the job I have to do today! Little did I know what God had planned for me! 

It is my mission to bring the world back to a spiritual path for all it’s problems. Presenting spiritual solutions to economic problems. Bringing empowerment to individual people so we can change the world – one soul at a time! And not just blah, blah, blah but practical, solid ,working methods of achieving new, inner realities for Man-kind, so that eventually all the cells of the earth are healthy and therefore the body of the world is healthy too! That is God’s solution to all the world’s problems – start with the individuals!

If you want to change the world, change the only person that can change the world – yourself!  Charity always begins at home, spiritually! Wouldn’t you like to be Loving,  Empowered, Happy, Healthy,Peaceful, Successful and Prosperous, not just for your life time, but beyond your lifetime by handing it down to your children, your grand children and your great grand children etc. for up to 1,000 years! It doesn’t matter if you are here or not, empowered Spiritual Success Principles are multi-generational!

This is my task here on earth – to change the thinking from short term capitalist thinking,  to long term spiritual legacy thinking! Please help me achieve it! The beginning of the longest journey is always the first step and i have alreadyy taken that step. Come walk with me down the road to lasting peace and prosperity!

kindest regards,

May Love,  Empowerment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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Wholistic Synergies in the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (WPPN)

In WPPN we start our initial synergy which is synergising the self. A synergy is a working unity of energies, that can be either internal or external in nature. Most of the world’s people are internally disunited which the Christ says is divisive – “A house (person) divided (not internally synergised) will always lose”. If that is the problem, what is the solution? Why, to simply take it out of the double negatives (divided/lose) and put it into a single positive, so, “A house (person) united (internally synergised) will always WIN”. WPPN is set up to initially help us become internally synergised (if we aren’t already). We show this internal lack of unity with a single link of chain divided…


 Now the balance may be different for each person as to the proportions of the three elements, but most people in the west have a larger body portion than brain and soul

portions. But it really doesn’t matter about the proportions, what matters is that they are synergised (welded) together, into a whole link…


 This process of internal linking is called an internal synergy. This is done naturally and safely within the network. The reason internal synergy is important, besides allowingthe person to start winning, is that only whole links (not broken ones) can join with other links to make a chain.

The second form of synergy is the external synergy which consists of putting whole links together to form a chain. Again this is naturally and easily formed with the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network….


 This form of synergy is covered in the Bible by the saying “Wherever two or more of you are gathered (united/synergised) in My name (Christ) as you speak out of your mouths, so it shall Be (work can be achieved)” Today this type of synergy is called an external synergy.

 What is stronger than a straight chain? A wholistic chain – that is to say a loop chain. Only a linked chain can make a loop chain, a synergised chain! 


Can you see any weaknesses in this chain? No, neither can I, and this is the third stage of sysnergised energy the network. In motivation books this type of synergy is called “the Mastermind”, but I prefer to call it a spiritual synergy, as that is a more adequate description of it’s wholistic energy. 

Of course anyone can achieve these three forms of synergy outside of the network, but it is far, far, far harder to do,as you are starting alone. All to often it is impossible for people to even internally synergise, yet alone synergise with other whole people! This is what the network overcomes, the isolation of trying to internally synergise, externally synergise and spiritually synergise starting by yourself. You are never alone in the network for there are always mentors ahead of you in the process!In the network the wholistic, spiritual, chain is known as the “Inner Circle”. 


The inner circle is the centre around which the other members circle. Inner circle members become sponsors to new members in their downstream. They also become receivers of gifts from new and old members (including other members of the inner circle) because they are further ahead in the wealth creation process and therefor empower your internal giftings to a higher degree than external gifting to Non-WPPN members and charities. This is, of course, an advantage to all members, which is why it is set up This way!

Members of the innner circle have different degrees of mastery. The highest degree of mastery is Spiritual Mastery and we represent this by a spiral line that moves in towards the centre of the circle.


 Of course there are many masters and so the reality looks more like this…


 Of course, at the centre is the source of knowledge, otherwise known as Divine Essence. Universal Wisdom or God. It doesn’t matter what you call Him, it is all the same thing. From this unknowable source comes the knowable source and this is what the inner circle is tapped into. So this huge amount of energy is passed downline to the new, inexperienced, members that they may grow more quickly.

The inner circle is the foundation stone of the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (Synergy) and members move from being internally divided to being whole withithin themselves. Then they link in with other whole members to grow and develop by Doing and then fullfilling their Beingness. At a certain stage they are ready to move into the inner circle. From there they become one of the centres of the Network and start moving up to their maximum height. The diagram looks like this…


In WPPN there is a flow down effect, starting at the top with spiritual energy, moving down to metaphysical energy and then down again to physical energy. Spiritual energy is transformed into metaphysical energy at a 10:1 ratio (one unit of Spiritual energy is equal to 10 units of metaphysical energy).

Spiritual energy is also moved down to physical energy at a ratio of 100:1, (100 units of physical energy for each unit of spiritual energy).

And metaphysical energy is moved down to physical energy at 10:1, (10 units of physical energy for each single unit of metaphysical energy.) 

 This initially all sounds very complicated but that is because most people haven’t heard anything about the subject. But is is amazingly simple to pick up and after a while it rolls of your tongue as if you had been born with the knowledge! The Network takes care of everything you don’t know and puts it into a system that works for you and educates you about these mysteries at the same time!

 The moment you join you are actually carrying out the basic actions you need to implement to become Wealthy (a spiritual state – notice the capital W.) So you start by Doing and then learning what you are doing, so it becomes a part of your Beingness (and Beingness is an essential element of Wealth.) If you have to learn your beingness by yourself it can take many, many years and then you have to start doing! WPPN saves you Time – the one thing no-one on earth can get more of! You can get more money, more goods, more fame and lots of other things, but to date no-one has even got back a single second of time for themselves! 

 Also to be wealthy means having everything you want but still Being Happy! If you have everything you want but aren’t happy, you are simply rich (a dis-empowered state of havingness). This is why it is called the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (synergy) because the answer to everything in life today relies on wholism. We can’t be partially peaceful anymore, nor can we be partially prosperous/Wealthy. To die rich and unhappy is a terrible shame. Imagine dying and having only two people at your funeral – the priest and the undertaker! That is the result of lives partially lived. But imagine heaps of people there because they Love you (as you Loved them!), now that is Bliss!

If you are internally motivated take a hard look at the wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (WPPN) because it’s time is now, and the first ones in will be ahead of the rest of mankind, who delay waiting for others approval! SEE THE WPPN WEBSITE:


DO, BE and HAVE – not Be, Do and Have!

I advocate the process of DOing, BEing and HAVEing rather than Being, Doing and Having! Why is this? Because the hardest step of all is our Beingness! It is better to start off with the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (WPPN) and start on the doingnesses that introduce the correct Beingnesses into our lives. WPPN is the only organisation in the world that does this. I am trying to set WPPN up successfully on the internet but can’t find out who my competitors are, because i don’t have any yet! (if you can give me a clue as to who I am competing against, please let me know!)

As a member of WPPN we start using our money in a spiritual way on a small scale  ($25 per month into three forms of gifting, which is called “invoking the token” spiritually). This invoking of the token teaches us new spiritual habits that lead to spiritual solutions to economic problems! It also creates a new virtuous cycle to get us out of the old vicious cycle.  Plus it moves us from a linear based income solution to an exponentially based income. In this new system we don’t see any increase in the first two steps as they are both indentical – 1 and 2! It is the third step where we see a small increase of 33%, because the physical/linear system goes 1, 2, 3 whilst the spiritual/exponential system goes 1, 2, 4.  4 divided by 3 is 1.33, which turned into a percentage is 133%, minus the original 100% equals a gain of 33%!

The next step is even bigger as the sequence then goes 1. 2. 4, 8, as opposed to 1. 2. 3. 4.

8 over 4 is 100% increase in this stage. And that is how the path to abundance is opened up for sure/with a certainty! First the doing, which is followed by the  being which is then  followed by the havingness – three simple steps!! No capitalistic or usurious system allows the individual to do it in this way, only WPPN.

Wppn is very simple in it’s setup. Step A is followed by step B and so forth. An initial look makes it seem complicaqted, because it is very, very big. But in reality it is a series of simple steps, all tied together in a logical sequence. This makes it look compicated at first glance, but once you get used to the simple steps to abundance/Wealth each step becomes as plain as the nose of your face, and you wonder where this has been hiding all your life (Well, it didn’t exist at all until 1992 when I received it in an epiphany! And then it took another 19 years to set it up to take it out to the world!)

if you want to get a glimpse of it, see the Wholistic Peace and Propserity Network at…




Empowerment and Disempowerment

People are either empowered or dis-empowered. Money is the primary source of power in most peoples lives. Empowerment is gained by spiritualizing their primary asset – money and then going on to spiritualize our other two material assets – goods and services. We do this by a process called Wholistic accounting. 

Dis-empowerment is gained by simply doing nothing (it doesn’t take any effort to fall into a sink-hole!) and becoming addicted to the ways of the lower world. Examples of addiction are smoking, drinking, drugs, sex, money and power to name but a few. Everything that can be spiritualized is also the addition if left to grow untended. All addictions drain away “seeds of success” into “seeds of destruction”. 

 People who spiritualize money go on to spiritualize everything in their lives eventually becoming wholly spiritual (Holy)

 The first two steps are to…

 (1) Pay yourself in the form of 10% of gross in the form of permanent savings (permanent seed money)

(2) Pay others 10% of gross in the form of giftings

 That is an awful lot of money in this day and age of high taxes. But the two 10% are only end goals. We don’t have to start at the top. In fact it is better to start at the bottom and let the higher laws of the universe do the work for you. We do this through applying the spiritual principle of “invoking the token” which is like a form of spiritual hire purchase.

Because we are using spiritual law it amplifies our efforts many-fold. Whilst we start working with money (by spiritualizing it) it is not the money that actually does the work, but the spiritual principles! Money is only the token that invokes the higher laws into action – and that is the secret of success! Invoking the token to get the higher laws working in your life!

You see the higher laws don’t care about your money. What they care about is your consistency. If money has a power base of 1, then consistency has a power base of 1,000! Consistency is the key to working the higher laws of the universe. Just as consistency in the key to flying a jumbo jet. You wouldn’t want to fly on a jumbo with an erratic Captain flying it, would you? The same goes for the higher laws of the universe; we are all “captains of our own ships”. If the captain is inconsistent the shipends up on the rocks! 

Keep doing the same token over and over and over and it becomes an inbuilt habit that you do without thinking about, thus starting a higher process. Spiritualized money becomes the seeds that produce fruits. The fruit is then divided, 10%, 10% and 80%.10% to permanent savings, 10% to gifting to others and 80% to yourself to increase your lifestyle!

Money is only one form of power we possess. The other two are 

(1) Goods

(2) Services

When we gift money we can reap a crop in the form of goods. When I first started I was given $8 worth of meat so I went to my meat budget for the week and removed $8 and split it 80 cents to my gifting, 80 cents to gifting to others and $6.40 to increasing my lifestyle. So I had a $6.40 pay increase that week! And had planted extra seeds that would come back to me (under the laws of sowing and reaping/karma) in the future. The same goes for services. When we get services we had meant to pay for as a gift we allocate that money 10% to our giftings, 10% to gifting to others and 80% to increasing our lifestyles!

I call this the 10/10/80 rule, and if we do this consistently in our lives our living costs as a percentage of our income reduce and our income increases as the law works more and more consistently in our lives. Notice hoe the word consistency keeps appearing!

Empowerment is about consistency and disempowerment is about inconsistency! Simple as that!

The way to use to 10/10/80 rules is through Wholistic Accounting. Wholistic accounting takes all three forms of energy and translates them back into money all the time. Why is this? Because money is the universal means of exchange. Money can translate goods into services, services into goods, money into goods and services. Unfortunately addicts only work with translating money into goods and/or services. Retailers work with translating goods onto money and plumbers work with translating services into money. Only wholistic people (holy in biblical terms) work all three consistently with wholistic accounting.

Invoking the token is called that because it uses money is is not powered by money. Rather it is powered by the consistency of the gifting. Spiritual Law uses money as a “token of faith” to start the higher laws working in your life. It is the returns from the higher laws that takes us to the second state of “wealthy” The first state of the higher laws is when we become “Poor” which is the state that marks our detachment from materialism/lower law to our attachment to Spiritual/higher Law.

Habits are defined as ” A settled or regular tendency or practice, esp. one that is hard to give up.” All good habits are hard to start but become easier and easier to live with over time. All bad habits are easy to start but become harder and harder to live with over time. Good habits lead to the virtuous cycle, bad habits lead to the vicious cycle. Those are our basic choices in life – virtuous cycle or vicious cycle. It is always possible to escape the vicious cycle by starting good habits. It is harder to leave the virtuous cycle because good habits are “hard to give up.” The thing with the virtuous cycle is that every seed bears fruit and every fruiting bears more seeds to plant! This is the core of the virtuous cycle. And only the virtuous know the true rewards of virtue – and they aren’t just good feeling! Far from it the rewards are the 5 main aspects of life







These five things are the fruits of the seeds you sow with wholistic accounting! Notice the order (they are listed in order of importance) . Prosperity is last on the bill! If you gain a lot of money without the other four that is not prosperity, that is RICHES. Riches are like being a bird in a gilded cage. It looks very nice from the outside but for the bird it is hell! Riches look very nice to people in poverty but they can only see what they lack and can’t see the hell of riches. The wealthy are healthy, happy, peaceful, successful and then prosperous. But these 5 things tend to be hidden from the rich and the povertics (povertics defines people in poverty – read the Thelemica by Rev J’iam to understand the four different stations of Wealth, Poor, rich and poverty.)

The state of health in the spiritual state is spelled with a capital H. So there is health (physical) and Health (Spiritual) Know that we don’t have to be 100% healthy to be 100% Healthy. And Know too that being 100% Healthy tends to lead to an increase in health! As long as we are Healthy and Happy and Peaceful that tends to diminish the health problems down and increase the health fitness up. A man with no legs can be far Fitter than an athlete who is number one in the world! (Whenever I write any attribute with a capital Letter that indicates a Spiritual Quality.) 

And that brings me to The Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network, or WPPN. WPPN is not a business, it is a tool to help us on our paths to Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity. It works on invoking the token to implement to 10/10/80 rule in your life, Plus it works on the major problems in most peoples lives of Work, Income and Housing (note the capitals). For a token amount per month you can start three forms of giftings that return to in many ways, the most important being new Habit formations and Knowledge (“you will Know the Truth and the Truth will set you free”).

WPPN is here to help us succeed in Spiritual/wholistic accounting so that our lives can increase in Quality first and then in quantity second! And it’s Permanent (all Spiritual Law is Permanent!) in that it passes down to your children, your grand children, your great grand children and so forth down through the generations for at least 500 years! Imagine crating that as a legacy! Well that is what every WPPN member does!WPPN is the only institute in the world that works on wholistic accounting to increase your empowerment! It is well worth a look at! Have a look at our new website on


How do I actually Implement the Higher Laws in my Life

The easiest way to implement the higher laws in your life is to join WPPN (the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network), because WPPN is set up on the higher laws to invoke the tokens that actually starts the higher laws working in your life. As long as these tokens are consistently worked, they return to you crops through the laws of sowing and reaping (as you sow, so shall you reap multiplied, 10, 50 100 fold).

The law of sowing and reaping is the western name for the law of Karma – they are both the same law. From the returns of this law we can pay the tokens at the full measures of 10%, 10%, 10% and 70% by gifting in three token forms and keeping the majority for life improvement for yourself and your family. The three forms of gifting are…

1) Gifting to yourself – $15 per month and 10% of returns to permanent savings in the family bank.

2)Gifting to others further up along the wealth creation process of $5 per month (which increases your returns on these giftings, as you are gifting to people more empowered than you are) and gifting to children, descendants in the form of 10% of returns to create a family bank (your true form of personal wealth creation)

3)Gifting to WPPN of $5 per month to grow the network and a gift of 1-10% of returns from each windfall to grow the overall network (for others further on down the wealth creation process)

The other 70% of each windfall is then used to advance your living circumstances (life improvement for yourself and your family) in whatever form you see fit.

The purpose of WPPN is to help it’s members become …

1) Spiritually Poor (an empowered state of detachment)

2) Spiritually abundant, which is the highest state of detachment (Poor)

First we have to become detached from a little (what we have) and then we have to become detached from a lot (Wealth). To become Poor (notice the capital P!) we have to become Detached from everything except Love.

The Poor work under the laws of providence whish state “everything you need will be provided either free or very cheap” WPPN teaches you how to use the laws of providence (whilst quietly building your foundations of abundance/Wealth). The obligation of the poor is that they have fulfill their general beingness.
The state of Wealth is the highest form of detachment. The wealthy work under both the laws of Providence and Abundance! The wealthy are both Poor and Abundant! Read that again, the wealthy are both Poor and Abundant! If an abundant Man loses their abundance they simply continue life in the state of Poor. And sooner, or later, they return to abundance again.

The Wealthy work under the laws of Abundance which state, “everything you want you can have but there is a cost.” What is the cost of Wealth?

1) you have to look after the Poor. (“the first inheritance of the wealthy is the Poor”)
2) you have to remain detached from the wealth (still remain Poor within)
3)You have to fulfill your general and specific beingnesses.

WPPN is set up to initially fulfill every member’s general beingness. Which lays the foundations to you finding and fulfilling your specific beingness.

Our general beingness are things we can all do (e.g gifting in token form) to help create a general divine (Spiritual) civilisation.

Our specific beingness are things only we can do e.g. Utilising our special talents and capabilities to help create a specific divine (Spiritual) civilisation (like using 10%’s of gross incomes for giftings)

WPPN also helps you move your life from the physical plane to the metaphysical and Spiritual planes. Thus increasing your energy levels from 1 to 10, to 100! (111 total).

WPPN is not created to just make a profit, although the wealth principles and higher laws ensure that one is made on every level. All profits belong to the members and are distributed only within the network (except for a very small percentage to charitable gifting to outside organizations like Oxfam etc. Most of the gifting are distributed within the network to members undergoing tests and to internal charities we will set up in the future, e.g. Pre-made homes built to last 500 years, for members only)

WPPN is set up with a social conscience. More than this it is set up with a metaphysical and Spiritual conscience! Both of these things have the social conscience contained within them as a part of their structures!

WPPN is an empowering structure that changes lives forever because it is multi-generational. The changes are in your life firstly, then in your children’s lives, your grandchildren’s lives, your great-grandchildren’s lives and so forth, down through the generations. WPPN is a permanent fix to age old problems, not a temporary physical fix (like putting a plaster on a hole in a dam!) but one that becomes bigger and bigger as each generation grows and starts taking over the control of their lives (which have been set in place by you and WPPN, to be passed down through your descendants.) Each generation becomes bigger and bigger – 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 people etc. Until the whole world (and space) are free of usuries and empowered and in control of there own lives from birth to death.

You and WPPN will squeeze all usuries out of existence by allowing YOU to take over control of the world’s assets (your assets!) for the first time in the history of mankind. Usurers are the enemies of spirituality who control the world by manipulation rather than by self-fulfillment, thus creating a class of greedy, non-caring super-rich. The answer to the rich is to replace them with the Wealthy and the Poor spiritual states. Only WPPN is set up to do this in your lifetime and over the generations.  

WPPN costs $25 per month to join. Joining instantly sets you up in the metaphysical and spiritual states of helping to create a divine civilisation – in both your life, your families lives and mankind’s, as a whole, lives.
WPPN then teaches you by your actions within the network and by access to education (for members only) on the higher spiritual laws and their workings (you don’t have to be the least religious to be spiritual!)
Over all, WPPN is the most powerful form of immediate life change, for the better, in the world today – and you can join for just $25 per month.
Just by joining you change your metaphysical and spiritual states for the better, which is later followed by the physical state of betterment (manifestation of physical assets, money, goods and services).
There is even a three month money back guarantee, if you are not happy with WPPN and it’s benefits to you.
Plus there is a bonus of the secret book “Commitments” (available to network members only) which includes every goal you’ll ever need to become both Poor and Wealthy! (given to members in four monthly parts).

So why are you waiting? Join today! Right now! Here>



What is you general and specific beingnesses?