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In this new age the female has been granted equality with the male by the spiritual forces at large.


Unfortunately, most women don’t understand that to be truly equal both male and female must become Man (note the capital M – this denotes the spiritual state of Man, which is neither male or female)


And because of this mis-understanding of the state of Man females are becoming more and more like males – man (small m = male and female) left to their own devices are inclined towards evil). This much like saying a driverless car on the motorway is inclined to crash!


So females are learning to drink to excess, to smoke, to indulge in drugs,to be promiscuous, uncaring, etc, etc. and even becoming chauvinistic!


Two wrongs don’t make a right – ever!


The male must learn to Be a Man. The female must learn to Be a Man too!


Only this way can true equality be gained and the world can at last achieve the Peace and Prosperity the universe wants it to have!


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May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

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