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Evol Si Dog! WHAT???

When I was 18, I was eating my school lunch one day when I happened to glance over to the left and saw a new canvas sign had been erected. I tried to read it, but it didn’t seem to make any sense. It said “Evol Si Dog”. “What does that mean”, I thought, scratching my head? I looked at it and looked at it, trying to figure out what it was trying to say to me. But no matter how I tried I couldn’t work it out. So I turned to my friend, Kenneth, and said to him, “what does that sign mean, It says “evol si dog”? And he looked at it and said to me. “You are reading it backwards, It says God is Love!”

And then I realized I was reading it backwards. It was printed on canvas and I was to the rear of the sign. The sun was shining through it and to me, it looked I was reading the right side of the sign. Of course once being told, I could understand what it said and , being an atheist, just discarded it. 

But God’s hand was in this sign. To reach my subconscious He had me read it numerous times. The subconscious can read upside down and back to front writing, no worries – it is a talent that it has.

When my children were young I used to have a children’s spelling program called Zugosaur. It was based on talking dinosaurs teaching the children to spell correctly. When they got a word right it used to say it, spell it and then show it on the screen twice, once the correct way and the other upside down and back to front – one way was to teach the conscious mind, the other way to teach the subconscious mind!

That day at lunch God had by-passed my conscious mind by using subliminal training! As an atheist I had nothing against love! So He reached me through Love on a subliminal level. Lol! God is mightier than mere men!

And what a message he gave me! GOD IS LOVE! That is the very rock foundation of God, both the unknowable essence and the knowable essence (the Holy Spirit)

Even an atheist who totally rejects God is still loved, cared for and protected by Him. His Love is unconditional, because He is Pure Love.

Love is manifested in this world in many ways – the love of a parent for their child, the love of great people (like john Lennon, Gandhi etc) for the peoples of the world, the love of people for their pets and the love of children for their parents. Love is the very essence that holds the atoms together.

We live in a universe composed of Love. Like fishes in the sea we swim in an ocean of love! And how many fished actually know water exists? Not many, because they are born into and know it for every second of their lives! The same goes with air for us. We swim in an ocean of air, 24/7/365! If it wasn’t for wind we wouldn’t even know it exists!

The same goes for love. Love tends to flow but not like the wind. It tends to be hidden from the eyes of the evil. So the evil assume it doesn’t even exist and act accordingly. To be aware of cosmic love, we have to ask to been shown it. Yes, we actually have to ask the question out aloud! Once you have uttered the question, it is already on it’s way to you! 

Do you know that God is Love and Love is God? Do you know Evol Si Dog? Lol!

If you don’t, then simply ask out aloud. I recommend you use these words, or something similar…

“God if you exist I need and want to know

and ask you to reveal yourself to me

in good and Godly circumstances!”

Once the door to love is opened, your whole life changes! You have options not available to other people. You will develop insight and wisdoms through Love practices. You will live everyday, You can achieve ecstasy and Bliss, Joy and contentment! And you will learn that death is a reward, not a punishment, for the faithful! Not a list to be sneezed at! Lol!

It still took me another 9 years to ask God/Love into my life. But when I did it only took a short while for it to be revealed to me and for me to be reborn!

Love, Peace, Happiness and Prosperity

Kindest Regards,

reverend master j’iam


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