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The capacity of mankind to mis-understand the world is unlimited!

The capacity of mankind to mis-understand the world is unlimited! This is because most of mankind’s thinking is based on fear – which stands for False Evidence Appearing Real! Once a false thought it accepted as real, it takes on the appearance of truth, but not the realities of truth. So one falsehood leads to another falsehood which leads to another, and another until you go, around in a big circle of “relative” untruths and return to the same point – like the hands on a clock!

In falsehoods everything is related to everything else, except to rock solid truths. In Truth the trail always lead to higher, immutable laws! This is relative to that which is relative to this which ends up in this law! So instead of hands on a clock going around and around, it is more like an arrow that travels to the target and sticks into the bullseye!

And that is the essential difference between truth and untruths. If you are talking to a person who goes around and around in circles always coming back to the original untruth, they are well and truly stuck in the cycle of F.E.A.R. and can’t see beyond it!

Truth always aims for the target of the higher laws because these laws are immutable, unchangeable and can’t be destroyed! That is the security of the truth! We can work those laws to our advantage and to others dis-advantage – the untruthful may have a system of “secure falsehoods” that they surround themselves with, but if their untruth comes up against our truths guess who “wins”? Why our side of course because the truth will apply to people whether they believe in it or not! Truths are not optional things to be discarded at will by mankind!

Yes, we have free will that allows us to turn towards the truth of Love or to turn away from it! That doesn’t mean that in a head on clash the turn-aways are excempt from the workings of the laws! Not at all! The thing that keeps the higher laws from working on those who do wrong to us is our determination to administer justice for ourselves, instead of letting God/Love/ the Universe do it for us!

Forgivenesss removes us from the justice column and moves us back to the Love column where we no longer block the universal justice! That is why forgiveness is called the “Ultimate form of revenge”, because the perpetuator then has to answer to the higher laws of Karma/Sowing and Reaping. The man who plants thistles has to reap thistles! And the thistles sting him over and over again! Yet the thistles don’t even know that the person exists! This is a very strong and powerful way of not extracting revenge but allowing the laws of justice to work in others lives!

We are born to occupy the Love column of the universe, not the Justice column – “Justice is mine sayeth the Lord!” Whenever we try to apply justice to others we actually block it!

Only by applying Justice to ourselves and moving ourselves to the love column of life do we finally hand the Justice back to the higher laws! And boy, do they work! I have had several experiences of it working within 18 hours – or less!

One involved a malicious person who stole my car and I wasn’t able to use the police as they reconed that “technically” he hadn’t stolen my car! This idiot had discovered a loop-hole in the law and was using it over and over to rip people off! I forgave him (under orders from the higher source, not initially of my own free will!) and the next day I saw him with a broken leg, a broken arm, a black eye a a thick lip!

This gave me no pleasure except the understanding that we reap what we sow if we release others to do so! Forgiveness releases others back to the universe to reap what they have sown! It is as simple as that! That is why forgiveness is called the ultimate forn of revenge, because there is no where they can run and hide from universal justice!

As spiritual people we can bring ourselves to account each day and remove any negative Karmic returns whilst keeping the positive karmic returns! And that is a huge advantage we have over non-spiritual people. Their only protection is non-forgiveness by the victims. Our protection is self forgiveness by ourselves and the universe! “Bring thyself to a reconning each day before you are bought to full account – for death, unheralded, will come upon thee (and it will be too late)!”

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Do it, lose it!!!


But, I don’t to be rich!

I don’t to be rich, because I have experienced riches and they were not good at all, at all! (he said Irishly). Then I experienced poverty, which was even worse than riches – because in riches at least you have physical comfort. Not so in poverty! After many years of lack, i asked God “what are the alternatives to poverty?” and i was shown the states of Poor and Wealthy. I remember actually becoming Poor on my bicycle as i hauled up a long hill. At the bottom of the hill i was in poverty. At the top of the hill i was in the state of Poor! The transformation was a spiritual one, as i had asked the question, received the answer and somewhere on that hill I COMMITTED to the state of Poor. My commitment moved me into it!  That is all it takes – a commitment.

A commitment always comes from the Soul. It is also known as a decision. The word decision derives goes back to a latin base:  decidere ‘determine’, from de- ‘off‘ + caedere ‘cut‘. So basically decision means (spiritually) to cut off the old ways and implement new ways.

It is people’s attachments to the old ways that stops decisions being made and commitments carried out.  This was demonstrated in the bible when the rich man approached His Holiness Jesus and asked him how to become wealthy. His simple reply was, “Gift all your money to the Poor“. The rich man then turned around and walked away. But what if he had done what Jesus asked him to do?

If he had of gifted (note the word gifted, not given) all his money, he would have become detached form it and actually become one of the Poor. Because he had gifted the money he would have received it back multiplied (under the laws of sowing and reaping) and slid over from the state of poor to the state of Wealthy, where he has more money than he had before, but is still detached from it!

What was the rich man actually asking for in his request? He was asking for his Beingness to be fullfilled! The rich man gets rich by simply Doing and Having. The Wealthy man gets Wealthy by Being, Doing and Having! The single difference between a rich man and a wealthy man is BEingness!  The first state of beingness is the state of Poor!

Know that the wealthy man never leaves the state of poor. He never leaves the state of detachment from all except love! If he did he would simply become rich(which seems like death to a spiritual person)!

Know the first inheritance of the wealthy is always the Poor! It is the wealthy man’s inheritance to share with his brothers and sisters. Which why “philanthropy” (which is simply organised gifting) is so important to the wealthy. The lessons of gifting are learned in the state of Poor – the apprenticeship to Wealth).

What is the difference between giving and gifting? Giving is a lose/win situation. When you give you “lose” what you are giving and the recipient “wins” it! It is a one way transference system. Know that God never works on a win/lose format. He always wins on a win/win format, a circular flow of energy. So how is gifting different from giving? In giving you simply say, “Here have this!”

In Gifting there has to be an offer and an acceptance, so you say,” will you accept this gift from me?” If they say yes, then you gift them the gift. They are a winner because they have the possession you just offered them. And you are the bigger winner because the Higher law of sowing and reaping is invoked and you are promised a higher return than  the gift! (as you sow (gift), so shall you reap multiplied, 30, 50, 100 fold!)

Most people fear becoming poor because they subconsciously associate Poor with Loss. What they are actually doing is confusing poverty with the state of Poor. There is always loss in poverty. There is never a loss in the state of Poor! Ever!  Which is why it is called a Blessed state, “blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” Notice that the Poor are poor in Spirit, not material things. The second gift to Poor is Divine Protection. Protection against all negative physical states, including lack, which is taken care of by the laws of Providence. The laws of providence say, “whatever you NEED, you shall be given

So how do you work the laws of providence? You have to speak aloud what you need. Not think it silently. Thoughts are worthless in working the laws of providence. It HAS to be spoken (or written – the two forms of spiritual power are sound and light, speech and writing). It is hard going against the customs of man. We have been taught not to ask (aloud) for things, but to wish (think) for things. We have this as a lifetime habit and it is hard to break the habits of a lifetime.

But know that it takes only 30 days to change a habit and 60 days to make it permanent. And the beginning of that change is action. Even though I “felt” like a twit the first time i asked for something I needed aloud, the answer to that request vanquished my fear of doing it. The second request was Far Easier than the first, the third far easier again and now it is simply a part of my inbuilt nature to ask for what I need. As long as it is a need and not a a want, i can work the laws of providence. If it is a want then I have to work under the laws of Abundance.

What is the difference between the Laws of Providence and the Laws of Abundance. It is quite simple; under the laws of providence you don’t have to do anything, as these are training laws. All you have to do is ask and you will receive all your needs! Not cost at all spiritually(and no, or very little, cost physically.

The laws of abundance state that “Anything you want you can have“, but there is a cost! And what is the cost? You have to fulfill your Beingness! And there are two types of beingness – (1) a general beingness (which you fill when you are poor) and (2) a specific beingness(which you fill when you are wealthy!)

Our general beingness is things that anyone can do, things like adding to the world by being Detached, being Happy and Being peaceful.

Our specific Beingness is doing a task that only we can achieve. We are all born different from each other, with a balance of talents and abilities that makes us suitable for our specific beingness. This covers the two remaining areas of (personal) Success and Prosperity.

To be wealthy we have to remain  Happy and Peaceful as well, which is why the wealthy never leave the state of Poor! know that a very small minority of people cannot become wealthy, because they are Permanently Poor, usually in the state of Health, which is why i haven’t mentioned health in either states. The permanently poor are tested for life and reap their rewards in the next world. But the vast majority of us are capable of wealth in this world.

So do not fear of becoming Poor, but ask for it out of your mouth, aloud. The second gift of the Poor is divine protection! This is a hugely powerful gift! And that includes the laws of providence. Yes, you will be tested on your attachment/detachment from things, bit know this; once you pass the test you will have all things “lost” returned from you. This testing is like a mother removing a toy from a young child, until he learns to share it with others. Once he can share it, his toy is returned to him! So it is in the spiritual state. The removal of things is usually a test to help us grow spiritually, to help us learn to share our toys! Lol!

So  I don’t to be rich! Nor do I want YOU to be rich. You probably don’t want to be rich either! We are both good people and i don’t want to change that. I do want to be Poor and Wealthy though. And I want YOU to be Poor and Wealthy TOO. I want for Us to fulfill our BEINGnesses and become Good People, both Poor and Wealthy! Only by this transformation can we change our world and the world at large!

Amen, Amen, Amen,


P.S. For a way of achieving these two states of Poor and Wealthy, see the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network website at