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How I got out of deep financial strife using “DYNAMIC (Spiritual) BUDGETING” Part One

Many years ago I was in deep financial strife, up to the eyeballs in debt, struggling to survive from pay day to pay day, living hand to mouth! Not only was I in debt, but I had dragged my family down with me too. I tried going to a budget advisor, but they didn’t seem to be helping that much, so i turned to God and asked Him for an answer! Within a few days I received this reply – Dynamic Budgeting!

You see the simple physical budgeting has one major disadvantage – it is primarily for your creditors, not for you. Budgeting will bring you back to zero and then abandon you there, to either elevate yourself up to 1 or sink down below zero again. When you are in debt one of the hardest barriers to move through is the 0 to 1 barrier!

Dynamic budgeting starts moving you from 0 to 1, no matter where you are in the debt cycle! That is the beauty of the system – it works on your well-being first and foremost! And it works on the spiritual level with money, so that money’s energy base moves from 1 to 1,000 – which quickly helps solve the financial problems. What it does is set money up into  virtuous cycle! It is the virtuous cycle that solves the debt problem!

I have to go out right now, so I will explain how it works in part two,

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