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Do you ever open a book read the ending pages and then start from the front?

Do you ever opened a book, read the ending pages and then staredt from the front? Only a small percentage of the world’s population actually do this. But WHY? I’ll tell you. Because people who do this are VERY GOAL ORIENTATED! They like to know where they are headed before they even start the journey (the reading of the book) so they can understand the path better!


If you are lucky enough to possess this trait, then you are probably going to BE successful in any field you love. To BE successful is every persons ultimate challenge in life. Success doesn’t just mean money – Mother Teresa was tremendously “successful” in her chosen field (looking after the Lepers) but had no money for herself at all!. 

Money is used as a primary measure of success in the physical world. In the spiritual world it is the last of seven measures of success. 


In the physical world all we have to do to be “Successful” is to Do and have. In the spiritual world we have to BE, Do and then have! Those who succeed in the physical world, but not the spiritual world are called the RICH. I was married into a rich family and what a bunch of misery they caused to all around them! The rich have all the trapping of success and yet not internally happiness! They cannot sit on a beach at sunrise and appreciate the rising sun, the sound of the surf and the seagulls in quiet contemplation. Those qualities belong to those are in the spiritual state of BE-ingness!

This is why the RICH man went to Jesus and asked him how to be wealthy! Jesus gave a perfect reply, “Gift your money to the poor!” (and that is all that is reported of the conversation). The rich man turned and walked away because he was too attached to his money. But if he had of listened, what would have happened?

If he has GIFTED (not given) his money to the POOR (not those in poverty) he would have become detached form his money. The first element of BEingness is always detachment! And because he had Gifted the money he would have invoked the law of sowing and reaping – “as you sow, so shall you reap multiplied” so he would have received all his gifting back in an enlarged form and then slid across from the state of Poor to the spiritual state of ABUNDANCE. So he would have ended up happy in his BEingness with a bigger fortune – which is what he was asking for!

Because we are born into the physical world we are initially only aware of two states – riches and poverty. These are both disempowered states of the physical world. Why disempowered? Because the is no happiness (Bliss, ecstasy, joy and contentment) to them and they are not continuous states. Only spiritual states are continuous!

Why are only spiritual states continuous? Because continuity is a spiritual quality. It this continuity that we possess that makes life HAPPY. To gain continuity we have to become detached and then EM-powered, that is to say powered from the spiritual source (em means “from without”).

The two spiritual states are known as states of Poor and Abundance. 

The laws that rule the state of Poor are the Laws of PROVIDENCE, where “everything we need will be provided to us, basically free or cheap”.  

The laws that rule the state of ABUNDANCE are the laws of abundance (what a coincidence! Lol!) that state “anything you WANT you can have, but there is a price to pay!” and what is the price? You have to fulfill your BEingness! AHA!

The state of POOR is called the water in the Bible and the state of abundance comes under the FIRE (spirit). Many answer the call to the water, but very few answer the call of the fire. 

To reach the state of abundance you can follow a master. Where would you find such a master? Have a look at the author of this article – reverend master j’iam. You can do it without a master but it is new territory and fraut with pitfalls. It has taken me 35 years to master abundance – can you afford to take that long? No, of course you can’t. But a master can start you on the track immediately and cut the time down considerably, espescially when he has been gifted an empowering organisation called the Wholitic(Holy) Peace (Poor) and Prosperity(Abundance) Network (Synergy) -WPPN (HPAS).

By joining WPPN you instantly start building a VIRTUOUS CYCLE which is the foundation of both the states of POOR and ABUNDANCE! Both these states areEMPOWERING!

And so what has this got to do with reading books from the end first? If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up where your heading! If you read books from the end then you are like me – you like to know the end goal before you even start the journey (makes sense to me – I never head out in the car without a destination in mind!) 

WPPN Gives you the end destination before you even start – LOVE, Detachment, Happiness, Peace(Poor), Health(spiritual), success and then Prosperity (Abundance).

Start with the end goal in mind and then start working your way towards it -it is as simple as that!


Aim towards the end result & then work your way towards it through WPPN!

“Ye that eyes SEE and ye that have EARS LISTEN!”

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam



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