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happy new year! (he said in a depressed tone! Lol!)

Tomorrow in the beginning of a new year (in theory) but for most of us it is simply a continuation of the last year. Because, if nothing changes within us, nothing changes in our lives! (as within, so without!)

New Year wishes (resolutions) are not enough to change our inner realities, because they are just thoughts, and thoughts have no real power (thoughts work on a powerbase of 1) To give strength to our inner realities we need to write and speak goals out loud! This takes the power of the goals up to 111 as speaking has a power base of 10 and writing has a power base of 100. Thus writing, speaking and thinking of what we want (our goals) has a total of 100 + 10 + 1 = 111.

Okay, what say we don’t know what we want in our lives? Make a list of things you DON’T WANT in your life and try to find the opposite of that AS A QUALITY and write that down as a goal. I would recommend going after the BIG SIX. These are Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity! Pretty much every good thing in life is covered by these six things!

So how do you write a goal?

Go to my blog at: for the answer to this question.

What if I have no clue at all what I want? Then write a goal (following the formuls on the peacemaker blog, and write…

My goal, right now, is to find out how to permanently improve my life for the better, in good and Godly circumstances.

Then sign it. This will at least start a flow of knowledge into your life concerning goals and there fullfilments. 

I’ll see you at the other blog where I will explain things about goals fully,

kindest regards,

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