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An open letter to Nelson Mandela

Dear Nelson,

as much as the people of South Aftrica and the world Love you, it is time for them to release you and let you go to the next world. You have worked long and hard in your time on earth and achieve a mighty lot! It is time for you to receive your reward so I am here to help you clear the blockages of the misplaced Love the peoples are placing on you, wanting to keep your mortal remains with them as long as they can. In doing so they are not thinking, “What is best for Nelson?” Your life is at an end and the taste of the afterklife is so close you can taste its sweetness on your lips and smell it’s fragrance in your nose. But they won’t let you go!

So I will let you go. Go Nelson to the next world and claim your reward for your life! God gives you permission to do this, so ignore your “fans” and simply pick up the hem of your robe and leave this planet. Let them grieve over the “loss” of the ship and the captain, whilst you fly into the next world on your private helicopter! Lol! I know where you are and I ask you to serve God’s causes here on earth from the afterlife!

Go, Nelson, go Nelson, go, go, go. And may Gods Peace, Love and Glory embrace you!

Thank you for your service to mankind,

Love and Peace,

reverend master J’iam