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Greetings From Masterton – a card by J’iam


This is a greetings card I designed many years ago, after spending 5 years creating the picture of the town’s main street. The original picture was a sepia toned postcard which I copied into the computer. I then spent time cleaning the picture and colouring it in the computer. This took probably about 30 hours over six months. And then nothing happened for another 18 months. The problem was the sky. It was totally empty and I needed something to fill it but I couldn’t find anything to fill it to my satisfaction.

Then one day I was in Carterton (about 8 miles south of Masterton) and looked up into the sky and saw the most amazing cloud formation that I just knew would fit the picture perfectly. So I took the photo, went home and fitted it into place and the picture was finished! 

This is not the longest time I have taken to finish a picture. I have one that took 25 years to finish! I’ll dig that out and post it in a short while.


Good things are worth waiting for!