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‘oo iz zis Johnny Depp? ‘e ‘as stolen my face!


I do a lot of restoration work and I was going through Gustave Courbet pictures when I noticed the similarity of this Courbet self portrait to Johnny Depp. So I made this card up. Courbet was born in 1819 and died in 1877. The picture was actually painted in the 1840’s so it is well over 150 years old. And yet we see johnny depp standing there. Why is this? Because the universe recycles faces! I have two photos of an old girlfriend. One from the 1980’s when she was 23 and the other from 1915, long before she was born, again at about the same age! In this picture she is working in an ammunition factory in england in 1915! Again this is a face recycle.

Man hasn’t noticed it so much in the past because there weren’t as many painting as photographs and the poor couldn’t afford paintings of themselves. So the numbers were too small to compare millions of faces. But with 140 years of photography and the expansion of the internet they are becoming more prevelant.

People quite offten think they know me personally from their pasts but they don’t. Instead they recognise me from my soul (although they don’t know that!). Children are especially good at recognising my soul. In fact I often say to parents (after acknowledging the child first) that “my name is Sid, which stands forSanta in disguise!”

I have actually played Santa for many years. Once I was Santa in front of 10,000 people at a meeting. I was overwhelmed with the love people have for Santa. Why is this? Because Santa is Love from outside the family personified. Besides mum and dad and grandpa and grandma, Santa is a very important person in all childrens lives, as he represents spiritual love from outside the family. Because he is love made concrete children grow out of him at the age when they gain abstract thought, which is usually around 8 years old. But I notice that even though they know Santa is no longer true in a concrete sense, he is still true in the abstarct sense and the older children instinctively keep the story up with their younger siblings! The symbol changes, but the love remains!

A Merry Christmas to you! (but it’s not Christmas today, you say! Know that every day is Christmas in Heaven!!!!)