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The parable of the magnets 2015

This is a parable. It explains how the laws of attraction works in two planes; (1) the dis-empowered (physical and metaphysical) planes and (2) the empowered (spiritual) planes!

We all know what magnets are. They are metallic rods of invisible energy that attract iron.

attraction magnets01

There are two opposite poles, called the North and South. This is because a magnet is a physical object and the physical world works on opposites – good and bad, day and night, north and south!

attraction magnets02

So the north pole attracts the south pole and both poles attract steel and together they follow the magnetic lines of the earth (as in a compass.)

attraction magnets04A

The magnetism itself is metaphysical energy. Know that the application of an electromagnet to the poles that disturbs the magnetic field can cause it to attract brass and aluminium (ref. 1951 Popular Mechanics). That is the effect of electricity on magnets. This is a meta-physical affect. Meta means beyond, so metaphysical means beyond the physical. Electricity is definitely a metaphysical energy too and has a definite effect on magnetism, which is also a metaphysical energy.

In our human lives we have a “magnetic-like” energy that either attracts things to us or repels them from us.

attraction magnets03

At the age of 15 we become “spiritual Adults” and are expected to start organising our own magnets into line. Why? Because at this age the vast majority of peoples magnets are in disarray and look like this…

attraction magnets04

It is far easier to align the energies at this stage, when the numbers to align are still small. As children we should be taught the “Rod”, that is to say the teaching of Gods methods, so we are already aligned we we reach 15. It is much easier to align things with the existing alignments. There is no alignment at all in the above picture and that leads to adulthood energies just being thrown on top of one another to look like this…

attraction magnets05

Notice how chance is the result of having non-aligned energies. When we align our energies we look like this…

attraction magnets06

Imagine how the attractive force of each magnet is multiplied by it’s neighbour. People who are aligned tend to be known as “Lucky!” but Luck is simply an acronym that means Labour Under Correct Knowledge! When we organise our energies to be align we are no longer working in chance but working under a method, to a plan, with definite goals!

People who are aligned this way are aligned by Choice! We have to make the decision to be aligned and it will happen. If we don’t make this decision we simply remain unaligned to greater or lesser degrees (depending on luck!) Chance is the foundation stone of all vicious cycles. Lol!

I work to help people set goals and I know that to simply set correctly written goals means 95% of them will come true within 5 years. This is because a written goal is not a wish, but a command under the spiritual “powers of command.”

Even when aligned our natural magnets still attract and repel

attraction magnets08

Spiritually Love Attracts All. Love is the magnet that holds the very atoms together, holds the solar system together, holds the universe together. We are part of the universe, so why doesn’t it naturally hold us together? Because the full law reads “Love Attracts All, except the human heart that chooses to turn away!” This is called free will!

Free will exists in two realms only – in God’s unknowable realm where God is free to do anything He wants and in man’s sphere where we are free to turn towards God/Love or to turn away!

“But I didn’t choose to turn away!” I hear you say! I didn’t either in my younger years, but I was never guided in the right direction either, because my parents (God rest and Bless their souls) didn’t know how to do it themselves! Whilst the Law talks about turning away, it actually means the opposite – we have to turn towards, to voluntarily choose, to literally ask out aloud for love! To not ask aloud for love is literally the same as asking for the opposite!

The secret of life is so simple – simply ASK to be introduced to Love in it’s Highest form – I Am, the knowable essence of God. We cannot simply think this, as thoughts have no energy. We have to voice it aloud, or write it and voice it – which is even more powerful as this choice uses both light and sound energies to ask!(writing = light =100 energy, speaking = sound =10 energy)

Okay, so let’s assume you have asked and have been “Reborn.” You are then free to enter the spiritual state that is called “Poor”. In this state the magnetism changes. The state of Poor is like the chrysalis stage of the butterfly. To Be Poor is to Be happy and detached from all except Love. This is proved by the scripture that states, “Blessed are the Poor, for yours is the kingdom of Heaven (God)!

What this means is that the poor work under God’s laws of providence, where everything they need will be provided for them, as they are truly happy and detached from everything except God!

We are talking about magnets, so how does this show in a diagram? It shows as magnets with one pole covered, so it basically becomes a mono-pole magnet! This means we no longer attract anything negative or repel anything positive!

attraction magnets10

So the negative attraction pole is deactivated and only the attraction pole is left going. This is basically the state of “Poor,” The state of poor works under the laws of Providence which state, “Anything you Need will be given to you, either free or very cheap!” We have to learn to use this law effectively before we can move onto the laws of abundance.

attraction magnets13

Basically, over time, what we do is build a ring of mono-pole magnets around us so we are working in providence 100%. This equates to our car license in the physical world. Once we have achieved this state in our lives, we start studying for our pilot’s license, which is the laws of abundance!

In abundance the neutralised pole changes from repulsion to attraction! Yes I know this is impossible in the physical world, but we are dealing in the spiritual world here and this is the way it works in the spiritual world

attraction magnets11

attraction magnets12

This is a more diagrammatic explanation of the double attraction. Laid out in 3D it looks like this………..

attraction magnets14

Here the north pole acts as a magnet to providence whilst the south pole acts as a magnet to abundance. And this is the secret of spiritual law – the laws are not Either/Or, but AND. So a wealthy man remains both a Poor man and an Abundant man!

The Abundant man never leaves the state of Poor, ever. If the Wealthy man loses his state of Abundance, he is still Poor! So it is not nearly as traumatic for the Wealthy Man to lose everything material as he still keeps his identity! It is very traumatic for the rich man to lose his material possessions as that is all they have got as an identity!

The rich man gets rich by taking. The wealthy man gets abundant by gifting! There is a huge difference in their ways of gathering. The rich person can achieve the negative state of riches be simply doing and having. Their havingness then becomes their “security”.

The wealthy man gets abundant by Gifting of His BEingness, of his happiness, which was developed in the Poor state. If a Man loses his abundance he still keeps his Happiness, because his very BEingness IS his Happiness!

That is the main difference between riches and abundance – the “happiness” of riches is dependent of possessions, whilst wealth is dependent on Happiness, Beingness – their possessions are secondary.

Let’s just compare the two different states from a different viewpoint

riches                                      Wealth

XXX                                           BEing

doing                                       doing

having                                     having

Possessions                           possessions

Can you see how the foundations of riches are possessions, whilst the foundations of wealth is BEingness. Possessions can be entirely removed from the wealth state without affecting the Wealthy person’s happiness!

Not so with riches. Remove the rich persons possessions and they have no BEingness, no happiness to keep them going! Their happiness is based on commodities which ebb and flow in life. If your happiness is dependent on the flow and ebb of possessions, then surely your happiness is going to flow and ebb too?

The state of Poor is the state that teaches you detachment from possessions, so you can happily advance into Abundance and Wealth!

Riches are about possessions whilst Wealth is about Empowerment. If you are to be empowered with energy you have to learn how to control it. The state of Poor teaches us that we cannot control Gods Energy, simply direct where it can safely go in our house (like an electrician does with the wiring!). If you like, the state of Poor wires us up correctly to handle the energies of the state of Abundance.

Another way to look at it is with water flow. The negative state of riches is a pond of water we collect and keep. Now, water that is not running soon becomes stagnant because it is not flowing and renewing itself.

The state of poor introduces an outflow(Gifting) and an inflow(Receiving.) In the physical world most people try to establish an inflow first, but where is it going to go? No, we need both an outlet and inlet in that order. Our Giftings are our outflow and they are guaranteed to return multiplied! As the returns become bigger and bigger over time the pond is replaced with a flowing river!

In the spiritual world we introduce an outflow first and the laws of sowing and reaping guarantee us a multiplied return! So our inflow is taken care of as long as we accept the returns. Over time the inflow gets bigger and bigger, as does the outflow(because we automatically gift 10% of all returns!). This cause erosion of the in/out channels and the stagnant pond is eliminated altogether by the flow of water and becomes part of the stream of energy passing through your life!

We start small by establishing gifting habits in token form and do this consistently. Whilst our end goal is 10% of all incomes, we don’t start there as we need to train on a smaller level on which we can be consistent! Why the emphasis on consistency? Because God doesn’t judge us on amounts of money but on consistency first, stability second and growth/money last!

However when we give in token we receive it back multiplied. And from our receiving we can give the full 10%. And from the full 10% gifting we get it back multiplied too, so it becomes a compounding situation! (how do you give a financier an orgasm? Talk to him about compounding! Lol!) It is this compounding that eventually leads to abundance!

What stops abundance happening? Sticking to old negative thoughts and habits of attachment. The key to abundance is to turn your money into a tool of Love! It’s as simple as that! However it’s not as easy as that! Which is why WPPN (The Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network)was set up so we can tap into a system that helps us make it easier to achieve.

We don’t have to be good to become good! We don’t have to be happy to become happy, Lol! We have to change ourselves bit by bit internally (an external glossing will never do as we are standing in front of God and He can see right through us!)

But inch by inch, life is a cinch! We join the network and straight away we are doing the first three steps of gifting with a portion of our money! Over time (perhaps 5 to 10 years) we expand this portion out to cover all of our money, assets, goods and services (so we are wholistic) and abundance starts to manifest in our lives. Long before this happens though, our happiness increases in leaps and bounds, as we fit into the empowered state of “Poor!”

The state of “Poor” is an upward mobilisation of happiness. The station of “Abundance” is an upward mobilisation of material possessions to empower us in the physical world. The spiritual order is always Happiness First and possessions second!

Happiness First and possessions second!

Poor first and Abundance second!

This is the path. this is the path. this is the path!

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity Be Yours

through the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network,


reverend master j’iam

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Why isn’t EVERYONE Wealthy?

We live in an age of abundance – there is no denying that. But the abundance is not evenly distributed by the capitalist, the communist or the dictatorial systems. All these systems (isms) are based in the physical worlds of dog eat dog, hunter/gatherer – aggression, confrontation and possession.

Russell Brand doesn’t vote because he has recognised that the physical political system is totally corrupt and only offering two alternatives – flogging or the thumbscrew Why do we have to endure either pains?

Because there hasn’t even been an alternative of pain free life in the physical system! Pain free life exists only in the Spiritual system. Once this is established in the spiritual realm it can be established in the metaphysical and finally in the physical system – always start at the top and work down. Just as rain does!

And we can only establish wholistic systems by starting in the spiritual realm and working downwards through the remaining two realms. Always work wholistically. In the spiritual worlds this is talked about as “Being united”. Because the Bible is written in the old fashioned double negative speak it talks about the opposite of Unity/Wholeness which is division. “A house divided (against itself) will always lose.”

But if we put that into the New Age single positive it reads, “a house united (Whole) will always win!”

What is needed is a system based in the spiritual world of higher laws, based in self Stewardship, Continuity and Stability and only then growth. To date there has never been a system based in the higher laws of virtuous cycles. But today there is a spiritually based system. Revealed to reverend master j’iam in an epiphany/vision in 1992, it is called the Wholistic (Holy) Peace and Prosperity Network (system/synergy).

The physical systems are all based in instant gratification – “Do it Now” and “If it feels good do it!”. The spiritual system is based in the law of delayed gratification which states, “the longer the delay, the greater the reward!” In practical terms we can grow mung bean sprouts in a couple of days or wheat over a whole year (including preparation of the ground, reaping and letting the land rest a bit.)

All physical systems are easy to start and become harder and harder to live with. All Spiritual systems are hard to start and become easier and easier to live with! The spiritual system is not hard in itself, in fact it is very simple. But it is hard to implement because we have to go against the ways we were brought up with, against ingrained habits, friends, family and society who practice those old habits!

So it is simple over-all, but hard for the individual to change their lives, to move from the complicated systems of the physical world into the simple system of the spiritual! This is why the change from the physical/metaphysical systems into the spiritual system is called rebirth.

The physical system bases itself upon the pursuit of riches. It often uses the words riches and wealth interchangeably, but these two states are in no way interchangeable! Riches are based on doing and having, whilst wealth is based on Being, doing and having! So the one main difference is the BEingness. Beingness is what makes us happy. So by Being, doing and having we are Happy first and then rich secondly.

In being rich alone we are not happy inside ourselves because we haven’t developed our Beingness – as the Bible says, “What profits a man if he gains the world and loses his soul?” Or to put it more simply “What is the point of being rich and miserable when we can attain the state of wealth – to be both (wholistically) Happy and rich!” That is the difference between riches and Wealth (Note the capital W. Whenever I use capitals it denotes a spiritually based idea. Keep this in mind for future reference.)

The Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network is a system that develops your Beingness on the spiritual plane whilst simultaneously developing you growth in riches on the spiritual, the metaphysical and physical planes! This is why it is called the Wholistic system! The riches system is, and should be called, a partial system that promises happiness when you become rich – a promise it cannot, and never has been able to, keep!

The rich system is always promising instant (or nearly instant) rewards. The Wholistic system says it is going to take a minimum of ten years to start manifesting on the physical plane which is realistic. But it manifests very quickly on the spiritual and metaphysical (the invisible to others) planes!

But just because others can’t see the wheat growing under the ground, doesn’t mean the farmer can’t see (and enjoy) the sprouting of the wheat seeds! And members of the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (WPPN) enjoy seeing the growth of Continuity and Stability long before they enjoy the physical returns of their investments in themselves!

It is the growth of continuity and Stability (in that order) that sustains us for the long term return of physical riches. We gain long term rewards far before we gain the financial Abundance that Continuity and Stability finally reap! There is a saying about abundance that goes, “When abundance manifests it comes so quickly and so abundantly that you wonder where it’s been hiding all your life?”

The thing with WPPN is that members are able to see the landfall long before they actually make it – like the captain of a sailing ship being able to see the land long before they reach it. When they first see land they know that it is still 11 miles away. WPPN members know that the physical land fall is still 11 years away, but get other benefits.

Like when sailing into Port Santana, the water from the Amazon River is drinkable at over 100 miles to sea! So it is entirely potable at only 11 miles. This is how the Spiritual System works for members supplying water, food, happiness in the form of Contentment (on the physical plane), Joy (on the metaphysical plane) and Ecstasy and Bliss (on the spiritual plane.)

These are the three states of happiness! If you are happy on all three planes, that is when abundance manifests so quickly and so abundantly many will wonder where it’s been hiding all your life (but you will have already known this for a long time!)

So which is it to Be for you? The easy road(???) or the simple, but harder, road? Think about it for a while and make that choice soon, for the sooner we start, the sooner the manifestations occur!

If you want the illusory easy start then continue on the road you are on. If you want the real easy start then investigate and join WPPN – The Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network – as this is the only spiritual solution available today!

WPPN offers you the creation of Virtuous Cycles (as opposed to the vicious cycles of the physical systems of capitalism, communism and dictatorship) that bring Members Peace of Mind first and then abundance later on. Yes it takes 10 or more years, but those years will quickly pass whether you join or not. And the years that pass are not retrievable! You will awaken 10 years in the future and have to start from day one like every other member! Or you will awaken in 10 years and Be supremely Happy so that you no longer desire Abundance for yourself (this is the ultimate detachment) and it will simply manifest itself in your life and take you onto the highest spiritual plane!

. Happy or unhappy futures. To Be happy choose WPPN. To be unhappy, simply keep on doing what you are doing right now – nothing in the spiritual plane! Yes you may Be spiritually aware but to fulfil our role in life we have to Be God realised – working in the image of God! (Faith without Deeds is dead!) Love is the state of Knowing about God. Charity is the state of Knowing about God and carrying out His mission to you – simple as that.

And now abide faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.” 1 Corinthians 13:13

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam

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It’s Raining!

It’s Raining!!! Praise be to God for this wonderful day!

It rains upon good and bad alike and all we have to do is decide which group we are in! Lol!

It rain upon the happy and the miserable alike and all we have to do is decide which category we belong in!

It rains upon us all and we all have a choice on HOW TO LIVE OUR LIVES whether it be in rain or sunshine!.

The choice is always ours! Make your choice once and stick with it! I’ve made mine! lol!


kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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My happiness is not dependent on the weather! A story in 50 words.

My happiness is not dependent on the weather, whether it is the physical weather or the emotional weather! My happiness is dependent on my decision to be happy! There is only one type of weather in the spiritual realm, Sunny, because it lays above the clouds of weather and emotions!

kindest regards,
May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,
reverend master j’iam

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My religious free childhood

As a child my life was remarkably religious free! I never attended a single christening, wedding or funeral (Hatch, match and Dispatch) because my family were isolated from the larger family by moving 12,000 miles from England to new Zealand. We couldn’t have been physically further away. Also the only reference I heard to the father son and holy ghost was “Daddio, Laddio and spook!” from my father in a joking way (army humour)

And then we were isolated by the fact that my father was in the army and I spent 8 years of my childhood in an army camp called Waiouru, that was physically isolated from the nearest town by 20 miles and in the middle of a volcanic plateau. And of course no religious people were allowed to teach in Waiouru – only the tamed religions that allowed warfare, the catholics and the church of England.

I didn’t attend one children’s religious class in 8 years and that was fun, filling in the pictures with crayons. I don’t think they were actually allowed to teach any religion directly in Waiouru. I do remember singing an army based song of “I may never march in the infantry, ride in the cavalry but I’m in the Lord’s army!”

And that basically was my association with religion in my childhood.

Not that I didn’t have spiritual experiences. Like falling backwards out of a tree, going into an altered state and seeing my young life flash before my eyes! Or having an altered state experience of seeing the sky as a dome with Mount Ruapehu and the sun just painted onto it. And staring at the sun that appeared to be like a big copper ball.

Another experience was laying on the bed reading a book when I was suddenly up on the ceiling, looking down at some chap laying on a bed reading a book. “That’s funny,” I thought to myself, “he has the same bedspread as me!” Then I thought, “wait a minute that is my bedspread! So if that is my bedspread that must be my bed! And if that is my bed then that must be me down there reading that book! So if I’m down there reading a book what am I doing up here on the ceiling?” Whoomp! And I’m back in my body! Lol!

So my life was not without spiritual experiences. But I was kept magnificently separated from all religions as that was part of my path in life that lead to my royal rebirth at the age of 28.

The next big step came when I was 14, going on 15 – the age of spiritual freedom when I would be able to make up my own mind about spiritual choice and make a commitment. I was in third form of college and I had a wonderful science teacher who always said, “Don’t believe what I say, always test it in the test tubes and see if what I say is true. By testing it you will be able to get repeatable results and KNOW it is true!” I highly respected this teacher!

Then at the end of the year we were to be given religious instruction, and Mr ******** was chosen to do it. He started spouting off a lot of stuff that I didn’t understand (and I don’t think he believed either) so I put my hand up and asked him where the proofs were for what he was saying. He came up to my desk in a rage. Leaned over me and said, “You don’t need proof, you have to believe what I’m saying!” Wow! What a reversal! I instantly decided to become an atheist to protect myself against the dogma I was being fed! Unfortunately I also threw the baby out with the bathwater! I threw God out with the dogma! But it was all part of the isolation plan put in place by God/the Universe etc Himself to protect me for my rebirth. I spent the next 7 years battling the system by being an atheist.

The next big spiritual event came when I was 21 years old(notice the seven year gaps starting) when I drowned and passed over to the other side in what is called a Near Death Experience (NDE). Even though I experienced this amazing event I still remained an atheist for another seven years! Why? Because I didn’t ask to connect to Love/God! Unless we ask of our own free will we will not meet with I Am – the knowable essence of God. The strange thing is that I still had spiritual experiences and, as an artist, people always said my work was “Very Spiritual!” Which puzzled me no end! Lol!

Now the three states of happiness are (1) contentment (2) Joy and (3) Ecstasy and Bliss. And the three states of unhappiness are (1) discontent (2) Depression  and (3) Self destruction. As an atheist I gradually sank lower and lower down the unhappiness ladder until, at the age of 28, I reached the edge of self destruction. With nothing to lose I awoke to ask God if he existed (at all?) Within 6 months of asking this question I was reborn into the Holy Spirit (I Am, the Christ Spirit) in a massive WHAANG!!!! Lol! And that was the beginning of my second part of life. To be continued….

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam

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Happy Belated Easter!

In New Zealand Easter is a time for holidays, probably the last before winter. This year it was wet and miserable for most of Easter. I travelled to a city called Rotorua which is a thermal city. Almost everything in Rotorua is tourist based, it is the second biggest tourist town in New Zealand, yet the government still don’t classify it as a tourist town and the shops have to close on public holidays! 

Rotorua in a thermal city, which means there are lots of geothermal activities under the ground that break through into the air. There is a strong smell of sulphur in the air; they say that Rotorua is the only city in the world that you can fart in and no one will notice! You can walk down the street in certain areas and see boiling hot water bubbling out of a split between the road and the footpath.

But Rotorua is a manifestation of capitalistic practices too. There are hundreds of people who are homeless. Yet right across the road there is a ten storied building that is kept empty and unused, whilst people are sleeping on the streets! 

The main problem with capitalism is the “I’m alright, Jack!” attitude of the capitalists. They think that because they are successfull, they can let many live like wild animals on the streets of cities. But according to all the Scriptures of the world they are not alright under spiritual law. As long as they live in luxury and other in the same city live in abject poverty they are held accountable in the next world! But of course capitalistic thinking only thinks in terms of the future in how much money they will “enjoy”. 

Know this you capitalists/usurers, your time on earth is limited. Your life will be over in the twinkling of an eye (i know it seems strange, but it only takes about three weeks to get from 20 to 60 with hindsight!) and you will be standing in the next world being asked to explain your doings in this world. And it will be too late to go back and change a single deed! That is the hell in dying – seeing what evil your hands have wrought in this world (and know that doing mothing to help is the same as actively doing the negative deed – if you are not part of the solution then you are a part of the problem!!!). And that is the heaven in dying too- seeing what good your hands have done in this world to help others!

Of course most of us aren’t rich capitalists. And don’t want to be ether! Although we do crave for security! But security is only for a very few in the physical world of opposites. To get security you have to move to a place where it is available for all – the spiritual world of AND!(peace and prosperity are spiritual qualities, not physical qualities.)

People think that the spiritual plane is an airy-fairy place, but it’s not. It has very strict laws that must be followed to gain security! “ Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto (spiritual/whole)life, and few there be that find it.” Matt 7:14. The door is open to all but few find it! Why? Because we are looking for physical solulutions to spiritual problems. It’s a bit like a motorist looking for fuel for his caerr – he drives it into the lake to fill it up! WRONG!!!  The entry to the petrol tank is a small hole and only petrol, not water (although materialist will argue that they are both liqids! True, but good luck with filling you car tank with water!), can be used! The same goes with the fuel for the spiritual world. We have to find the small filler hole in our spiritual car!

So how do we do this? By ASKING! Ask to be shown the small hole and once you’ve seen it, it will be easier to fill you spiritual vehicle with the right fuel – LOVE!

How do we ask? Not by thinking the question. Thinking is a physical process and the answer can’t be found by physical processses! The spiritual question must be based in a spiritual form of communication. Know there are two forms of spiritual communication. Speech (aloud) and writing (on paper). Speech is the first form of vibration, spiritual energy. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” John 1:1. Everytime we speak something out loud it goes out into the universe as  a vibration, to be answered by God. By asking God, ” if He exists and to connect with Him (remember God IS Love)”  we will be heard and answered! “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.” Norhing airy-fairy about that promise, is there? It is as simple as asking out aloud, directly!

Don’t worry if you feel like a right fool asking. It is something new, that you haven’t done before and, depending how far away you are from the source (of Love) your answer may be subtle or dramatic. Mine was dramatic – but i was far far, far away. I have seen others experience it as easily as putting on a pair of socks or opening a newspaper!

My words were, “God, if you exist, please show me” Those seven words changed my life forever (and I do mean forever!).

Give it a try – what have you got to lose? Only your burdens, woes and empty heart!

happy belated Easter!

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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A birthday card for the males from their Lovers! A perfect present (according to popular misconception!)


A birthday card for the males from their (female) Lovers! A perfect present -according to popular misconceptions! Some of the males it will suit perfectly, but not most of the “normal males” in life. That we are thought of as beer drinking, sex maniacs is an insult to us, ladies! But we don’t mind a bit of gentle ribbing like this card. Lol! 


Happy re-birthday J’iam

Today, 4th July, is my 21st re-birthday, the day on which i was reborn as a master and given a new name to mark it. I feel great today as I feel a long period of consolidation has passed and suddenly (after 21 years) I’ll become an “overnight success!” Yeehaaa!

I am seeing more and more that masters are born before their time to serve as they have to wait for the world to change so they can get a hearing ear! The world of today is a totally difference place from the world into which I was reborn. There were very few home computers in those days and windows 3.1 hadn’t been released yet. I remember buying my first computer for $2,000 and it had DOS and a 45 megabyte hard drive! We later compressed the herd drive and got it up to 75 megabytes! We thought we were the kings of the world. And then along came windows 3.1 and I had to buy a bigger computer (about 300 megabytes I think) at another $2,000! and so it progressed ever onwards and upwards (and outwards!). Out of all the windows versions there have only been  4 that really work well – 3.1, 95, 98 and XP. Many of the rest were absolute dogs! Woof, woof!

Why are we (the human race) addicted to change for the sake of change. This is simply called Fashion. There are many things in life that don’t need changing or can be done far simpler and cheaper. Many years ago I decided to try out hydroponic gardening. So I read many books and sought out lots of advice about gear etc. I kept on being told that I would definitly need two things 1) a pump to lift the water and 2) a metering device to replace the plant food. these two items cost $3,000 all together. yet i was only building an 18 square metre greenhouse! Then I found out the a years supply of food would only cost $28! Why buy a device for $1,500 to save money on $28 worth of food? Then It struck me what to do. Simply build the hydroponic piping as normal and then us two buckets for the containers. Put a hole in one bucket so it drips out over 24 hours and use the other as a collector at the bottom. Come into the greenhouse in the morning and empty the bottom bucket into the top one – Voila, problem solved, reducing costs by $3,000! And once a week I would throw the used nutrients onto the lawn and grow a wonderful lawn to boot!If it aint broke, don’t fix it! By the way the strawberries I grew were absolutely delicious!

So happy rebirthday J’iam and another 23 to come!