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What say we all die today?

My friends,

What say we all die today at the same time, world wide. Everyone of us! Not a single living soul remaining on earth!

Well, how would we feel? How would you feel? How would the good feel and how would the bad feel?

You see we are in a huge womb called earth, just waiting to be born into the next world and the first thing we have to do when we get there is to hand in a report on our lives! What have we done with it?

What did we do to help create a divine civilisation? What did we create as a legacy for our children, our grand children our great grand children? our friends, family and the world?

I know that we aren’t going to all die today, but many will! We can’t stop a bullet with our name on it! When our time is up, it is not a voluntary action on our part to decide to go or stay – we MUST GO! there is no choice in it for us!

You know I speak the truth. I have been over to the other side and returned to this world! That experience removed all fear of death and taught me that death from this world into the next is a reward for life, not a punishment!

But we do have to hand in a report to God in full 100% truthful mode. We cannot lie in the next world.

It is us, ourselves, who feel the hell of failure. It is not imposed on use by God. All our actions on earth are voluntary. If we decide to kill someone, that is voluntary. The spiritual returns for murder then applies to you. If you escape it all your life, you still have to answer for that murder. And there are no lawyers in Heaven!

Know EVERYONE goes to Heaven because the is no such place as hell. Hell is not a place, but a state of mind.  Heaven is being close to God, hell is being far from God! Does the Good man get closer to God than the murderer? I think so!

In this life we can get as close to God as we can in 70 short years. If we stay far from God we can still make it up in the next world but there is no Free-Will, so it takes so much longer!!

In this world we can enter heaven as close as we possibly can because we follow the rules, the discipleship, the methods of God here on earth. To the amount of love we create here on earth is the level at which we enter the next kingdom!

If we stray, delay, disobey then that is the level at which we enter the next kingdom. Yes, we may make it up in the next kingdom, but not voluntarily! It may take a million years to move the seventy years we could have done it  here on earth!

And we, not God, will be beating ourselves up with regret as we trudge our long path to the point where we should have entered Heaven!

When my father-in-law visited me from the next world I went back with him. He lived in a nice suburban house in a quiet valley in the dark. There were street lamps and every house was illuminated, but there was no sun, no moon only a cloudless night of brilliant stars! It was certainly not hell by any means,

But we both knew he was there until God called him to another level with the moon out all the time. First a quarter moon and then a half moon and then a three quarter moon and so forth. All these movements are in God’s hands in the next world.

Our regret on the other side is that all these movements are in our hands in this world!  We can land as close to God as we potentially can by using our life as a Love filled being, improving the world as best we can spiritually, metaphysically and physically!

For Heaven’s sake get a rocket up your backside, for you have no idea if you have 1,000 seconds, 1,000 minutes, 1,000 hours, 1,000 days or 1,000 weeks left here on earth! What say it is only 100 seconds left?

reverend master j’iam

700 needle in haystack

He can’t dance – but he tries hard!

Years ago I went on a six month art course. Part of the course consisted of two half-hour dancing lessons per day. So that is 5 hours per week times 26 weeks = 130 hours of dancing lessons. On my report card the dance section reads: “He tries hard.” That was the kindest thing they could say about my dancing! I was a dancing failure, but still i tried hard!

There are many things that many of us can’t do. Even before the dance lessons i belonged to a folk club where anyone could perform. This club taught me a lot about courtesy in it’s treatment of a tone deaf performer. He was literally tone deaf, and definitely couldn’t sing in key – it was simply beyond him. Yet he sang every week and was always applauded! And I noticed that after a few months his rhythm had improved!  The rhythm has nothing to do with the pitch department in the brain so the singing taught what could be taught in the rhythm department! Every effort produces a result, even if it is in a different area than what were aiming for!

Each of us is born with areas of lack. But God is not malicious and compensates by giving us abilities and “talents” to compensate. So I may not be able to dance but i am an observer of human behaviour. I suppose this is scientifically called anthropology. I have always had this talent and always will, as it is hard-wired into me. These hard wired talents are part of our BEingness.

Also I have the ability to “See” things. I can look at a brick and see a barbeque pit, a wall, a bridge, a building and so forth.  I tend to go from the beginning to the end first and then go back to the beginning to place the second brick. As a child i always read the last pages of a book first to see the end i was aiming for. As I no longer read fiction i don’t have to do that anymore but can pick up any non-fiction or spiritual book and start at any point in it. So I have a very non-linear mind. And that is okay with me as i’ve never know anything else or any other way. It is part of my BEingness!

We are all like this – not the same as me , but having different qualities in different areas. Some of us are lucky to have qualities in demand by man’s world and materialism. And often people like this are financially successful but totally removed from the spiritual realities of people like us (these people are the rich). “Why don’t you just get a job!” they say. You think we don’t try? I am always the last to get hired and the first to get fired because employers look at me an think “what a dork!” because my qualities are invisible to them until they get to know me. It is only when they take a chance and hire me that they discover my qualities (usually takes about a month) and put me in charge of their worse “problem department!” Which of course i fix up and get running profitably. But being the person i am, i like fixing things up but don’t like running non-challenging departments so i usually leave after a year to 18 months.

One of my qualities is problem solving. My two favourite phrases are “Why do we do it that way” and “what if?”

I will admit i am lacking on many social graces. I cannot make idle chit chat. I don’t suffer fools gladly – or at all! I am an alpha male. Yet I try to tread the spiritual path with practical feet.

So what I want you to think about is what are my qualities. and what are my shortfalls and where is there a position that uses both sets of qualities? And how can i use those qualities to promote personal peace and prosperity that will grow into world peace and prosperity? These are three VERY IMPORTANT QUESTIONS – what, where and how! By asking these questions you will invariably be lead to the ultimate question of WHY? and when you get all four answered you will have found your BEingness in life.

And if you have the courage to follow your BEingness you will become divinely happy and live in the state the churches call heaven -although they will deny it is impossible to achieve on earth, yet persist that hell is easily achievable! If hell is achievable then surely Heaven must be achievable too! I know I live in heaven – not physical heaven, but spiritual heaven! And If I can do it, anyone can! It wasn’t easy, but who said it would be? It is easy to achieve hell on earth by simply doing nothing – like falling into a deep hole,  no effort required! But it is harder to achieve Heaven because it takes effort – but it’s not so hard that it is impossible, far from it! And it is far easier again if you have a mentor. I have been lucky enough to have had many mentors on the top shelf of life.

Know the name for the new age we live in is UNITY. “The earth is but one country, mankind its citizens.” This is why the politicians are subconsciously urged to create bigger and bigger units – the USA, the European Unity, Malaysia, etc All these things are an physical manifestation of unity. But because they are man-made they will not last. Already the EU is starting to fall apart at the seams. America is one of the most spiritually corrupt, violent and unequal countries in the world and Malaysia is run by idiots. But that is the way of mankind. God has revealed another system that will spiritually, metaphysicallt and physically unite you and then the world – and it isn’t like any system currently in place. You can’t even imagine what this system is like as it is perfect (a bank managers words, not mine!)

So I ask you to delve into yourself – not as a critic but as an observer. Treat yourself as if you were another separate person and analyse the good points and the weakness. Observe also the God-given lack of abilities as these are pointers of things not to do with your life. I am a non-dancer, the tone deaf man is a non-singer. What area do you lack in and what areas of life BEingness does this eliminate?

Then look at your qualities and talents. What areas do these open up for you to be successful in? To reach Heaven in? Take stock of yourself, but be honest, gentle, truthful and kind about it! And you will reach a point of insight into your own life where a door will open and you will suddenly KNOW your BEingness! And your life will change with this Knowledge because “you will KNOW the truth and the truth will set you free!”

Isn’t freedom what life is ultimately about? Methinks so!


kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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What is wrong with this picture?

Imagine yourself swimming in a pool of cash, getting out of it and re-entering your huge mansion on the tropical beach front! And then leaving your mansion in your Maseratti to go into town to buy a few $10,000 tailor made suits. What is wrong with this picture?

Well, where is your spouse, where are your children and where are your friends and family? No where to be seen! Why is that? Because the picture I painted only concentrated on HAVINGness, not BEingness! You see. that is the picture we are sold every day by the material world.

But imagine living in that situation without friends, a lover and spouse or your children and friends! LONELY, lonely, lonely! To be really successful we have to concentrate on our BEingness first, then our doingness and then our havingness takes care of itself automatically. The dreams of riches are only dreams of havingness. Let me tell you this – this dream only appeals to those in LACK. 

When we are struggling with money and circumstances of lack it is true that a certain amount of extra money would make us happier – by relieving the stress. But what we don’t realise is that excess money is a stress situation that is far worse than lack of money! 

So at first the relief is great. But within a very short time the money excess problems start occurring. We have to concentrate of our BEingness because we will always BE who we are (Life is either a do-it-to-yourself project or a have-it-done-you project) Unless we develop our BEingness to a greater extent than we create our money making abilities then we are headed into the poverty of Riches. If we create a bigger BEingness than havingness then we are headed into an empowered state called WEALTH. Simple as that!

And that is the problem with our scenario – it only offers riches!  And let me tell you something – having been rich myself – it is an ugly scene full of ugly people and hateful actions. I left riches and, knowing no better, went straight into Poverty, another negative state of lack. It took me years to cast out to find the secrets of wealth and when I did I was handsomely rewarded! 

Riches is a bit like rejecting marriage and deciding that you’ll only use hookers! It soon pales as, no matter how much money you pay for sex, it will never translates into LOVE! Life without LOVE is hell. Doing and having are not complete answers. 

BEing, doing and having is the complete answer!

Of course it is far easier to do and have! But the results are far harder to live with! Creating our BEingness is far harder, but the results are far easier to live with!

If I offered you the choice of creating an easy hell for yourself or a hard made Heaven, which one would you choose? Heaven of course! But so many are chasing the easy riches solution that they fail to see beyond the initial illusion of riches and that they are actually creating a future Hell for themselves!


Yes you can have all the things you want in your ego, but first fulfill the things of the heart! It takes longer, but the results last a lifetime! Wealth is simply the state of riches with inner BLISS and HAPPINESS (Riches are added to BLISS and HAPPINESS which are made first!)!

So remember – First BE, then Do and then have! Or as farmers would say, First prepare the soil, then plant the seeds and then reap the crop!

It is only a slight difference in direction, but if you can’t BE happy where you are now, how are you going to be happy in a different place?

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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The parable of the ship Part TWO

In part one we looked at the internal synergy we need to make to complete the crew. The internal synergy basically gets the owner (you) the captain (the ego) and the ship and crew (the body) working together as a single unit. A ship without this working internal synergy can never go anywhere! The crew will be on strike, the captain will want to go only where he wants to go and the owners will be left frustrated sitting in port!

So let’s assume that you have the internal synergy going and you tell the captain that you want to go to Tahiti. He will immediately start planning the trip, ordering his crew men to get the supplies for the trip, working out a route and so forth. Within a short while you are on your way to Tahiti and eventually you will reach it! 

But today let’s look at the overall lifetime of the ship. Every man made thing has a time usage factor. As soon as the sea was launched into the sea it started being attcked by the salt water. The average cruiser ship has a life span of, say, 80 years. After that it is too old and rusty to be safe at sea. But let’s say out ship is at sea and hits a big storm and starts sinking! What happens to the components? The ship and crew will sink! The captain always goes down with his ship! But the owner simply goes to the back of the ship to the helipad and gets into his helicopter and fkies away And that is a perfect description of every one’s death. The captain and the ship are destroyed but you – the owner – are not!

The ship and the captain are temporary elements meant for use on this earth. You, – the owner, the soul – are a permanent (eternal) thing meant to live forever. 


During your cruising you are meant to work from your executive cabin to establish contact with other owners and to establish a connection to the source of Love – the owner of the whole fleet! Because whilst you own your own ship the source of love is in command of all the ships on earth! And it is to these headquarters that you’ll fly when your ship goes down! 

And that is how death occurs. You’ll be travelling along on a beautiful day and the sea opens up and swallows your ship! You are automatically transported to your helicopter and are in the air looking down at your sinking ship,before you are even consciously aware that your ship is sinking! 

Looking down at your ship you will be grateful to it for carrying you around the world be not in the least sad to to leave it! For you have a higher destination!

What was your purpose on being on the ship? To get as close to the source of love as possible. In this case we will name that source of love Tahiti. How close did you get to Tahiti! Did you actually arrive there? or are you still in port in England arguing with the captain and the crew to get going? Where ever the ship sinks that will be your “closeness” or “farness” from the source of Love (God). 

In 80 years you could have easily reached Tahiti. Or you could have reached Suez. Or you could still be in Port in England. Wherever your ship goes down that represent how far away you are from God in the next world! And you will be asked why you are where you are and have to answer that simple question. 

And if you are in port you will be able to see that you wasted your life!HOW? By not moving towards the source of Love. Know that we have free will for a reason. In this world we are hear form 70 -90 years on average. In those few short years (a twinkling of the eyelid) we can move to Tahiti or stay in port – the choice is ours! 

But that choice ends at the point of death! In this world we have free will but none of the other worlds (mineral, vegetable, animal and the next world) don’t! So what we could have achieved in 80 years here on earth  may take up to a million years to achieve in the next world – because we are dependent on the mercy of God to advance in the next world! And the time difference between what we could have achieved here on earth and what time it will take us to achieve it in the next world is the “Hell” that the messengers talk about! 

This “hell” is not imposed on us by anyone except ourselves. It is the outpouring of regret at our own stupidity for not listening to the many calls that happen everyday to bring us closer to the source! We regret not listening to these calls (and they are plain as the noses on our faces with hindsight!) and that feeling is the hell we must suffer. Hell is the realisation that we had a purpose here on earth and our lack of recognition and action on that purpose! 

So what is our purpose here on earth. When the ship is in the ship yard and being built it’s purpose is to float. Once it is floating (born) it’s purpose is to combine with the captain, come under his orders. This usually takes place at the age of 8. 

Once the captain and crew are settled in the owner is piped aboard and the captain comes under the orders of the owners. This happens at the age of 15 and older, depending on if the captain will let us aboard or if we even know we are the owner and not just one of the crew under the captain!

Our job as owners is not to work the lines or paint the ship, not to plot the course but to work out plans for arrival at Tahiti. What are we going to do when we get there? 

So looking overall our(the owners) first “task” in life is to connect with the source of love. Once we have done this our task is two fold – 

(1) to help create a general divine civilisation and 

(2) to help create a specific divine civilisation. 

We can achieve number one by using our generalised abilities. For example we (mostly) all have the ability to reproduce here on earth. If we do this and raise good children who are spiritually balanced (not religious) then we have achieved a generalised divine civilisation because the will go on to raise good children of their own!

But to achieve our specific divene civilisation task we have to connect to LOVE and seek out our own talents and abilities and develop these (this is called our BE-ingness!) Once we have recognised and developed these we will be given a specific thing to achieve here on earth that only we can do! If we do this then we achieve the state of heaven here on earth!

From the ship parable point of view we could be in the pacific when we hear a distress call from another ship. According to sea tradition it is the duty of all ships to come to the aid of any ships in distress. But the captain or the owner could over-ride that code and just continue on. This distress code could be our specific divine task on earth!

So the journey is important too, not just the destination!

The crewman oversees his part of the ship – perhaps he is a cook who feeds the crew. The captain oversees the ship, but the owner has to oversee a much larger area of concern – perhaps a whole ocean! The source of Love – the owner of the fleet – overseas the world world! Once we get this order in our minds (sould) we can do what we were made to do – to help create a divine civilisation, to leave this world a better [lace when we leave it than it was when we joined it!! 

Why a divine civilisation. Isn’t it enough to create a human civilisation? No, because human civilisations can only last 60 year of average whilst divine civilisations can last for up to 1,000 years! So is our part in life going to be human (that ends when we die) or divine (that continues on after we die?) I know which one I want to achieve and it is not the former one! 

In part three we will look at what the difference is between spiritual and religious, and the difference between human and divine civilisations – and how to recognise the qualities that create divine civilisation.

kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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poverty, riches, Poor and Wealthy

poverty, riches, Poor and Wealthy. these are the four states in the universe of man and Man – notice the lack of capitals in the former and the capitals in the latter! This is to distinguish the negative from the positive, the lower from the higher and the disempowered from the empowered.

Because the states of poverty and riches are disempowered, whilst the states of Poor and Wealthy are Empowered. The states of poverty and riches are states of man, whilst the states of Poor and Wealthy are states of Man.

man is a state on the physical level, whilst Man is a station on the metaphysical/spiritual levels.

To imagine that we have to “do” anything to attain the station of man is an illusion because we are all born into this state. To imagine we can achieve the station of Man by doing nothing is also an illusion! We have to follow a method, become disciples of that method and apply it in our lives. This path starts broadly and dimmly but becomes brighter and brighter the closer we get to the source of the light (Love). It also gets narrower, that beam of light! The way to “hell” is paved with good intentions and the road to “heaven” is paved with application of the methods – to Labour Under Correct Knowledge (L.U.C.K.)

And it is not complicated, “For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” The only hard part is going against the teaching of man, the society we were raised in, for the ways of Man are totally different from the ways of man!

I hope you can hear what I an saying. If you can, you are open to the truth. If you can’t you are lost to the truth. So how do you find the truth? We all have to ask for it. What is the question we must all ask to find the ultimate truth? We must ask the ultimate source of truth to reveal itself to us! To do this we have to ask out aloud! we cannot just think it, because thoughts have no vibration and therefore no energy in them.

I was an atheist for 14 years because I vehemently loathed dogma. After seven years I died, went over to the other side and returned. This is called a Near Death Experience (NDE) Yet I remained an atheist for another seven years! How did I manage this? By simply not asking out aloud to meet the source of all Love (God to me, because “God is Love“) Once I had asked it was a short six months intil I was ready to meet God and when I did, “POW, WHAM, SMACK!!! Lol!” Mind you, I was a long way away from that source. I know of people who have made the transition with barely a hair ruffled on their heads because they were so close anyway! If I thought that dying was an experience my rebirth was like an atomic bomb compared to a firecracker of the Near Death Experience!

And I have learned since then there are levels of rebirth. We can be reborn on various levels within the spiritual world. Jesus talks about the “water and the fire” The water represents the knowledge of God and the Fire represents the spiritual actions of God. So we can know about God, but just be sitting in a corner “doing no wrong” but still “doing no good!” To be alive spiritually we must be whole(holy) – of both “water and fire” (spirit). I have a friend who is born into the water and he lives his life in fear and blindness! I have been helping him since 1999 and he still reckons I’m going to hell! Lol! Little does he know that he actually lives in hell! Hell is a place on earth that ends when we die. Hell is a station in the next world, one we impose on ourselves when we realise that in three score and ten years we could have gotten to within a few metres of God, but we wasted our time on earth and now stand half a mile away from Him. And because we had free will on earth we had the chance to approach as close to Him as we could in our short lifes. But in the next world there is no free will. I’ll just repeat that phrase – IN THE NEXT WORLD THERE IS NO FREE WILL!

The only way we can get closer to God in the next world is through the Grace of God. It may take us 10,000 years or more to make the transition to a few metres from Him. And that is the hell of the next world – knowing that we wasted a Golden opportunity to get closer to God, in the twinkling of an eye!

So how do we get closer to God in this world? Through our actions! Actions(fire) speak louder than words(water), Yes we have to be reborn into the Water. But the second rebirth is always into the Fire! Water can be compared to Station and fire to Rank.

Station can be compare to being either an officer or an enlisted man in the army.  Rank is your place within that station. So you start as a private but then advance to corperal and then to segeant. So sergeant is your rank within the station of enlisted men. We can advance our rank but not our stations. An officer starts at the lowest rank of officers and then starts working his way up the ranks through his actions.

Where we progress to in this life in rank may not be our final ranking potential. And that is when the spiritual hell comes into beingness. It is not God imposing hell on us, it is us imoposing hell on ourselves! We are the final judges of our own lives! God will remove the hell from us as time progresses and He moves us closer to Him (promotes us). And yet we all go to “Heaven” in the next life! We no longer have a body or a brain but we have our “mind”, our soul. And that soul is freed from the limitations of this world forever. And there is no fault(sin) in the next world as we are all lacking in free will and must follow the “method” (be disciples).

I hope I haven’t waffled on too much for you and that you have understood what I’ve said. It has been much of a stream of consciousness tonight.

God Bless you, and Peace and Love Be in you today!