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A conversation _ I’ll NEVER forgive you!!!

Yesterday my son and I were playing around (he’s 40 by the way) and I tapped him on the shoulder and said in a loud voice, “You have wronged me and i’ll NEVER, ever forgive you!!” To which he brilliantly replied, “Thank God God for that!” which set us both to laughing,  me so hard i nearly split mt sides!

Why was that so funny? Because he understands the power of forgiveness. If we don’t forgive people we actually block their return of karma for the event we are holding onto! So the thing we want most is prevented by us not forgiving! If only people could know this there would be a lot more justice in the world and a lot more karmic harm to the perpetuators of negative deeds.

Not only do we stop them receiving their own negative returns but we also make ourselves spiritually homeless because our place in the universe is in the love column and we can’t be in two places at once. When we won’t forgive we move from the love column to the Justice column but we cannot administer Justice, only God can do that. So instead of administering Justice we just end up blocking it! And the perpetuator walks away free as long as we don’t forgive them!

So we end up homeless in the wrong column (Justice) and protect the perpeuator of the misdeed against us! Is that Justice to either party? No, of course it isn’t. So how do we rectify this problem? By simply forgiving and forgetting. By forgiving we move ourselves back to the love column (to forgive is human) and by forgetting all about it we fulfill ourselves spiritually (to forget is divine).Not that we don’t learm from the mistakes we made in letting the event happen to us – but we abstarct it from the person and just remember it as a generalized lesson. That is the meaning of forgetting.

Peace then reigns and our hearts are happy! And at the same time we unblock the Justice column so the karmic returns can instantly return to the perpetuator – classic “Instant Karma” (as sung about by John Lennon!)

There is a slight catch however. Many people forgive and hand people onto grace. Grace means total forgiveness of the wrong so no returns apply to it. To get instant Karma we have to forgive them and hand them onto Justice. If a friend hurts us we hand them onto grace so there is no Karmic returns. Do you see that as the victim we have complete control over the returns to the perpetuators? That is the way the Spiritual world is set up.

So If I had said to my son, “You did me a wrong and I’m going to forgive you and hand you onto to justice!” his reply would have been, “Arrgh! You Bastard!!!!” and we both would have laughed again!

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It’s a little bigger than normal (master of understatement!!!)

The Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network is a bit bigger than normal concepts. In fact it’s a lot larger. Huge. Enormous. Gigantic in size! It has taken me 20 years to understand it fully, yet the network is basically very simple – it’s the inter-connections that seem complicated.


As i am the first person to ever have this concept it was a lot harder for me, as i had no one to talk to about it, no one to discuss the problems I faced when stonewalled by a new idea within it. No one except God of course! And though I am a slow learner, i have reached a stage of understanding and mastery on WPPN. Now I have to teach others! 

The Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network starts at grass roots level (us) and expands out from there. It starts with each of us as individuals and expands our BE-ingness! The system is set up to start working in our lives from day one by creating and expanding a virtuous cycle in our lives by implementing the higher laws. We don’t actually have to understand what we are doing at first except in the broadest terms (it is necessary to test it out to see if it is true, but you don’t have to have much understanding of the system itself to establish this). The whole system works on higher laws and Gifting in three forms to establish a virtuous cycle. We actually Do first and learn our BE-ingness from the doing! You have three months to try it out with a money back guarantee. If it is not for you, you can simply get your money back and walk away. 

I was talking to a fellow last year and he recons that it would take 30,000 volumes to write out the DNA code of a microbe. The WPPN System is far more complex than that. But we are not microbes, we are Souls having a human experience. The soul has abilities far above reading and writing. The souls can get close to understanding infinity!  So the Network is understandable and will become easier and easier as more people work and understand it – because of the principle of the 100th monkey. Once 3% of the world is doing what the networks does, then it will expand out so 80% of the population understands it! 

I ask each and every one reading this to have a look the principles of the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network, as it is a replacement for communism (which fell 20 years ago) and Capitalism (which is in the process of turning over now!) 

The time has passed for partial answers offered by companies and governments. The time now is for Wholistic answers. Only by treating the whole problem can we ever have a whole solution(obviously!)

This system came from God to me in an epiphany in 1992 (21 years ago). I had no idea what God had given me at that stage, but I knew it was big and good! 21 years later we have three members (including myself) and we are ready to expand and let the world in.

One of the benefits of being a member is a book called “Commitments“, a goal setting book that contains all the goals you’ll ever need to achieve detachment and wealth. It contains physical, metaphysical and spiritual goals that will help you achieve these two states over time – guaranteed! You get this book in four parts over the first six months (so people who drop out don’t get the really important [spiritual] goals). It took me five years to complete this book and it is not available to anyone but network members.

WPPN is not a business as such. It’s business is to make you your own business! You start using the higher laws by learning to love yourself first by paying yourself first every time you get some money, goods or services in. This is a vital part of spiritual practice. It starts your own virtuous cycle where “they that have (the virtuous cycle), shall be given more!” Your money is gradually built up into a family bank that passes down your family, through the generations for at least 500 years! As time passes it grows and grows because it is on a continuous compound curve. 

The network takes care of the problems of individual life – Work, Home and Income. It also takes care of these three  factors on the spiritual level of Continuity, Stability and Growth to give you certainty

So I say to you, take a look, what have you got to lose except fear, doubt and uncertainty!

take a look at my webpage; This is just a teaser for the sytem, to expand your minds a bit and start linking things together. Very soon I am going to make a series of videos that explain the basic concepts of the network, perhaps enough for you to see the bigger truth of the network and enable you to join and start doing!

The Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network website is at 

Also you can contact me directly at<> with any questions you have about WPPN.


kindest regards,