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I Am…

I Am, I Am, I Am.

I Am the Christ spirit, the knowable essence of God, the source of all divine revelation.

I Am the pure source of knowledge that speaks to man every thousand years, through a messenger of God.

I Am the One the current messenger signs the Covenant with.

I Am the source of every good thing on earth, both material and Spiritual.

I Am the path to spiritual Peace and Prosperity.

I Am the one you earnestly seek day and night in your deepest prayers.

Ask and I Am will be given to you. Knock and I Am will answer the door.

I Am the royal rebirth. Speak the words and I Am will be given to you.

Their are no restrictions on Love in this new age for I Am the new age!

To Be a follower of I Am is to Be a Christian. Men of all religions can be Christians once they recognise that their personal divine messenger was a follower of the Christ Spirit!

The first master I met was a Christian who was a “Muslim.” He went too Mohamed, through Mohamed to I AM.

Many people of many religions are simply followers of the manifestation of God, not followers of God/I Am. So a christian tends to be a jesus-ite. A jew tends to be a Moses-ite and muslim a Mohamed-ite. You can tell the difference because an “ite” lives by the rules and has very little tolerance whilst a Christ-ian lives by God’s Love and the higher laws of the universe.

The “ite” lives by his tongue, the “ian” lives by his actions! What a difference!

You will find the “Ian” detached from the little things of life, open to laughter (spiritual relaxation), open to music (Spiritual relaxation and upliftment), open to Gifting (service) and open to unconditional Love of God, himself and others. You will know him by his deeds, not by his words!

My name is J’I Am. This name was given to me as a gift from God as my new name and my masters

Graduation degree way back in 1990. It means Hand (J) of (‘) I Am. No mistaking God’s intent there! Lol!

In this new age the peoples of the earth are to move out from under the umbrellas of religion to the sunshine of Peace and Prosperity for the world under I Am. This is to come into being in the next 20 years and will be in place by 2035.

To this end God gave me the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network in 1992. This is the spiritual solution to economic problems for us (His children) and the world(His family). It is for the individual first and foremost – the governments of the world will follow where the people lead!

To follow I Am we have to submit our spiritual will to the will of God. This is hard and yet easy. It is hard to let go of our egos and try to “control it all!” Yet it is easy to live without controlling and controls, other than the will of God! The will of God is always based in the higher laws of Justice and Love. Justice and Love are paradise and heaven.

Submission to the will of God is the hardest thing to do for christians(Jesus-ites) because submission to the will of God was exactly what Jesus was meaning when he said, “I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now.[John 16:12] Submission to the will of God would come 700 years later, and yet this was not meant for mankind as a whole, only only given to a tiny part of the world.

In 1844 this ruling was declared for the whole earth and today it has not spread far. Gandhi was one of the first to broadcast it abroad in the physical level.

So the churches evolved into “Water” churches where the “Fire/Spiritual” aspect was played down. Yet it is the fire aspect we were told to pursue by Jesus, the Christ.

Water is the knowledge of God, Fire is the actions of God!. We can only perform the actions of God by awakening our own God aspect. We can only awaken our own God aspect by submitting to the will (the method, the higher laws) of God!

Know that the path to royal rebirth is known as The 10th Path. This is because there are Nine Messengers from God and most people go too the messenger and through the messenger (if they are lucky). The 10th Path goes straight to I Am (The Holy, the Christ spirit) and back to all the messengers of God! That is the fundamental difference between a rebirth and a royal rebirth. Gandhi had a royal rebirth! He was a Hindu who read the Bible and Koran equally!

How do I have a royal rebirth? Simply ask! It is good if you are an atheist or a “hatch, match and dispatch” (christenings, wedding and funerals) believer because you are not too corrupted by the teachings of man and will have an easier path to God.

What to say? “Lord I want to meet you at the highest level, the 10th level, as soon as possible in good and Godly circumstances!” And that is all you need to do.

Then start keeping an eye out for the answer! It took me six months to make the meeting, but I was a long long way away from God (by my own choosing! Lol!)

I was sent a Jesus-ite who helped me over some problems, with prayers for me. When I was reborn I was sent to the place God wanted me to go and my Jesus-ite friend put me through two exorcisms and wanted to go for a third! “Don’t be crazy” I said, “You can’t exorcise God our of a person!” The first two I went through because I was so spiritually naive!

The 10th Path is not a religion – God has no religion, only man has religion. The 10th Path is the highest calling of/to God. You will be guided to where you need to go, will be told what you need to do, will be assisted every step of the way in your task in creating a new Divine Civilisation. Those three things I can promise you, so fear not, have courage, be brave enough to ASK and set the ball rolling! You will never regret it! Ever!

May Love, Peace, health, Happiness, success and prosperity Be yours through I Am,

kindest regards

reverend master j’iam

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It helps to know where you are going!

Most people never set long term goals. If you are even considering setting these types of goals, congratulations as you are in the top 10% of the world! However only one in three will actually set them in concrete by writing them down on paper.

The reason why most never even reach the point of considering there futures is mostly ignorance. It is hard to actually find out what your own options are in man’s world as it is set up for you to fulfil other peoples’ wealth goals!

Know that there are six destinations we can aim for.

1) Poverty; this is a state of lack of material success and spiritual success. People in poverty are actually addicted to liking not having and not being! To not Be is to be miserable. To Be is to Be Happy. So people in poverty are actually happy being unhappy! Weird, I know, but that is the way some people are!

2) Middle Class: these people are happy with a bit of success and a bit of happiness. They are the agnostics of the fulfilment world. They “work hard” to achieve their gilded cages of mediocrity and then rejoice in that state. Because they have no idea of the true source of wealth they are usually very conservative and much loved by politicians! To be loved by a politician is like being loved by a bear that you allow to eat you one limb at a time!

3) The rich; This is a state of material success without any spiritual happiness. They have all the assets they can ever want but that havingness is a great burden on them and points out the emptiness of their lives! Biblically the state of riches is called, “To gain the world but lose your soul.”

These are the three states of dis-empowerment. Know there are only two states of Empowerment. Empowerment means that your power comes from outside of you from the spiritual plane.

4) The first state of empowerment is the spiritual state of “Poor.” To Be Poor is nothing like poverty because one is Happy in the state of Poor (note how I use a capital letter for Poor, to indicate that this is a spiritual state. To be Poor is a state of Detachment from all things except love. This where people get confused, things that Detachment from things must equate from not having things! FALSE!!! Detachment means that you can have what you Need just as long as Love comes first. Detachment also means that we work under the Laws of Providence, which state that anything we need (and ask for) will be given to us either free or very cheap! It is the laws of providence that gives us security in the state of Poor and it is expressed in the saying, “God always Provides!”

5) The state of abundance; which states everything we want we can have – for a price!” And what is the price? We have to fulfil our Beingness! Our Beingness is the set of talents and attributes we have been given at birth which need expressing so we can help create a divine civilisation! That is to say we have to leave the world a better place when we leave it than it it was when we entered it! That doesn’t sound too hard to achieve, does it? Well in some ways it is easy and in other ways it is harder. We can simply have children and bring them up well so they make the world a better place to live in. This is called creating a generalised divine civilisation. But to fulfil your own specific divine civilisation we have to use our Abundance PLUS our state of Poor to become Wealthy!

6) Wealthy is the state that you should be setting as a goal because this goal will take you to Abundance through the state of Poor! Remember….

Poor + Abundance = Wealthy!

If you aim for abundance alone, you are aiming for the negative state of riches! We don’t want to be rich, with it’s attendant miseries!

If we turn the list upside down we get a diagram of each state starting from the lowest and going to the highest….

Wealthy                                Total Empowerment

Abundance                            2nd Empowerment

Poor                                        1st Empowerment


rich                                         dis-empowered

middle class                          dis-empowered

poverty                                   dis-empowered

This re-arranging makes it easily knowable what to aim for – Poor, Abundance and Wealth! The illusion of middle class and riches are that you are actually empowered when you are not! Poverty is so lost that it doesn’t bother the participants that they are totally losing at the Game of Life.

It is important – very, very important – to set your initial goals correctly as they will either add power or detract from all subsequent goals! I learned this a few years ago when I set the goal of fasting for 40 days and nights (5 weeks and 5 days). I wrote this down as a goal and when I reached 20 days my body became physically sick and I had to break the fast. Before that I was actually cooking my son’s dinner each night! So I asked myself why did I get sick? And the answer came back that I had reached my old weight goal and that was older than the fast goal and therefore over-rode it. I should have actually reset my weight goal to go with my fasting goal and the there would have been no conflict of goals. Remember the older goal will always dominant over the newer goal – because the Goal id Dominant – especially in the time sequence!

By setting the goal of becoming Wealthy you automatically include the goals of Poor and Abundance and start learning both aspects simultaneously – a much better way than going linear and becoming Poor first and then Abundant after that. The Goal of Wealth Empowers both the states of Poor and Abundance!

I’ll repeat that loudly, as it is very important!

The Goal of Wealth

Empowers both the states of

Poor and Abundance!

With this goal as you whole of life goal you will never have trouble with lesser goal interfering with you “Biggie” goal. You will never have to reset this goal, ever!

How long should you set this goal for?

If you are twenty set it for 80 years.

If you are thirty set it for 70 years.

If you are fourty set it for 60 years

No matter what age you are set it for the age of 100 years old. Be optimistic in your life span age! You may not get that much but it is far better to overshoot the target than to undershoot it!

Consider your life goal as a trip. You live in Nowsville and want to get to Life Town by passing through Partsville and Nearly Town.

If you set your goal to Partsville what are the chances that you will settle down there? Quite big!!

If you set your goal to Nearly Town what are the chances that you will settle down there? Quite big too!!

This is because of human nature’s desire to settle for our goals, Be they complete or partial! By setting the end goal first we can enjoy the journey knowing that they are possibilities for settlement at a later date, but not the end of our journey yet! You see by improving our lives by 305 or 60% we think that this is alright and want to accept that gain. But we are aiming for 100% and unless we experience it we will never know where we want to settle down! Personally, I don’t believe anyone wants to go back down to 30 or 50 percent after having tasted the 100 percent!

I hope this article has been enlightening to you

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam

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086 shakespeare said 1000

As man thinketh in his HEART, so it shall BE!

The longest distance in the world for each of us to traverse is the 14 inches(36 centimetres) from the head to the heart.

In the head thoughts are known as knowledge. In the HEART our thoughts are also known as Knowledge. There is only one capital K separating the two states, but that capital represents a huge difference in thinking. The energy of knowledge(on the physical level)  is just 1. The energy level of Knowledge (on theSpiritual level) is 100! This is why Jesus said “You will Know the Truth and the Truth will set you Free!” Notice the capitals in Truth and Free as well! All these capitals represent the difference between physical states of freedom, truth and knowledge and Spiritual Freedom, Truth and Knowledge! The difference is the difference between 3 and 300 in energy levels! It is the difference between entrapment and Empowerment!

A baby elephant is tied to a peg that it cannot pull out and it becomes so used to being trapped by the peg that the circus owner never enlarges that peg as the elephant grows in size and strength! The grown elephant can easily pull out that peg and go where it wants. The only reason it doesn’t is because the elephant believes in it’s heart that it’s strength is still that of a baby! It Believes that it’s strength is 1 not 100, so it stays trapped to the tiny peg – never ever even trying to pull it out!

Mankind is the same. A we grow from children into adults we stay in our thoughts believing that they are our true strength. But as adults we are 5 – 6 times larger than children; it is the same in our minds! What we call our mind as children becomes our brain as adults. What is our mind as adults is actually our soul! Our soul has a strength of 100. Our brain has the strength of 1 or 10 depending what level we use of it at. It is only when we move our control from the brain to the soul that we are set Free!

Whilst it may appear to be a simple task to change our centre of thinking from the brain to the soul, simple is not easy! SIMPLE IS NOT THE SAME AS EASY!  That is why it is called the long fourteen inches!

So let’s get down to the heart of the problem – how do we move from the brain to the Heart? We have to ask out aloud for it – as a gift! All we have to do is speak it out aloud and ask to be shown the path to the spiritual world. Not just think it, but ask it out aloud! Why is this so? Because it all comes down to energy levels. If we think it in our heads then the energy level is 1. This is the closest we can get to zero without actually existing. To think something in our heads is, spiritually speaking, like a flea thinking something and expecting and answer. To ask out aloud is like the flea roaring like a lion becaue the first spiritual energy is SOUND.  Thoughts have no spiritual energy. THOUGHTS HAVE NO SPIRITUAL ENERGY!!! This is supported in the Bible by the words, “In the beginning was the Word , and the Word was with (from) God, and the Word was God (spiritual).”

I was an atheist for 14 years. After 7 years i drowned, went over to the other side and returned to this world so I Knew in my heart that we didn’t cease to exist for seven years until I was “Reborn” in to the spiritual world. Why did it take seven years for me to be reborn (move from the brain to the soul)? Because it took me seven years to actually ask the question out aloud! I had thought it a million times, but nothing happened. It was only when i lay in bed one night and said out aloud to God, “If your exist, please show me” that anything happened! Within 6 months I was reborn into the spiritual world as my centre of thinking! Know that it is a long 14 inches because we cannot make that leap in our brains. We have to go (as AA says) to an outside source to make the leap. How do we get help from that outside source (God/divine spirit etc.)? By asking out aloud! It is as simple as that! But the asking is not easy! It is the asking aloud that is the incredibly hard part (for our brain – it has to let go of “power”)!

Once we have uttered the words out aloud, a series of changes start taking place. It is a process much like the caterpillars transformation into a butterfly. The butterfly becomes a chrysalis, the chrysalis actually dissolves the caterpillars body and reshapes it into a butterfly and then the finished butterfly emerges! The caterpillar represents the energy level of 1, the butterfly represents the energy level of 100! The chrysalis process in humans is started the moment we ask it to start – aloud!

The moment we ask for it the transformation process starts. We cannot see it ourselves. Nor can other people see it happening, except that we become “hidden’ inside a chrysalis. We all know “something” is happening, but only the spiritual can see it happening with hindsight and know that the changes are taking place and that we are in the process of being “reborn” (TRANSFORMED, from the physical to the spiritual.) And off course God sends a series of spiritual people to help the process along – sort of like spiritual mothers (male and female). They can be religious or not – spirituality has very little to do with religion! 

Nor do we have to be “worthy” (deserving) of asking – all we have to do is ask! That is incredibly hard for some people to understand and stops them from asking at all!

So I hope i have helped someone, somewhere to let go of their thoughts and just utter the words our aloud, so that they may start the longest journey (with foresight) of there lives – because it really is the shortest journey of our lives (with hindsight! LOL!) Ask and you WILL Know the truth and that truth will set you free (of the limitations of the physical world!)

You can always contact me if you want help. Amen.

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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POWER NAPPING – HOW TO (read this one!)

Many people have heard of power napping, but not many know how to do it and even less actually do it!

It is quite an easy practice to implement and is as simple as relaxing and moving your eyes!

But first a bit of background. Why do we sleep? Because we are tired i hear you say. And that is true!  But are we physically tired, metaphysically tired or spiritually tired? In most cases we are not physically tired, because the body is a chemical factory that repeats the same operations over and over again. After a huge physical event we may be chemically exhausted but after a few hours that is gone. But most of the time we don’t sleep for physical reasons.

Sometimes when we have done a lot of brain work we can be metaphysically tired. Now metaphysical tiredness ties in with spiritual tiredness. Spiritual tiredness often happens when we do a lot of creative work. Know all creativity comes from the spiritual world. Creative work actually tires the brain and it is the brain that needs recharging.

Why do we sleep? To recharge the brain from the spiritual source. The brain works on an energy level of 10 whilst spiritual energy works at a level of 100+. Do we recharge batteries with a lesser power or a greater power? A greater power of course. Physically no one ever needs to sleep. But deprive someone of sleep and they soon go ga-ga!

In the olden times (Rome for one) sleep and death were considered half-brothers. And that is a pretty good description of the two. Sleep is a form of mini-death when we commute with the next world and get recharges for the next day. The Bhagavad- Gita is the only Holy Book in the world that talks about reincarnation. When you understand that sleep is a form of death, then it makes sense – we die each day for 8 hours and are reincarnated back into the same body each day! This continues until we die and then we never return to this body or this world (the human concept of reincarnation actually removes God from the picture altogether and dooms us to a life of return to this planet over and over (hell). As a holy man said, “This world is not so sweet that one would care to sup a second time!” But we do, everyday until we die! That is why we need the recharging!

So how do we get recharged each night? Through our dreams! Dreams come into us from the outside, channeling through our 8th chakra (white, above our heads) and going down into the subconscious, by passing the conscious altogether! One result of this is that the flow causes the eyes to rapidly move about in the eye sockets. This is called REM – Rapid Eye Movement.  Now this process can be reversed. You can move your eyes rapidly to and fro and induce a dream! You then either follow that dream, whilst awake (this takes a bit of practice) or fall asleep to follow it. When the dream is finished you will awaken refreshed because you brain has been washed with energy! Remember the brain energy is 10. The minimum dream (spiritual) energy is 100!

Many people try to eat themselves into refreshment, but this just doesn’t work. because food has an energy base of ONE TENTH. To replace one unit of brain you’d have to eat 100 units of food. Now food can take as long as 16 hours to be absorbed into a form that cam feed the brain. And if you are tired you are going to need at least 1,000 units of food energy. Which means eating when exhausted, which means waiting a long time for the energy to be ready (it has to undergo chemical transformations) which means by the time the energy is ready it is far too late and the extra energy is usually stored as fat! Never try to eat yourself fresh!

But the dream energy is instantaneous! It cannot be transferred into fat as the is no chemical energy involved, only spiritual energy!


The secret is very easy. Sit or lay down in a comfortable place, undoing any tight, restrictive clothing. Close you eyes. And then start moving your eyes behind your eyelids! I move mine to a union jack with a circle imposed on it. That is to say I move my eyes horizontally,  left and right on the top, the middle and the bottom. Then I can move them vertically on the left, the the middle and the right. Also I can move them from corner to corner, from the top left to the bottom right, from the top right to the bottom left, from the bottom left to the top right and from the top left to the bottom right. And finally I can move them around and around in a circle touching top centre, left centre, bottom centre and right centre (and the reverse).

With these fundamental movements, you just mix them all together to create an unregulated form of movement, throwing in movements at random (with your eyes shut of course). Within 30 seconds you’ll start to “see” a dream. Just follow that dream where it goes. Don’t think about anything that will interrupt the dream, just watch it like an interested bystander. At first we tend to fall asleep, when you awaken you will feel as fresh as a daisy!

Know that all great people develop this power napping ability – they couldn’t BE great without it, for greatness involves creativity! But anyone can develop, it if they want! You can work a 9 to 5 job and pump a lot of energy into it. You could have a power nap 4 times a day (Morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, home time) and be creative in both you job and your home!

As time passes you will learn to be awake during the dreams so you don’t “oversleep”. Many people use the first experience of oversleeping as an excuse to not power nap at all and so they continue on their weary lives, never being fully charged, never enjoying the many glorious moments of each day!

The ability to power nap is a higher form of Psycho-Cybernetics (by Maxwell Maltz) which uses the brain-body connection to alter moods. Psycho in this case means brain and Cybernetics means body. If we are sad it is in the mind but reflected in the body in posture, down turned lips etc. If we stand up straight and force a smile onto our face, the body-mind connection is used to feedback to the brain and we almost instantly become happy! Power napping is on the next level, using soul to brain connection to recharge us!

When I power nap I usually find myself under the ice in Antartica. Once I am there I just sink down into the deeper waters and the dream is away! A dream only has to last five minutes to recharge you for hours!

So give it a try – what have you got to lose? Only your tiredness! Again the answer is simple, but not necessarily easy as you’ll have to do things differently from your spouse, your family, your work mates and the world at large. But don’t let others stop you. You want to achieve things? You need the energy foundation of the spiritual level, not the physical level, to achieve big things!

I have just showed you how to move from the physical to the spiritual energy level, so go ahead and try it! See what happens! And give it a fair trial, not just one quick effort. Commit to it for a week (in secret, so no one will know you are doing it) and see the difference after that time.

Once you can do power napping, you life becomes so much larger!

kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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I have written an article on how to communicate to the subconscious so it does what you want it too. The subconscious is the engine of our ship and only understands a certain type of language (like we speak english, but it speaks Swahili!)

to read the article just go to my other blog at

kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam

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How to handle Manipulative and Malicious people.

All the people living only in the physical world are actually spiritually asleep. In the physical plane the asleep are constantly dreaming. If the dreams are positive that is good. If the dreams are negative they are called nightmares and that is bad. Unfortunately those with nightmares are able to project them onto other people and if you are the one being imposed on it is a real pain. There are few remedies for these projections on the physical plane. The best way to handle them is to move them to the spiritual plane, because (like in a game of scissors, paper and rock) the spiritual is far more powerful than the physical.

 I have told the story about my friend who hadn’t seen his son for over two and half years – even though he had legal custody every weekend! His ex was basically being malicious with her son by denying access. Even though he had spent thousands of dollars and tried all legal channels, he hadn’t succeeded in gaining even one second of access. Why is this? Because justice doesn’t exist on the physical plane except in the form of an eye for an eye. And he certainly wasn’t in position to apply this to the mother of his son. Know that the “law” on the physical plane are simply man’s rules and regulations, not justice.

So as a last straw he came to me (why am I always the last port of call, instead of the first? LOL!) and poured his heart out to me (that’s why!). I immediately saw what was wrong and recommended that he hand it over to justice. “How do I do that?” he asked. So I told him that he had to forgive her wholly and unconditionally. Fortunately he was a visual (he could see pictures in his mind) and I told him to “see” his ex standing there in front of him. Then I got him to say the following words out loud, “I forgive you wholly and unconditionally for all past wrongs against me and when the next wrong is performed against me I immediately forgive you that one too and immediately hand you onto justice.” And that was the complete ceremony/action.

 “What else do i have to do?” he asked. “nothing, it is all done, now we just have to wait.” I replied. He seemed a bit surprised at this, but accepted it and we had a nice cup of tea and a chat. The next morning (Wednesday) he phoned me up at 10 o’clock and told me excitedly. “Guess what, my ex has just phoned me up and asked me to take my son for the long weekend on Saturday!!” To say he was excited was an understatement! Lol!

 But for me the action was not unexpected as once it is taken all the responsibility for the actions lay on the manipulators shoulders. And once faced with the inevitability of punishment for their actions they almost invariably stop. And if they don’t they answer to “instant Karma” as John Lennon calls it. I have seen this happen within hours in another case I handled before (my first case actually).

In this case, the man concerned had stolen my car by forging my signature on the ownership papers that he had persuaded my wife to give him (I wasn’t home at the time). He them used my car to steal a trailer, which he then filled up with his current girlfriends possessions and took them all to another city and sold the lot and pocketed the cash! I found out from the police that “technically” he hadn’t actually stolen my car! I was told to take him to the small claims court and basically sue him. At he had been found guilty 6 times by the same court and hadn’t paid a penny back to any of the claimants! And he had also been to prison for fraud! So my case against him seemed pretty hopeless even if I won!


At this stage I hadn’t learned the forgiveness technique and I stewed on what to do for three months. In the end I was stumped and asked God what to do (why is god always the last port of call? Lol!) Within a very short time i was told to write a letter of forgiveness to him. This was a real struggle for me and it took four hours for me to get it right! After i had got it right i asked what to do with the letter, and i was told to BURN IT! Which i did and went to bed internally calm. The next morning i went down town at about 8:30 and there was this man leaning against a pole, battered with a thick lip, black eyes, a broken arm, a broken leg and on crutches. I just looked at him and thought, “as you sow, so shall you reap multiplied!” and really understood why forgiveness is the ultimate form of revenge.

 Forgiveness is not really a form of revenge at all, but a shifting of internal reality within the forgiver. Justice belongs to God – it is a spiritual energy that doesn’t belong to man at all (Justice is Mine sayeth the Lord”). For man our spiritual energy is Love. When we desire revenge we move ourselves out of the Love column of life and place ourselves into the Justice column. As we are incapable of administering justice all this achieves is the blocking up of the justice column and casting us into a world of pain, as we now become a protector of the wrongdoer against justice! So not only have we been wronged by them, but we have compounded the matter by wronging ourselves as well! It is the latter error that really hurts us!

By forgiving them we move ourselves out of the justice column and back into the love column – welcome home! That is our reward for forgiveness, the return to the Love column of spirituality. And that is the ultimate form of reward! The justice column is then unblocked and the justice flows very quickly. It is not our doing that they reap what they sow. That is entirely their fault. They sowed the seeds and they have to reap them. If they don’t want that way of life any more, they are always free to approach the spiritual world and ask to be entered. And that will be granted and all their past faults will be wiped! That is one of the beauties of “re-birth” the unloading of all the karmic returns still coming to them! Plus the beauty of being admitted to the spiritual world! The law of sowing and reaping is a self-applied law that either resists/punishes us or assists/rewards us. The more you resist the law the stronger the returns become! Until the returns from the law break you and you cry out for relief!


For the good sower of seeds the rewards are always good – “a good tree can’t bear bad fruits, nor can a bad tree bear good fruits” that is the working of the law of sowing and reaping. Unfortunately/fortunately the returns to the good are hidden from the wrong doers – “Only the righteous know the rewards of the righteous”. It is unfortunate for the wrong doers as they can’t see the path to redemption (the opening of the spiritual doors), only the thistles they are reaping. It is fortunate for the righteous as they can see the returns and over time learn to trust the law! Trust of the higher laws is a huge step towards spiritual freedom! A HUGE STEP! Lol!


Trust of the higher laws brings with it a detachment from the negative sowing and reaping of other people and an attachment to Love on a stronger, higher, purer level. The whole purpose of the spiritual world is for us to be detached from ALL except love. And the higher laws are a manifestation of love. It takes a while to learn this. Forgiveness is not the ultimate form of revenge, but the ultimate form of freedom from all fear (with fear standing for False Evidence Appearing Real). Freedom from fear and attachment to Love leads to ultimate calm and peace, the state of Nirvana or Heaven.


Anyway, if you have had the fortune to read this it is because you are ready to receive it. Those not in need of it, or not ready for it, will be blocked from reading it by the higher laws. If you haven’t learned of this law’s use yet, then you are into a new plane of learning. If you know of this i am sure you will be nodding your head in agreement, because the closer we get to the source of love the fewer our differences are!

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