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There’s a fine line between genius and insanity – NOT!!!


There is a much quoted line that states “There’s a fine line between genius and insanity.” But it’s absolutely not true, although with the briefest glimpse it appears to say something meaningful. But it is not true, so where is the fallacy in this saying? 

Insane people work from no reasoning whilst geniuses work from very set reasoning. As reasoning is invisible unless you study it, it appears as if both states are following non-reasoning. But only the insane follow non-reasoning. There is ALWAYS a reason for every action a genius makes and he knows both the why and the wherefore.

I remember years ago pulling two books out of the library on Charlie Chaplin. One was a biography and the other was an autobiography. I read the biography first and all the way through the book the author kept on  saying, “Charlie Chaplin did this, this and this and there isn’t a reason why he did it!” 

However in the autobiography Charlie Chaplin bought up the same incidents saying, “I did this, this and this because… ” and went on to explain his reasoning. Then the penny dropped and it made perfect sense. The biographer was not an empowered person and came from a position of ignorance, whilst Charlie Chaplin was an empowered person and knew exactly what he was doing and the reason why! 

And so the difference between genius and insanity is a HUGE DIFFERENCE – one of tightly controlled steering in Genius and no steering at all in insanity!

To understand the invisible laws that geniuses use you have to study metaphysics and spirituality. Both of these areas concern invisible Laws. The metaphysical laws are less tight than the spiritual laws (“he path is straight and narrow”) The purely physical laws of the universe are very loose and not really laws at all but rules and regulations. Learn to distinguish between the three levels and life gets much easier! Because all physical facts stick to metaphysical “laws” (principles) and all metaphysical principles stick to higher spiritual laws! This makes handling the billions of facts in the physical level very easy as their are billions of facts but less that a thousand principles and less that 20 higher laws! 

If you want to be adrift on the sea of ignorance then simply do nothing to learn of the higher principles and laws of the universe. You will struggle all your life against the flow of the universe,whilst those who learn the higher laws and implement them in their lives flow with the currents and winds to the warm tropical waters!

So how do you learn the laws of the universe? At a school? No! At a polytech? No, At a university? No again. It is impossible to learn these laws of the physical levels – you have to actually ask to be shown them and then you will be guided to dead and living masters who will show them!

Phooey!, how can a dead master teach you??? Know it is the duty of all masters to write their knowledge down onto paper. That paper is usually transcribed into a book that can then be read for thousands of years after the masters passing! A master offers you knowledge, not to pass a memory test, but for you to test and see if it is true. If you believe it to be true it becomes a part of you internal beingness! When I became a master I wasn’t given a certificate, but a new spiritual name – J’iam. So my name is now J’iam and it is also my graduation “certificate” – things work differently on the spiritual plane!

I am available to anyone who wants to learn the higher way. And believe me, whilst the physical path leads to riches, the higher path leads to wealth, which is far superior to riches because being wealthy is a manifestation of BEing happy! Whilst being rich is only a manifestation of doing and having!

 Contemplate over what I have said here today. There is a master standing in front of you who is available right now. But in a few years I won’t be that easily available except through books, and that will be a loss to who ever is reading this right now. For the master knows the ways and can teach them far easier to students than he can by writing it down, for their is no variation in writing.

The living master can best judge what is needed by the individual!

kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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The SADDEST thing I’ve ever seen

The saddest thing I have seen in my entire life is a child’s Love for his mother die right in front of my eyes. When my son was around 9 years old his mother (my ex-wife) beat his half-brother up really viciously. She threw him against a wall, breaking his arm and then kicked him in the groin causing him to need 5 stitches in the groin. I was with him the day when we went to the letter box and there was an envelope addressed to him. I gave him the envelope and watched him open it and read the letter. And then right in front of my eyes I saw the love for his mother die! It was like the air around him turned a dark shade of grey (it was a beautiful summers day). I took the letter off him a read him and saw what it contained and understood what had happened. 

A couple years later I  received a letter from his father in prison, asking me to take custody of his son. I got so close to getting him, but she specified he had to go to a catholic home , knowing full well that I wasn’t a catholic (not was she or any of her relatives – she just wanted to “win” by denying me access) Her son then went through a series of homes, onto borstal and eventually into prison. Not that she cared – she had “won the battle” against me! Proud Mum! Poor son!! He eventually to get straight, has married and has children of his own now. He lives in another country to keep away from his mother who is just as insane today as she was then. Perhaps not mentally insane but definitely spiritually insane!