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Try to laugh 3 hours a day!


If we laugh for 3 hours a day we are actually tithing one tenth of our time to laughing! Laughing is spiritual relaxation! So it is well worth developing the habit.

And you can ask for laughter under the laws of providence. So if you don’t feel like laughing, ask for some under the laws of providence in good and godly circumstances, and it will be provided to you! LOL!

kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

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The meaning of the days of the week – and some new suggestions.

As we plod through life, one day at a time, we do so in a cycle of 7 days called a week.Technically the first day of the week is Sunday, but capitalism has diverted that to Monday. Sunday obviously means the day of the “Sun”. Monday means day of the “Moon”. so those two days are pretty easy to guess. It’s the remaining 5 days that are not obvious, because they are all named after various pagan gods. 

Tuesday means Twia’s day. 

Wesdesday means Woden’s day.   

Thursday is Thor’s day.

Friday is Freya’s day

Saturday is Saturns  day.

Every week day is tied to a planet and the actual five days are also tied to various old pagan god and goddesses (Norse and Latin). I am not going to explain further, as that will take time and will distract the plot of this blog. Which is to make a suggestion of alternative days. (you can look up the info on Google by typing in “Meanings of the days of the week”.

As i am a metaphysician and a metaphysicist may i suggest that the days of the week be based on various virtues. I can suggest the main two as being the weekend days, and the other five as being the work days. Day number one would be based on “Gifting to self”. Day number two would be based on “Gifting to others”. This will then fits in with the eleventh commandment – “Love yourself and others wholly and unconditionally“. (“A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you.”[ john 13:34]

Notice the order of the days – self first and others second. This is the correct Spiritual order of gifting as we are commanded to love One first. One is the old fashioned name for the self (“how is one today?”).

The second day is for gifting to others, as the old word “another” literally means “and others”

Then we could overlay the seven virtues on the days of the week. The seven virtues are antidotes to the seven deadly sins (faults). The seven deadly sins are harmful to spiritual purity and actions (the wages of sin(faults/ not following the spiritual methods) is (spiritual) death”.

Fault (sin)                                                                                                            Virtue (Spiritual Methods)

Lust (excessive sexual/material appetites and addictions)                                  Chastity (purity)
Gluttony (over-indulgence)                                                                                 Temperance (self-restraint)
Greed (avarice)                                                                                                    Charity (gifting/Love in action)
Sloth (laziness/idleness/inaction)                                                                          Diligence (zeal/integrity/Labor)
Wrath (anger)                                                                                                        Forgiveness (composure)
Envy (jealousy)                                                                                                      Kindness (admiration)
Pride (vanity)                                                                                                         Humility (detachment)

Perhaps we could put numbers on these virtues as well to (roughly) signify their importance and day of the week.

1) Humility (primary detachment/gifting/Love in action)

2) Charity (secondaty detachment/gifting/Love in action)

3) Chastity (purity)

4) Temperance (self-restraint)

5) Forgiveness (composure/return to Love for ourselves)

6) Diligence (zeal/integrity/Labour)

7) Kindness (admiration)

That would be a rough order of things, although I think numbers one and two are pretty much set in place as they are the order of obeying the 11th commandment – which we should always do first and in that order.

Now I’m not suggesting that we should necessarily implement these days, but what I am suggesting is, that as spiritual people, we should type them out and put them up on the wall as a reminder to ourselves of the basics of spiritual life.

And that is why I wrote this blog – to bring our attentions to the Basics of spiritual life. Those who have been following me know I am keen on the BOB system (Be Brilliant On the Basics). Know I prefer the word basics to fundamental, because most fundamentalists are no fun to be with and are predominantly mental! Lol! Most fundamentalists don’t laugh freely which is a reflection of their lack of spirituality within. Spiritual people are urged to laugh a minimum of three hours per day Laughter is a spiritual tithing of your time to yourself! And an external reflection of your internal detachment from all except Love and Happiness. How can one Love and not BE happy! Never believe an unsmiling, non-laughing spiritual adviser – they are trying to take you down the road to hell with them!(hell is only spiritual separation from Love and laughter!)

I hope that this blog has given you some food for thought today.

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Love Peace and Prosperity! Lol!

reverend master j’iam










With Power comes Responsibilities and Benefits

True power in life comes from empowerment. Empowerment means Power from without. Empowerment from without comes when we internally synergise ourselves, or become empowered within.

With power comes responsibility. With responsibility comes benefits. When we are initially empowered we receive a  benefit straight away, that of the wiping of all past karmic debts. All debts under the law of sowing and reaping are wiped and we start with a clean slate. This is a huge benefit! Then we must start looking at our responsibilities and growing these in harmony with our benefits. At rebirth we are made brand new. All our past faults are forgiven and we start accruing new debts as soon as we start breaking laws (which we still have to learn). So we have to learn to forgive ourselves each and every day and accept God’s forgiveness along with that. God can never forgive us alone, we have to be with Him by forgiving ourselves too!

And we also have to learn how to find out the good things we did that day, recognise them and bring them into tomorrow. Far too few people do this. But if they don’t they are trying to eliminate negatives only, and to eliminate a negative it has to be replaced by a positive. Otherwise we eliminate a negative and it is immediately replaced by two or more other negatives! 

One of the first responsibilities we inherit is our responsibility for the Poor. And, just having been reborn, we are the poor. So we have a responsibility for ourselves. This is covered in the 11th commandment which tells us to “Love ourselves and others, wholly and unconditionally” 

Unfortunately this goes against most peoples inner convictions to external motivation. To be empowered we have to change from external motivation to internal motivation! (“as within, so without“) Saul was externally motivated. He thought he could solve his problems by massacring others. God struck him down, changed his name to Paul and changed his mission to first changing himself and then to changing others. SOME CHANGE!!! Lol!

Protection of others always starts at home – first learn to protect yourself and then learn how to protect others. If the lifeguard cannot swim extremely strongly how is he going to rescue someone who can’t swim well? He can’t and will simply end up being  dragged under the water to be drowned along with the one he is trying to save!

So always start at home and then expand outwards! I remember going to a Salvation Army service in Woodville many years ago and listening to a sermon from a visiting preacher … “if you see your brother standing by the road, with a heavy load, from the seeds he sowed… ) At the end of the meeting everyone rushed by me standing on the steps, got into their cars and went off looking for someone to give a lift too on that wet and stormy day! Leaving me to walk 2 miles home into the country, laughing at the inspiration the sermon had given them and the uselessness of the sermon to the man standing by the road, wanting a lift home! You see they all thought they had to go somewhere different to find someone to pick up. That is always the way with externally motivated people! Internally motivated people turn to the person standing next to them to see if their neighbour needs their  help.

Unless we are internally motivated we will travel the world looking for people to help and always just missing them by a minute, 59 seconds, 58 seconds and so forth until we get down to tenths of a second and then hundreds of a second etc. etc.

If we don’s carry out our responsibilities to ourselves, how can we carry them out for other people. If we don’t accept the benefits for ourselves, how can we demonstrate them to others who want them and are seeking those benefits, never being able to see them because the so called spiritual are a “miserable pack of b*ggers”  Lol!

What are things most wanted by the world at large? Love and Laughter! What are the benefits of spirituality? LOVE and LAUGHTER! Only by accepting these two benefits and sharing them with the world will we attract people to a better way of life! 

We can’t attract spiritual souls to Love with do and don’t rules and regulations, disempowerment and misery. So STOP IT! Be happy, be Empowered, be Detached, Be internally Motivated, Be different from the ways of the world, Be immersed in the ways of God. When I wake up in the morning the first thing I see is God’s smile in the Rising Sun! I hear God’s laughter in the morning chorus of the birds! I hear “Glory to God” in the birds prayers to Him!

Sure you’ll have detractors who say, “He’s weird, eccentric, strange, loony etc” But what business is it of yours to worry about what others think of you? It is your responsibility to be happy, to be joyful, to carefree and love yourself and others wholly and unconditionally! That is what draws to hearts of men towards you! And then you give them the pure words of God, for only these words can change the dross of the world into the gold of faith!

Life is simple, not complicated – let go, let go, let go! let go of your problems and let God take care of them . Let go of your fears and attach yourself to the certainties of Love! Let go of your inhibitions and grab a hold of the courage of Faith! Then my friend you will have changed yourself into God’s gold and be able to attract the seekers after Him.

love and Peace 



A Good Laugh! (a start to your three hours minimum daily laughter)

Here is a genuine(Lol!) photo of Hercules the Basset sky-diving from a great height. To get the photo I had to jump out with him (backwards) and I guarantee this picture is not photo-shopped in any way(liar! but it’s a good little picture of a great adventure in our minds!)  ENJOY!!!


J’iam’s #1 most serious rule! (and it’s not what you’d think!)

My most serious rule in life is that I should laugh for a minimum of 3 hours per day! I have lived by that rule since 1978. And it has stood me in good stead too. For example when I lived in Woodville (in the country at an electrical sub-station) there was a knock on my door one day. When I ansered it there stood the husband of a lady I used to talk to over the fence as she ran past on her daily jog. I said “Hello, how can I help you?” and he said, “Sstep outside please, I’m going to thump you!” Goodness I thought, what’s gotten under this man’s bonnet. So I said to him, “If you are going to thump me, I want to know the reason why!”

“You know why!” he said.

“No, I don’t know, I have no idea at all!” I replied

“You’ve been having it off with my wife!” he said. At which point I laughed out loud, a good hearty belly laugh!

He stood there not knowing what to do! He had prepared the scene in his mind what he was going to do. If he does this then I’ll do that, or if he does that then I’ll do this. But the one thing he hadn’t prepared for was for me to laugh at the idea.

“I’m sorry,” I said, “but we only talk over the fence. Someone has been backbiting to you haven’t they?” And that was the real reason he was there on the doorstep. Neighbours had been whispering in his ear that she and I were having sex because the had a reason to like me (but not sexually – I’ll tell you why in a minute)

I said to the husband, “Paul, people have been backbiting to you (backbiting is vicious gossip and is forebidden by God in this new age). Go and ask her why she is friendly with me, I think you’ll be surprised! Would you like to come in for a cup of tea?”

“Um, no thanks” he said rather embassed by the scene that had taken place. I felt sorry for him and said, “well, the offer is always open!” and he left.

The reason why the lady (Simone, names are changed to protect the innocent) was very friendly with me (I was a solo father then) was because she had a problem at the time. One day she was jogging past as i was in the garden and she said, “Well I won’t be chatting to you any more soon!”

“Why is that?” I asked.

“Because the docters are going to be putting me in a wheel chair!”

“Why would they do that?” My jaw dropping as I asked!

“Because I have artheritis in my knees, hands and other joints.” she replied sadly.

Now a few months before, Green lipped mussell had been discovered to be effective with arthuritis and I had been reading about the latest “miracle cure” in books and magazines, so I asked her, Have you heard about green lipped mussells? They are supposed to be marvellous for arthuritis!”

“No,” she replied, “never heard of them.” So I went on to explain they were the latest thing on the market for her problem. Then she asked me, “How much are they?” and I replied, ” about a dollar per tablet”

“Oh” she said, “that’s very dear (expensive)”- this was back in 1979 and it was expensive.And I said, “Well think about it. They want to put you into a wheelchair, which means they have given up on curing you. What if they work? How much will that be worth to you? Not living your life in a wheel chair!”
She thought about that and said her thanks and goodbyes and i didn’t see her for about three weeks, until one day she came running up to my fance and said. ” I want to thank you! Those pills are marvellous and they have cured my artheritis completely! I can now Run again (not just jog/walk like she had been doing!) ”

I was so happy for her! What a difference it had made in her life – she was beaming with true (inner, spiritua) happiness! And because of that the small minded neighbours had put one and one and come up with 69! And then had run to her husband with tales/rumours/gossip/backbiting of infidelity! And he had believed them and had determined to come down and thump me up!

So there is the power of laughter. Laughter, like music,  “has charms to sooth a savage breast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak.” (William Congreve). This is because Laughter and Music are both forms of spiritual relaxation! But laughter is the more powerful of the two! Not many people know this though, and so the world continues on it’s weary, depressing and depressed way!

There is a saying about laughter, “Laugh, and the world laughs with you; Weep, and you weep alone” (Ella Wheeler Wilcox.) Laughter eminates, like light. A candle can eminate light to every corner of a darkened room, but there is nothing that can eminate misery, like a dark light you can strike that spreads darkness to every corner of the roon and makes it black. Evil does not have the power of emination at all. Rather it must sneakily move around the room closing all the curtains, and plugging up the gaps toblock out the light. Evil must be contained within a box. Open up the box and it is no longer dark inside!

Even if you live in darkness the sun always shines. Even in the most vicious storm the sun is still shining within six miles of you – straight up above the clouds. Always remember that the sun is always shining. Even at night it still shines on the other side of the world and we are moving towards the light at 1,000 miles per hour! And the darkest portion of the night is always before dawn!

It reminds me of an incident i had in Palmerston North in 1986. I was walking down the street in a foul mood and I noticed that no one was smiling at me, so i thought, “Why is no one smiling at me?” And a small voice whispered in my ear, “try smiling at someone yourself!” So I saw an old lady approaching and forced a cheesy grin onto my face! Fortunatly for me she must have been nearly blind and couldn’t see the forcedness of the smile, but saw it as a genuine smile and beamed a genuine heart-felt smile back at me! And that changed my mood from foul to beaming and I was able to cast out genuine smiles to every person I met. And they all cast genuine smiles back at me, so in the space of 100 feet my world changed from a dark place to a bright place! Lol!

So don’t think of laughter as a fickle thing. Think of it as a powerful force of for change – firstly within ourselves and secondly in the world. For laughter is a manifesting, emminating force that changes the world for the better. Try laughing three hours a day, make a commitment to it for one month and see how your world changes for the better. As I said, the first three minutes are the hardest. And you can ask for laughter at any time under the laws of providence, because laughter is a neccessity to Man, not a luxury!

Go forth and Laugh!