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Got high blood pressure? Then do this one thing!

I have had high blood pressure for ten years. Over that time I have been told that my blood pressure was dangerously high over and over again. About the only sensible advise I got was from a specialist who said “As long as the lower figure is less than 110 you are safe”. The higher figure (the one the doctors concentrate on) is not nearly as important as the lower figure.

For the last ten years I have also been collapsing in public places, just blacking out. This happened again two days ago and they hauled me off to hospital once more. But this time one of the specialists said, “test his blood pressure with him standing up”. And what a difference that made. My blood pressure laying down was 92 (for the bottom figure) and standing up it immediately dropped to 65! That is a 30% different between the two positions.(which means to say my blood pressure increases 50% when it sit or lay down.) 

And the doctors had been treating my problem on the vastly increased blood pressure reading of siiting/laying! So i was told to stop taking my blood pressure tablets for the meantime. What all this means is the collapses (which I had thought were my fault) were mainly due to over-medication!_

So I recommend that if you haven’t been tested for blood pressure standing up, please insist on it when you visit you doctor the next time – you may be in the same situation as me.

Take the two at the same sitting – the first sitting down (and record the numbers yourself) and then standing up. If there is a considerable drop in pressure then you need to reduce your medicine intake!