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Digging ditches!

Digging ditches is a job we all put off until it rains. But when is the best time to dig our ditches? In the dry! Why in the dry? Because only in the dry can you dig DEEP ditches. In the wet you are limited by the water that fills the ditches! 

By digging in the dry we can make a ditch 50 feet long and fifty feet wide and fifty feet deep! A ditch becomes a lake! In the wet you’d be lucky to dig three feet deep because the water dissolves the dirt into mud and it is nearly impossible to shovel mud!

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! So it is with digging ditches. I suppose if you want to drain water away from a puddle, you are best to wait till rain makes the puddle obvious! But if you want to create wealth then the only option is to dig in the dry. Every time there is a drought the farmer should be out creating new pools to fill! Because the rains will come and all will be well for a while and then they will disappear again! And where will the farmer be? Either protected or in the same trouble again depending on their choice to dig, or not to dig, in the dry!

Money is like water. It flows into and out of our lives. If we consider our lives to be our own farm and money as life giving water shouldn’t we be digging our ditches deep to retain water on our farm? Methinks so!

And like water money has a certain pattern of flowing so there are ways and WAYS to dig ditches! The best way is the WAY way! Lol! The best way is the way that utilises the quality of water/money in the best way possible. Did you know that money is a spiritual invention? Not many do in this material world! But think of money. What is it’s real job? It is a UNIVERSAL medium of exchange. Notice the word universal. Not limited, but universal medium of exchange. It can change money into goods, goods into services and services back into money. OR any other possible arrangements og money, goods and services.

Being universal indicates it is spiritual in nature. Nothing physical is universal at all! very few things in metaphysics are universal. But all things in spirituality are universal! So Money is a spiritual entity. But how many of us use money spiritually? Very few indeed! 

Know the rules of spiritual money use are totally different from the rules of physical money use. In the physical it is about accumulation of money. In the spiritual it is about the distribution of money. That is the main difference – one of direction! Physical is inwards initially and Spiritual is initially outwards, but universally back inwards (all things are involved in all things)!

In the spiritual world it is a matter of correct distribution in the form of gifting. The most important person to gift to is who??? Yourself, first because “as within so without“. We cannot gift to others correctly if we do not gift correctly to ourselves first! And that is the huge difference between physical accounting and spiritual accounting.

In physical accounting we fool ourselves that we are paying ourselves first. But in reality (for most of us) the government always takes it’s bit out first, before we even receive our pay checks. So who really gets paid first in the physical world? The government! Which equals other people, not ourselves. 

In the spiritual world we start accounting for money in different ways. Distinguishing between our physical and spiritual incomes is the first way. We start using the token on our physical incomes to create more spiritual incomes and then start applying the spiritual Pereto Principle to ALL spiritual incomes! 

You can learn spiritual accounting from me, reverend master j’iam.

So if you want to know how to be wealthy for sure (100% guaranteed over 11,000 days) then contact me. Not rich but wealthy. Riches are a physical states of possession gained by doing and having. Wealth is a spiritual state gained by BEing, doing and having! SO our BEingness is the difference between riches and wealth. Sounds simple doesn’t it? And it is simple! But not necessarily easy, because you will have to turn away from the physical world you have been brought up in and turn to the spiritual world’s teaching! And there is the only difficulty in the spiritual world – our attachment to the physical world of our physical mother and father, brothers, sisters, and associates!! 

But if you have an inner urge at this moment to find out more, that is your soul using your intuition, your HUNCH abilities to urge you on. Never destroy a hunch. Follow your intuitions because you will be divinely protected. Learn to distinguish between your thoughts and your intuitions. Intuitions will never say things like, “go out and rob a bank” or “take some drugs to find out what they are like.”  Negative things like these are invariably thoughts.

But things like “Talk to that man over there” or “turn left here” are almost invariably intuitions that lead to good things! If you are experiencing a gut feeling to talk to me to learn more, then just do it! I an easily reached. (if you try to reach me and fail at all attempts then it is not the right thing for you, at this present moment and that is divine protection at work [everything happens in perfect timing]). But give it three tries before giving up!

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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The sure path to Peace and Prosperity

The sure path to Peace and Prosperity – the beginners guide to certainty of inner Peace and Prosperity (start here!)

We all crave these two things – Inner peace and Prosperity. That the two are irretreviably interlinked cannot be denied. Our ancestors (the Victorians) knew this only too well but did not have the tools to achieve boths states at once. Today we have the means, but have forgotten the targets in this age of materialism! Spiritual objects/goals are not clear any more! But once in a while you get explorers like myself who have left “cicvilisation and “gone bush” to explore what’s over the hill and in doing so have found a new valley to colonize.

And that is what i am offering today. To reach the new valley you will have to follow me into the bush on a thin  foot track that will one day be a motorway. But the way is quite safe. It just takes a little bit of courage to plunge into the bush after living all our lives in the open spaces. But once inside the bush you’ll be amazed at the calm and quiete of it. And you’ll be able to here bird song all day instead of just in the morning (before it is drowned out by the rush of traffic and industrial noise.)

So what actions do we have to take to reach the new valley? We initially have to spiritualise our money, followed by our possessions and services. Then we have to spiritualise ourselves and find our purpose in life. (i’ll tell you what that is right now – to build a divine civilisation!) 

So why start with money? Because it is always best to start with something we think we are familiar with. We all think we are familiar with money but really only one in a hundred know the true qualities of money! Because money is not only a physical thing but also a metaphysical and Spiritual thing too. And as we discover these two things the POWER of our money increased from 1 to 10, to 100 (physical energy, metaphysical energy and Spiritual energy)

Surely it is better to work at an energy level of 100 than 1?  Of course it is but working at higher energy levels is like moving from the sandpit and working with a bucket and shovel to moving to the quarry and working with Dynamite and bulldozers. We have more energy but we have to be trained to handle these things properly lest we hurt ourselves or others!

Education is the initial answer to all spiritual problems. The master can teach you the principles but after that you must do these things for and to yourself to make them work in your life. Spiritual education is different from physical education.In physical education you get a piece of paper saying you are learned. In spiritual education you have to apply them to your life so you Be-come spiritual. “You shall know them through their deeds, because a bad tree can’t give good fruit nor can a good tree give bad fruit!” in spiritual terms an educated man is one who knows the difference between right and wrong and who chooses to follow the right path. In schooling, an “educated” man is a learned one. Yet I have met “learned” men who were stupid in their actions, following the paths of their educators – who really knew nothing about education at all! I’m sure you have met such a person too, if you think about it.

The thing with spiritual education is that you are offered a “truth” that you must test to destruction and work to implementation. The truth cannot be destroyed and the truth will always build itself up very quickly. Between the two testing methods you’ll quickly come to realise that “This IS true” and the truth will make the “long 14 inch journey” from your head to your heart and it will become YOUR TRUTH! Which you can then offer to other people. The spiritual teacher always offers the truth for you to test and never demands that you believe it, just because he/she is saying it!

Today I am going to offer you a spiritual truth. Money was not invented by man but was a gift from God to man. It must be this because money is a universal form of exchange. It moves goods into services, services into goods and both inot money and money into both. If it is universal it must have come from a universal source. the only universal source I can think of is God! If God created money then it must have spiritual aspects. And it does. To find the spiritual aspects of money we have to stop chasing it and start offering it to others as a gift (just like knowledge) One of the best ways I know of doing this is to break money down into it’s smallest part and offer this to others as a gift. In New Zealand the smallest coin is 10 cents, but if you live in a country with 5 cents or even 1 cent coins, use those. Go to your bank and get $1 worth of the smallest coins available and take those out and offer them as gifts to people. To offer a gift spiritually there has to be an offerer and a receiver. You cannot just say, “here have this” as that is a win lose situation. You have lost and they have won! Instead you must say, “will you accept this gift from me?” and wait for them to answer. If they say yes then give them the gift wholly and unconditionally. the money has to pass from your property to their property – they can do whatever they want with it! You have then created a win/win situation (every spiritual transaction is a win/win transaction, you just have to learn how they work)

In the case of gifting the transaction opens you to the returns from the law of “sowing and reaping” which states, “as you sow, so shall you reap multiplied, 30, 50 100 fold” so you may be gifting 1, 2, 5 or 10 cents but are guaranteed a return of a greater amount so there is never a loss to you in gifting, only an increased return! And what do we call an increased return in the physical world? Why, an investment of course! Gifting is always a spiritual investment!

So my challenge to you today is for you to have the courage to do something different with something familiar. Try gifting small amounts of money to as many people as you can! 

But what if they refuse my gift? Then simply put it back in your pocket and move onto the next person. Anyone who refuses a gift is in poverty and poverty is the opposite of wealth! Don’t try to push your gift onto a person in poverty, just dismiss them and walk away.

What do you say to people who say, “what’s it for?” Simply answer them, “It’s to make you happy!” Because it is. Whilst you are seemingly gifting money you are really gifting Love! Because the amount of money is so small most people cant “see” it (appreciate it). If you were to gift them a $100 dollars, all they would be able to see is the money and not appreciate it at a spiritual level. Try it today and observe how such a small gift can lift peoples spirits, because, “there is no such thing as a small gift of Love!” Once you have seen this with your own “eyes” (heart) you can never go back to the old beliefs on money you were taught by materialists (like “money is the root of all evil”) Money is a huge source of Goodness and Graciousness in this world, once we learn to use it properly!

This simple act of gifting is beginning of a new inner peace and (later) a growing prosperity. Inner peace and prosperity are essential to outer peace and prosperity, because things are always “grown in the garden of the heart” in the spiritual world. As it says in scripture, “as within, so without!”

If you decide to test this knowledge out and want to report the results to me and get further training then please feel free to contact me directly on my private email address..