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been away for a little while, changing from windows to Linux

And I definitely like the changes. I changed to Ubuntu first and then to Linux Mint which is far better for me as I am right-handed whilst Ubuntu is left-handed! Even the logo in Ubuntu is moving from right to left as opposed from left to right for right-handed people. So it was easier than windows, but i couldn’t overcome 62 years of right-handed training! But I’d definitely recommend it for a left-handed person, as the movements will seem natural to you after living in a right-handed world for so long!

Many years ago I had a strongly left-handed flatmate who was a painter like me. One day I watched him paint a beautiful painting in less than an hour and then watched him struggle to sign it for over four hours! In the end I said to him, ” why don’t you just sign it right to left instead of struggling with it left to right?”.

A little light went on in his brain and he signed it perfectly in less than 30 seconds! We have to learn to “go with the flow and flow with the go!”, to take the righteous path of least resistance. There is nothing illegal about being left-handed, and if you want to write from right to left, then just do it! Leonardo Da Vinci wrote his books this way. If  a right-handed reader wants to read your works, they can just look in a mirror!