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Life, Death and Synergy

When the owner, the captain and the ship work together as a unit, we are internally synegised, or united as the bible puts it. A man united will always win, a man disunited will always lose! The secret of life is to get the synergy going.

When I was younger I spent 6 months trying to destroy my ego because I’d read some bit of idiotic religious advice. In the end I just couldn’t do it, so I asked God WHY I couldn’t destroy my ego. And the answer was “Because I gave him to you to control your ship. You are the owner of the ship, he is the captain! Make peace with the captain and he will work for you as a good and faithful servant!”

So I approached the captain, apologised for trying to destroy him, told him that God had told me I was the owner of the ship, not the captain, and that he was the true captain of the ship. And that I would make the decisions where to go and he would take me there.

He was happy with that because the ego cannot make decisions! But he can do the job he was created for – his Beingness. And I can do mine!

We shook hands on the agreement and have worked together ever since, in harmony.

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam

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Marital advice in a nutshell – it really is as simple as this!

036  how to keep your man

From Rocks to an Angel – the WPPN Procedure in pictures

!wppn logo BLUE 2013-500 pixels
The WPPN (the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network)procedure is multi-layered. I am going to start from the absolute basics because you will either recognise it, because you have already achieved this level, or you will need to recognise it because you need to do it!
The first stage is where we are internally disunited, which means our bodies, brain and soul are not united. A house divided as such can never win. A house internally united will always win!
Here the three elements are shown disunited, laying in the sand. They are represented as rocks/statue parts because they can never win and are therefore inert (or spiritually dead.)
 wholeness0097 200
The first thing we have to do is align the pieces into the correct order. This is done by the three gifting programs within the Network. The first three months will start your alignment
wholeness0095 700
Once you become a full member (after 3 months) you will glue the pieces together (you may have already reached this stage.)
wholeness0093 700
Then you will be “welded together” to complete your internal unity.
wholeness0092 700
The next stage is to hoist the statue upright…
wholeness0091 700
On achieving spiritual “uprightness” your stone will transform to spiritual flesh
wholeness0087D 700
At this point we start to develop spiritual colour
wholeness0087C 700
And then the spiritual “Brain” awakens! This is when you see the power of God’s Higher laws! And you start to get the spiritual “Powers of Command”!
At this very point you move spiritually from Water to Fire, from the Knowledge of God to the Actions of God!
Once we show we have the actions of God as our Major Dominant Purpose in life we are promoted up to the level of an Angel on earth.
For this we are given Wings to fly with…
wholeness0087A 700
These wings represents the station of “Poor.” It is in the state of Poor where we start flapping our wings and learning the aspects of flight. No one knows exactly when is the first time they will fly freely. But it is inevitable if we continue in the state of “Poor.”
And one day we simply take off and fly! That is our entrance into the state of “Abundance!”
wholeness0085A 700
And what we do with our abundance determines our true Wealth!
Now, you may be at any of the stations I’ve described and just need a helping hand up to the next stage. The higher up you get in the stations the more obvious it becomes that this is a plan from God and that we all need to do it because it is God’s Bidding – “All are His servants and all abide by His Bidding!”
Jesus had no need to be baptised by John the Baptist, but went through with it anyway simply because it was God’s bidding upon mankind! Even if we don’t want to do it we need to do it because we are beacons of light to the lost. If any of the beacons are missing it is easy for seekers to lose their way or to fall into holes!
I don’t drink alcohol, although I used to before I was reborn (I was a whiskey “connoisseur”!) But it is a 1,300 year old command of God, and my will is submissive to the will of God, therefore I don’t drink alcohol! Only by being “Whole” can we achieve the stations of “Poor” and “Abundance.” This is why it is called the “Wholistic” Peace and Prosperity Network. Because it has the whole picture within it.
If you have read this far and there is a fire burning within you, that is your soul telling you that this is the truth. Contact me and see the bigger picture, judge it for yourself and join to start the New Age process in your life and the life of your family, that you may Be uplifted Now!
Join now whilst it’s still small and be way ahead of others at the due date of 2035 – when it will come into world-wide reality!
May Love Happiness, Health, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours, through the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network
reverend master J’iam
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Living on margin Part One

Living on margin means living on less than 100% of your income.

Most peoples incomes are all lumped into one bunch. Everything goes into that lump and it is called income

Working on margin099

What goes out of there is called Bills, or more technically “Outgoings.”

Working on margin098

So most people’s informal budgets look like this

Working on margin097

This is called an informal budget

As I said this is an “informal” budget. That is to say it is vaguely outlined into two simple factors of In and Out, but it is not a formal budget, that is to say an “Organised” Budget.

The next step up in budgeting is to start organising your assets, which in the physical world means housing, saving and investments etc. This takes some organising and perhaps 20% of the population may have budgeting to a greater or lesser degree. These people tend to be a lot more financially viable than the rest of mankind, simply because the are organised. Know the difference between a man in poverty and a man in wealth comes down to one word – Organisation!

But there is a vary small percentage of people (perhaps one 10th of one percent) who organise their finances on a different level altogether. These people are “Spiritual” or “wholistic” budgeters. They end up as empowered people!

Their investments always start on the spiritual realm in two ways. Why two ways? Because there are two different types of spiritual investments …

(1) Spiritual/physical investments

(2) physical/Spiritual investments

This is because spiritual investors are working with energy levels of 1 on the physical plane and 100 on the Spiritual plane. So the two types of investments are 1/100 and 100/1 (one to one hundred and one hundred to one). Know that all spiritual processes are wholistic which is why so many fail in the spiritual realm, because they go for one favourite side of their spiritual life and ignore the other “Must Do” side!

The 100/1 investments are called gifting to self, whilst the 1/100 investments are called gifting to others. These are the actions we must take to achieve the processes in our lives – Gifting to self and then gifting to others. It Must be done in this order!

So the two types of spiritual investments are…

100/1 investments = gifting to self

1/100 investments = gifting to others

Both these investments set up what are called “Virtuous Cycles. ” Know that virtuous cycles are the keys to wealth which is simply Happiness plus Abundance.

Happiness plus Abundance = Wealth

Notice how Happiness comes first. Why is this? Because “What profits the man who gains the earth and loses his soul?” What is the point of Being rich and miserable? None at all! Money amplifies what we are. If we are unhappy it amplifies our unhappiness. If we are happy it amplifies our happiness! The only type of happiness that is totally immune to money is Spiritual happiness!

It is no harder to build Spiritual Happiness than it is to build physical happiness, only slower. Remember, physical happiness has an energy base of 1 whilst Spiritual happiness has an energy base of 100.

On the physical route to riches all you have to do is invest money and reap it multiplied. This is called doing and having! But what is missing out of that formula? Beingness! To be Wealthy we have to Be, do and having takes care of itself automatically!

Know we can only achieve true happiness by following our Beingness. Our Beingness is the very purpose that we were born to achieve. Achieve you Beingness and sublime Bliss and Ecstasy is yours! Achieve your Beingness and you literally “Get paid to play!”

So how do we achieve this sublime happiness? Jesus knew the answer very well – by becoming one of the Poor! Jesus said, and I quote “Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven!” [Matthew 5:3] Is not the kingdom of heaven the ultimate form of happiness? I have found it to be so.

So the path to wealth is a two step process- first we become Poor (poor is a state of Beingness that has nothing to do with the amount you have in this new age). Whilst we are in the state of Poor we learn to work under the laws of providence which state, “Everything you need will be given to you either very cheap or free!” We have to learn how to work the laws of providence because they are the foundations of “The powers of command” which is God’s greatest gift!

In the state of Poor we become free of the worries of the world and invest in virtuous cycles (100/1 and 1/100). It is the returns from those virtuous cycles that propel us into the next state which is called abundance. The law of abundance states. “You can have anything you want but there is a price to pay!” What is the price we have to pay? We have to fulfill our Beingness! And we can only do that by achieving the state of Poor.

Unfortunately the word Poor is bandied around very carelessly by the world, especially the press and TV. To them it is interchangeable with poverty. But poverty and the state of Poor are like chalk and cheese and it is only with study of the state of Poor (notice the capital P) that we come to understand that it is a dynamic spiritual force that leads to the state of Abundance and then on to the state of Wealthy. Wealth is the gifting of the powers of command to you – “As you speak out of your mouth, so it shall Be

The “state” of poverty is actually a state of lack – like darkness is a state of “the lack of light.” Darkness cannot exist in the presence of light – it is as simple as that. So the state of Poor is the first state of light that throws out the darkness of both poverty and riches by illuminating every corner! Did you know that riches are a state of poverty? They are, because they are gained simply by doing and having. Poverty is gained by not doing and not having! Where is the Beingness in either of the two dis-empowered states? It’s not there! Which is why they are states of darkness.

Beingness is an empowered state. The word em-powered means “Power from without” Literally powered by God! The state of Poor is the first state of empowerment. Once we achieve the state of Poor by investing in the two spiritual assets (virtuous cycles) we are literally on our way to abundance.

Once we attain abundance and handle it properly we can achieve a state called Wealth! Wealth is the highest state of all as it is a synergisation of both Poor, Abundance and the Powers of Command, where the sum of the parts is greater than the sum of the whole.

Why am I explaining all these things? Because you can’t just head out on a journey not knowing your destination! If you don’t know what your destination is you are just going for a Sunday drive!

Or as they say in motivation circles, “If you don’t change where you’re heading, you’ll end up where you’re going!” For most people heading out they are heading towards the cliffs!

I repeat, your true destination in life is Wealth, which is achieved by attaining the state of Poor first and then the state of Abundance! This article about living on margin is the beginning of your journey. Without living on margin you’ll never even leave your home driveway!

So back to spiritual investing. When we start we have to allocate some money to two types of gifting. The first, and most important type, is Gifting to yourself. This is not in the least egotistical and is the most Spiritual type of gifting there is! Why is this? Because you are gifting to your own Godhead!

Who does God love above all? Why, God of course! Then He loves Man. And Man loves God and Man loves Man. Those are the 4 types of Spiritual love. As God loves god first and we are made in the image of God then it stands to reason that we must love our own Godhead first. Our own Godhead is called the state of Man (note the capital) So Man must love man. To put it another way we must learn to love our own souls before we can love the souls of others! “As within, so without.”

Which is why we always pay ourselves first. The correct way to pay ourselves is to create a family bank that will last a thousand years. This is because when we die our souls survive (Soul = Beingness) whilst our brains and body are annihilated and spread back over the earth.

As our soul continues to exists and we have to make a “soul” bank, it stands to reason that only a family bank can survive our death (Rebirth into the next world.)

Death is the final destination of us all in this world! The only thing we can take with us into the next world is the Love we create in this world. To become abundant we have to learn to Love money as a spiritual tool. The state of Poor detaches us from money as a “Commodity.” It is the collecting of money as a commodity that leads to the disempowered state of “riches.” What does the rich man take to the next world – very little because he has spent his time on accumulating stagnant money instead of Living Love.

Those of us who accumulate living love on earth take every bit of it with us and if we have built a “Spiritual” family bank, we leave that behind us as an entity to help our spiritual family and the world for many generations to come! I dare say that will be taken into account in our life’s summing up in the next world! Lol! Heaven is Being close to God in this world and the next! Hell is not a place – it is simply being far from God in both worlds.

End of part one. To be continued…

Thanks for reading this, more exciting news to come tomorrow!

reverend J’iam

The beginning of light

Take a look in the mirror. Really closely in the mirror. Focus on your dominant eye.

Look deeply into the black of your eye. It is not black.

Look closely and deeply enough and you will see the entire universe within your eyeball! This is because we are at the top level of the universe! Only one step below the angels.

We are the end of darkness and the beginning of light! THE BEGINNING OF LIGHT!!!

Reverend Master J’iam

our place in the universe

Producing wealth in your own life

Are you working hard in your boss’s life, producing wealth for him, but not working at all in your own life to produce wealth for yourself?

Life is a “do-it-to-yourself project” and if you put one tenth as much energy into your own life as you do into your bosses you would be content (detached) in five years and physically wealthy in 15 years! So 4 hours per week is the difference between poverty and wealth over 15 years!

The path out of poverty is always open to everyone and if you have a regular income your path is so much easier! But it requires self-discipline (discipline means a “follower of the method”) and most people in poverty don’t want to impose self-discipline on themselves – that is why they are in poverty!!!

So they struggle on – broke and in poverty – for the rest of their lives, until the pain of staying the same becomes less than the pain of changing!

Once we want to change we have to ask the universe for guidance! We have to ask that question out aloud! Much like wanting to get into a gentleman’s club, walking up to the door and never knocking! How is the butler inside going to hear you if you never knock? How are you going to get the universal knowledge to wealth if you never ask? You are not ever going to get it if you don’t ask for it (knock at the door!) “Ask thou shall receive, knock the door will open!”

Be grateful if you are feeling the pain, because all you have to do is ask the universe to show you the path to Wealth (not riches) and you will be shown. And then you have to make the choice – do it, become Poor and then Wealthy, or do I remain in poverty and aim to be rich (also a state of poverty!) The pain you are feeling is like a dog howling because it is sitting on a thorn! The solution? “Get up and move to another spot where there is no thorn, you lazy dog!”

The hound dog is howling, so forlorn,

Laziest dog that was ever born,

He’s howling because he’s sitting on a thorn,

Just too darn lazy to move over!” (from the song, “Life gets tedious don’t it?”)

Karma is the law of sowing and reaping. What we do produces the same results back to us in larger quantities! In banking this is called investing! If we invest positively we sow seeds of wheat, barley or corn. If we don’t invest at all we let seeds of thistles, weeds and thorns take a hold on our land (life).

Come the reaping time we reap what we have sown (or not sown) and the wheat, barley or corn produces a fine crop! But the thistles, weeds and thorns produce a horrible crop that sting, burn and hurt us!

Notice how it takes no effort to sow the negative crops! They simply sow themselves. That is because we are a part of nature and our lives are a patch of land we live in for all our lives. We cannot stop the coming of the autumn, the winter, the spring and the summer in our lives anymore that we can stop the autumn, winter, spring and summer of the world!

In the autumn we reap what we have sown in the spring! If it is a good crop it will keep us well fed for the following winter. If it is a negative crop it is going to hurt us (the thistles and thorns don’t “hate” us – they don’t even know we exist!) and cause a very, very lean winter! (I suppose you could eat thistle soup [poverty]!)

Notice how the cartoon man is in debt. Debt can be either negative (the vast majority of debt (97%) is negative) or positive (3%). The worst form of debt is debt used to finance another debt – e.g. hire purchase on a car. Wait a minute, I hear some people say, a car is an asset! BUZZ! WRONG! A car is definitely useful to the individual but definitely a negative investment (a cost). How do I know that? Because when you are in business you can claim the car and its costs against tax! There is now way you can claim profits against tax, so it must be a liability! But it is a necessary part of business so we are allowed to claim the costs of business against a car!

I knew some people who were in deep financial trouble who came to me for help. One look at their lives told me the source of their problems – their cars. They had three cars (liabilities) on hire purchase (liabilities – thus liabilities on liabilities!) on two small incomes! The only asset they had was their house. I told them to sell two of the cars to get rid of the negative debts (they were parents and a grown child) and offered to set up an investment plan for them (a virtuous cycle).

Instead of listening to me, they sold their house to (temporarily) support their cars! They still lost their cars because the house money was only a temporary fix. And when the house money was gone they were back in the same dire financial situation – not enough income to cover their outgoings! I’m afraid I gave up on them as they came to me for advice, but never listened to it and never acted on it at all! In fact they went down the opposite road!

These same people also asked for advice on a cheque for $1,000 they received as a tax refund. They asked me what to do with it. I advised them to go into a different bank and open up a new account with it. “Why?” they asked. “Because if you put it into your current account your bank manager will cease it (they owed the bank $5,000).

“Oh we trust our bank manager – he would never do that!” they said. “Thump, thump, thump” (that’s me banging my head against the wall!) Two days later they phoned me up, crying, saying “The bank manager seized our money!! What can we do?!!!”

“Well, nothing actually!” was my reply. “I told you what would happen if you banked it with him.”

Why are people so stupid? Because they work on emotions, not logic. Logic gives us systems to follow. The system is the discipline and the follower of the system is the disciple!

People who don’t follow a system were, and are, called sinners (sinner means “one who doesn’t follow the system”) People who don’t follow systems are ALWAYS following emotions! Always!!!

Learn this; “The path to Peace and Prosperity always follows a system. The path to ruin always follows the emotions.”

The path to wealth is always hidden in plain sight. We can’t see it because it is right in front of our noses – literally, “Hidden in plain sight!” The only way we can see it is to ask to be shown it. Only by asking do our eyes re-focus on the answer we have overlooked for so long!

Why do people work so diligently on their neighbours (bosses) farm and leave their own to ruin? Because they don’t know any better. They are born in their own piece of land but not taught how to cultivate it! They are taught to cultivate the neighbour’s farm but never think to do the same to their own land! Why? Because they are still working on emotions!

It is only when we wake up and realise that the true source of wealth for ourselves is right knowledge (“you will know the truth and the truth will set you free!”) accompanied by right actions and persistence of those actions!

 So what we need for wealth is…


Right knowledge

Right actions

Persistence of those actions!


Those are the fundamentals of all success – of ALL Success!

That will be $100,000 please! That is what this knowledge is worth. I’ll bet if you paid that much for it, you would carry the actions out. But because I’m gifting it too you free the vast majority will treat it with contempt (an emotional feeling!)

So Please, listen, ask and seek, and when the answer comes – do it, Do It , DO IT!

Of course the answer lays right in front of you. I have spent 36 years studying and test the Universal wealth creation systems and am now Wealthy in Spirit and soon to be wealthy on the physical plane. You could always ask me for advice – I won’t turn you away as a local millionaire turned me away in 1979! (Fortunately for me! I then asked the universe and was given my personal secret of wealth – to help create 100 millionaires (initially) using spiritual wealth creation methods (called the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network – WPPN.) This is my mission in life to establish a new spiritual wealth creation system on earth.

So if you want a mentor to show you the way please contact me today,

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam

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A conversation

This is a conversation that took place about an hour ago between me and a friend. (used with permission)

(Me) so what are you doing with your time?

 (friend) not a lot

if you had a choice what would you do?

 make a web site

if you could take a little blue pill that would allow you achieve anything at all, what would your choice be? what website would you make?

 I don’t know.  I’d have to find someone that wants one made up

what website do YOU want to build? what i am really asking is, “what is your BEingness?”

 i don’t know

then ask the universe to reveal it to you in good and Godly circumstances under the laws of providence! Everyone should know what their BEingness is. This is the very KEY to LIFE!

i think its just my circumstances getting me down

Our BEingness is our very reason for existing – to fulfill our Beingness is to LIVE! Forget about your circumstances; if you don’t know what your BEingness is, your current circumstances will eventually disappear only to be replaced by other problems, equally as large and just as distracting!

 that’s why i went out into the garden yesterday, to get rid of some of the s**t that I am under

nothing changes until something changes and the biggest change we can make in our lives is to find our BEingness. That is the rudder of our ship of self! Once we have a rudder we can sail out of the sh**ty creek we are in out into the wide, clean ocean!

 sounds good

you have many talents, but they are not being used to help create a divine civilisation at the moment. Find your BEingness and you will find a way to help make the world a better place – to create a divine civilisation is good!

 i know, i’m hoping that once circumstances change i might be able to get a life of my own

You can’t wait for circumstances to change, because they won’t without outside help. Even if you say, “Higher spirit, i’m bored with the hassles of the world, show me what to do to make this world a better place, using my own unique abilities and talents!” that will change your life forever!

 I’m going to start saying NO to my circumstances

It’s not a matter of waiting for your circumstances to change. The universe is waiting for youto change!

 yes, well i can’t change until they (circumstances) do

your circumstances are just lumps of poo floating in the creek. Get out of the polluted creek into the ocean of love! You can move your ship anytime you want too! You are not dependent on on your circumstances – you are dependent on the universe! Your circumstances are just cobwebs that pretend to be iron ropes. If you believe they are iron ropes, then they are iron ropes and they stop you moving! If, however, you can see that they are just cobwebs, then you can simply brush them aside and move on! Pull up the anchor and move out the creek!

We are spiritual beings with free will. Are you are saying to me that you don’t have free will because of your circumstances? I am stating that you have, and always will have free will – the ability to turn towards Love or to turn away from Love ( that is what free will is!) We always have free will, every second of every hour, of every day, of every year – 360/60/24/365! And all you have to do to tap into the higher power of the universe, to lift yourself out of the physical crap you are now in, is to make a choice RIGHT NOW! You have to decide (make a decision) to commit 100% to yourself and to move yourself into spiritual energy, so you will become empowered! Empowerment means moving  up from an energy base of 1 (the physical plane) to an energy base of 100 (the spiritual plane.)

You are living in an ocean of spiritual energy, like a fish that swims in water but can’t see it, so why not start breathing it, living it, BEing it, right now? How? By simply asking for it to be shown to you! Ask, speak your question aloud and it will be heard and answered!

Friends who are reading this; please say a prayer to open my friends eyes to the supreme power of divine intelligence so they may be freed from the burdens of this physical world and enter the freedom of the Spiritual World!

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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Ding Dong the witch is dead!

Gone is the black dog out of my life for a while now. I notice that I am only getting two or three a year, now that I take medicine every day. But when they hit they are “Poo!” Lol! Today the black dog is gone completely. Many thanks for your prayers and best wishes all, especially my son Anis, who is a lovely man!

Now i can get back to work – which is trying to create a divine civilisation using my special talents and abilities. I used to curse my talents as none of them ever translated well into cash – I was and artist and a philosopher, but never in the mainstream, so life was always a struggle. I noticed that I was always the last to get hired and the first to get fired. And that if I had a job then times were good indeed!  When times are good i find it easier to start a business and earn money that way, as some of my inbuilt habits are hard to fit into a job.

For instance because I am using my brain and soul a lot I get tired and when I have to sleep i have to sleep. In my own business I used to get up at 4am and work through until 11 o’clock in the morning and then go to bed for an hours sleep. This worked well as I awoke for the lunchtime rush! But that doesn’t work too well for other businesses. I worked part for a business and lifted them from a craft level to an art level. I used to get a piece of cardboard and have 20 minutes sleep on the floor at lunch time to recoup my energy. People thought i was “strange” but I know best how to live my life so i don’t get exhausted!

So if you don’t fit into the normal patterns of life then you just have to explore your own patterns and start living by those – no matter what other people think! (it is none of my business what other people think of me!) If you are like this then there is probably a reason for it – you have some job to do later in life (it may literally be around the corner!) that only you can do! This is your BEingness. Normal people don’t have the right beingness to perform the big jobs of the world!

So try to turn your lemons into lemonade, if possible. Remember Winston Churchill suffered from the black dog in the middle of a war, when the country depended on him for it’s survival. I am sure the people didn’t know this at the time and he spent much of his time working in bed – because that was where he felt the best working! And when the Black Dog struck he didn’t have far to go!

The most important thing in life is to BE true to yourself – always. And because we are all different we have different ways of achieving this. There are some higher spiritual laws that MUST BE obeyed to BE true to yourself. One being the 11th commandment which teaches us to Be true to God, Yourself and then Others – and in that order! Do this and follow the higher laws and you change from a physical being to a Spiritual and metaphysical being! The effect of this is to increase your energy levels from 1 to 11, to 111 and then through to 1,111 (Physical energy = 1, Metaphysical energy = 10, Spiritual energy = 100, the energy of the Higher Laws = 1,000!).

So how do you start moving up into the higher energy levels (of the higher laws). By being reborn into the spiritual (by asking to be reconnected with it) and then by setting up a virtuous cycle (using the physical energy to build it (thus translating your energy level from 1 to 10, 100 and 1,000). And then by moving your life from the physical to the spiritual planes. This movement is called “achieving heaven, nirvana, detachment, happiness, bliss, ecstasy etc”)

Once you achieve this state your specific mission in life will be pointed out to you, offered to you (you have the right of refusal – but please, please, don’t!!!) Mine happened 7 years ago and I accepted it at the drop of the hat with 100% full commitment – i had been waiting 55 years for this offer! Hallelujah!

I still have another 23 years to serve and the going is not always easy but i would never change it. After all “everything that is hard to start becomes easier and easier, whilst everything that is easy to start becomes harder and harder (to live with)!” As time passes the world is changing as it moves towards the ideas I have been gifted from on high!

Everyone speaks of a desire for world peace and prosperity, but very few can offer a METHOD of achieving it! I have been gifted the Wholistic (Holy) Peace(Poor) and Prosperity(Abundant) Network(Synergy) (WPPN) which solves all the problems of creating PERSONAL peace and prosperity. By starting at the personal level we solve the old problem of the body being sick because the cells are sick. Heal the cells (Us – You and I) and the body will become healthy too! The solution is as simple as that! Think global, but act local (in yourself – you can’t get any more local than that!) Make the cells of the body peaceful and prosperous then the world will become peaceful and prosperous too! Man is always starting at the wrong end! Always trying to cure the symptoms instead of healing at the source of the problem!

Each of us has a duty in this new age to be the best we can, which spiritually speaking is to be peaceful (Poor) and Prosperous(Abundant). These two states can only be achieved by joining the higher spiritual states of life. We can each begin by building a virtuous cycle within WPPN and start learning by the doing! The secret is to create our BEingness by learning from the doing and havingness of the virtuous cycle within WPPN!!

You’d think that this would cost a lot of money, but God never keeps anyone away from Peace and Prosperity (the states of Poor and Abundant) because of lack on their part. The total is $25 per month and there is even a sweat equity system for those who can’t afford this.

The building of a virtuous cycle means that members are literally able to lift themselves by their bootstraps! You don’t have to BE an expert – that will come with time and learning from the building of virtuous cycles in your life (“They that have (the virtuous cycle) shall be given more! They that have not shall be taken away from, even what they have!”)

So what have you got to lose? Nothing! (There is a 3 month money back guarantee) What have you got to gain? Everything!

Go to the WPPN website to get a glimpse of the network –

If you like what you see and want to know more then email me and I can explain it to you over a period of time (It’s a huge concept!) and hopefully you will join (the commitment is not to WPPN, but to yourself – the hardest of commitments to make in this physical world!)

Kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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The parable of the ship Part TWO

In part one we looked at the internal synergy we need to make to complete the crew. The internal synergy basically gets the owner (you) the captain (the ego) and the ship and crew (the body) working together as a single unit. A ship without this working internal synergy can never go anywhere! The crew will be on strike, the captain will want to go only where he wants to go and the owners will be left frustrated sitting in port!

So let’s assume that you have the internal synergy going and you tell the captain that you want to go to Tahiti. He will immediately start planning the trip, ordering his crew men to get the supplies for the trip, working out a route and so forth. Within a short while you are on your way to Tahiti and eventually you will reach it! 

But today let’s look at the overall lifetime of the ship. Every man made thing has a time usage factor. As soon as the sea was launched into the sea it started being attcked by the salt water. The average cruiser ship has a life span of, say, 80 years. After that it is too old and rusty to be safe at sea. But let’s say out ship is at sea and hits a big storm and starts sinking! What happens to the components? The ship and crew will sink! The captain always goes down with his ship! But the owner simply goes to the back of the ship to the helipad and gets into his helicopter and fkies away And that is a perfect description of every one’s death. The captain and the ship are destroyed but you – the owner – are not!

The ship and the captain are temporary elements meant for use on this earth. You, – the owner, the soul – are a permanent (eternal) thing meant to live forever. 


During your cruising you are meant to work from your executive cabin to establish contact with other owners and to establish a connection to the source of Love – the owner of the whole fleet! Because whilst you own your own ship the source of love is in command of all the ships on earth! And it is to these headquarters that you’ll fly when your ship goes down! 

And that is how death occurs. You’ll be travelling along on a beautiful day and the sea opens up and swallows your ship! You are automatically transported to your helicopter and are in the air looking down at your sinking ship,before you are even consciously aware that your ship is sinking! 

Looking down at your ship you will be grateful to it for carrying you around the world be not in the least sad to to leave it! For you have a higher destination!

What was your purpose on being on the ship? To get as close to the source of love as possible. In this case we will name that source of love Tahiti. How close did you get to Tahiti! Did you actually arrive there? or are you still in port in England arguing with the captain and the crew to get going? Where ever the ship sinks that will be your “closeness” or “farness” from the source of Love (God). 

In 80 years you could have easily reached Tahiti. Or you could have reached Suez. Or you could still be in Port in England. Wherever your ship goes down that represent how far away you are from God in the next world! And you will be asked why you are where you are and have to answer that simple question. 

And if you are in port you will be able to see that you wasted your life!HOW? By not moving towards the source of Love. Know that we have free will for a reason. In this world we are hear form 70 -90 years on average. In those few short years (a twinkling of the eyelid) we can move to Tahiti or stay in port – the choice is ours! 

But that choice ends at the point of death! In this world we have free will but none of the other worlds (mineral, vegetable, animal and the next world) don’t! So what we could have achieved in 80 years here on earth  may take up to a million years to achieve in the next world – because we are dependent on the mercy of God to advance in the next world! And the time difference between what we could have achieved here on earth and what time it will take us to achieve it in the next world is the “Hell” that the messengers talk about! 

This “hell” is not imposed on us by anyone except ourselves. It is the outpouring of regret at our own stupidity for not listening to the many calls that happen everyday to bring us closer to the source! We regret not listening to these calls (and they are plain as the noses on our faces with hindsight!) and that feeling is the hell we must suffer. Hell is the realisation that we had a purpose here on earth and our lack of recognition and action on that purpose! 

So what is our purpose here on earth. When the ship is in the ship yard and being built it’s purpose is to float. Once it is floating (born) it’s purpose is to combine with the captain, come under his orders. This usually takes place at the age of 8. 

Once the captain and crew are settled in the owner is piped aboard and the captain comes under the orders of the owners. This happens at the age of 15 and older, depending on if the captain will let us aboard or if we even know we are the owner and not just one of the crew under the captain!

Our job as owners is not to work the lines or paint the ship, not to plot the course but to work out plans for arrival at Tahiti. What are we going to do when we get there? 

So looking overall our(the owners) first “task” in life is to connect with the source of love. Once we have done this our task is two fold – 

(1) to help create a general divine civilisation and 

(2) to help create a specific divine civilisation. 

We can achieve number one by using our generalised abilities. For example we (mostly) all have the ability to reproduce here on earth. If we do this and raise good children who are spiritually balanced (not religious) then we have achieved a generalised divine civilisation because the will go on to raise good children of their own!

But to achieve our specific divene civilisation task we have to connect to LOVE and seek out our own talents and abilities and develop these (this is called our BE-ingness!) Once we have recognised and developed these we will be given a specific thing to achieve here on earth that only we can do! If we do this then we achieve the state of heaven here on earth!

From the ship parable point of view we could be in the pacific when we hear a distress call from another ship. According to sea tradition it is the duty of all ships to come to the aid of any ships in distress. But the captain or the owner could over-ride that code and just continue on. This distress code could be our specific divine task on earth!

So the journey is important too, not just the destination!

The crewman oversees his part of the ship – perhaps he is a cook who feeds the crew. The captain oversees the ship, but the owner has to oversee a much larger area of concern – perhaps a whole ocean! The source of Love – the owner of the fleet – overseas the world world! Once we get this order in our minds (sould) we can do what we were made to do – to help create a divine civilisation, to leave this world a better [lace when we leave it than it was when we joined it!! 

Why a divine civilisation. Isn’t it enough to create a human civilisation? No, because human civilisations can only last 60 year of average whilst divine civilisations can last for up to 1,000 years! So is our part in life going to be human (that ends when we die) or divine (that continues on after we die?) I know which one I want to achieve and it is not the former one! 

In part three we will look at what the difference is between spiritual and religious, and the difference between human and divine civilisations – and how to recognise the qualities that create divine civilisation.

kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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The secret of life

For aeons man has pondered on this question – “what is the meaning of life.” And we have struggled to find it by looking far away in strange and hidden places , but never succeeded until we looked within ourselves! For that is where the answer is hidden, within ourselves! As long as we look for it elsewhere we will never find it!

The secret of the meaning of life is that it is hidden in Plain Sight! And because we don’t expect to find it there, we just don’t look there. But I say to you “TAKE A LOOK!”

What am I looking for? Well you can find it easily if you know what to look for – and I am going to tell you! When we are born into the physical plane as babies we quickly discover that the meaning of life is not on the physical plane. So it must be somewhere else. What is our Major Dominant Purpose when we are born? To find the universal source of love and connect with it!  That is our primary purpose in life. If you haven’t done this yet, you cannot move onto your second and third Major Dominant Purposes!

Once you are connected with Universal Love (on the spiritual plane) your Major Dominant Purpose in life is to help create a general divine civilisation. Know you can do this in some ways without connecting to universal love, e.g. by bringing children into the world and bringing them up well, to be mature adults is one such example. 

You cannot, however, achieve the ultimate Major Dominant Purpose in life without the divine connection. The third MDP ( Major Dominant Purpose) in life is to help create a SPECIFIC Divine Civilisation, using the special blend of abilities and talents that the universe gifted you at conception. Of all the people in the world only you can do this one specific job. 

So let me tell you in plain English what the purpose of life is – it is to get ready for the next life, the life of the soul, in the after world and to leave this earth a better place for you having been in it! And that is it in a nutshell.

To achieve these steps in life we have to follow a specific route – “the path is straight and narrow” although in this new age it has been widened almost to the stage of a superhighway! Lol!

So there are three steps to achieving our purposes in life..

1) to achieve a direct connection with universal Love. This is commonly called a rebirth by religions and a connection by non-religions – know they are both the same thing!

2) to achieve a general, non-specific divine civilisation

3) to achieve a specific divine civilisation 

All these these things are allocated 70 years (although more likely 80-90 in this new age) to achieve. Our life-task stops at the point of death – the ultimate rebirth! In this short time on earth we can get as close to Love/God as possible. Once we die we are stuck in the place we managed to achieve until the universe sees fit to “promote ” us closer. So what we could have attained here on earth in 70 years will take us 2 million in the next realm – realising that once we get to the other side this is hell! Not inflicted by an angry God by by ourselves upon ourselves for failing to act on the time we had! 

So that is the secret of life. Do with it what you want,but that is what I am working on in my life and I highly recommend you work on it in your life too! For that is where heaven on earth lays!

kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam

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skype: jiamwppn

phone/text: 0221 625 941 (New Zealand)

Skype: jiamwppn