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The beginning of light

Take a look in the mirror. Really closely in the mirror. Focus on your dominant eye.

Look deeply into the black of your eye. It is not black.

Look closely and deeply enough and you will see the entire universe within your eyeball! This is because we are at the top level of the universe! Only one step below the angels.

We are the end of darkness and the beginning of light! THE BEGINNING OF LIGHT!!!

Reverend Master J’iam

our place in the universe

I Am the way!


Not me personally, but the Holy Spirit (which is called I Am – the Christ spirit.) The above quote is the truth of the matter. There is only one way to God and that is through I Am. Yet there are many messengers from GOD, so which one is right? ALL OF THEM! Because every messengers job is two fold – 1) to bring new social laws to the world and to 2) renew the spiritual energy of the world by renewing the connection to I Am! (which man has destroyed in the previous 700 to 1,000 years).

My name, J’iam.  J’iam literally means the servant of I Am.  J goes back to the bricklayers in Babylon and means an extra hand. Even today bricklayers in many countries use a HOD to carry bricks up building on their shoulders. That is why my name is pronounce Hiam, not jiam.

The apostrophe means of and I Am means I Am of course. So literally my name means “hand of I Am.” This translates to “servant of Love” because I Am is Pure Love and that is what I am – a servant(hand) of I Am. I use a small I in the I Am in my name because other wise people mistake it for an L and I get called MR JLAM! Lol!

Many Christians believe that the me (there is no other way to God save through me) in the above original quote is Jesus. No, it’s not. Jesus was the carrier of I Am whilst he lived . That is why he said, “I and the father (I Am) are one” If you believe that I Am is Jesus(Blessed be His Name) then you are sadly misidentifying Him. Jesus was Jesus until he went into the desert and fasted for 40 days and nights. He came out as Jesus, the Christ (I Am). 

English is a wonderful language but it does have some spiritual short coming. One is I am which refers to me personally and I Am which refers to God’s knowable essence – the Holy Spirit.

Another is man and Man. Man (with a small m) is the English reference to the physical male, whilst Man is the spiritual reference to metaphysical Man. Only a male can be a physical man whilst both male and females can be Man! For this reason I stopped using the word man for male many years ago and now use the words male and female to distinguish people on the physical level and Man to distinguish people(male and female)on the metaphysical level.

I hope the thee posters in this series have enlightened you to my believes. If you want, you can test them by asking for confirmations of them as truth or untruth. The Holy Spirit (I Am) will provide you with confirmations that will reveal the truth or untruth of the words i write. And then you can make up your own mind to accept them or reject them. That is the key to Knowledge (notice the Capital K) in this new age – we are all self-determining. If we are not self-determining then some other person is determining your life for you. Only by BEing self-determining can we let God determine our lives!

We all have free will – the choice of whether to turn towards Love or to turn away from Love (and God IS Love).We have free will to either give it to God(Love) or to others. That is our choice! But first we have to realise what a gift free will is! Only then can we give this most precious of mankind’s gifts on earth, back to it’s creator!

Me, I don’t have free will any more. I gave it back to God when I was reborn 35 years ago. I work under God’s laws, not the laws of man if they clash with God’s laws. Otherwise i render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and to God that which is God’s. But if it comes down to a conflict between the two types of law – Lower and Higher law – I choose the higher law each time. To date this hasn’t been a problem and I hope it never will be. But I have followed the higher laws of the universe (did you know that there are lower and higher spiritual laws?) for the last 22 years and everything is working out fine as i have created a virtuous cycle for myself through WPPN (The Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network) and outside of that too. 

I hope this little article is enlightening to you,

God bless your life with Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity,

reverend master j’iam


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Black Dog, Black Dog, Black Dog!

Over the past 36 hours I have been suffering from the black dog of depression. My depression is caused by hormonal instabilities where my seratonin levels drop and I can just feel my world collapsing! Luckily I have medication that works most of the time and I only get a couple a year, when I take extra tablets, which usually fixes things. Then there are times where no rhyme of reason seems to take place and the medicine just doesn’t seem to work and I just have to crawl to bed and wait for it to pass. 


What a miserable place depression is! Everything is grey to black, nothing is funny, there seems to be no reason to live, there is no laughter anymore (remember i like to laugh 3 hours a day!). And time passes so slowly the only escape is sleep. 

And when it’s gone my appetite is back, I feel alive and exhilarated (“nothing so exhilarates a man as being shot at and missed!” Winston Churchill), I remember all the good things I have and my mission for the world. 

How can you help me? Say a prayer that Love and Light may fill me and lift me from the dark dispair of depression. I know it’s not me that is occupying my mind because I can see into my mind from the outside! If I am on the outside, who has taken over my brain?!!

Kindest regards, j’iam


The ship parable PART THREE – very important to read!

This is the ship parable part three and it is very important to read because it deals with the motors of the ship!

Now everyone knows that the motors move the ship – forward, backwards and at different angles because there are two indenpendantly variable motors. So when both are going forward there is only forward motion, when both are in reverse there is only reverse motion, but when they are varied from each other it will have a pulling effect to the left or the right (port or starboard to mariners!)

If you consider the parable so far with the ship as the body, the captain as the ego and you as the owner what part do the motors cover? The subconscious is the answer.  There are two motors. Each motor is controlled by a lever in the bridge by the captain. The main problem with communication between the bridge and the engines is that they talk different languages. The captain is English but the motors are run by Swahili engineers. So unless the communication is worked effectively there will be difficulties getting anywhere!

So how does the captain speak? In double negatives. And how do the motor engineers speak? In single positives.

An example; In the Bible there is a double negative quote about unity that says, ” a house divided against itself will never win.” The double negatives are divided and never. What does this really mean in single positives? It means, “unless there is unity we will always lose!” or more clearly. ” a house united will always win!”

Now the captain is used to speaking in, and interpreting, double negtaives so he has no trouble understanding what is being said in double negatives. But the Swahili engineers, who control the motors, cannot hear a double negative at all and simply delete one of the negatives to put it into a single negative phrase. So the command, ” I do not smoke!” is heard as, “I do not smoke!” Which is why so many people find it hard to give up smoking – because they are actually telling the engineers that the DO smoke! A house divided!

So the captain has to learn to speak to the engineers in their own language of single positives. 

Know also that there are two motors and two sets of engineers and both have to receive the same single positive orders for the boat to proceed where it is wanted to go. One set of engineers receive their orders by word of mouth and the other set receive their orders by light transmission, e,g. green light means go, red light means stop and a row of amber lights controls the rates, so one amber light mean slowly. whilst 10 amber lights means emergency – GO, GO, GO or STOP, STOP, STOP!!!


You can see that the bridge command has two independant levers – one for sound and the other for light. In our human lives our levers are sound – the spoken word (affirmations)  and light (the written goal). There are only two commands on this control box – ahead (forward) and astern (reverse) with degrees of the command from 1 to 10. This is all the captain needs to control the engines 100% safely and completely clearly so there are no mistakes. 

The human mind, however is not trained to work this way having been taught on the conscious (ego) level only and allowing the subconscious to flounder its way after the ego, as best it can. No wonder so many of us are completely screwed up! We keep on yelling and screaming at our subconscious’s to do certain things (in double negatives) and keep getting the same single positive results back! (and we don’t want those results at all – e.g. “I do smoke!”) 

So what we have to do at some stage is start to learn how to communicate with the engines because no engines going equals no going anywhere!

A classic mistake the ego makes is to think that by thinking the command he has communicated that command to others. Know that thoughts have no power of communication. We actually have to speak our thoughts aloud to communicate them to others!  Because we don’t have a proper system of communication set up, the subconscious has rigged a microphone on the bridge and listens to every thing you say and then interprets that to the best of it’s ability – as your command! (Commander!)

So what happens is everything you speak is transmitted out of your mouth and into your ear, where the subconscious picks it up and tries to interpret it . If it gets it wrong and you are headed into rocks on your ship at full speed it’s because you haven’t effectively communicated with your engineers! 

The same goes for the light system. Everything you write, or read, is liable to be taken as a command by the light engineers. With light, the thought passes from your mind to your hand, through the pen and onto paper. It is then transmitted BY LIGHT to your eyes where it by-passes the conscious and is picked up by the subconscious to interpret! Remembr that the subconscious is not very good at interpreting commands and will often get it wrong!  A moving ship is a great thing, unless it is moving in the wrong direction at the wrong speed! Like coming into Dock at 20 knots, full speed ahead! You just know there is going to be damage!

So what we have to do is set up a system where communication between the conscious and the subconscious is 100% clear and accurate! How do we do that? By setting up new systems of communication. I’ll go into that in “Goal Setting and Powers of Command” in a future article. Goals of course are the light system of communication and powers of command are the spiritual sound  system of communication!

So to recap, we are not whole, complete or united until the captain of the ship can effectively communicate exactly what he wants the engineers to do. On a ship this is all set up and the captain is trained in bridge work. But in human beings it is a real lottery, with our chances of winning somewhat less that the chance of being struck by lightening(negative circumstances)!

We are not trained in this form of communication until we find a Master and he/she shows us what to do! (e.g. motivational,spiritual, self improvement books, videos or audios!) If we fail to change, then we continue to fail – it’s as simple as that!

This part of the training is the most important part. If we keep on doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results then isn’t that simply stupidity. It must be obvious that different results require different inputs – JIJO OR QIQOJunk In and Junk Out  or Quality In and Quality Out! The choice, as always, is ours!

And that ends the parable of the ship.


kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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Multiple rebirths – a Spiritual Reality

If we consider these three factors of life (the physical, the metaphysical and the Spiritual) on a spreadsheet we get energy levels of …

Physical           = 1

Metaphysical   = 10

SPIRITUAL        = 100

This can also be compared to our eyes. The physical is like we have both eyes shut and can only distinguish between light and dark, by the light that travels through out thin eyelids. The metaphysical is like having one eye open and being able to see “everything’, but only on a flat, 2D, plane. Spiritual is like having both eyes open and being able to see stereoscopically (plus infrared, ultraviolet and inter-dimensionary!). Which is why the different power levels. Only spiritual sight can be  wholistic/holy. Reaching the spiritual plane only gives us stereoscopic sight in the visible spectum (red, orange, yellow, green, Blue, indigo and violet). Biblically this is called the “Water” of God. Our awakening/rebirth is only the first step in the process. We have to undergo multiple rebirths to be able to see the ultraviolet, infrared and the interdimensional levels! Even after being reborn we are still only on the “one” level of the spiritual worlds! Not many people recognise the fact that we can, and must have, multiple rebirths!

Just as there are levels within the physical and metaphysical worlds, so too are there levels within the spiritual worlds. Jesus tells us of two levels – the water and the fire. The first rebirth is the water, but not many souls, as a proportion of all reborn, reach the fire level. The water is the knowledge of God, the fire is the ACTIONS of God. Mother Teresa was born into the water and the fire. Joan of Arc was too. As was Francis of Assisi. 

We are partially reborn into the water and this is such an amazing state as compared to the other two, so that many settle into it as if it is the final last. But it isn’t. The fire state is the state that allows us to create a divine civilisation in the world at large by creating that divine state within ourselves. The water state cannot achieve this alone. We must have the water and the fire!

The combined fire/water state can be compared to the water state by adding up the physical, the metaphysical and the spiritual states and then and adding our soul’s energy (the fire state IS the souls’ energy!) to the formula. The soul’s energy level is 1,000, So the formula for water looks like this  

1 + 10 + 100 = 111

whilst the formula for the fire state looks like this 

1 + 10 + 100 + 1,000 = 1,111

That is the difference between a normal believer and an “on fire” believer! This is the state we should all aim for. What is the main obstacle that stops us getting to this state? Our unwillingness to let go of our free will! When we are reborn into the water we have achieved a major goal in life, in having overcome our freewill to move away from God/Love or to turn towards God/Love. So we no longer need our free will! We must subjugate our freewill to the will of God! It is this total subjugation of the free will that marks the beginning of the Fire! Some have it bestowed upon them automatically (like Saul, who became Paul, turning him from a Christian hater and persecutor in the very thing he had loathed!) but most of us have to ask for it, to receive it! This is one of the things that Jesus said “We could not bear to hear from Him (yet) and that he would send another to teach us” –  submission to “the Will of God.’ And this is basically what the fire state begins with – submission to the Will of God.

If being reborn is like being lifted off the ocean in a smal,l leaky row boat onto a luxury liner, then why do we need to keep our freewill any longer? We want to keep our freewill, even though we are safely aboard an ocean liner! What that does that mean to to us? That we can jump off the ocean liner back into our leaky lifeboat at any time! That is like a rat keeping rat poison in the food cupboard “just in case they ever need it!”

To get to the fire stage we have to ask God to be guided there, just like we asked God to be guided to the water rebirth. We have to ask! Freewill in the spiritual world is simply asking, or not asking, for improvements in our lives! Not wanting the choice of spiritual life or spiritual suicide.

How do we ask for rebirth into the spiritual fire? We simply have to ask out aloud. This uses the first form of energy – sound. Unless it is vocalised it is not a vibration! No vibration, no energy! (“in the beginning was the word…“) I suggest you ask something like this..

Lord, I ask to be reborn into the fire in Good and Godly circumstances, in you perfect timing. Thank you and amen

It is as simple as that to ask. I also strongly recommend that you write it down on a piece of paper and then speak it aloud by reading it from the paper. Why is this? Because in doing that you energise it with both forms of vibration in the universe – power of the vibration of sound and the power of the vibration of light! The vibration of light is far more powerful than the the power of the vibration of sound. We can see this by simply looking at the two’s qualities. Sound travels at the speed of 700 miles per hour, whilst light travels at the speed of 128,000,000 miles per second. A fair bit of energy difference!

That is like introducing a whole new energy level of 1,000,000 (one million) to the above formulas like so…

1 + 10 + 100 + 1,000 + 1,000,000 =  1,001,111 

If you have studied motivational courses you’ll know that written goals (which are simply written prayers) are hundreds of times more powerful than spoken goals, which are, in turn, hundreds of times more powerful than thoughts alone. This is a perfect reflection of the above formulas. But writing goals/prayers is one of the hardest things to get a Human being to do! Almost like getting blood out of a stone! (I’d say Lol!, but it’s really not funny, its tragic!)

To write your goal to be reborn into the fire you have to treat it slightly differently from the spoken goal/prayer – you have to establish ownership of the goal, state what you want and what you are going to do in return and then commit to it.

1) ownership is easily established just by writing your name at the the top of the goal, “My name is (your name).”

2) State what you want (notice that fire is a want not a need – the water is the need), “I ask to be reborn into the fire spiritual state as soon as possible, in good and Godly circumstances (we have to say/write this to stop the laws of chance playing a part – they can harm us, so this rider gives us physical/metaphysical/Spiritual protection)

3) Then we have to state what we are going to do with it, if and when we get the gift. “In exchange I will submit my will to your will and help you build a divine civilisation through my Beingness, within You.”

4) I personally like to add another confirmation in the form of three times”let it Be’s” thus “Amen, Amen, Amen” one for the physical, one for the spiritual and one for the spiritual levels. You’ll find this is a common practice amongst fire reborn individuals – example, “this is the balance, this is the balance, this is the balance!”

5) and then we have to Commit to it by signing it – Your signature.

So the whole thing looks like this…

My name is —————,  I ask to be reborn into the fire/spiritual state as soon as possible, in good and Godly circumstances, in you perfect timing. In exchange I will submit my will to your will and help you build a divine civilisation through my Beingness, within You.

Amen, Amen, Amen

Your signature

once you have written and signed this, read it aloud and put it in a safe place where no-one else can ever see it, (as they will most likely start fighting against your goal!) I even recommend burning it, as that makes it completely safe from prying eyes and yet, once written and spoken aloud, it can never be destroyed by others as it still remains in the Divine element!

If you read this and do it, please let me know and when the results come through definitely let me know! Amen. amen, amen!