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True Wealth starts with us Spiritualising our money!

Know that true Wealth starts with us Spiritualising our money! How do we do this? By recognising the 11th commandment and implementing it in our lives in practical ways!

And how do we do that? By giftiing in two forms. The first gift must always be to yourself. Why is that? Because we are made in the image of God and who does God recognise first? Why Himself of course, in the form of Agape Love – the love of God for God. In our case we recognise ourselves first and gift the first percentage of ALL our incomes to ourselves, in the form of creating a family bank.

The  Gifting to others is represented by the Love of Man for Man.

By doing these two things FIRST whenever we get any income, giftings or windfalls we will always be spiritualising our money/assets(goods and services, as well). As we continue doing this, the Love power of our money and assetts grows ever larger until it becomes self-sustaining and starts producing more, far more, than we are putting in! That is when wealth starts to flow in.

The other thing we have to do is to synergise ourself internally by uniting body, brain and soul into a cohesive working whole – “a house united will always win!”

By doing these two basics correctly  we make ourselves “right” and you know the saying, “If a Man is right, his world is right!”

The other paths to riches are closed to spiritual people because we have chosen the spiritual path and the other two paths are non-spiritual. To fulfill the spiritual path to wealth we have to fulfill all three levels. But fulfilling the spiritual path is by far the hardest because the knowledge is not generally known. I have spent 30 years discovering the spiritual methods to wealth and it is part of my life’s task to reveal it to spiritual people, so we can pick up (the huge) slack in the world left by usuerers and lay the foundations of Divine Civilisation.

This is what I an going to teach in my webinars and what is ready to implement in our lives, in the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (WPPN, go and have a look )

Membership is now open. By being a member you have three forms of gifting – one to self, one to others and one to helping create a divine (Spiritual) form of civilisation! At the moment we have three members, including myself. So be a hero and become the forth (can you imagine being the fourth disciple of Jesus, Gandhi or Nelson Mandela?) It takes special insight (genius even) to recognise the inherent abilities of a new system in it’s infant stages – how many of us bought Apple shares when nobody wanted them?

reverend j’iam