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Black Dog, Black Dog, Black Dog!

Over the past 36 hours I have been suffering from the black dog of depression. My depression is caused by hormonal instabilities where my seratonin levels drop and I can just feel my world collapsing! Luckily I have medication that works most of the time and I only get a couple a year, when I take extra tablets, which usually fixes things. Then there are times where no rhyme of reason seems to take place and the medicine just doesn’t seem to work and I just have to crawl to bed and wait for it to pass. 


What a miserable place depression is! Everything is grey to black, nothing is funny, there seems to be no reason to live, there is no laughter anymore (remember i like to laugh 3 hours a day!). And time passes so slowly the only escape is sleep. 

And when it’s gone my appetite is back, I feel alive and exhilarated (“nothing so exhilarates a man as being shot at and missed!” Winston Churchill), I remember all the good things I have and my mission for the world. 

How can you help me? Say a prayer that Love and Light may fill me and lift me from the dark dispair of depression. I know it’s not me that is occupying my mind because I can see into my mind from the outside! If I am on the outside, who has taken over my brain?!!

Kindest regards, j’iam


Jesus came to help the poor, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and heal the sick

So where has the spirit of The Christ gone? It has moved on – “The Moving Pen writes, and having writ, Moves on; nor all thy Piety nor Wit Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line“. God is an every-creating, ever evolving Being to Man, for he is our teacher and we, having learned, are constantly taught new lessons!

Look at the times we live in, a true age of miracles. Just imagine bringing a man forward from two hundred years ago – he would be flabbergasted at out age! Gone are the horses he and his kin had driven for 6,000 years! Replaced by cars, bikes, motorbikes, airplanes, jets and rockets to name but a few. Gone are the whistled songs of his age, replaced by tiny boxes that transmit music through the air on invisible beams straight to the ears in full three dimensional sound! Gone are the paintings that educated the people to be replaced by full colour printed magazines, books, computers, and televisions that are absolutely huge and in full colour and surround sound! All these things we take for granted! And yet are absolute jaw dropping miracles to our time traveller! 

But the churches have left their missions to “look after each other” and turned to politics – the gathering of “power”. So where has God manifested His loving kindness for the people in this day? In WPPN – the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network! 

This organisation is set up to allow any person on earth to follow God’s higher laws of the universe, to change their lives for the better in this new age, by setting up a virtuous cycle in their lives. This manifests in their lives as the positive side of the law of sowing and reaping which states – “They that Have (the power of the laws) shall be given more!” Nothing subtle of hidden about this law, is there? 

But how do you set this virtuous cycle up in your life? With three types of giftings! One to yourself (For yourself, always yourself first!), another to other people (for others, secondly) and another to the WPPN organisation (for the world, thirdly). Doing these three simple steps sets up a virtuous cycle that obeys all of God’s laws and over a period of 10 to 20 years changes your life for the better (you become one of the haves!) and also changes your children’s lives, your grand children’s lives and so forth down through the generations – as the virtuous cycle becomes multi-generational!(anything man made can only last a genberation for the individual, but anything God-made sets a family up through the generations!)

You see, this is the age of self-responsibility first and foremost. This doesn’t mean that we don’t care for others, but that we must care for ourselves first always, because of the way the spiritual laws work – “as within, so without!” If we cannot look after ourselves first how can we look after others? If we cannot swim, how can we rescue the drowning? If we don’t have excess food how can we feed the starving? If we are not in control of our lives spiritually, how can we give guidance to others, or offer them solutions? We can’t!!! 

WPPN is the Enabling Tool that allows us to manifest our spiritual powers in the world. It moves us up from an energy level of 1 to a minimum of 111, and then up to 1, 111 over a period of 20 years. Yes 20 years! (and if you don’t do it, the twenty years will pass anyway and you’ll still be in the power position of 1!The only thing you’ll have gained over those 20 years is a sense of regret from not having done it when you)

Being spiritually based it is not like any business you’ve ever seen before. In fact it is not a business at all, though business will manifest as the system grows in the form of 0% mortgages and working cooperatives! WPPN is something entirely new! It was revealed in 1992 to reverend master j’iam and has been developed by him over the next 20 years and was officially started two years ago. To date we have 3 members. But now the time is getting right to expand to 100 members and after that to 1,000 members! Once these two goals are achieved it will grow exponentially to cover the world. And in doing so it will remove the assets of the world from the hands of politicians and usurers and place them permanently into the hands of the WPPN members. 

Doing this process makes the WPPN members Peaceful and Prosperous (the two spiritual states of Poor (Peaceful) and Abundant (Prosperous)). Once a member is set up in this state, it becomes multi-generational,  so the world will never sink back into it’s current usurious state.

This is the good news of the age for mankind – there is Hope again!

You know, i always laugh at management trianing courses when they bring out the pattern of success which usually goes

(1) Goals

(2) A Plan

(3) Actions and

(4) Success!

Well that’s just great! But what is missing in that formula? A METHOD! You can’t make plans without a method. WPPN is God’s method for this new age!

(1) Goals

(2) A Method

(3) A Plan

 (4) Actions and

(5) Success!

With this method we have a plan laid out that leads, with actions, to the ultimate success – multi-generational success, Peace and Prosperity!

This is why I get so excited every time I write about it! Lol!

Come and have a look and judge for yourself, for this is the new age of self determination – no one can make the decision for yourself except yourself!

kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam

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phone/text: 0221 625 941 (New Zealand)

Skype: jiamwppn






The secret of life

For aeons man has pondered on this question – “what is the meaning of life.” And we have struggled to find it by looking far away in strange and hidden places , but never succeeded until we looked within ourselves! For that is where the answer is hidden, within ourselves! As long as we look for it elsewhere we will never find it!

The secret of the meaning of life is that it is hidden in Plain Sight! And because we don’t expect to find it there, we just don’t look there. But I say to you “TAKE A LOOK!”

What am I looking for? Well you can find it easily if you know what to look for – and I am going to tell you! When we are born into the physical plane as babies we quickly discover that the meaning of life is not on the physical plane. So it must be somewhere else. What is our Major Dominant Purpose when we are born? To find the universal source of love and connect with it!  That is our primary purpose in life. If you haven’t done this yet, you cannot move onto your second and third Major Dominant Purposes!

Once you are connected with Universal Love (on the spiritual plane) your Major Dominant Purpose in life is to help create a general divine civilisation. Know you can do this in some ways without connecting to universal love, e.g. by bringing children into the world and bringing them up well, to be mature adults is one such example. 

You cannot, however, achieve the ultimate Major Dominant Purpose in life without the divine connection. The third MDP ( Major Dominant Purpose) in life is to help create a SPECIFIC Divine Civilisation, using the special blend of abilities and talents that the universe gifted you at conception. Of all the people in the world only you can do this one specific job. 

So let me tell you in plain English what the purpose of life is – it is to get ready for the next life, the life of the soul, in the after world and to leave this earth a better place for you having been in it! And that is it in a nutshell.

To achieve these steps in life we have to follow a specific route – “the path is straight and narrow” although in this new age it has been widened almost to the stage of a superhighway! Lol!

So there are three steps to achieving our purposes in life..

1) to achieve a direct connection with universal Love. This is commonly called a rebirth by religions and a connection by non-religions – know they are both the same thing!

2) to achieve a general, non-specific divine civilisation

3) to achieve a specific divine civilisation 

All these these things are allocated 70 years (although more likely 80-90 in this new age) to achieve. Our life-task stops at the point of death – the ultimate rebirth! In this short time on earth we can get as close to Love/God as possible. Once we die we are stuck in the place we managed to achieve until the universe sees fit to “promote ” us closer. So what we could have attained here on earth in 70 years will take us 2 million in the next realm – realising that once we get to the other side this is hell! Not inflicted by an angry God by by ourselves upon ourselves for failing to act on the time we had! 

So that is the secret of life. Do with it what you want,but that is what I am working on in my life and I highly recommend you work on it in your life too! For that is where heaven on earth lays!

kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam

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skype: jiamwppn

phone/text: 0221 625 941 (New Zealand)

Skype: jiamwppn



The Secret!

The Secret!

I Can, I Will, I Am!


After these words you can put any positive attribute, e.g. I am peaceful, I am prosperous, I am happy, I am successfull, I am healthy and so forth. By doing so you are speaking aloud on three planes, the physical, the meta-physical and the spiritual. The energy levels of these three planes are…

physical = 1 

meta-physical = 10

Spiritual = 100 

So by saying all three aloud you are combining their energies together, to give you an energy foundation of 111!

tommorrow I will be writing about how these combinations can be made

Love, health, happiness, peace, success and prosperity,

reverend master j’iam

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Evol Si Dog! WHAT???

When I was 18, I was eating my school lunch one day when I happened to glance over to the left and saw a new canvas sign had been erected. I tried to read it, but it didn’t seem to make any sense. It said “Evol Si Dog”. “What does that mean”, I thought, scratching my head? I looked at it and looked at it, trying to figure out what it was trying to say to me. But no matter how I tried I couldn’t work it out. So I turned to my friend, Kenneth, and said to him, “what does that sign mean, It says “evol si dog”? And he looked at it and said to me. “You are reading it backwards, It says God is Love!”

And then I realized I was reading it backwards. It was printed on canvas and I was to the rear of the sign. The sun was shining through it and to me, it looked I was reading the right side of the sign. Of course once being told, I could understand what it said and , being an atheist, just discarded it. 

But God’s hand was in this sign. To reach my subconscious He had me read it numerous times. The subconscious can read upside down and back to front writing, no worries – it is a talent that it has.

When my children were young I used to have a children’s spelling program called Zugosaur. It was based on talking dinosaurs teaching the children to spell correctly. When they got a word right it used to say it, spell it and then show it on the screen twice, once the correct way and the other upside down and back to front – one way was to teach the conscious mind, the other way to teach the subconscious mind!

That day at lunch God had by-passed my conscious mind by using subliminal training! As an atheist I had nothing against love! So He reached me through Love on a subliminal level. Lol! God is mightier than mere men!

And what a message he gave me! GOD IS LOVE! That is the very rock foundation of God, both the unknowable essence and the knowable essence (the Holy Spirit)

Even an atheist who totally rejects God is still loved, cared for and protected by Him. His Love is unconditional, because He is Pure Love.

Love is manifested in this world in many ways – the love of a parent for their child, the love of great people (like john Lennon, Gandhi etc) for the peoples of the world, the love of people for their pets and the love of children for their parents. Love is the very essence that holds the atoms together.

We live in a universe composed of Love. Like fishes in the sea we swim in an ocean of love! And how many fished actually know water exists? Not many, because they are born into and know it for every second of their lives! The same goes with air for us. We swim in an ocean of air, 24/7/365! If it wasn’t for wind we wouldn’t even know it exists!

The same goes for love. Love tends to flow but not like the wind. It tends to be hidden from the eyes of the evil. So the evil assume it doesn’t even exist and act accordingly. To be aware of cosmic love, we have to ask to been shown it. Yes, we actually have to ask the question out aloud! Once you have uttered the question, it is already on it’s way to you! 

Do you know that God is Love and Love is God? Do you know Evol Si Dog? Lol!

If you don’t, then simply ask out aloud. I recommend you use these words, or something similar…

“God if you exist I need and want to know

and ask you to reveal yourself to me

in good and Godly circumstances!”

Once the door to love is opened, your whole life changes! You have options not available to other people. You will develop insight and wisdoms through Love practices. You will live everyday, You can achieve ecstasy and Bliss, Joy and contentment! And you will learn that death is a reward, not a punishment, for the faithful! Not a list to be sneezed at! Lol!

It still took me another 9 years to ask God/Love into my life. But when I did it only took a short while for it to be revealed to me and for me to be reborn!

Love, Peace, Happiness and Prosperity

Kindest Regards,

reverend master j’iam


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The meaning of the days of the week – and some new suggestions.

As we plod through life, one day at a time, we do so in a cycle of 7 days called a week.Technically the first day of the week is Sunday, but capitalism has diverted that to Monday. Sunday obviously means the day of the “Sun”. Monday means day of the “Moon”. so those two days are pretty easy to guess. It’s the remaining 5 days that are not obvious, because they are all named after various pagan gods. 

Tuesday means Twia’s day. 

Wesdesday means Woden’s day.   

Thursday is Thor’s day.

Friday is Freya’s day

Saturday is Saturns  day.

Every week day is tied to a planet and the actual five days are also tied to various old pagan god and goddesses (Norse and Latin). I am not going to explain further, as that will take time and will distract the plot of this blog. Which is to make a suggestion of alternative days. (you can look up the info on Google by typing in “Meanings of the days of the week”.

As i am a metaphysician and a metaphysicist may i suggest that the days of the week be based on various virtues. I can suggest the main two as being the weekend days, and the other five as being the work days. Day number one would be based on “Gifting to self”. Day number two would be based on “Gifting to others”. This will then fits in with the eleventh commandment – “Love yourself and others wholly and unconditionally“. (“A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you.”[ john 13:34]

Notice the order of the days – self first and others second. This is the correct Spiritual order of gifting as we are commanded to love One first. One is the old fashioned name for the self (“how is one today?”).

The second day is for gifting to others, as the old word “another” literally means “and others”

Then we could overlay the seven virtues on the days of the week. The seven virtues are antidotes to the seven deadly sins (faults). The seven deadly sins are harmful to spiritual purity and actions (the wages of sin(faults/ not following the spiritual methods) is (spiritual) death”.

Fault (sin)                                                                                                            Virtue (Spiritual Methods)

Lust (excessive sexual/material appetites and addictions)                                  Chastity (purity)
Gluttony (over-indulgence)                                                                                 Temperance (self-restraint)
Greed (avarice)                                                                                                    Charity (gifting/Love in action)
Sloth (laziness/idleness/inaction)                                                                          Diligence (zeal/integrity/Labor)
Wrath (anger)                                                                                                        Forgiveness (composure)
Envy (jealousy)                                                                                                      Kindness (admiration)
Pride (vanity)                                                                                                         Humility (detachment)

Perhaps we could put numbers on these virtues as well to (roughly) signify their importance and day of the week.

1) Humility (primary detachment/gifting/Love in action)

2) Charity (secondaty detachment/gifting/Love in action)

3) Chastity (purity)

4) Temperance (self-restraint)

5) Forgiveness (composure/return to Love for ourselves)

6) Diligence (zeal/integrity/Labour)

7) Kindness (admiration)

That would be a rough order of things, although I think numbers one and two are pretty much set in place as they are the order of obeying the 11th commandment – which we should always do first and in that order.

Now I’m not suggesting that we should necessarily implement these days, but what I am suggesting is, that as spiritual people, we should type them out and put them up on the wall as a reminder to ourselves of the basics of spiritual life.

And that is why I wrote this blog – to bring our attentions to the Basics of spiritual life. Those who have been following me know I am keen on the BOB system (Be Brilliant On the Basics). Know I prefer the word basics to fundamental, because most fundamentalists are no fun to be with and are predominantly mental! Lol! Most fundamentalists don’t laugh freely which is a reflection of their lack of spirituality within. Spiritual people are urged to laugh a minimum of three hours per day Laughter is a spiritual tithing of your time to yourself! And an external reflection of your internal detachment from all except Love and Happiness. How can one Love and not BE happy! Never believe an unsmiling, non-laughing spiritual adviser – they are trying to take you down the road to hell with them!(hell is only spiritual separation from Love and laughter!)

I hope that this blog has given you some food for thought today.

As always you can contact me at…

And/or see my tools for happiness at the WPPN website..

Love Peace and Prosperity! Lol!

reverend master j’iam










There are no fast fixes to create permanent wealth

There are no fast fixes to create permanent wealth – anything that is fast to build is also fast to disappear. There is a mechanical law that any construction – e.g. a car – will last as long as the sum total of the time it took to makeall it’s parts. So a car with cheap white metal bolts is going to last a lot less time than one with hardened steel (consider the number of bolts in a car). This can, and does, mean that a vehicle may last for 10 years, or 50 years, or even longer – consider the difference between a Trebant and a Bentley!

So it is with permanent wealth. Wealth has to be permanent, not temporary. Yet the vast majority of emails I get regarding wealth are all based in the “instant gratification” category. So, if you did accidentally strike it rich through one of these schemes, how will you feel when you lose it? Like you had been lifted to a great height and then smashed to the ground! I had this experience with an old girlfriendlike this – i was lifted to a really great height and then dropped. Falling never hurt anyone – it’s the impact with the ground that hurts!

The law of delayed gratification states, “the longer the wait, the greater the reward!” There are three levels in the universe – physical, metaphysical and spiritual. Most of the offers are on the physical level – “do this one trick and you will become wealthy overnight”. But the energy level on the physical plane is only 1. So you may accumulate a temporary gain but, like a weak magnet, it’s staying power is weak too and easily removed from you.

The metaphysical worlds have a base power of 10. Know that 75% of our money is made from the neck up. Why is this? Because the brain is a metaphysical entity! So wealth created on the metaphysical level is a lot stronger in staying power, but it’s still not permanent. Permanent is multi-generational. Metaphysical riches are only ever one generation and are disposed of at death.

Spiritual wealth has a power of 100. This sticks like “poo on a blanket!” Lol! But it takes a lot longer to build up true wealth than fast riches, because the source of true wealth is internal. Riches on the metaphysical and physical levels consist of simply doing and having. Wealth (not riches) consists of BEing, doing and having. It is the creation of the BEingness that takes the time. In the spiritual realm the saying is, “first you have to BEcome wealthy and then you will become wealthy too”

There is a definite process to creating wealth in the spiritual world – the path is straight and narrow, although in the early days the path is wider – like a beam of light shining from a torch; the closer you get to the torch the narrower the beam becomes. The methods of wealth creation are all based on higher laws. We have to know the laws and work the laws in our lives. Work the laws and the laws work for you! Know the power of the laws is 1,000.

Just finding these laws takes time (up to 20 years). And know that there are two states of wealth. One is called the state of Poor and the other is called the state of Abundance. You cannot reach abundance without going through the stat of Poor, because the state of Poor is a blessed state of detachment from all except Love as is the state of abundance. There is no way around this BEingness. The first state of BEingness is that of Poor, the second state  of BEingness is that of Abundance. We are human beings and we stand up right on two legs, not one. So it is with wealth, the two legs we stand on are Poor and Abundant. 

But fortunately now there is an organisation called the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network that sets us with both legs. Peace is the state of Poor and Prosperity is the state of Abundance!  WPPN sets us up in a virtuous cycle of two-legged walking; that is why it is wholistic! 

Yes, it takes time to create true, permanent wealth, which is why it manifests on the spiritual level first, not the metaphysical or physical levels (spiritual wealth manifests on these levels second and third). But time will pass and if you do nothing 20 years will pass too, and you will still be where you are today! And if you start in twenty years time it is still going to take another 20 years! This is why the average american retires with $150 in the bank and has to continue working. In New Zealand we get a government pension at the age of 65, but if you have no assets (like a freehold house or a private retirement income) then life can be very tough on a pension.

Spiritually we never stop working and enter a spiritual state of matriarchy and patriarchy.  This is a state of EMpowerment. It is usually, but not always, restricted to older people, but because it is a spiritual state it can be found in people as young as 18 years old (this is usuallydescribed as the person having,”an old head on a young shoulders

The state of poor is what sets up the virtuous cycle. As the virtuous cycle builds we move into abundance. As abundance manifests it moves down into the metaphysical and then the physical worlds. And then, suddenly, after 20 years work, we are “overnight successes!”

In the physical world people talk about leveraging. Leveraging is available in the spiritual world too. But again it works differently from physical leveraging. WPPN is the leveraging of the spiritual world. In the spiritual world there is a leveraging system called “Invoking the token” Wppn is set up on this principle. WPPN is a lever to initiate and amplify members spiritual efforts towards true wealth. There are no fast fixes to create permanent physical wealth, but there are CERTAINTIES we can use to create it. The trade-off is time. But leverages can cut your learning time down from 20 years to basically no time, as you start creating a full virtuous cycle the moment you enter WPPN. WPPN is not a business, it is a virtuous cycle creator exclusively for members!

So riches can be crated by doing and having. But doing and having are like a ship anchored in an open port (open to the sea) with no anchor. Having no anchor the first large batch of waves that come in from the ocean can drive the ship up onto the shoreline. Our BEingness is that anchor(s) that keep us safe from the waves of the world. 

Please, Do yourself a favor and consider joining WPPN. You’d think that something of this caliber would cost a lot, but it only costs $25 per month, And that is split into three giftings – one to yourself ($15), one to others($5) and one to build the network($5).

There is a three month money back guarantee (of your own giftings to yourself)  and you get a free goal setting book that is only available to members, that cover all the spiritual, metaphysical and physical goals you’ll ever need to BE wealthy. Plus, plus, plus. 

see the WPPN Website at

or email me with your questions at

As a great man once said, Most people go to their graves “with their songs still unsung.” Please don’t,


Love, Peace and Prosperity,




Sell yourself on the product first!

I know it may sound trite, bur we really do have to sell ourselves on the product before we can sell it to others. This really is a variation on the theme of “as you believe, so it shall be given to you.” 

I learned my lesson many years ago when I joined Amway. I tried and tried and tried to sell a bottle of detergent to my mother in law but she just wasn’t open to it at all! So I went to my diamond and asked him what to do. And his words were “Sell yourself on the product first. When you really believe in it, it will sell itself!”  So I went home and practiced what he said and after a month i realized what a great little product it was! The next day my mother in law came to see my wife and as she walked in she saw a bottle of LOC on the shelf and asked me ” What’s that?” To which I replied “That’s great stuff!” And she said, “Ill take a bottle!” Well, floor me! Lol! It was true, all I had to do was believe in my heart (as opposed to my head) in the product!

So what product is the most important in all of our lives, the one we need to believe in, to sell? Why, ourselves of course! If we don’t believe in ourselves, then nobody else will! “To the level of our belief it will be returned to us!” if we truly believe in ourselves, then it will be returned multiplied. If we don’,t then it wont! Those are the choices we face. 

So how do you sell yourself to yourself? Look at your qualities, not your faults. You are a special soul, unique in the whole universe. And that is just the start! Lol! You have talents, attributes and Love to share with yourself and others too. Each one of us is made of common elements and special elements. It is the special elements that make you unique and very valuable to your self and society at large. Some ladies have said to me, “But I’m only a mother!” Only a mother! The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world, if she educates her children properly! A mother is the first educator of the children, that is why it is so important to educate the girls (even above the boys – boys can catch up on there education in adulthood, girls can’t because they become mothers, a 24/7 job!) 

So don’t denigrate your skills! Never criticize your current station, but do it to the best of your abilities! And that is the secret of life – do everything as if it is important, because it is important!” It may not be important in the eyes of politicians and rich people, but it is tremendously important in the eyes of God! If we don’t do the work, who is going to do it? All the “unimportant work” is work for God! All the so called important work is really just “work for man and money!”

So work to find your true BEingness. Within that lays your life and your work for God/Love/Life. Because, what is our primary purpose in life? To help create a divine civilization! Raising good children to Be good adults is one of the most important tasks in the world! If we raise rotten children, what will be the effect on the world? To lower the overall standard of civilization within the world! If we raise good children what will the effect be?To raise the overall standard of civilization in the world! No one is ever just a mother, or just a father! Ever! We, all parents (well, most are parents), are all part of the creation of divine civilization! 

When my first son was born and I was alone for him for the first time a few minutes after his birth, I looked at that little soul and realized that I had been given a blank whiteboard to write on. I promised to make his life better than mine was and would be. At that stage I was an atheist and living on the physical plane only. It took me many years to grow into the spiritual plane, but I did my best to raise him better than I had (I had no spiritual values taught to me as a child – I was an artist raised in the army! Square peg, round hole! The armies solution was to BASH the square peg into the round hole! Luckily, I survived that. Lol!) and I tried to teach him about love and respect. Something must have rubbed off, because he raised to be a good boy and a good man. Of course with experience I learned a few tricks (as we all do) and raising the second and third sons was a lot easier!

But today I have three good sons, all adults and all trying to find their part in creating a divine civilization. And I have four grandchildren and the process is carrying on down through the generations. We don’t only educate our children. We teach them how to teach their own children! And they will improve on the job we did, if they are good people! So a mother is a mother to at least two generations! And that is why we have to be the very best we can. We live day to day, but the results of that life are continued on down through  time – through our children as adults and onto our grandchildren too. 

How can you do the best job possible? Believe in yourself! Be not filled with fear, doubt, worry and uncertainty! Be filled with knowledge, truth and hope and pass that onto your children! And you’ll find that you pass these qualities onto other adults, outside the family circle. You don’t often get feedback on how well you are doing in this area, but once in a while you’ll get a feedback. Accept it and know that you have just seen the tip of the iceberg, about how a big group of people feel about you!

Love, yes LOVE yourself, wholly and unconditionally. It’s a pretty hard thing to start in this world of nay-sayers, negatives and knockers! But once you do start, you will see that even God Loves Himself first and foremost! If he didn’t, how could He love us? We are made in the image of God. We have every power except one (the power of creation) so how can we ever be small, weak and insignificant? We can only do that by not Loving ourselves, by locking ourselves away from the light of Love in a closed room. To enlighten the room we need to pull open the curtains and let the light flood in. And a step towards this is to Love ourselves wholly and unconditionally and to connect with the spiritual source of the universe! To Love God, I Am. the Holy spirit, the source of All Love, we need to start at home and learn to love ourselves first. This is the way of the spiritual path, no matter which spiritual path you are following! The closer the path gets to the source, the less the space between the paths until there is no different paths but only Love!

You are the product of Love, the end product of your life should be Love(a divine civilization), so sell yourself to Love first!

love and peace,


“Hello, my name is Sid”

I have an alter ego whose name is Sid. Sid is not short for Sydney, as it was in the old days. Instead Sid stands for Santa In Disguise and he is recognized many, many children, especially in super markets. Very, very few adults ever recognize him, so he remains invisible to the children’s parents. One day i was in the market when a child recognized me, smiled at me and started pulling at her fathers trousers, “Daddy, Daddy that man is my friend!!” she said. Her father was “too busy” so engrossed in deciding which packet of food to buy, that he couldn’t even hear his child speaking to him! 

Sometimes when mothers see the reaction between Sid and their child, i’ll say to them, “they recognize me, I’m Sid, which stands for Santa in Disguise.” And they will laugh out loud, and I will laugh with them. They think I’m joking, but I certainly aren’t!. And that is why I laugh, because they no longer recognize Santa!

I hate it when parents teach their young children (under 6) that Santa is a myth. Santa is not a myth, Santa is a legend. A myth has no foundation is reality, a legend has a foundation in reality. Santa’s foundation in reality is that He is the first none-family member to be introduced into the family, to the child. He is a safe alternative to many people at large today (both men and women!). Santa is a safe learning habit for small children, to teach them that love doesn’t only come from within the family, but can also come from outside the family too! This sets them up to connect with the source of love later on it life. To deprive children of Santa actually sets up a spiritual block later in life, in adulthood.

When we are born it is our life’s task to connect with the infinite source of Love that we call God (you can call God anything you want, as we can never know His unknowable divine essence, which is essentially called God, Divine Spirit, infinite Spirit etc.) What we can know is His knowable essence, the Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit’s name is I AM. Always! in every religion! I am sorry to say that if there is a religion that doesn’t have I Am speaking in it, then that is a cult, not a religion. I Am is always the Fire in every religion. The closer people get to I Am in any religion, the less impediment there is between them and members of other religions close to God.

Gandhi was a man who was close to God through I Am, which is why he took a stance on three sides of the indian argument between the Hindus, the Christians and the Muslims. Unfortunately the followers of these religions were too far away from the Love of God to take heed and ended up fighting each other, with the Muslims taking off and creating Pakistan. Whenever there is fighting between religions, it is always because they have forgotten the Love, the Fire, of God, and work only in the words of God (the water) written in a book. Water/Words equals war, Love/Fire equals Peace! Simple as that. 

I notice that when children reach the age of 7/8 and no longer literally believe in Santa, they still mostly maintain the literal belief for their younger brothers and sisters. It’s as if they understand the importance of Love and distinguish between the reality of abstract Love and the concrete example of Santa’s Love. Just because Santa doesn’t “really” exist doesn’t mean that what He represents – external love – doesn’t exist. Take Santa away and what are you left with? Why, an expression of Love of course! Most small children can recognize this fact. Most “adults” can’t! Which is why His Holiness Jesus exhorts us to “become like the little children!” Not to become childish, but to become child-like in our acceptance of true love!

Children accept the truth, especially the truth of Love, much more easily than adults. After being an atheist for 14 years I became reborn. I then had to face my 6 year old son and tell him God/Love did exist after all. It took me a week to bring the subject up. I haltingly told him that I had been wrong in being an atheist and the God did exist. To which he replied(bless his heart), “I know that dad!” and walked away into his room! Leaving me to pick my jaw up off the floor! “Out of the mouths of babes!!!” Lol!

So look out for Sids! I am not the only one – they are everywhere in the world!

Kindest regards