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BE!!!! That is the word of life. We are urged by life itself to fulfill our BEingness. What is our BEingness?? Know there are two kinds of Beingness – a general beingness and a specific beingness. To be whole we have to fulfill both. Our general beingness is hard for most people to find because it is not taught in schools or any of the mainstream institutes. So I will tell you right now. Each and everyone of our general beingnesses is “to leave the world a better place than it was when we entered it!” If even 20% of the world had this as there specific daily goal the world would quickly become a paradise.

Another way of expressing our general beingness is “to create a divine civilisation“. There are probably many expressions of the same goal in life but those are the two I personally focus on.

Once you have your general purpose under way you will have your specific purpose pointed out to you. I got mine as a 30 year task – to help solve a huge problem in the world and, more specifically, in our everyday lives. To aid me in this I was given the WPPN – The Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network, a tool that sets up our individual lives for continuous  Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity!

I realised today that I have always been, and will always be, a PROBLEM SOLVER. Ever since I was a child I have been solving problems. That is simply a part of my beingness. Some of the problems I solve are small, some of the problems are enormous (like WPPN) but I know that they will all come into beingness, because that is my Beingness in life – to solve problems.

As a metaphysician I solve problems too. Once I was dealing with a man who hadn’t seen his child for over two years, even though he had full legal custody of his son every weekend! So he had a big problem. But to me it seemed obvious – he was dealing with the problem on the wrong level, where he had no chance of solving it. So I suggested moving the problem up to a higher plane to be solved, to move it from the physical plane to the spiritual plane. On the physical plane the “law” is basically a set of man-made rules and regulations. On this plane possession is 9/10ths of the law and she (his ex-wife) had possession of his son, so she chose to deny him access.

With a few sentences we moved the problem up to the spiritual plane. On this plane higher law rules and there is no escaping their consequences. On this plane “Justice belongs to God” and God dictates what is to happen and woe betide you if you fight against it! Anyway with three sentences we cast it into the spiritual plane and within 18 hours (without any contact from us) she phoned him up asking him to take his son for the long weekend (three days away)!

You see there is no escaping spiritual law and this is what caused her to change her mind. One of the lower aspects of spiritual law is Karma – “what you sow is what you reap.” Our actions caused her be cast into her own Karma. The only escape from negative karma was to change her practices or to seek forgiveness (forgiveness wipes the negative returns of Karma – which is why “all things are made new” when we are reborn into the spirit! The first act of rebirth is total forgiveness of all past wrongs!) In this case she chose to change her practises – and solve her husbands problem at the same time!

So seek out your general beingness and start doing that – making the world a better place to live in because you exist!  And ask to be shown your specific beingness too! You are guaranteed an answer to that question (not always an immediate answer though, but when the time is right). To ask you have to speak it aloud, e.g. “I want to know what my specific beingness is in life (and then add this rider so it always comes to you in a positive way) in Good and Godly circumstances.”
Once you have said this aloud, then write it down and sign it. Put at the top of the page, “My name is ……………….”  this is your ownership of the question. Then when it is written sign it and this is your commitment to the question.  Very soon your life will start changing for the better, you will be led to the solution to your question and you will discover your own beingness! What a release this is! What freedom! Your life will change for the better, forever!