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The Love of money

Thought I’d share what God pointed out to me (quite strongly, I may add! lol!) this morning.

In the bible it says the love of money is the root of all evil. But how can this Be? Is the love of money the root of paedophilia? Of murder. Of arson? And, and, and…

How can Love be the root of any evil? Pure Love comes from God alone and is surely the Root of all Goodness in the world! So it must be the lack of Love that is the root of all evil. And the lusting after money is the root of many, not all, evils!

It is only by us learning to truly Love money (spiritually) as a tool of goodness that we can change the world into a better place, transform the world from a cesspool of evil into a Divine Civilisation! This is the true purpose of every awakened Soul – to help create a divine civilisation.

And every soul is capable of doing this, no matter how simple or complex they are! Simple souls help create a divine civilisation in simple ways, complex souls help create a divine civilisation in complex ways! Often the simple souls are guides for the complex souls to follow. The simple soul that rescues a baby duck is a guide to the complex soul that saves a baby! The simple soul that holds open a door for the person behind them is a guide for the complex soul that opens a door of knowledge for mankind to enter through! We all have our place in God’s Divine Civilisation.

Know that the true (spiritual) Love of money is the source of many virtues in the world. Gifting is one of the first, the simplest, uses of money as a form of Love! The true saying is not “the love of money is the root of all evils” but “The Love of money is the root of all virtues!”

And That is it – short and simple,

May health, happiness, peace, success and prosperity be yours – for these things are the manifestation of the creators of a divine civilisation! And every path to a divine civilisation begins within ourselves! We have to lead by example, because “as within, so without”!

We are the SEEDS of divine civilisation. Only by planting our seeds in the fertile soil of Love can we ever achieve anything useful and lasting. Therefore I ask you, in the name of the Glory of God, that you add your hands and heart to the cause of creating a divine civilisation Today, right now, immediately. Image what the world will look like when 10% of the world is creating a divine civilisation with spiritual tools like WPPN (The Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network).

When this happens the principle of the 100th monkey will expand our energy from 10% to 90 % overnight! And for the first time in the history of man we will live in peace and prosperity for all (not poverty for most and riches for a few)

God’s Love be with you,

reverend master J’iam





I see the world is on an ideological path of wrongness with homosexuality. People are using the word love to justify their tolerance of the “gay” behaviour which is definitly aggressive towards straight people.

When the homosexual law reform bill was fought (in New Zealand) it was argued through parliament on the grounds that…

A) homosexuality was not a physical disease,

B) it was not a mental disease and therefore

C) was not a disease at all –  it was normal behaviour!

But there is a huge flaw in that argument, as only two out of three options were mentioned. What is the missing option? Spirituality!

Homosexuality is a spiritual disease that manifests in the physical/sexual world. And in spiritual law homosexuality is forbidden (not that I believe people should be imprisoned for being homosexuals, it is after all a disease. Do we imprison people with other diseases? No, we have to Love the person, but not the disease.)

There are two sides to the spiritual ban on homosexuality

(1) homosexuality is banned and

(2) sodomy is also banned.

Both of these practices are forbidden by every manifestation who has ever trod the earth. Male homosexuals practice both – a compound error of ways.

Why is homosexuality forbidden? Because homosexuality mistakenly uses the Love of Man for Man as the love of male for female. You will notice that in the first half of the sentence the words Love and Man are spelled with capitals and in the second half love, male and female are not. This is a spiritual practice to differentiate between the two levels – the metaphysical/Spiritual (capitals) and physical (non-capitals).

The love of Man for Man does not contain any sexual element to it at all as both male and female can be Man! So the Love of Man for Man is strictly Platonic.

Love on the physical level contains an element of lust. Marriage is predominantly love and some lust. Homosexuality is predominantly lust and some love. When Lust becomes predominant it becomes a tool of destruction. Which is why it is banned spiritually.

If homosexuals want to live together as sexual partners they can. They won’t ever reach heaven on earth though, as to do that we have to be reborn into the holy spirit and that is not possible for homosexuasl (although if a homosexual is reborn he/she will have to give up homosexuality to keep it).

So them’s the facts of life! Speaking spiritually that is. For the path is straight and narrow and anyone on the homosexual path is off in the dark, away from the light of Love.