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Crazy makers – coming soon!

There is a virulent breed of destructive people in the world called “Crazymakers”. If/when these people enter your life they have the destructive force of a tropical typhoon. Some people are unreasonable and some people are very unreasonable. Crazymakers are TOTALLY UNREASONABLE! They are the equivalent to a spiritual, metaphysical and physical plague in the lives of the people they come into contact with! We cannot deal reasonably with totally unreasonable people!

There are ways of dealing with these people and most of the ways involve Ejection! We have to eject these people out of our lives! It doesn’t ,matter if the are a brother or sister, a mother or father or a even a child. The only cure is to evict them from your life completely (unless they are reborn, when they may be admitted back again on the spiritual level). 


I did an article on crazy makers several years ago and IO going to bring it out of my archives, update it and publish it here on word press in a couple of days , so keep an eye out for it. It can make a big difference to your life when you meet one of these crazymakers – to be fore warned is to be fore armed! The article gives you symptoms to look for (13 i believe) so you can recognise them by their own actions in their own lives, without you having to experience them in you own life. 

Keep you eyes peeled for the article as it is very important to know these things. 

Kindest regards,