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God is the source of all Happiness

God is the source of all Happiness, all Contentment, all Joy, all Bliss and all Ecstasy!

He is immensely powerful, beyond our comprehension – God need only say Be and it is!

Miracles are just actions beyond our understandings. God is above the laws of Man and Nature!

So Be reasonable and expect miracles every day

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Get thee behind me satan!

Satan, according to the Oxford dictionary, actually means wicked. So,“Get thee behind me satan!” actually means, “Get thee behind me wicked (thought)!”

The word wicked has many meaning, but they all lead to a common representation. Wicked means to twist (the truth) to make trouble, to be hurtful by degeneracy, vicious, intending to give pain. So definitely not well intended! Note the word vicious. Vicious is the opposite of Virtuous – we can be in a vicious cycle (which nearly everyone has experienced) or a Virtuous cycle (which far fewer experience a virtuous cycle because it involves commitment!) If we translate “Get thee behind me satan” into modern English we can use it very easily to repel evil thoughts from others and from our our mind. I simply say, “This is not my though and I refuse to accept it!”

You see all thoughts, be they good or evil, are thrown at us by the universe and we have to judge them ourselves, to either accept them as our own or to reject them. If we just let everything into our mind we can receive thoughts from the highest level (God, Pure Love) or the lowest level of evil.

There is a multiple motivational saying JIJO, QIQO, which means

Junk In Junk Out


Quality In Quality Out

We are all gardeners in this life and we are asked to grow good foods and crops. This takes commitment and effort, but you’ll never see a gardener or farmer complaining as reaping time!

It takes absolutely no effort to sow thistles – they sow themselves. But come reaping time you’ll hear people complaining long and loud that the thistles hate them. In fact the thistles don’t hate us. They don’t even know we exist! Nor do our crops love us. Again, they don’t even know we exist!

But we know they exist and the pleasure or pain they give us is the direct result of the actions we have taken previously! This is covered by the Law of Sowing and Reaping (also known as the Law of Karma).

To help us get rid of old inner thoughts I have written a book called “Mind Gardens” (ISBN. 0-473-02826-3) which I offer to you in PDF form. Simply email me asking for a copy and I will gift it to you obligation free. No advertising or add on paid offers – it is a gift from me to you and my gain is that it adds to my virtuous cycle!

To cleanse our minds of past negative thoughts is the first step to spiritual cleanliness. Once our inner mind is clean we put a watchman at the gate who takes care of 99% of thoughts entering our mind. The 1% he can’t handle it is referred to us. This means that our mind power is no longer spent “fighting fires” and we can spend the free time creating “Virtuous Cycles.”

We use the virtuous cycles to create a divine civilisation on earth, as always beginning with ourselves – “as within so without.

As children (aged 0 to 7 years) we absorb everything we hear without discrimination (judging) and, if we are lucky, we grow up with only pure thoughts in our mind. But very few are so lucky.

Jesus said that as adults we must cleanse our minds of the negative thoughts implanted by others (Parents, friends, teachers enemies, media etc.) to give us a clean foundation of which to build our spiritual adult selves! “When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a Man, I put away childish things.” This means that we move from being controlled by others to controlling ourselves!

How can we build a lasting house whose foundations are sand (negative thoughts which lead to negative actions)? We can’t! So we have to build a concrete base for our internal Spiritual Kingdom of Love. Usually this involves being “Reborn.” That is to say it involves turning our own internal radio receiver to Love, away from negative thoughts of evil (“man left to his own devices is inclined towards evil”.

Again, another definition, this time from wikipedia;

The terms known as virtuous cycle and vicious cycle refer to complex chains of events which reinforce themselves through a feedback loop. A virtuous circle has favourable results, while a vicious circle has detrimental results.

Both circles are complexes of events with no tendency towards equilibrium(at least in the short run). Both systems of events have feedback loops in which each repeat of the cycle reinforces the previous one (positive/negative). These cycles will continue in the direction of their momentum until an external factor intervenes and breaks the cycle. End of quote.

Let’s look at how the cycles start. Every vicious cycle starts very easily by us simply doing nothing! It takes no effort to fall into a deep hole and a lot of effort to get out of that hole! It takes no effort to leave our land to sow itself to thistles and lots of weeds. These pests simply germinate on the wind!

This is why we are asked to cleanse our mind of childish (self-destructive) thoughts and replace them with Manly (Self-building) thoughts. Self building thoughts don’t just happen – they have to be committed too and acted upon! Commitment is possibly the least favoured word of this New Age! Lol!

Building a virtuous cycle means putting a fence up around the hole, or filling it in, and then building foundations for a new Multi-storied house! Again, building the foundations is the longest and hardest part! Everything that is easy to do (falling into a hole) becomes harder and harder to live with. Everything that is hard to do (building foundations) becomes easier and easier to live with!

And so we have a choice of simply doing nothing with our lives and falling into continuous crisis (vicious cycles.) Or doing something with our lives and building a Divine Civilisation (this is the second high Goal in everyone’s life, with the first goal being connection to God/Love!)

Life is not complicated. It is actually very simple. But sorting the simple out of the blizzard of “facts” in this world is not an easy process. Never, ever confuse Simple with easy!

But once we find the simplicities of Life and start to build them, life does become easier and easier over time!

Thank you, Lord!


P.S. To receive your gift copy of the “Mind Gardens” PDF, my email address is <>

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In this new age the female has been granted equality with the male by the spiritual forces at large.


Unfortunately, most women don’t understand that to be truly equal both male and female must become Man (note the capital M – this denotes the spiritual state of Man, which is neither male or female)


And because of this mis-understanding of the state of Man females are becoming more and more like males – man (small m = male and female) left to their own devices are inclined towards evil). This much like saying a driverless car on the motorway is inclined to crash!


So females are learning to drink to excess, to smoke, to indulge in drugs,to be promiscuous, uncaring, etc, etc. and even becoming chauvinistic!


Two wrongs don’t make a right – ever!


The male must learn to Be a Man. The female must learn to Be a Man too!


Only this way can true equality be gained and the world can at last achieve the Peace and Prosperity the universe wants it to have!


kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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I AM above the laws of Man and nature!

I AM above the laws of Man and nature! Who said this and what does it mean?

Know I Am is the name of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is also the Christ Spirit! So the three – I Am, the Holy Spirit and the Christ Spirit are the same and  are only separated be degrees.

So whilst the christians talk about the holy spirit and the mystics talk about I Am and Jesus talks as the Christ spirit and many of the followers of each brand deny the validity of the other branches, I am happy to recognise all three as the same thing. People get hung up on names, e.g. the name of God or the name of  almost anything in nature, law, metaphysics and spirituality. Take for example the word Dog. We have dog, canine, mutt, mongrel to name but four. Imagine that four groups were set up as “systems” each using one word as their objective. At first they all got along recognising the others as manifestations of the same thing (dog) but over the generations discrepancies crept in and each group became 100% sure that it’s name was the right name and, indeed, the ONLY name for dog!

So spats broke out, that lead to full blown emotional arguments, that led to wars and massacres by the various groups (the canines slaughtered the mongrels in 1674, the dogs slaughtered the canines in 1703 and so forth) and so the battle lines became dug and people forgot that they all have the same meaning – dog!

Now, it’s quite interesting that dog is the inverse of God. The first time I was contacted by God was when i was 18 after i read a big canvas sign at my school during the lunch break. It said “Evol si dog“! I wondered to myself, “What does that mean? After a couple of minutes of puzzling, I turned to my best friend (Kenneth MacNamara)  and asked him, “what does that sign say? I read Evol si dog!”  And he looked at it and said, “You’re reading it from the wrong side, it says “God is Love!” And with that I saw that he was right! And so (being an atheist) I simply dismissed it! But God had planted a subliminal seed in my brain that would come back to me many years later (in an excellent way!)

Let me explain a bit about myself. I am open to reason but never accept anything at face value. I am what is called “an initial skeptic”. When I meet a new idea i investigate it thoroughly and test it to see if it is the truth. I do this in two ways. I set up two experiments – one to try to destroy the idea and two to try and prove the idea, to see if it works. If it passes both tests then it must be true because the truth will always work and the truth cannot be destroyed! And that is my “double test” i use to test things. I recommend that you adopt it too. It is a powerful tool for truth!

About being above the laws of nature and man. This has always been true but we cannot see it until we look in the right way. Germs/bacteria have always existed. But man – for most of his existence – hasn’t been able to see them, because we have to use a microscope to see them because of there tiny size! So instead of seeing them, we were totally ignorant of them! Does this make them non-existent? No, it simply means we didn’t know about them! Does the fact that the spiritual world is hidden to most make it non-existent? No, not in the least!  The microscopic world always exists whether we believe in it of not.So the spiritual world always exists, whether we believe in it of no,t too!

So what is the equivalent of the “Microscope” we need to see the spiritual world? It is there for anyone who looks! We simply have to ask to be shown the spiritual world by asking for it out aloud! OUT ALOUD! People have a huge resistance to doing this because by doing so we will always get an answer. By getting a truthful answer, our bliss of ignorance will be destroyed. People value their bliss of ignorance highly (although we should be ashamed to even possess such ignorance!) Mostly people ask to see the truth only when the pain of changing is less than the pain of staying the same – I know that’s the only reason I asked!

I had died seven years earlier (by drowning) and come back to this world (read my blog on my near death experience) so i KNEW that we live after death, yet it never occurred to me to ask to be shown the a spiritual solution to life’s problems, until my problems got so huge i had nothing to lose by asking aloud! So I asked and was shown!

The solution to the problem is so simple that most people simply ignore it. I have told many many people about how to “find” God and the spiritual solutions to life, but mostly my suggestions are rebuffed. But i will never stop telling people because one day the advice might be used and I would have helped another person to findtheir soul and God/ Love/ the Source!

God is always above the laws of nature! Why? Because God created nature! God is always above the laws of man! Why? Because God created man too! By calling out to God we will recognise our own God image of “Man” and”Soul” and be given the “powers of command” (“as you speak out of your mouth, so it shall be“!) This, verily, is the Gift of Life itself!

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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In the land of the blind….


Left, right, left, right, one foot after the other!

What is the only way from here to there? One footstep at a time, one after the other!

And what is the beginning of the longest journey? The first step!

And what stops us taking the first step? Only ignorance and/or fear!

And what is the cure for these two things – ignorance and fear?

1) independent investigation of the truth, so you know of your own beingness!

2) action to over come fear – do the thing you fear and your fear will disappear! Fear literally means False Evidence Appearing Real! Fear is an illusion: it is a cobweb that tells you it is a steel cable, and if you believe that then it is! Once you Know that it is only an illusion with the strength of a cobweb then it is easily swept aside!

Once you have taken the first step the second step is always easier, as is the third step and the fourth, fifth and sixth steps are all easier again. By the time you reach the fiftieth step you are jogging and by the time you reach the hundredth step you are running and you wonder why on earth you couldn’t start! 

It is always easier if you have a coach and a mentor with a map of the journey! It you are always going to fail if you haven’t got a METHOD of achieving your goals. You can’t make plans if you don’t have a method!!!

Luckily for you I can show you a Method that is based on the higher spiritual laws of the universe!

Also luckily for you I am doing it for God and not for capitalistic gain, so it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg, not even a finger(nail)! Lol!

Luckily for you too there is no risk, as if you don’t like the system in three month you can pull out and get a refund of your money!

You’re pretty lucky today aren’t you!!!

email reverend master j’iam on <> for more informayion.

I’ll bet you’ve never seen a system like this one! or one even remotely close!


kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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Go West, Young Man!

“I know where I’m going – I’m going west!”

“But you are heading east!?”

“I know, I’m not going the direst route!”

“But Why???”

“Because I want too!”

Most of the time the route between two points is usually in a straight line. Following the direct route is usually the easiest way of getting to the destination. Travelling by road, there is usually more than one route to where you want to get to – the same goes for life. 

Sometimes a direct route sounds nice, but is impossible in reality. There is no road through the “bog of external stench”,  over an exploding volcano or across a grand canyon – the route usually goes around these obstacles!

But over all, the route is usually fairly straight towards the destination. So the two main obstacles to travelling to where you want to get too are 1) Contrarianism and 2) lack of desire to move.

A few people are contrarians(always doing the opposite of what other people do), but by far and away the vast majority just have no will to move from where they are at (until a sink-hole opens up underneath them!)n This is known as apathy (or sloth, spiritually speaking).

There are certain things in life that are inevitable – Death, Taxes, Love and Change. And the most feared of these four is Change. I don’t know whether you’ve noticed or not, but life is in constant change! Only the middle classes live their lives in a sea of unchange – but even that is stormy these days! 

So if life is in constant change, what can we cling too to ensure stability? What things can we build to make our life continuous, stable and growing (in that order)? It seems to me that there are only certain things we can assuredly control in our lives – the first big one being our happiness! We can be as happy or as miserable as we want to be! There is enough misery in the world without adding to it, so why make your goal to be unhappy? Make it your goal to be happier ever day of your life! That is a fundamental goal for all human beings! “Most people are as happy or unhappy as the decide to Be!” Abraham Lincoln.

So what else do we have control of? Our economies! Not necessarily what comes in, but what goes out, that is to say, the spending of our incomes! Since time immemorial wise men have taught us to be prudent with our spending. “Try to live on 90% of your income!” How many of us live on 100% of our income? How many live on 105% of our incomes (and are therefore “broke” no matter how much money we earn?) 

How many people living on 100% of their income regret doing so when there income drops by 5%? 100% of them!

How many people living on 90% of their income regret doing so when their income drops 5%  None of them, they simply adjust their spending and go on with life. But how many of those living on 90% of their incomes suffer a 5% drop? Very, very few – and that is usually only temporary because what have they been doing with the extra 10%? Either saving it or gifting it (or, preferably, doing both and building what is called a virtuous cycle!)

And why do very few of those living on 90% of their incomes suffer drops of income? Because they are working under the invisible laws of the universe! The main one is the law of “sowing and reaping” (also called Karma) which states, “they that HAVE, shall be given more!”

But what do they “HAVE“? They have the workings of the laws behind them – either in the forms of savings(3rd place) or giftings(2nd place), or both(1st place)! Those places in brackets are the energy levels of each process! As you can see savings is on the third  level(lowest, where energy = 10), Giftings alone are on the second level(middle, where energy = 100). And savings and giftings are on the top level!(where energy = 1,000)

Why is this? Because that is the way God has set the universe up to work for Mankind (note the capital M). Only by doing both options – saving and gifting – do we become “whole” under universal law! (and know that the world whole in life, is also known as “Holy” in spiritual terms. Which Man is destined to succeed better? The Man or the Holy Man? (please note that the world Man spiritually is talking about “human’s souls”. Man is neither male nor female – it is our divine essence, our souls).

Of course the Whole Man is always going to succeed to a far greater level than an ordinary Man, because he has a whole map! Not one with pieces missing! (like the piece with the route around the bog of eternal stench! Lol!) Also he/she is a synergized Man (internally united in body, brain and soul!)

It is very simple to live on 90% of your income – as long as you don’t try to achieve it immediately! Over a period of several years we can wean ourselves off the so called “necessities of life” (usually stress inducing habits!) Once we make a commitment to living on 90% of our income, new spiritual doors open to us that make life easier and easier – even though we are living on less of our income! I know that sounds contradictory, but it isn’t because we are moving our energy levels up from the physical where we struggle along on 1, up to a “Fire” spiritual level where we cruise along on an energy level of 1,000! I can see this plainly now, with hindsight! But it wasn’t so clear when I first started (I think the phrase “as clear as mud” applied when I started! Lol!)

If you want to start living on 90% of your income I can show the path you need to take to achieve this goal, Also I can show you the end results of what is going to happen in your life as you start this process (the benefits!) How can I do this? Because I have travelled the path ahead of you. I can offer you my  hindsight to fill in the spots that your foresight cannot yet see

If you are interested in getting control of your life(Continuity), of living on 90% of your income(Stability) and BEing HAPPY(Growth) then get in contact with me – my addresses are all below,

kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam

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YOU are God’s Business!

YOU are God’s Business! He created you and Loves you wholly and unconditionally. There is only one fault that will deny you God’s love and that is hatred of the Holy Spirit (God’s knowable essence) but to achieve this sad state you have to be reborn, Know the Holy Spirit and then turn against Him! All other states are open to healing by contact with the Holy Spirit – I Am Love! 

God the unknowable essence is just that – unknowable. Some people spend their whole lives chasing after God the Unknowable, but it is unknowable in this world! So what is the point! We have to reach out to the knowable essence of God, the Holy Spirit.

Why did God create us in the first place? Here’s why…

I loved thy creation, hence I created thee. Wherefore, do thou love Me, that I may name thy name and fill thy soul with the spirit of life.

Wherefore, do thou love Me means “why don’t you love Me”, which means “Please Love Me

So, translated into modern English it reads…

I loved your creation, hence I created thee. Please Love Me, so may name your name and fill your soul with the spirit of life.

Our very FIRST purpose in life is to make a connection to LOVE/GOD! There are many ways to do this but the primary way is to simply ask! “This most great, this fathomless and surging Ocean(of Love) is near, astonishingly near, unto you. Behold it is closer to you than your life-vein(the vein in your throat)!” God is so close to us that we cannot find him at first – until we ask. I compare this to a fish floating in and breathing the water, looking for the water! We are immersed in God every day, but don’t know it until we ask and it is revealed to us!

Once we find God our purpose again is very simple – to help create a divine civilization! To leave this world a better place when we exit than it was when we entered! Everything is Simple with God, unlike man who constantly wants to make things more and more complicated! It is this very simplicity that blinds us to God.  

We look for God here, there and everywhere! But God is inside of us waiting for us to ask the question – “where are You?”! That is how God hides from us – we have to look inside ourselves to find the answer. For WE are made in the image of God. Not our bodies, not our brains but our souls! And only the soul can awaken and be reborn! For the body and brain are awake and “aware” from the time we are born! Lol! Awake to the world and all it’s traps, but not awake to the permanent part of us that lives forever – our souls! 

I hope this helps you on your path to Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity,

kindest regards

reverend master j’iam

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