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How to handle Manipulative and Malicious people.

All the people living only in the physical world are actually spiritually asleep. In the physical plane the asleep are constantly dreaming. If the dreams are positive that is good. If the dreams are negative they are called nightmares and that is bad. Unfortunately those with nightmares are able to project them onto other people and if you are the one being imposed on it is a real pain. There are few remedies for these projections on the physical plane. The best way to handle them is to move them to the spiritual plane, because (like in a game of scissors, paper and rock) the spiritual is far more powerful than the physical.

 I have told the story about my friend who hadn’t seen his son for over two and half years – even though he had legal custody every weekend! His ex was basically being malicious with her son by denying access. Even though he had spent thousands of dollars and tried all legal channels, he hadn’t succeeded in gaining even one second of access. Why is this? Because justice doesn’t exist on the physical plane except in the form of an eye for an eye. And he certainly wasn’t in position to apply this to the mother of his son. Know that the “law” on the physical plane are simply man’s rules and regulations, not justice.

So as a last straw he came to me (why am I always the last port of call, instead of the first? LOL!) and poured his heart out to me (that’s why!). I immediately saw what was wrong and recommended that he hand it over to justice. “How do I do that?” he asked. So I told him that he had to forgive her wholly and unconditionally. Fortunately he was a visual (he could see pictures in his mind) and I told him to “see” his ex standing there in front of him. Then I got him to say the following words out loud, “I forgive you wholly and unconditionally for all past wrongs against me and when the next wrong is performed against me I immediately forgive you that one too and immediately hand you onto justice.” And that was the complete ceremony/action.

 “What else do i have to do?” he asked. “nothing, it is all done, now we just have to wait.” I replied. He seemed a bit surprised at this, but accepted it and we had a nice cup of tea and a chat. The next morning (Wednesday) he phoned me up at 10 o’clock and told me excitedly. “Guess what, my ex has just phoned me up and asked me to take my son for the long weekend on Saturday!!” To say he was excited was an understatement! Lol!

 But for me the action was not unexpected as once it is taken all the responsibility for the actions lay on the manipulators shoulders. And once faced with the inevitability of punishment for their actions they almost invariably stop. And if they don’t they answer to “instant Karma” as John Lennon calls it. I have seen this happen within hours in another case I handled before (my first case actually).

In this case, the man concerned had stolen my car by forging my signature on the ownership papers that he had persuaded my wife to give him (I wasn’t home at the time). He them used my car to steal a trailer, which he then filled up with his current girlfriends possessions and took them all to another city and sold the lot and pocketed the cash! I found out from the police that “technically” he hadn’t actually stolen my car! I was told to take him to the small claims court and basically sue him. At he had been found guilty 6 times by the same court and hadn’t paid a penny back to any of the claimants! And he had also been to prison for fraud! So my case against him seemed pretty hopeless even if I won!


At this stage I hadn’t learned the forgiveness technique and I stewed on what to do for three months. In the end I was stumped and asked God what to do (why is god always the last port of call? Lol!) Within a very short time i was told to write a letter of forgiveness to him. This was a real struggle for me and it took four hours for me to get it right! After i had got it right i asked what to do with the letter, and i was told to BURN IT! Which i did and went to bed internally calm. The next morning i went down town at about 8:30 and there was this man leaning against a pole, battered with a thick lip, black eyes, a broken arm, a broken leg and on crutches. I just looked at him and thought, “as you sow, so shall you reap multiplied!” and really understood why forgiveness is the ultimate form of revenge.

 Forgiveness is not really a form of revenge at all, but a shifting of internal reality within the forgiver. Justice belongs to God – it is a spiritual energy that doesn’t belong to man at all (Justice is Mine sayeth the Lord”). For man our spiritual energy is Love. When we desire revenge we move ourselves out of the Love column of life and place ourselves into the Justice column. As we are incapable of administering justice all this achieves is the blocking up of the justice column and casting us into a world of pain, as we now become a protector of the wrongdoer against justice! So not only have we been wronged by them, but we have compounded the matter by wronging ourselves as well! It is the latter error that really hurts us!

By forgiving them we move ourselves out of the justice column and back into the love column – welcome home! That is our reward for forgiveness, the return to the Love column of spirituality. And that is the ultimate form of reward! The justice column is then unblocked and the justice flows very quickly. It is not our doing that they reap what they sow. That is entirely their fault. They sowed the seeds and they have to reap them. If they don’t want that way of life any more, they are always free to approach the spiritual world and ask to be entered. And that will be granted and all their past faults will be wiped! That is one of the beauties of “re-birth” the unloading of all the karmic returns still coming to them! Plus the beauty of being admitted to the spiritual world! The law of sowing and reaping is a self-applied law that either resists/punishes us or assists/rewards us. The more you resist the law the stronger the returns become! Until the returns from the law break you and you cry out for relief!


For the good sower of seeds the rewards are always good – “a good tree can’t bear bad fruits, nor can a bad tree bear good fruits” that is the working of the law of sowing and reaping. Unfortunately/fortunately the returns to the good are hidden from the wrong doers – “Only the righteous know the rewards of the righteous”. It is unfortunate for the wrong doers as they can’t see the path to redemption (the opening of the spiritual doors), only the thistles they are reaping. It is fortunate for the righteous as they can see the returns and over time learn to trust the law! Trust of the higher laws is a huge step towards spiritual freedom! A HUGE STEP! Lol!


Trust of the higher laws brings with it a detachment from the negative sowing and reaping of other people and an attachment to Love on a stronger, higher, purer level. The whole purpose of the spiritual world is for us to be detached from ALL except love. And the higher laws are a manifestation of love. It takes a while to learn this. Forgiveness is not the ultimate form of revenge, but the ultimate form of freedom from all fear (with fear standing for False Evidence Appearing Real). Freedom from fear and attachment to Love leads to ultimate calm and peace, the state of Nirvana or Heaven.


Anyway, if you have had the fortune to read this it is because you are ready to receive it. Those not in need of it, or not ready for it, will be blocked from reading it by the higher laws. If you haven’t learned of this law’s use yet, then you are into a new plane of learning. If you know of this i am sure you will be nodding your head in agreement, because the closer we get to the source of love the fewer our differences are!

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Love, Peace and Prosperity,