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The secret of life

For aeons man has pondered on this question – “what is the meaning of life.” And we have struggled to find it by looking far away in strange and hidden places , but never succeeded until we looked within ourselves! For that is where the answer is hidden, within ourselves! As long as we look for it elsewhere we will never find it!

The secret of the meaning of life is that it is hidden in Plain Sight! And because we don’t expect to find it there, we just don’t look there. But I say to you “TAKE A LOOK!”

What am I looking for? Well you can find it easily if you know what to look for – and I am going to tell you! When we are born into the physical plane as babies we quickly discover that the meaning of life is not on the physical plane. So it must be somewhere else. What is our Major Dominant Purpose when we are born? To find the universal source of love and connect with it!  That is our primary purpose in life. If you haven’t done this yet, you cannot move onto your second and third Major Dominant Purposes!

Once you are connected with Universal Love (on the spiritual plane) your Major Dominant Purpose in life is to help create a general divine civilisation. Know you can do this in some ways without connecting to universal love, e.g. by bringing children into the world and bringing them up well, to be mature adults is one such example. 

You cannot, however, achieve the ultimate Major Dominant Purpose in life without the divine connection. The third MDP ( Major Dominant Purpose) in life is to help create a SPECIFIC Divine Civilisation, using the special blend of abilities and talents that the universe gifted you at conception. Of all the people in the world only you can do this one specific job. 

So let me tell you in plain English what the purpose of life is – it is to get ready for the next life, the life of the soul, in the after world and to leave this earth a better place for you having been in it! And that is it in a nutshell.

To achieve these steps in life we have to follow a specific route – “the path is straight and narrow” although in this new age it has been widened almost to the stage of a superhighway! Lol!

So there are three steps to achieving our purposes in life..

1) to achieve a direct connection with universal Love. This is commonly called a rebirth by religions and a connection by non-religions – know they are both the same thing!

2) to achieve a general, non-specific divine civilisation

3) to achieve a specific divine civilisation 

All these these things are allocated 70 years (although more likely 80-90 in this new age) to achieve. Our life-task stops at the point of death – the ultimate rebirth! In this short time on earth we can get as close to Love/God as possible. Once we die we are stuck in the place we managed to achieve until the universe sees fit to “promote ” us closer. So what we could have attained here on earth in 70 years will take us 2 million in the next realm – realising that once we get to the other side this is hell! Not inflicted by an angry God by by ourselves upon ourselves for failing to act on the time we had! 

So that is the secret of life. Do with it what you want,but that is what I am working on in my life and I highly recommend you work on it in your life too! For that is where heaven on earth lays!

kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam

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