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If I die tonight will i be happy? YES!!!

If I die tonight will i be happy? YES!!! Why? Because I made my peace with God a long time ago and He has become my closest, most trusted friend! And I will be happy to leave this world of veils and tears. But He has given me a 30 year mission and so i cannot leave for another 23 years when i am 85 years old!  Not many people are certain of their time of death (rebirth!!) but I am. But if i did die, I wouldn’t regret it because it is not my choice if i live or die – it is God’s and he does as he wills! 

Amen, amen, amen!

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Some thoughts on death


I have made death a messenger of joy to you. Why then do you grieve? I made the light to shed on you its splendour. Why do you veil yourself from it?

In the spiritual aspect death is a welcome friend rather than the enemy of man as known on the physical level ( a skeleton bearing a scythe! I ask you!) God’s Love for us is whole, complete and unconditional. How could death be a punishment. It is actually a reward for the soul because at death the soul is freed from the bopdy and the brain (ego) into the next world. However the ego sees death as a punishment because it actually annihilates the ship (body) and the captain of the ship (brain). It is only when we, the soul (the owner of the ship) approach the captain and make peace with him that things settle down into a peace, instead of the warring that is so dominant is so many peoples lives!

Seen from the spiritual point of view means the ship sinks at sea and, as tradition dictated, the captain goes down with the ship! The owner just hops into the helicopter on the helipad and flies away to safety! (I bet you didn’t know there was a helipad and chopper aboard, did you?). That is why the soul is in charge – he actually owns the ship and understands that all earthly things have a limited life span. But the soul is not earthly at all, it is made in the image of God and God is eternal – as are we! So the death of the ship means the release of the soul from the ship! That is why death is a messenger of joy to the soul. We are butterflies, designed to fly in the sky and this world is the caterpillar and chrysalis stages before the birth of the butterfly. 

Everything looks different from the souls point of view. The death :penalty” is not actually a penalty but a form of forgiveness that frees us up from three major types of crime – murder, arson and drug-pushing. Why these three? Because they all interfere with God’s creative process. If we just decided to eject a baby from the womb at any time we felt like it many babies would die from premature birth. God decides when a baby is born, whether it dies or not is up to God. The baby that dies at birth misses the pains and sorrows of this world but also misses out on the free will tests and trials that most os have to suffer through to learn out lesson! (that we must submit our free will to Love. God!) But for that child nothing is missing in the next world because one of the first gifts we receive is infinite knowledge (I know because i have died and passed onto the next world to receive this gift. And i really cried when i was put back here on earth and felt that knowledge slipping away!)

In this new age the death penalty is prescribed for these three crimes because God doesn’t engage in “double jeopardy” If we kill someone we can get forgiveness for that crime by forfeiting our own life. In doing this we receive forgiveness for that action and don’t have to account for it in the next world. If we kill someone and spend the rest of our life in prison we still have to account for that crime – which is being punished for the same crime twice, “double jeopardy!”

I believe that the most humane way of dying is to drown, as it is quick, painless and, once the ego stops fighting for life, very pleasant indeed! I know, because that is how I died at the age of twenty one at a beach (read my blog on a near death experience).

So murder is the deliberate taking of a human life (manslaughter is the accidental raking of a life) Arson is setting fire to things as well as causing explosions (bombs etc) whilst the death penalty for drug makers and pushers is because drugs separate the soul from the body and brain. So basically the owner is denied access to the ship! And that is a silent form of murder. We have all known addicts and know that they are soulless. And that is reason why the death penalty for drug pushing. And one day alcohol will be declared a drug too (it has been banned since the seventh century!). 

I know that having written this it won’t make me popular, but I am not here to win a popularity contest but to point out the truth of situations. The philosopher Socrates, who drank hemlock after his trial for allegedly corrupting the youth of Athens is an example of the soul over-riding the body and ego because the corrupt system was going to kill him anyway and it is better in those circumstances to do the job yourself. 

My son is named Anis and he was names after a martyr who offered to kill the Prophet,  “The Bab” (who actually asked for a volunteer to kill him) Because of his devotion Anis was allowed to be martyred with the Bab and their bodies were forever mingled after being shot by an execution squad of 750 shooters! What I an trying to point out is that the actions of the soul are different from the actions of the body and brain because it works under the same laws, but on a different, higher level!

Take the law of attraction. It, like all laws manifests differently on each of the three levels. On the physical level the law of attraction states, “Opposites attract”. And this is true; yin and yang, day and night, black and white, goof and bad etc. But on the metaphysical level the same law is the total opposite and states, “Like attracts like” or put differently, “birds of a feather flock together!”. And on the spiritual level the law of attract states, “Love attracts all, except the human heart that chooses to turn away (remember, we have free will). If you have a problem with the law of attraction you have to trace the source of the problem – is it physical, metaphysical or spiritual? Find the source of the problem and the solution becomes obvious and easy (to see, not necessarily easy to do!)

Well I hope that I haven’t offended too many of you, but if i have ask yourself. “is what I’ve said the truth on the spiritual level?”  If it is, you are having problems with the physical or metaphysical over-riding the spiritual and making you life un-happy. If I haven’t offended you, congratulations you are detached from death and should seek out the Benefits of death to you (not just the impact on you)

I love you all,


3 Levels of the universe # 2 – Death on 3 levels

DEATH!!! It strikes fear into the hearts of those who haven’t experienced it , those who FEAR it (FEAR is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real), or those ignorant of it until a close or final meeting with it. The unfortunate thing about death is that we (most of us) are taught to fear it as children. The fearful always remains until it is consciously or spiritually changed. Change only comes from study or experience.

I was lucky in that I drowned at the age of 21, passed over to the other side and was returned to earth to (unknown to me then) complete a mission. I had what is called a Near Death Experience, a soul experience with death in which one actually enters through the door of death and experiences it directly. Many people have a scrape with death where they approach the door of death and are terrified because this is a metaphysical experience in which the brain and body both react to the situation by trying run away in terror. This experience doesn’t teach the JOY of Death at all, rather it leaves an impression of terror.

As the chart below shows the spirit lives on whilst the brain and body are annihilated, killed, die. There is no escaping the fact that two thirds of our human entity is destroyed at the point of death. And people tend to focus on the two thirds that is lost rather than focusing on what happens to the soul. For the soul is released like a baby from a tight womb or a chicken from a restrictive egg shell! Death is not a punishment but a reward for life!

“O SON OF THE SUPREME! I have made death a messenger of joy to thee. Wherefore dost thou grieve? I made the light to shed on thee its splendor. Why dost thou veil thyself therefrom?”

Both the brain and the body fear their own annihilation whilst the souls looks forward to it! This is the clash within Man.

As you can see in the chart below the spiritual (our soul) lives whilst the captain and the ship are lost because the ship sinks and the captain always goes down with the ship! The owner simply goes to the helipad on board the ship, and flies away! So the ship and the captain are annihilated whilst the owner gains his freedom from the ship.

Plane                  Death 1            Death 2
Spiritual             lives               Owner flies away in helicopter

Metaphysical   dies              Captain goes down with ship
Physical               dies                Ship sinks

Plane                          Death 3
Spiritual                  FREEDOM
Metaphysical       annihilation
Physical                   annihilation

I hope this makes it clear to you. If I have left anything out please let me know by emailing me on

This is part two of a multiple series that will be published in a book in the near future. all work presented here is COPYRIGHT to rev Mas J’iam 2013