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Rebirth into the kingdom of God

Many years ago I was introduced to a lady and was invited down to yo her town to meet her husband. When I arrived she said,”Tom is up in the attic dissembling the factory!” So I climbed up to the attic and went into a massive room that was lined with silver foil and lights. Then it dawned on me that this was a marijuana factory! Tome had been reborn just a short time ago and before he was reborn he had been a major drug dealer in town.

But upon rebirth he had changed his ways ans had given up on marijuana and started to dissemble his main means of support to date! He had gone down to the local creek and thrown away both of his double barrelled sawn off shotguns. The locals said, “The black power will get you man!” to which he replied, “No, they wont!” and that turned out to be true. Once they learned he was no longer in the game they waved back to him on the street!

He was so involved in the game he had a boat called Miss Marijuana – which he renamed as Miss Mary – Lol!

You see, when we are reborn all things in our live can change for the better – because “All things are made new!” All the of the Karmic debts we owe are wiped clean and we no longer have to account for up to a lifetime of misdeeds any more – only one day at a time, for which we ask forgiveness (and accept it!) thus keeping us karmicly clean!

And how do we get reborn? We simply have to ask aloud (thinking this question a million times will not bring this meeting about – only asking aloud or writing it down!) to meet God in person. It is this meeting that makes us reborn! And what a wonderful day that day is – marvellous, marvellous, marvellous. Plus amazing, fabulous, astounding etc., etc. I cannot adequately describe it with words but it literally is like leaving the dark, confined world of the physical world of the womb and coming out into the light, the space, the freedom of the of the open world!

If you are not reborn as yet and want to experience it simply ask out aloud. The words I used as an atheist were, “If you exist God I want to know!” Six months later I met with my creator and even though my spiritual rebirth mother was a Christian I was told in no uncertain terms to become a Bahai. I was walking on air down the passage when God spoke to me, “I want you to become a Baha’i!” And I said, “A what?” never having even heard to the word! “A Baha’i.””well where do I find these Baha’is?” I asked? “In the phone book!” God told me. So I went to the phone book and looked them up and phoned them straight away!

“Hello, Baha’i Faith” a voice said. “Hi,” I said,”I’d like to become a Baha’i, can you send someone around? ” to which I got the answer, We are busy!” Not to be put off I asked, Well when can you come around? “Tomorrow (Sunday)” was the reply. So I spent the next 24 hours just experiencing God and Love and everything after being an atheist for 14 years!

The next day they came around and explained to me the oneness of the messengers of god and sure enough the Baha’i writing were from the same God who spoke to me – as were the writings in the Koran, the Bible, the Old Testament, etc. They were all of the same hand (God) only using different coloured pens! So I joined right then and there!

I gave up drugs and alcohol easily and my life changed instantly for the better. Once you have heard the Divine Voice of God change is easy as all things of “value” we chased before suddenly become worthless! It is easy to give up worthless things!

So just ask, don’t wait as long as I did – I had drowned and had a near death experience at the age of 21, so I knew life after death was a reality, yet still remained an atheist for another seven years! How could that happen? I simply didn’t ask to meet God! It was only when I came to the third stage of unhappiness ([1] discontent, [2] depression and [3] self-destruction!) that I actually asked aloud to be shown. And upon asking I started moving towards the door that would reveal God to me. Not that God is hiding from us! We are like fish that swim in an ocean called God. But being so involved in the water we can’t see it until we ask to be shown it! “God is closer to us than our life vein (our jugular vein that goes up our neck!)” Because it is every where around, and within us, it is evidence hidden in plain sight. And when we eventually see it it is glaringly obvious!

Know that there are 9 paths to God created by each of the manifestations – you Go to the manifestation (messenger) of God and the through them to the Holy Spirit (I Am). The tenth path is when you go straight to the Holy Spirit and then back to the nine messengers. That is why I was asked to become a Baha’i. After 20 happy years as a Baha’i I was asked by God to leave the Baha’i Faith! This didn’t sound right to me and I wanted proof of this request! And God gave me a couple of days to leave or he said he would take the Holy Spirit from me! So I waited a couple of days and the Holy spirit was taken off me and I plunged into hell! I Immediately tendered my resignation with trepidation and within a couple of days was resigned!

As soon as I resigned the Holy Spirit was returned to me and I was in Heaven again! At that stage I had no knowledge of why I was asked to leave – it wasn’t until many years later that reason became obvious to me, when I was given my mission on earth! I have worked on the idea that God gave me in 1992 for 22 years and 8 years ago I was given that idea as a 30 year mission. Today I still have 22 years to serve, so I am half way to the end of my task. Apparently it will be completed in the year 2035 and I will be able to see it up and running with a year to collect recognition, glory, medals and honours like knighthoods before leaving this world in 2036 at the age of 85. Not that those baubles are important to me except as a sign of recognition of my mission completed.

I sincerely hope that you understand this message and ask to meet God. And I know that if you have already met Him, you will be saying with me Amen, Amen, Amen!

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam

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Continuous revelation throughout the ages

Do you think that God has ever left us alone throughout Man’s existence? Such a concept is inconceivable to any spiritual believer as they can feel his presence every day. So why are their so many messengers from God? Because every 700 to 1,000 years man has grown enough spiritually to receive another message from God through a human messenger. Consider all life to be a school with the messengers from God as it’s teachers and God as the headmaster. Each year the children move up a grade – and it’s the same with the school of mankind except the school year id 700 to 1,000 years long! So Abraham was one of the early messengers from God and he had three sets of children, each of whom God promised to raise a great nation. One went off to raise moses and Jesus, the other Krishna, Buddha and Zoroaster, the final one Mohammad, before all three branches merged back into one.

Each time a messenger came they bought two teachings one the spiritual teachings to connect us to God and the other the social teachings that would produce a Divine Civilization in the following 700 to 1,000 years.


 Notice how the message is given to the capacity of God’s children, not the capacity of the Holy Spirit (notice too how the huge Holy Spirit glass is much, much reduced in scale in the diagram). Much like a primer one student is taught to the level they need not to that of the university student. Notice too how each messenger brings a bigger message. This the way it is at school too, but mankind has free will and can stay in primer one if he chooses to. And some do! Judaism is classed as primer one (for the purposes of this talk). But their souls still grow to some extent. So today Judaism doesn’t carry out any of the many death penalties prescribed in the Torah (the old testament), like the death penalty for Jews who “curseth his father or his mother shall be surely put to death” (Leviticus). All these things have been dropped from the Jewish faith because they now follow the teachings of Christ and other teachers who came after Moses and who changed the essential social teachings.

This phenomena is much like children who grow in size and mind despite their choosing to stay in primer one. A twelve year old primer one student no longer needs a nap or to have his shoe laces tied for him, but he refuses to read beyond the primer one level!

But the teaching of God are not just social teaching. Far more important is the spiritual teaching, and each time a new messenger comes the amount of social teaching decrease and the Spiritual teaching increase!


For those who stay in primer one, their social teaching decrease somewhat but not nearly as much as their Spiritual teaching in proportion. It’s like much of the glass evaporates with the Spiritual laws evaporating far more quickly the the social laws. The effect of this is to leave the cup half empty, so today the Jewish faith looks like this…


 Of course this applies to all religions. In this new age the social laws that uphold the churches has been so diminished that many aren’t belonging to religions any more, preferring to call themselves “Spiritual”. And this is perfectly valid in this era of exchange, although it will swing back when the new religion is consolidated. But it will be within the scope of the “Spiritual” people of the world! The religious people are far further away from the new religion than the spiritual people are – they are already half way in! In the new age there is no clergy at all, each Man has to be his own clergy! There are social teachings (for how else can we make a divine civilization if we have no foundation stones, but the vast majority of the new Divine House will be made of spiritual teachings! In this age we have plumbing and electrical wiring, insulation, internet and so forth as parts of our houses. The proportion of house to foundations is far increased in this new age and the foundations are no longer hewn from solid stone, but poured from concrete.


 WPPN is a part of the progress of mankind towards the new Divine Civilization, although it is not part of any religion, but accepts them all as bearers of truth and Love.

The Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network is simply a tool to help mankind achieve their true inner potential in this new age. Communism is dead and capitalism is dying a slow agonizing death at the moment – what is to replace them? WPPN of course!  

WPPN sets up a virtuous wholistic cycle in our lives that empowers us to Be Happy, Peaceful, Successful and Prosperous (in other words wealthy). Only when the wealth of the world is more evenly distributed (shared) can mankind stop warring. And by distributed i don’t mean grabbed form one portion of the population and given to another portion unearned. The new way is to organize your life in a way that allows you to earn what you have and thereby denying it ti the usurers of the world. WPPN does this, all within the scope of Spiritual, Metaphysical and Physical laws, with the dominance being on Spiritual and Metaphysical!

I hope this helps you,