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A royal Rebirth into the spiritual

The first way to be reborn into the spiritual world is to go to the messengers of God and through the messengers of God to the Holy Spirit – I Am. To and through this method is called. Unfortunately far too many believers stop at to and don’t go through! they are reborn into the water but not into the spirit/fire.

There is a second way of being “Reborn” into the spiritual world. And that is to go straight to the Holy Spirit, I Am, and from there back to the messengers of God. 

The first way is to go to the water first and then to the fire(spirit). The second way is to go to the Fire first and then back to the water! I know of at least two people who have experienced this form of rebirth in the last 100 years. One is Mahatma Gandhi and the other is myself. There are probably many, many I don’t know about. If you have already been reborn this way please contact me that we may create a synergy for peace and harmony.

One of the evidences of Gandhi’s royal rebirth is the way he flipped from the Hindu to Christian and then Muslim Teachings. You see the royal rebirther knows that there is no difference in the LOVE teachings of any of the messengers. The only difference of the teachings of the messengers are in the social rules of that particular age. This process of the messengers is called continuous manifestation! God is the headmaster of the school and each messenger is a teacher in the school. Each year we advance to a higher level of responsibility in social teaching – unless we are obstinate and refuse to advance; then we stay in the class we were in.

So we have 20 year old in primer one, two, three etc all claiming to have THE answer and fighting against the other 20 year olds of different classes, each trying to prove that their class is the “true” class! Ridiculous! God does as He willeth and if a rule  has been in place for eternity and God declares the rules change then that is what happens. “God does as He wills!”

Look at the jews. They still have their religion but they don’t practice many of the social rules any more. There are multiple pages of death penalties for Jews some like, “getting information from the dead” e,g spiritualism. Today none of those death penalties are carried out – why? Because the rules of the following manifestation nullified them and , although denying the later manifestation his ruling were carried out by the Jews! 

Another example is the concept of Holy War. This was never a part of Christianity, but was introduced by Muhammed. But in the 12 to 14th centuries the Christians waged “Holy War” against the Muslims! And today nearly everyone alive is living under the new social teachings of the new age! We live in an age of miracles and people take them entirely for granted!

So the social teaching of each messenger change to suit the needs of the age, But look at the teachings of LOVE. Every messenger brings the same LOVE teachings, but expanded to the capacity of mankind ability to absorb them. As Jesus said, “Think not that I Am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I Am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.”

It is very hard for people to understand the universality of God if they are reborn in to one religion, because they are immediately taught that the religion they are reborn into is the only one that is true. What the world needs is more people who are born directly into the Holy Spirit – I Am

I was born directly into I Am because I had been an atheist for 14 years and I asked the question of God, “If you exist, please show me!” I was sent a christian person to help me to the stage of rebirth, but once reborn I was walking down the passage and God said to me, “I want you to become a Baha’i!” And I said, “A what?” (yes, I know it was terribly rude of me to speak to God in this way, but i was totally taken aback!) “A Baha’i!” Okay, so I have to become a Baha’i but where on earth would I find them, so i asked God, “where will i find these Baha’is?” “In the phone book!” God told me. So i went to the phone book and sure enough there they were! So i phoned them up and asked them to come around straight away, only to be told that they were “too busy”, so I asked them when they could come around? “The next day” i was told. So I went out and spent my first spiritual day on earth in a state of ecstasy and Bliss! Birds fluttered around my head, dogs came up and licked me and people instantly beamed smiles the moment i caught their eyes! Also I walked “An inch off the ground!” all day.

The next day they came around and showed me the writings of Baha’u’llah and I instantly recognised it as the same voice that had been talking to me the previous day. And then they showed me the writings of Muhamed and I recognised that as the same voice too. And then the writings of Jesus and that was the same voice too! And so it went. I realised that the hand of God was behind all the scriptures of the world and that only the pen (the manifestation) was different ( a different coloured pen – the same hand writing!)

My friends, if you are contemplating reaching out to God then consider asking to go straight to I AM and back to the messengers. This is the age of unity and we need thousands, if not millions, of royal rebirths! To be royally reborn into I Am is to be reborn straight into spiritual unity! Not all requests will be granted because God knows your spiritual path far better than you do, but even if 10% of the requesters seeking God were reborn royally it would make a HUGE difference to the world! “Knock and the door will open, Ask and thou shall receive!

20 years later I was asked to leave the Baha’i faith (by God) and i didn’t want too. So God took the Holy Spirit off me and within two days I had left! As soon as I had left the Holy spirit was given back to me and i returned to the direct path of I Am. My 20 years in the faith were mentoring years, where i learned the lessons of the messengers of God. Once I had learned all i needed to know, I was asked to leave. I was then given a mission to perform – God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform!

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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Consistency – a Spiritual Attribute

Did you know that consistency is a spiritual attribute? Not many people recognise this fact but once you’ve seen it you’ll see it everywhere. God is consistent within each of the three planes and within all of them. God consistently sends us “manifestations” (Spiritual Masters) about every 500 to 1,000 years. Every manifestation brings with him a new set of social laws and takes us to a higher level of Love. So the Love is always consistent, only the social rules change to fit the age the people live in. Each new set of rules unites a bigger portion of the population. We live in an new age where the whole world is going to be united into one national – “the earth is but one country, mankind it’s citizens“.

One thing that God consistently teaches is that we are here for one lifetime only. Only one manifestation teaches about reincarnation and that is Krishna. “Why does Krishna teach about reincarnation and none of the other messengers do?” I used to wonder. Then one day I was told to read the Hindu writings and as I read it became clear to me that the reincarnation that Krishns talks about is a totally different kind from the ones that reincarnationists talk about. Reincarnationists talk about leaving the body at the end of life and being reborn back to earth to live life over and over again.This effectively removes god from the picture so they “never” have to face a reckoning.

God says we are born onto earth to learn lessons and we only need 70 odd years to achieve that and once we die we lose our free-will forever and enter the next world at the stage we progressed to in this life. I’ll repeat that phrase, “we enter the next world at the stage we progressed to in this life.” If we end up far from God at the point of death then that is where we enter the next world. The feeling we get when we get there and recognise that in 70 short years we could have been far, far closer to God than we are is what is called “hell” Because there is no way we can undo that station in the next world. What we could have achieved in this world in 70 years may take a million years in the next world because we can’t promote ourselves any closer to god in the next world, only in this one. The feeling of “heaven” is when we get to the next world and realise that we have done as much as we can to get close to God and there is nothing more we could have done to move closer – that is heaven. Heaven and hell are states of beingness, not places of existence. These states of Beingness are also achieveable in this world. To reach hell simply do nothing! To reach heaven we have to always seek out the truth – everyday of our lives!

So there is no coming back to this earth to live your life again! So what sort of reincarnation is Krishna talking about. Know that we sleep one third of out lifetimes. Why is that? Because in that third we are actually in the next world. So we spend two thirds of our life in this world and one third in the spiritual world. When we awaken we are cast out of the spiritual world into this one. This is called an incarnation at the point to conception in the womb and a  re-incarnation every time there after. And it happens every 24 hours, every day, not at the end of our earthly living! So the teachings of Krishna are consistent with the teaching of all the other manifestations! (Like Jesus, Muhamed, Budha, Zoroaster, Moses etc)

mankind is always looking for differences, but spiritual people are always looking for consistencies, because God is One, Man is one and all the Manifestations agree. If all things are involved in all things, how can they be inconsistent (not different, inconsistent)

An apple and a walnut may be different but they are both manifestations of trees, which is the bigger consistency. So things can be different and consistent.

All the laws of the universe have different manifestations on the different levels but are always the same law! So the law of attraction states “opposites attract” on the physical level. On the metaphysical level the same law states that “like attracts like” – the complete oposite to the physical level, Yet it is consistent on each of these levels. On the Spiritual level the law of attraction states “Love attracts all except the human heart that chooses to turn away” because we have free will to turn towards Love or to turn away from it, in this world (only).

So the spiritual person works on Consistency, stability and Growth to achieve a divine civilisation (heaven), the metaphysical person works on growth, and stability whilst the physical person works only on growth. Can you see the difference in the states? Only the top spiritual state combines to give security. And that is the underlying urge of every man, woman and child on earth!