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Hello, my name is J’iam, I thought I’d better formally introduce myself

Being an Englishman at heart I today realized that I’ve been blathering on without ever properly introducing myself! Lol!

 I am 62 years of physical age, but have lived my life at three times the experience rate of most people, because i have never been afraid of doing what I wanted or needed to do.

When I look at my life and see the things I have experienced it amazes me. I have actually been physically reborn by experiencing a Near Death experience (Drowning, and it was wonderful, amazing, astounding!), experienced rebirth into the spiritual world, experienced rebirth into the metaphysical world and experienced rebirth into the realm of the Poor and the Peacemakers, I have also experienced many negative things too like riches and poverty (both dis-empowered states. So what I am saying is that I am nearly 200 years old in “life experience”. And I still have another 23 years to life on this planet/plane! (Another 75 virtual years! Lol!)

My goals within the life network are as follows…

 1) to always gift the first 10% of all income to my family bank

2) to stay true to myself (so I can be true to others)

3) to be utilized as an expert public speaker, motivator and PEACEMAKER throughout the world

4) to ever increase my expertise within the fields of Health, happiness, peace, success and prosperity

5) to gain a living from my expertize within 6 months, as of today


I am a spiritual master and a metaphysical master. I have come into the network to increase my physical mastery. I experience life as BE, DO and now having (the opposite order from most people! Lol!) If anyone needs help with spiritual or metaphysical problems please feel free to contact me.

How can I help? Well, I got a man access to his son after two and half years denial by the mother (the father had legal access every weekend!) simply by moving the whole case from the physical plane to the spiritual plane of Justice. It took 3 minutes and the mother phoned up the father within 18 hours and asked him to take his son for the upcoming long weekend! We had no physical communication with her at all. All i did was work the (higher) law and the law worked for him. read that again for that is a key to life – WORK THE LAW AND THE LAW WORKS FOR YOU!

 Spiritual power is the power of BEing. Metaphysical power is the power of DOing. physical power is the power of having.

 I already have Being and Doing in my arsenal and now I am moving into having. So the network “miraculously” popped into my life Lol!

 If you are a young person who is chasing after havingness you probably will succeed. But to KEEP IT you have to build your BEingness and Doingness in line with the higher laws of the universe. Otherwise you can lose your havingness a lot easier than it was built.

I have 500 year goals, do you? I have goals for 100 years do you? I have goals for 50, 20, 10, 5, 3, 2, 1 years do you? If you don’t have all of the goals you are not working wholistically. Only by being wholistic can we establish Continuity, Stability and growth (note the order!). It is in lack of continuity that people fall over. It is in lack of stability that people have crisis. it is in lack of growth that people struggle.

But it is in continuity that we are safe, in stability that we are secure and in growth that we are content. So set your life up right. If you are already financially free then set up the continuity and stability aspects – for financial freedom is not assured on the physical level forever, unless you have set yourself up right on the spiritual and metaphysical levels as well!


 So that is my introduction of myself to you. Now we can BE friends. If you have an “unsolvable problem” my door is always open for consultation. I have access to tools like no others (e.g. the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network – a tool for setting up the vituous cycle in your life!). Plus I have “powers of command” (“as ye speak out of your mouth so it shall BE”). Plus much more!


So, if you have problem that seems unsolvable, you are probably trying to solve a metaphysical or spiritual problem on a physical level. I can track the SOURCE of the problem and once that is done the solution is usually fairly simple and the results amazing!

 reverend master j’iam


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A Bridge or a Door? No, a Bridge and a Door!

A Bridge or a Door? No, a Bridge and a Door! What do I mean by this? Well, these two things are at the very heart of my Beingness. I am both a bridge and a door. A bridge that can span the gap of where you are, to where you want to go to. And a door that opens in the brick wall that stops you entering the wealth state of life – where all the good things are! A place that leads – by land – to where you want to go to as well!

Those are my two stations in life. So how do I achieve these two stations? By asking God how to serve him. He sends me people who need help and I ask him how to help Him and He shows me – quite simple really. “Ask thou shall receive, knock the door will open

Over the years I’ve helped dozens of people. One that springs to mind is when I had a lady friend crying on my shoulder asking for advice on what to do. I had no idea what to say, so i asked God for help and He just took my tongue over and started speaking to her. And I was listening on thinking, “gee that’s excellent advice” and “Gosh, I wish I knew that!” I did manage to memorise some of the things I heard that night and they have stood me in good stead over the years.

Another time I went into Baat Gardens in Kuala Lumpar and, on entering one section, I saw two geese – a Mrs and Mr goose – both squarking very loudly. From what I could see Mrs goose was giving Mr Goose a hard time about something. No sooner hard I thought that than Mr goose starting running towards me with his wings outspread in a very frustrated manner. I suppose most people would have fled. But without thinking I threw my arms up in the air in a reflection of him and got down on my knees to embrace him. He ran his head along my chest squarking loudly and I (well my mouth)softly talked to him telling him it was all a storm in a teacup and that this too would pass. He quickly calmed down and seemed to reach a stage of peace when he left me. Looking over to my right I saw a small Indian boy whose eyes were “as big as organ stops!”, truly enormous. This made me laugh and i then stood up, said good bye to Mr Goose and proceeded around the gardens again.

You see we are all God’s creatures and If we want to serve God we have to serve Him how He wants us to serve – “blessed are the peacemakers

Another time I had been reading the Holy Koran and had read a line, “God needs only say be and it is“. I was painting a school at the time and, whilst on top of a ladder painting, I thought, “I wonder if I said, “God needs only say be and it is“, if a bee would land on me?

So I said it and within seconds a bee landed on the back of my hand! It looked at me and I looked at it and then i said, “God is all Glorious” and it took off again! I did that every day for 5 days and every day the same thing happened! We are not separate from creation, we are a part of it. If we want to serve we have to serve all of creation because God IS all of creation! The animal kingdom has no free will and can only change course under the influence of God (the God without and the God within us!)

When my children were small (2 and 3) I used to go to peoples houses and ask their dogs to look after my “puppies” for me, which they happily did. The dogs owners would often ask me how I’d done that, as their dog “didn’t like children“. Well i hadn’t asked them to look after my children. I’d asked the dog to look after “our puppies” and so they did. All parents love their children and I had just made their dog a parent of my children (puppies)! We have to talk to people and creatures in their own language – makes sense to me!

When we ask to serve we must be prepared to serve in any way God asks us to serve Him, not how we think we need to serve God!

Anyway, back to bridge and door. There are two “glass ceiling we all face at one time or another. As long as we think these glass ceiling are man-made we will never get through them. One is metaphysical and the other is Spiritual (which is also metaphysical, but on a much higher level). As a metaphysician and metaphysicist I predominantly work in these two areas. To enter into the metaphysical area you need a bridge, to enter into the spiritual area you need a door.It is unusual to find both these qualities in one person – which is why i am one of only six people in the world with these qualities.

So if you are seeking help in any matter just simply ask me by emailing me. I will help you solve your problems and the only thing I ask for in return is a reference.