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The illusion of physical energy’s strength

Know that physical energy has only the power of illusion to make it strong. Imagine there is a very small spider that can make a cobweb that it ties around you. You can easily break the cobweb but the spider has a trick – it tells you that the cobweb is actually a very thick, immensely strong steel cable that cannot be broken. If you believe this lie, then it becomes a truth for you and you are trapped by the cobweb.

A real life example of this is the circus elephant. As babies they are chained to a peg that is too strong for them to pull out of the ground. But as they grow they become far stronger than the peg – they can easily pull it out of the ground to get their freedom! But they “Know” that they can’t pull it out of the ground, so they never try to pull it out. And so they are trapped, not by the strength of the peg, but by the weakness of their beliefs. They believe the peg is stronger than they are so they never try!

Mankind is the same way too. As small children everything we hear, see or read, up until the age of 7, is taken into our brains without discrimination. As adults we must go back to this young period and weed out falsehoods inserted into us by parents, friends, teachers, media and so forth because some of those “truths” are only elephant pegs. Not truths at all, simply falsehoods posing as truths!

“To the level of your belief it shall be given to you.” Paraphrased this can be read  as “we are as weak or as strong as we believe we are!” The subconscious can’t distinguish between truths or falsehoods, except as we tell it – “this is a truth, keep it!” or “this is a falsehood, throw it out and replace it with this truth ..”

As I have explained previously the physical energy strength is 1,  metaphysical energy strength is 10 and spiritual energy strength is 100. So how do we overcome physical energy if it is so weak? By reducing it to zero by exposing it’s lies – or revealing the truth of the matter  of cobwebs.
Jesus used the words “get thee behind me satan” to extinguish a falsehood from his mind before it had taken root. Today we can use the same affirmation expressed as, “This is not my thought, I refuse to accept it!” Doing so reduces the power of the thought from one to zero and it is made harmless.

Thoughts that are already in our memory need a similar, but different, technique. With these thoughts there won’t just be one, but up to hundreds of the same thoughts (because nothing stays still and all thoughts give birth to similar thoughts. If it has been in our brain since the age of five that may be 10, 20, 30, 40 or even 50 years of it duplicating itself like a virus.)

The bodies trick to kill virus is heat. Virus are very sensitive to heat so as soon as they start multiplying the body increases it’s temperature and we run a “fever.” The same technique can be applied to negative thoughts. I have an imaginary filing system set up in my brain with file 13 being the one in which I destroy negative thoughts. All files except file 13 are filing drawers in which I store knowledge. File 13 however only looks like a filing drawer, because once I close this drawer the back opens up and the negative  thought is cast into a fiery furnace that burns it to a non-existent crisp!
I do this many times with any negative thoughts until they are all gone. I also have a “mind jungle clearing” meditation that I do that gets rid of negative thoughts out of one ear that I then lock against them returning, I next put a “watchman at the gate” of the other ear – which is the entrance that all thoughts must take to enter my mind.
Did you know that it is a universal law that all thoughts must present themselves as they truly are (positive or negative) to gain entrance. So a negative thought cannot present itself as a positive one or visa versa. I see all positive thoughts as cleaners, builders,  philosophers or angels. Every negative thought is represented by a mongol invader, a vandal, a demolition crew member or some other evil personification.

All positive thoughts are let inside, but the door is closed on negative thoughts and they cannot get in any other way except by that door! This is the same door Jesus slammed in the face of Peter’s negative thoughts – “get thee behind me satan!” SLAM!!!

The only time the watchman has to call on me is if he has difficulty judging a thought to let it in or keep it out. Thus the process is mostly automatic after a time. Of course when I learn things – like say at a webinar – I use a sheep penning  method where I have a gate that moves the thoughts down a narrow alleyway and I separate them into the right (righteous) pen and the left (the negative) pen. The negative pen disposes of  all the “negative sheep” thoughts. All the good thoughts enter my “mind farm” to live in.
For the mind is a farm or a jungle. You cultivate a farm or grow a jungle by simply doing nothing and letting it take care of itself! The same goes with our minds. We have to cultivate our minds to turn the jungle into a productive farm!

This cultivation is supported by the saying, “When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a Man (mature male or female), I put away childish things. For now we see through a glass, darkly (at first); but then face to face (clearly): now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known(wholly). And now abideth (live in) faith, hope, charity (active Love), these three; but the greatest of these is charity (Love in action – the fire of God).” [1 Corinthians 13:11, 12, 13]

I hope this explains some things to you

Love and peace,