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Get thee behind me satan!

Satan, according to the Oxford dictionary, actually means wicked. So,“Get thee behind me satan!” actually means, “Get thee behind me wicked (thought)!”

The word wicked has many meaning, but they all lead to a common representation. Wicked means to twist (the truth) to make trouble, to be hurtful by degeneracy, vicious, intending to give pain. So definitely not well intended! Note the word vicious. Vicious is the opposite of Virtuous – we can be in a vicious cycle (which nearly everyone has experienced) or a Virtuous cycle (which far fewer experience a virtuous cycle because it involves commitment!) If we translate “Get thee behind me satan” into modern English we can use it very easily to repel evil thoughts from others and from our our mind. I simply say, “This is not my though and I refuse to accept it!”

You see all thoughts, be they good or evil, are thrown at us by the universe and we have to judge them ourselves, to either accept them as our own or to reject them. If we just let everything into our mind we can receive thoughts from the highest level (God, Pure Love) or the lowest level of evil.

There is a multiple motivational saying JIJO, QIQO, which means

Junk In Junk Out


Quality In Quality Out

We are all gardeners in this life and we are asked to grow good foods and crops. This takes commitment and effort, but you’ll never see a gardener or farmer complaining as reaping time!

It takes absolutely no effort to sow thistles – they sow themselves. But come reaping time you’ll hear people complaining long and loud that the thistles hate them. In fact the thistles don’t hate us. They don’t even know we exist! Nor do our crops love us. Again, they don’t even know we exist!

But we know they exist and the pleasure or pain they give us is the direct result of the actions we have taken previously! This is covered by the Law of Sowing and Reaping (also known as the Law of Karma).

To help us get rid of old inner thoughts I have written a book called “Mind Gardens” (ISBN. 0-473-02826-3) which I offer to you in PDF form. Simply email me asking for a copy and I will gift it to you obligation free. No advertising or add on paid offers – it is a gift from me to you and my gain is that it adds to my virtuous cycle!

To cleanse our minds of past negative thoughts is the first step to spiritual cleanliness. Once our inner mind is clean we put a watchman at the gate who takes care of 99% of thoughts entering our mind. The 1% he can’t handle it is referred to us. This means that our mind power is no longer spent “fighting fires” and we can spend the free time creating “Virtuous Cycles.”

We use the virtuous cycles to create a divine civilisation on earth, as always beginning with ourselves – “as within so without.

As children (aged 0 to 7 years) we absorb everything we hear without discrimination (judging) and, if we are lucky, we grow up with only pure thoughts in our mind. But very few are so lucky.

Jesus said that as adults we must cleanse our minds of the negative thoughts implanted by others (Parents, friends, teachers enemies, media etc.) to give us a clean foundation of which to build our spiritual adult selves! “When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a Man, I put away childish things.” This means that we move from being controlled by others to controlling ourselves!

How can we build a lasting house whose foundations are sand (negative thoughts which lead to negative actions)? We can’t! So we have to build a concrete base for our internal Spiritual Kingdom of Love. Usually this involves being “Reborn.” That is to say it involves turning our own internal radio receiver to Love, away from negative thoughts of evil (“man left to his own devices is inclined towards evil”.

Again, another definition, this time from wikipedia;

The terms known as virtuous cycle and vicious cycle refer to complex chains of events which reinforce themselves through a feedback loop. A virtuous circle has favourable results, while a vicious circle has detrimental results.

Both circles are complexes of events with no tendency towards equilibrium(at least in the short run). Both systems of events have feedback loops in which each repeat of the cycle reinforces the previous one (positive/negative). These cycles will continue in the direction of their momentum until an external factor intervenes and breaks the cycle. End of quote.

Let’s look at how the cycles start. Every vicious cycle starts very easily by us simply doing nothing! It takes no effort to fall into a deep hole and a lot of effort to get out of that hole! It takes no effort to leave our land to sow itself to thistles and lots of weeds. These pests simply germinate on the wind!

This is why we are asked to cleanse our mind of childish (self-destructive) thoughts and replace them with Manly (Self-building) thoughts. Self building thoughts don’t just happen – they have to be committed too and acted upon! Commitment is possibly the least favoured word of this New Age! Lol!

Building a virtuous cycle means putting a fence up around the hole, or filling it in, and then building foundations for a new Multi-storied house! Again, building the foundations is the longest and hardest part! Everything that is easy to do (falling into a hole) becomes harder and harder to live with. Everything that is hard to do (building foundations) becomes easier and easier to live with!

And so we have a choice of simply doing nothing with our lives and falling into continuous crisis (vicious cycles.) Or doing something with our lives and building a Divine Civilisation (this is the second high Goal in everyone’s life, with the first goal being connection to God/Love!)

Life is not complicated. It is actually very simple. But sorting the simple out of the blizzard of “facts” in this world is not an easy process. Never, ever confuse Simple with easy!

But once we find the simplicities of Life and start to build them, life does become easier and easier over time!

Thank you, Lord!


P.S. To receive your gift copy of the “Mind Gardens” PDF, my email address is <>

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Our thoughts are like a string of sausages!

Our thoughts are never singular unless we cut them off immediately. Otherwise they are like an endless string of sausages that keep on going and going and going!

If the thought is a good one we want it in our brain, but if the thought is a negative one we definitely don’t want that! The simple way of thoughts is that every thought will give birth to a similar or same thought!. So if we start with a single thought (and we must always start there because every thought string has a beginning) and that gives birth to another of the same ilk then we will have 2 thoughts. Within a short period of time each of these two thoughts will also give birth to a thought each and that will give you 4 thoughts. and so the pattern repeats itself  exponentially and it doesn’t take long to reach a million thoughts, unless we have some way of destroying the thoughts when the numbers are small.

Fortunately most of us do have ways of destroying negative thoughts. Unfortunately for most of us these tools are subconscious rather than conscious so we don’t actually know what we’ve done to destroy the negative thoughts! There are multiple ways to destroy negative thoughts before they even enter our brains!

If we do let the numbers grow until they are uncontrollable we become “Obsessed” and addicted to some form of addiction (and there are many, many forms of addiction!).

Did you know there is a spiritual laws that states all thoughts must make themselves known to you before they can enter the library of your mind? No, not many people do know that, so for many the doors of their library admit all and sundry, be they good or bad. But once you realize that law exists then you start demanding that each thought makes itself known to you before admitting it into your library/brain.

To admit a thought you have to erect an imaginary door to keep it out – don’t worry that it is only imaginary, as all thoughts are imaginary too – so an imaginary door can keep imaginary thoughts out! The thoughts have to knock and make themselves known to you to enter. When they stand outside the door they cannot lie to you. Good thoughts come in working men’s clothes whilst negative thoughts come in negative clothes like vampirs, bike gang members or zombies. So you can instantly recognize them.

So if there is a negative thought standing there with chainsaws and axes you simply say, “No way, go away!!” And if there is a cleaning lady there with buckets and mops you simply say, “Please enter!” This will stop all negative thoughts from coming into your brain in the future. After a few days of doing this you simply put an imaginary “watchman” at the door. In olden times this was known as the watchman at the gate. The job is so simple he can do it easily and you give him instructions that if he isn’t sure if a thought is positive or negative to call you to decide. You will have a few calls in the early days, but after a while they become rarer and rarer!

And then you have to go into your mind and clear out all the negative thoughts that are harbouring there from your childhood days. Children have no discrimination at all until the age of 8 or 9 years. So everything they hear in those 8 years is taken into their library and there they stay until removed! It is no use stopping new negative thoughts coming in and allowing old negative thoughts to remain. I have written a book called “Mind Gardens” which tells you how to clear your whole mind of all negative thoughts in less than a month, sometimes less then a week! As the Bible says, “When I was a child I thought like a child… now it is time to put away the things (thoughts) of childhood and act like a Man (note the capital M.)”

I will try to put my book, “Mind Gardens” on here in the near future. If you can’t wait and want a PDF version just drop me a line and I’ll charge you Double what I’m charging everyone else (what are you charging them? Nothing, it free! Lol!)

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

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