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God is the source of all Happiness

God is the source of all Happiness, all Contentment, all Joy, all Bliss and all Ecstasy!

He is immensely powerful, beyond our comprehension – God need only say Be and it is!

Miracles are just actions beyond our understandings. God is above the laws of Man and Nature!

So Be reasonable and expect miracles every day

021 expect miracles

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Never hit a woman (well, I did once!)

It has always been my rule to never hit a woman, but there are always exceptions to the rule. I hit my wife in 1972 – a really hard slap across the face! Why?

Because we had just been in the kitchen in Dunedin talking nicely together  when a huge earthquake struck us (7.2 on the Richter scale). She immediately started screaming, jumped up and tore my leather work jacket to pieces – ripped it fair in half!  She was absolutely hysterical and her screaming was so loud that it was drowning out the earthquake! To calm her down I slapped her across the face and told her to sit down – which she did. I also sat down and we rode the earthquake out together. I doubt if she remembers me slapping her as she was hysterical. But it bought her back to reality. If i was going to die I wanted to die calmly(this was after my near death experience.)

Now, 7.2 is a massive earthquake and you should have heard reports about an earthquake that big. Dunedin is made up of many, many brick houses and should have been wiped off the face of the earth – except for the earthquake miracle! It came from directly underneath Dunedin and there was no lateral movement what so ever! Every thing simply went up and down! The bricks went up and came down in exactly the same place! So no chimneys were toppled, no building collapsed. Only a couple of overhanging brick parapets came down because there was nothing for them to land on! So everyone in Dunedin was divinely blessed and protected that day!

And that is the only time i have ever hit a woman.