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small steps make the longest journeys easy!


Some of my books

the obligation any master in any niche in the world is to write down his discoveries so they are kept for posterity here in this world. Even if the book disappears the words written are cast into the atmosphere of the world and are available as “inspirations” to seekers after the truth.


Here are 18 of my books from the past. They don’t include a book on goal-setting called “COMMITMENTS” that is only available the the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (WPPN) to members (for free) as it contains all the goals needed to be Happy, Peaceful, Successful and Prosperous! Far too powerful to release for general consumption to the world as it is sure to fall into the wrong hands and create chaos, rather than order as it does now. Also this is given out in four parts so people who drop out don’t get the most powerful goals (as there is a three month money back guarantee and the fourth part is not given until after the money back period is finished. I also have some videos and will be starting an education system for members at a later date (although it is already going in seed form).

Below is the website for WPPN, on the picture and in the text



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