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A Change of Name

There is nothing much mysterious about meditation: it is simply total internal concentration. Meditation can be as simple as day dreaming or as complex as the yoga disciplines.

Meditation often leads to inspiration. One day in meditation I was told, nay, rather was asked, to change my name.  This shocked me as it was the last thing I had anticipated. I was gifted the name of J’iam and the title of Master to denote the end of my metaphysical apprenticeship. I was now a fully fledged metaphysicist and metaphysician!

I sat on the name change for 3 or 4 months testing its validity. After testing the requested name change for about four months I finally accepted it and changed my name by deed poll on July 4th 1992. This date became my new, spiritual birthday. I have stopped celebrating my old physical birthday now both of my parents are dead.

The name J’iam means the hand (or servant) of  I AM on the spiritual level. I Am is the ancient (and current) name of the Holy Spirit. There are many references to I Am in all the spiritual writings of all the religions of the world. “I Am that I Am”, “My name is I AM and this is my gift to mankind forever”, “Before Abraham was I Am”, “I Am, the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end” and so on.

On the metaphysical level J’iam means “Hand of the Source (of knowledge). My job as metaphysicist is to reveal new applications of the ancient laws for this “new age”. My job as metaphysician is to help others apply these laws in their lives so they can become empowered.

The “J” in J’iam is pronounced as an H (as in the romance languages) so J’iam is pronounced Hi-am. My legal first name (Mas.) is not a name at all, but my metaphysical title – master. It was given to me in this abbreviated form, like a Japanese martial arts master. It certainly would have been difficult in western society to have master as a first name. I probably would have never been able to vote with officials thinking me a child, judging from the amount of mail I currently get addressed to MRS. J’iam! (MRS. looks like MAS, I suppose)

In my research (before accepting my new name) I found the letter J was descended from the pictogram of a hand and that its original form was “Jod” (said hod). The art of bricklaying is an ancient one going back to the time of the roots of language. This ancient craft retains some of its original wordage: even today there is such a thing as a “hod”, a brick carrier that acts as an extra hand.
One strange thing that did happen, once i changed my name by Deed Poll, is that a close friend of mine (at least I thought he was a close friend!) said to me, “I’ll never call you that (J’iam)” and walked out of my house and completely out of my life, never to be seen by me again! Wow! Some people are sensitive to the name of I Am in a negative way!
If you earnestly seek an answer you must have the courage to accept it when it comes, for often it goes directly against the ways of man. But when it comes to long term happiness there is no choice worth making save accepting the answer. After all, who knows best how to uplift the created – the Creator or the created?

Peace and Blessing to you,