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Names are important!

In this day and age i meet many people who have no idea that their name even has a meaning and so they have no idea what the meaning of their name is! But names are important. Every name has a meaning and, as far as their usefulness to you goes in adulthood, they can be helpful or a hindrance.

My original (birth certificate) name meant – faithful servant of St Columbus, brave warrior and red (the colour). When I became a mature (spiritual) adult I was given the name of reverend master j’iam. In this new name my first name means servant of the people, my second name means servant of Man (Note the capital M) and true (last) name means servant of I Am – which is the Holy Spirit, the knowable God.

I was given the name J’iam first in a vision. I had no idea what it meant and had to find out by going to the library and researching it. At that stage there was no internet. in my home or business. I found out that the J came from Babylon and meant “HOD” which in turn meant “an extra hand” The term hod came from the bricklayers in Babylon and was a tool that held bricks in so they could be carried up ladders. Hods are still in use around the world today (although not in New Zealand – I asked!).

The J is followed by an apostophe which means “of”. and the name is completed by I Am, which is the name of the Holy Spirit – “I Am the way the light and the truth….” and  “Before Abraham was I Am(was)” etc. Because the j came from the word Hod it is pronounced as an H in the rest of the (non-English speaking) world, so J’iam is pronounced HI_AM. You will notice that in writings I spell J’iam with a small I and a small A. This is to help people not call me Mr JLIM! Lol! Later on I will introduce the capital I and A.

When I did get the internet a few months later I went online to see if anyone else had the same name. Unfortunately it wouldn’t accept an apostrophe in those days so i entered Jiam and got one quarter off a million replies (in 1993!) as jiam is Chinese for “sowing machine factory” (clothing factory) and every little town in china has at least one. It’s like the old New Zealand post office – there was one in every town – two houses together meant one post office! LOL!

Each of my names is also a title/position. As i said reverend (it is not a religious title) means scholar and servant of the people. This is my first level as a writer and metaphysicist.

Master means Servant of Man – with Man being the metaphysical being. A Man can be either male otr female andf has nothing to do with sexual differences. That belongs on the physical plane. We all become Man when we nmove from emotional thinking to logical thinking. The first tool of Man is deductive reasoning!  It is unfortunate that man in english is used to describe a male and woman is used to describe a female. I stopped using man and woman years ago as male and female are objective, scientific descriptions of the two sexes on the physical plane.

As a master I am a metaphysician which means I use metaphysical means of curing problems. All problems come from one of three sources – the physical, the metaphysical and the spiritual. If we have a problem and we find the source plane the solution becomes obvious. If we have a physical problem we can’t use spiritual solutions. If we have a metaphysical problem we can’t use physical solutions! And so forth! Just as a physician solves physical problems so a metaphysician solves metaphysical problems!

On the highest level – the spiritual – i am an apostle and a disciple. The word apostle means on who has received a message and a disciple means one who follows the “method” of the message. The message i received is WPPN – the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Newtwork(1992). And the method I follow is the WPPN Method! Did you know that word sinner doesn’t mean a bad person as such, but simply “one who doesn’t follow the method!”

The apostle and disciple came to me last night as i lay in bed (I must be God’s laziest fellow! Lol!) And now i can see the reasoning and the meanings behind all my spiritual names.

When Jesus came he met a man called Simon and said to him. “come with me and I’ll make you a fisher of men (‘s hearts)” And He gave Simon a new, spiritual name of Cephas “you are Simon the son of Jonah: you shall be called Cephas, which is by interpretation, a stone.” Stone of corner means a strong foundation of faith – “and upon this rock I will build My church” The name Cephas is still around today in a different form because when Christianity was taken to Greece Cephas was translated as Petros which rhwn became Peter in Latin and English today! Are you a Peter? and did you know the origin of your name?

Certain names are a bit poisonous. I’ve never met a happy Erin. There are probably many but the ones i have met have all been troubled. Erin means Ireland and that is a troubled land in itself, so the trouble passes down with the name. Please don’t call your children Erin, and if you are an Erin then please ask divine spirit what you spiritual name is! And it will be given to you!

When we are born it is left to our parents to name us, but they cannot see the future. We are all born as physical babies and spiritual eggs that don’t hatch until after fifteen years old. So if our parents are birds thay are likely to call us sparrow or lark. But when we are spiritually reborn it may turn out that we were butterfly eggs all along (God is the ultimate Cuckoo!) and we will be given a spirtual name to match our spiritual being. Thus we may be given the name of Monarch or red admiral. And of course our parents will usually be upset! Lol! Because all their lives they thought you were a bird like them!

So I say to you – if you don’t know the meaning of your name then go online and look it up! It is probably right for you but may not be, in which case you’ll have to ask out loud for your spiritual name!

I hope this blog has helped clear some things up for you.
kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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